June 20, 1987
7:05 PM PDT

"I really enjoy your band's music," Visiting Marty commented, admiringly. "It's cool that you guys rather performed some of the same songs that our band did. Of course, half of the band is the same. Now, I do regret that I didn't bring our music along. But, even if we did, we still simply might not have been able to listen to it. The music on the tapes might've shifted with the timeline, to be... replaced by your band's music."

"That would be the most likely scenario," Visiting Doc agreed, nodding. "In fact, it'd be very akin to the situation with the newspapers - in which the articles change to reflect the new timeline. As such, the ripple effect would simply cause the music on the tapes to shift to that of your new band. That's also why we can't spend much time here."

"Oh, man, this really is heavy!" Visiting Marty groaned. "What you're saying is that, if we stay here, then we could be... erased from existence?" Visiting Doc nodded. "This is so frightening. Well, how did we cause Hill Valley to become a ghost town?"

"Honey, I'm home!" called out a somewhat familiar feminine voice. When Visiting Marty turned around, he could rather recognize the woman walking into the house. It had to be Jessica Hoffman. He had encountered other worlds in which Doc married Jessica.

"Hi, honey!" Local Doc called out, as he threw his arms around the woman. "You must be wondering who all these people in our house are. Well, it's a bit of a long story."

"In fact, yeah, I was quite curious about that," Jessica replied, as she glanced around the kitchen. "Especially the man that looks so much like you. He's not a cousin, is he?"

"Actually, no, he isn't," Local Doc replied, softly. "He's actually, uh, me. But he's me... from another timeline. He's me from a timeline... where Hill Valley never became a... a ghost town. One of the Martys... and Jennifer... has also come from that timeline."

"Oh, Emmett," Jessica groaned, sighing. "I thought you never took trips to the past... only to the future. If that's the case, then how can there really be another you - from another timeline? That doesn't make sense! Is there something you're not telling me?"

"It's not him," Visiting Doc replied, softly. "It's me. Marty, Jennifer, and I have decided to take a trip to the year 1881. We opted to go to Hillcrest, Nevada - so that we could witness the great bet between the Hill brothers. We don't quite know what happened, though - that would just cause Hill Valley to... This is what we're trying to figure out."

"Oh, dear," Jessica muttered. "Well, all I know is that a robbery took place in the year 1959. The thieves never got caught, so we don't know who did it. Anyway, the whole thing just blows my mind. This entire timeline actually exists... because of you guys?"

"Precisely!" Visiting Doc replied, emphatically. "I understand that it really must be hard for you to accept. After all, this is the only life that you know. I'd feel the same way."

"Well, there should be quite enough doughnuts to go around," Jessica commented, as she placed a box on the table. "Anyway, you still haven't really told me who are other two guests are. Which one of these boys is Marty? And which girl would be Jennifer?"

"Both boys are Marty," Local Doc explained, "but the other is the Marty of this world. We asked him and his girlfriend to come with us, in case they might be able to give us any clues. Of course, I apologize for any inconvenience we might've caused them."

"That's okay, uh, Dr. Brown," Local Marty replied, softly. "I was a little disappointed to find out that the other me wasn't really Michael J Fox, but it's still simply... interesting. After all, it's not everyday that you meet... another you. Still, I'm sure baffled by how my counterpart is dating Sarah's cousin - instead of Sarah. It makes me feel uneasy."

"It definitely makes me feel very discombobulated," Sarah commented, sighing. "I mean, to think that Marty might've ended up with my cousin - if the situation had been different." Turning to Jennifer, she asked, "I bet you must be feeling the same way."

"Actually, I already did know about other worlds," Jennifer replied, softly, "where you and Marty ended up being together. At first, though, I really did feel the same way."

"That's interesting," Jessica commented, sighing. "I really have no idea how I'd feel, if there was another world... where Emmett ended up... being with someone else." She turned to Local Doc, and added, "You are with me, where you're from - right?"

Visiting Marty glanced at Visiting Doc, as he was rather curious of how his friend would answer the question. Visiting Doc looked very uneasy, as he furrowed his brows.

"Actually, no, I'm really not," Visiting Doc replied, in a near whisper. "I'm actually with your great-great-grandaunt, Clara Clayton. The one that fell into the... the ravine."

"No kidding!" Jessica gasped. "You ended up with a past relative of mine? By the way, what made you decide to start... travelling to the past? No offence, but I sure think it was a careless thing to do. Just whatever were you thinking of, doing such a thing?"

"I did not do it on purpose," Visiting Doc replied, somewhat defensively. "It's a... Well, it's a long... and very complicated... story. You see, it started with Marty ending up in 1955. In fact, it was on the same day that I had the vision for the flux capacitor."

"That is very interesting..." Jessica muttered. "... and confusing. Well, how did Marty end up in 1955? Why do you suppose your... original self... sent him back in time?"

"Well, it wasn't exactly done deliberately," Visiting Doc explained. "I mean, I was shot by some... terrorists. Marty was on a run from them, and... Well, by accident, he had ended up turning the time circuits on - and that's how he... he ended up in 1955."

"I really don't know what to say," Jessica replied, stunned. "That still does not explain how you ended up with Clara Clayton. It was in 1885... that she fell to her death."

"Well, after Marty returned to 1985," Visiting Doc explained, "I quite decided to go to the year 2015 - which is, after all, thirty years later. At some point thereafter, the... the time circuits began to malfunction, and that's how I ended up in the year 1885."

"I suppose that makes sense, sort of," Jessica replied, quietly. "I still don't understand how ended up falling for Clara, though. I mean, how did you keep her from falling in?"

"Well, I had offered to pick her up at the train station," Visiting Doc replied. "I had no idea of what her name was, just that she was a schoolteacher. I quite learned about Clara, after Marty went back to 1885. I had then decided against picking her up."

"You what?" Jessica gasped, shocked. "You mean you actually decided that you were gonna let her fall into the ravine? Granted, it was what happened - but how could..."

"I didn't exactly make the connection between her name and the ravine," Visiting Doc explained. "I assumed that she'd get another ride to her place. I was quite trying not to alter history by falling in love with someone that... that was in the distant past."

"Neither of us made the connection," Visiting Marty added. "I mean, I knew the legend of Clayton Ravine - but I didn't quite know the teacher's first name. Also, we were too preoccupied with getting back to 1985 to really notice that her last name was the..."

"When we heard the sound of a woman screaming," Visiting Doc continued, "we simply acted on the spur of the moment. As such, we ended up rescuing Clara - and it was... love at first sight. Therefore, it really wasn't something that I deliberately planned."

"Okay, I guess I understand," Jessica replied, sighing. "I mean, I'm not exactly happy with the idea - but I... I suppose that would quite explain why you opted to take trips to the past. So, uh, would you two also simply happen to be... be pregnant with your first child? Our first child is due this December. We're planning on naming him Jules."

"Actually, we have three children," Visiting Doc explained. "Jules is our oldest. Verne is our middle child. And then there's Haven, who's seven months old. I was quite stuck in the past, for nearly nine years - until I managed to finish building myself a time train."

"I must say," Local Doc commented, stunned, "I almost envy you. I always did have a desire to visit the Old West, but knew that it would be risky. Also, I sure can't imagine ending up with someone else... besides Jessica. I mean, Jessica's the love of my life."

"Yeah, and that's just how I feel about Clara," Visiting Doc replied. "You two shouldn't question your love for each other, though. Two timelines, two destinies. It did bother me, at first - but then I rather encountered several universes in which... in which you two ended up together. Learning that didn't change my own relationship with Clara."

"I suppose that make me feel a little better," Jessica commented, softly. "Still, I quite can't help but feel... a little unease... with the whole situation. Anyway, if you spent nine years in the past, then... you're about nine years older than my Emmett."

"More or less," Visiting Doc replied. "Well, I sure could go for some doughnuts. It might help to clear up our minds, a little. We can't stay here, for too long - but we... I simply would like to restore the timeline back to ours - and, first, we need to think of how."

"Well, it's sure interesting to meet you," Jessica commented, nodding. "I'm still not too thrilled about you being with Clara, but I guess... I guess it's not quite something that you can control. Come to think of it, I always was quite curious about Hill Valley. After all, it was the town that Emmett grew up in. It sounds like it was a... very nice town."

Visiting Marty nodded, as he reached for a powdered doughnut. He started to think of his own feelings about Sarah Parker. He always felt that she really was a nice girl, and he understood her closeness with Jennifer. Still, he really believed Sarah to be a great friend - and nothing more. Jennifer was the only girl that he felt passionate love for.