STOP RIGHT THERE! Yes, I know this is a poem, but please, read it anyway. I still think it's good, and you might as well. Besides, it's short!

Disclaimer: I disclaim Ichigo 100%. This was written for fun, not for profit.

This isn't a perfect characterization, (or even a very good one), but I wanted to explore motives and emotions, and I think those are pretty close. Let me know if I'm right, m'kay?

(Satsuki and Manaka; for what it's worth, this is based on the manga)

"Come away, come away!" she whispered to me.

Her eyes were still shining as tears streaked her face.

"I'll only need you and you'll only need me."

She pleaded and I sat, watching her cry.

"I'm sorry, I can't, I'm so very sorry,

I know that it hurts you, and this tears me up.

I wish I could stop, I wish it were different,

But there's no way for me to fix breaking your heart."

Still, "Please." She's so quiet. "Don't leave me alone.

I love you. I love you. Can't that be enough?

There's nothing that I wouldn't give to be with you.

You can have all of me if it buys me your love!"

"If it worked that way, dear girl, you know you would have it.

But it doesn't and love is a thing you can't force."

Her smile is sharp and her eyes condescending:

"I know you can't chose who you love." My chest hurts.

"Please promise me that you will never forget me.

Don't ever forget how I loved you this way!"

"I'll never forget and I'll always remember.

Your friendship, your love, they'll stay in my heart.

I have to go now." I stand and she grabs me.

Her beautiful face wears big, haunted eyes.

"Please wait! Just, don't leave yet..." She's sobbing. It kills me.

"I'm sorry, forgive me, but this is goodbye."

There were just too many lines in this that I really liked not to post it, but I don't think I put them together right. So please, feel free to tell me where I can improve, and how. I feel it's better to discuss poetry, rather that just comment on it, so if you want to start a dialogue just PM me. (Not that you shouldn't review, too!)