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Author's Note: Hillcrest, Nevada is a town that I made up - which was founded by Bill Hill's brother, Bob Hill.

June 20, 1987
11:30 AM PDT

Marty McFly smiled warmly at his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker - as they were at Hill Valley Memorial Library. Today was Marty's nineteenth birthday - and he was rather planning a big party, which was going to be held that evening. However, with quite the amount of time travel that Marty's done, he figured that he'd be about several months older.

"This is so awesome, Marty," gushed Jennifer. "It sure looks as if 1959 was a very big year for Hill Valley. Practically overnight, the Hill Valley bank has actually acquired five million bucks. Incidentally enough, that was when this town was in financial trouble."

"Yeah, that sure must've seemed like a miracle," agreed Marty. "Y'know, Doc said that we could go on a time travel trip - since today's my birthday. I was simply thinking, it'd be cool to see what that week was like. Of course, we'd have to be careful not to..."

"That would be too risky, Marty, " pointed out Jennifer. "Your parents would probably recognize you, and..." Noticing something, she added, "Check this out, Marty. William Hill, the founder of this town, made a bet with his brother. In fact, it was quite on the same day as today... in 1881. Robert Hill founded the town of Hillcrest, Nevada."

"That's quite where Mind Warped took place," gasped Marty, stunned. As the librarian shot him a stern look, he lowered his voice. "I really think this is awesome, Jenn. Since the time machine now has the destination locator, we could maybe head over there."

"That's a great idea, Marty," agreed Jennifer, with sudden enthusiasm. "That's where Martin and Juniper moved to, as well. I mean, after we went back in time - and rather managed to avert the tragedy. It's cool, the way they opted to settle in that town."

"Why don't we just run this card through the printer?" suggested Marty, as he flashed a lopsided smile. "This is where Bill and Bob signed that deal, and it also quite mentions how much Hill Valley has earned. Of course, by 1959, Bill and Bob would really both be dead. Now, you said you needed to do a research report on the history of Hill Valley?"

"That's right, Marty," Jennifer replied, smiling. "Of course, you travelled through time - more than I did. Still, I've sure come to gain a huge appreciation for the town. Well, why don't we just check this book out, and take the card with us? That's be quite..."

"I'm tempted to just take the card, and keep it," whispered Marty. "I don't think it'd be right, though. I think we can check this out, for a week. I'd be very happy to help you write for this. Oh, Jennifer, I can't believe that I used to take this town for granted."

"You and me both," Jennifer replied, softly. "Of course, I didn't grow up here. There's one great thing about Doc's time machine. It doesn't quite matter how long we stay in the past. We'll still be in time for the party. Oh, Marty, I sure think it would be a great way of celebrating your birthday. You'll quite be into your second year of adulthood."

"That's right," Marty replied, as he gave his girlfriend a peck. "Still, I feel so nervous. I mean, this is the summer that you and I will be moving into our own place. I sure have mixed feelings on this whole thing. I mean, this is going to be one major step for me."

"I feel the same way, Marty," whispered Jennifer. "Still, this will be so exciting. I quite am looking forward to this. At any rate, it's certainly not as though we'll be leaving Hill Valley. Our parents will remain right in town. We can still visit them, quite regularly."

"That's true," Marty replied, smiling. "It will really be a major step for us, in fact. I mean, you and I... I'm so glad that I learned to not react to being called 'chicken'. This is real... Just think of where we'd be, right now - if I sure hadn't..." He looked around, before adding, "Well, I suppose it's better not to think of what might've happened."

Jennifer just gave Marty a warm smile. As the two of them stood up, Marty simply felt excited about going on the trip. Perhaps, they could stay for just a few hours. It sure would feel nice to not have to spend so much time away from the present, for once.


"Are you sure about this?" Doc asked, as Marty and Jennifer told him their plan. "I just think it might be a little... Well, to be honest, I do find the whole thing to be intriguing. I guess it'd be like the time that I took Marty back to see the founding of Hill Valley. An event would this would be exciting to visit. I guess there's no such harm in doing this."

"Yeah, Doc, we're sure," Marty replied, smiling. "After all, I think it'd be very fun to go on another time travel trip - and have Jennifer come along. Ordinarily, she's really not that much into time travelling. If it's something that she's enthusiastic about, then..."

"I must admit," Jennifer replied, softly, "I'm quite excited with the prospect of meeting Juniper, again. She's a real sweet girl - and it sure breaks my heart, thinking of how... In the original timeline, she actually committed suicide! It's great that we were able..."

"We'll sure have to get the two of you into some era-appropriate clothes," pointed out Doc. "I guess you could just wear some of the same clothes, as you were the last time around." Glancing at his watch, he added, "As usual, I suppose we could rather return about five minutes - from the moment that we left. It's just shortly after noon, so..."

"I have an idea," Marty suggested, as he snapped his fingers. "We could just show up about, uh, two hours later. We can stay there for about two hours, and then we sure can..." With a shrug, he added, "Never mind! I guess that wouldn't work, very well."

"I do think it'd be best to return, just minutes after leaving," explained Doc. "If you're feeling concerned about being too tired for your party, you sure can take a little nap. You can just sleep at my house - if you're worried that your parents might suspect..."

"I suppose that's the best we can do," agreed Marty, smiling. "Well, I'm looking rather forward to this. It says here that the deal was actually signed... in a saloon!" Shaking his head, he added, "Man! That sounds like an odd place to sign a deal. Apparently, it was done that way - because there were a lot of witnesses. I wonder how many..."

"Interesting," mumbled Doc, as he took a close look at the card. "It says here that the signing was done at 3:30 PM, on June 20 of 1881. Of course, the time might be a little off." Opening up a chest, he added, "Now, we have to get you guys some clothes."

"Marty, can you braid my hair?" asked Jennifer, as her lips curved into a smile. "I know we don't quite have time to put my hair in ringlets. Perhaps, you could put my hair into a bun. I suppose we could identify ourselves as guardian angels, again. Only, we..."

"Michael McFly," whispered Marty, as he motioned for Jennifer to sit down. He began to braid his girlfriend's hair, as he added, "The thing is, I sure think it's best to just be guardian angels, to Martin and Juniper. To everyone else, I'll really be Michael McFly. As for you, it... You'd be Jennifer something. Maybe not Jennifer Parker, though."

"Jennifer Wells," suggested Jennifer, softly. "I simply think it'd be best, and it'd... This is gonna be very exciting. Apparently, younger sister Clara opted to move with Martin and Juniper. This would be a big part of why her life was also, inadvertently, saved."

"Yeah, it's just interesting to think of how that worked out," agreed Marty. "Well, your braid is finished. I just need to pin it into a bun, now." Turning to Doc, he asked, "Doc, can we borrow one of Clara's pins?" To Jennifer, he whispered, "You'll look so lovely."

"Sure," Doc replied, just as he pulled some clothes from the trunk. "Why don't you put these on? It might be a hot day, so we don't want for you to be too warm. This will be just the first time, come to think of it, that we'll be using the destination locator for it's intended purpose. Don't get me wrong. I think inter-dimensional travel is great. I..."

"I see what you mean, Doc," Marty replied, smiling. Turning to Jennifer, he added, "It would be a very interesting experience, indeed. Well, I gotta to put these clothes on.
This is going to be one very exciting day. I would simply love to witness the signing."

"So would I, Marty," Jennifer replied, as she simply began to pull off her shirt. Looking into the mirror, she added, "You did quite good, Marty. Of course, after my hair is put into a bun, I'm going to look a little older. It's quite funny to think of how that works."

"Aw, Jenn, you'll still look beautiful," Marty replied, as he changed his shirt. "I do think two hours would give us enough time, and it wouldn't be all too overwhelming. Do you remember the trip that we went on, with Doc's family? The thing is, we just acted as if we were already married. I'm telling you, Jennifer. Those were just such good times!"

"I found some pins," called out Doc, as he held up a small basket. "It's now 12:47. I do think it'd be best to leave right away. I guess I should change, as well. You two rather look great." Handing the basket to Marty, he added. "We'll plan on returning at 1:00."

"That sounds just fine, Doc," Marty replied, smiling. To Jennifer, he added, "Sit down, Jenn. I'm gonna set your hair up." Jennifer sat down - as she turned to the mirror. As Marty worked on his girlfriend's hair, he added, "Well, you look like an Old West girl!"

"Come on, you two," called out Doc, as he motioned for the station wagon. Marty and Jennifer stepped in, as Doc crawled into the front. "As usual, we'll sure head off to Hill Valley Park. Once we get there, I'll really look for an inconspicuous place for us to land - in Hillcrest, Nevada. We could then head to the saloon, and grab a little bite to eat."

"That sounds good, Doc," Marty replied, as he gave Jennifer's arm a gentle squeeze. This was going to be a little different from his other time travel trips. When the group went to Virginia City, Nevada - they ended up having to drive all the way over there.