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Talk to Me

House promised himself after the last time that if she gave him that wide eyed, open mouthed, chewing-on-her-lip, pseudo-innocent stare once more, he was going to do something about it. And when Gregory House made a promise to himself, he kept it. So, when Cameron felt it her professional duty to stop by his office after leaving the lab in the wee hours of the morning just to tell him that she was going home and made it a point to stare too long, to linger after the conversation was done, to take one last stutter step before pushing his door open and walking through it, his mind was already in the parking garage. She shouldn't stand around waiting like that unless she was actually prepared to get what she was waiting for.

He stayed in his chair for 3, 2, 1 and then headed down the hall to the elevator. He knew that Cameron would be in the locker room changing before she left, as always, and considered paying her a visit there, but then thought the parking ramp was a more appropriate venue and used the time she spend changing to start in that direction. It was almost like he'd taken a dry run at this before (although he hadn't) because his timing was perfect. Just as soon as Cameron walked through the door nearest her car, House walked through the one on the opposite side. Cameron paused, noticing something different about him, and while she was unsure what it was, she picked up on it just the same. He seemed to have some sort of purpose that would wait for his arrival.

He watched her watching him, and without a word, a gesture, or a break from the cadence of his steps walked over to the driver's side of her car and leaned squarely against it. Cameron sighed audibly; she was much too tired to play whatever game he was trying to start. She'd gotten in at 8 AM and it was now just before 3 the following morning. Just because House was an insomniac didn't mean that she felt any desire to keep him amused in the wee hours. She walked over to the side of her car where he stood and in no mood to negotiate just cocked her eyebrow at him and uttered "Yes?", hoping to prompt him to say whatever he needed to say, gloat about whatever he needed to gloat about, analyze whatever he needed to analyze about her, and then go on about his evening so she could get some damn sleep.

"Saying yes already? Well, that was certainly easier and less dramatic than I'd thought it would be…I guess fantasies don't always play out in real life the way they do in the mind, huh?"

"House, what the hell are you talking about? Can't this wait? It's 3 in the morning, I've been here since – "

"How long did you think you could look at me like that before I did something about it? I mean, if you keep sending out an invitation, sooner or later I'm bound to take you up on it. But you know that, I'm assuming, which is why you do it."

"Look at you how? Do what?"

"You know damn well how and what. The way you undress me with your eyes. I can see it every time you chew on your lower lip – the same way you're doing now, by the way – that you're not listening to a word I say, instead, you're probably off somewhere indulging in whatever fantasy your imagination and your right hand cooked up about me the previous night. While I find that flattering, if I'm going to get you off I think it would be more fun for both of us if I were actually involved in the act, don't you? And honestly, how many times do you think you can rub up against me like you do and think it won't affect me?"

Cameron laughed slightly, just a puff of air through her teeth. "Don't flatter yourself. The lab is small, in case you hadn't noticed. I have no choice but to stand close to you and to whomever else may be down there as well."

He reached out and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her roughly toward him. "Not this close. Which is exactly what you do, except you're usually facing the other direction and rubbing your gorgeous ass against me instead. And this?" He leaned his cane against her car and dropped his other hand to her hip, pressing her against his erection. "This is what happens to me every single time you do it, which is nearly every day. Now, I know you might not know that much about male anatomy being as naïve as you are, but it tends to get pretty uncomfortable walking around hard as a hickory bat in jeans all day."

Cameron didn't know what to make of all this. What House was saying was right. She had always wanted him, flirted with him, teased him, and fantasized about him way more than even she knew she should, but she now realized that she'd never really thought about what, if anything, she expected him to do or what she'd do if he actually did come up with something. She did, however, have a feeling she was about to find out what he would do because he'd obviously come up with something.

She braced her hands flat against the lapels of his jacket, not pushing him away but not welcoming him either. "You admitted that you hired me because I'm pretty. Men react to pretty women. I understand that about "male anatomy", at least. What did you think was going to happen? So you're attracted to me. I'm flattered as well. But your feelings are your problem."

"Now, see, ordinarily I'd agree, if they weren't mutual. Which they so obviously are. And you know what else is obvious? We're doing entirely too much talking." With that, he braced the back of her neck with one hand and kissed her roughly. She resisted, keeping her body rigid against him and her hands firmly against his chest where they'd been. He gave up his attempt for the time being and looked her in the eyes, which were a mix of frustration, confusion and lust.

"OK, here's the thing. I'm at least 6 inches taller than you and outweigh you twice. It would be the easiest thing in the world for me to throw you over the hood of this car and have my way with you." To prove his point, he pulled her tighter against him and pivoted on his good leg, switching their positions and pinning her up against the door of the car. The sensation of the cold metal against her back and the heat of House's body pressed up against her contradicted and intensified one another, making the whole situation just that much more surreal. "And moreover, once I found the right spot to kiss you…" His lips zeroed in on the sensitive side of her neck, right next to her throat, and he kissed her there with surprising passion and gentleness, especially given the current mood of the situation. Her breath caught and she squeezed her eyes closed. She was not going to give him the satisfaction. "…And touch you…" he continued while putting all his weight against his left hip, making sure to keep her where she was, but opening up a little space between them to sneak his hand between her thighs and caress her firmly. She ground her teeth. "…I could even make you like it. Really like it. But the way I see it, it would be much more satisfying if I could get you to admit that you want it because that, I can't physically force you to do." He finished his explanation with a matter of fact glance at her. "At least, not directly." He smiled a mischievous, power-hungry smile that made Cameron's blood run hot and her cheeks flush.

Her skin burned where he'd kissed her and she still felt the tingle running through her nerves, which had ignited all at once when he'd touched her and she wanted this, oh god she wanted it, this was almost exactly the way it happened in her mind every time she played it out but now that she was faced with it, it wasn't as easy to give up all her power and control as she'd thought it would be. House had been spot on when he'd pointed out that fantasies don't always play out the same way in real life.

He saw the blush rise in her face and he knew he had her, but he wasn't going to let her off that easy, especially since if he knew Cameron – and he felt he did – she'd turn this into the pissing contest he'd planned on it being all along. She'd frustrated the hell out of him for months and taken pleasure in it, and now that he knew he was right on the threshold of consummating all that frustration, she was going to get a taste of her own medicine. She wasn't getting what she wanted until she asked him for it, which he knew would be no easy task for her or she'd have done it by now.

His point of view explained, House leaned inf and kissed her again, not meeting with as much resistance, but also not getting the welcome he felt he deserved. He leaned against her a little harder and the contact started to tempt her into reconsidering her position. The metal behind her was as hard and cold as ice, House's body against her was just as hard but much warmer and more appealing. She slowly parted her lips against his and felt him smile. If she'd had her eyes open, she'd have seen his flash with satisfaction. Kissing him was as hot and delicious as she'd always dreamed it would be. His lips moved against hers, coaxing them open just a little more to accept his tongue. Cameron slid her hands up his chest, finally accepting him fully, wrapping her arms around him and locking one hand at the back of his neck. That, he allowed, and tilted his head to kiss her more deeply, feeling her breathing quicken and her body soften against him.

He broke their kiss to let them both breathe, although she needed it more than he did at this point. "That's the spirit," he encouraged when Cameron finally opened her eyes, forcing herself to reaffirm that this was actually happening, but she still said nothing. She was exactly halfway between refusing to admit how much she wanted this, and giving in entirely. She didn't want to pass up this chance to finally live out her fantasies, but she didn't want to allow House the satisfaction of doing it his way either.

House sunk his hand into her hair at the base of her skull and kissed her with a possessiveness and force he'd held back on too long. He tasted of raw desire and Cameron let herself become drunk on it. He grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly up against him, forcing her to stand on her toes and cling tighter to him, then he bent his head and kissed her again, hard and rough. His mouth devoured hers, his tongue caressing everywhere accessible, promising better things to come if she only agreed to do this on his terms. His hands gripped her ass firmly, holding her against his erection, another reminder of what she could have if she just admitted she wanted him, and it was oh so tempting. If he was as big as he felt through his pants, Cameron mused, it would most definitely be an experience to remember. She kissed him back enthusiastically, her tongue stroking his, biting gently as his lower lip, one hand tangled in his hair and the other anchored firmly over his shoulders, holding him as tight against her as he was holding her.

House allowed one of his hands to stray from her firm, perfect ass, up her ribs, to cup her breast in his hand and tease the nipple to hardness under the firm pressure of his thumb. Cameron moaned into his mouth at the unexpected sensation, but House broke their kiss to look deeply into her face, watching her fight with herself, since she was no longer fighting him. He continued to rub her nipple through her shirt, slipping his hand between her jacket and her blouse, watching Cameron's eyes close in pleasure, then open again but only to avoid his gaze. His fingers were sending a bolt of electricity straight between her thighs and it was all she could do not to reach for him again. Her body wanted him closer, and her skin wanted his touch with nothing between them, but her pride had other ideas.

"Look at me." She pretended not to hear him; she couldn't stand to let him see the desire in her eyes. "I said look at me, Allison". This time he sounded a little annoyed with her reluctance. Slowly she forced her eyes to meet his, knowing she'd drown in them. His hand caressed her breast firmly as he stared her down, his fingers pinched and rolled the hard nipple to a point of aching pleasure. He watched her eyes go from embarrassed and anxious to heavy lidded and cloudy. "Like that, huh?" His voice was a low, sexy whisper. She shifted her weight, trying to take some of the pressure off the aching he was creating in the pit of her stomach, hoping he wouldn't notice but at the same time, knowing he would. "What's the matter? Getting a little uncomfortable?" She averted his gaze again, feeling vulnerable and a little afraid of her own desire.

In one unexpected motion, House took Cameron's arms from around his neck, interlocked his fingers with hers, and using all his weight, pinned her hands against the car on either side of her. He smiled smugly as he whispered in her ear "Fine…don't say anything. I have ways of making you talk." He chuckled slightly, enjoying the power he had over her, knowing that she wanted this so much she could barely stand it and if he just waited long enough, she'd beg for it. He lightly kissed the curve of her ear, so light that she could barely feel it, but firmly enough to send a tingle all the way down that side of her body. His lips moved to the side of her neck, gentle, wet and hot against her skin. She tipped her head to the side, wanting more, her breathing becoming uneven and hard. House bit softly at her skin, making her moan. He continued his slow, torturous, teasing journey to the spot where her neck met her shoulder and bit down hard, making Cameron sob in her throat and her knees buckle.

Still holding her hands firmly and helplessly in his, he kissed her viciously and felt her respond in kind. Apparently she liked a little bit of pain. He'd have never pegged her for the type, but then again he'd never had her in this situation before either. His mind turned over this new piece of information as his tongue ravaged her mouth and she struggled to free her hands. He finally allowed her some air and let go of her hands.

His fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse, shoving her jacket to the side. Cameron's hands reached out instinctively for his shoulders, not wanting to break the contact between them but he grabbed her wrists and forced her hands back where they'd been. "Don't move, and don't touch, or I stop. Understood?" She could only nod, her mind overwhelmed by excitement and anticipation. He made quick work of her buttons and ran his hands flat down her chest, the first skin on skin contact they'd had so far. She shivered against the cool night air and the possessive, dominant touch of House's hands, which stopped on the return trip to cup her breasts. He stared at her hungrily; he always knew she was beautiful, but he had no idea how beautiful. Her breasts were firm and just the right size, they seemed to be made for his hands. Despite being eager for a taste, House touched only the tip of his tongue to hard, pinkish brown bud that just begged to be sucked on. Cameron threw her head back and clenched her fists, wanting more than anything to grab onto House's head and hold his mouth where she wanted to feel it. She silently wished he was still holding her down because she didn't trust herself not to touch him and the last thing she wanted was for him to stop now.

He could resist the temptation no longer and took the hard little nub in his mouth, running his tongue in slow, gentle circles all around it before biting down gently at first, and then repeating the whole process but harder this time. He felt Cameron's whimper reverberate in her chest as he saw her press her palms flat against the car door. House smiled, knowing he was torturing her and that she was using every ounce of control she had not to touch him. That only proved to him how much she wanted this and the thought made him painfully hard. He took his time, though, wanting her to feel the frustration and aching he'd felt for as long as he'd known her, and repeated the same treatment on the other side.

By that time, he knew she was half out of her mind and wanted to see what she'd give up to get what she wanted. He stood up, still teasing her nipple with his thumb, kissed her lightly and asked "What do you want?"

"To touch you." Finally, she was going to start talking to him. Her voice was unbelievably sexy; breathless, desperate, quivering.

"What would you like to touch?" He was going to make her say it, say everything. He wanted to hear everything she'd wanted and fantasized about.

"Everything." It was almost a sigh. "I want your skin against mine, I wanna feel how hard you are." Without taking his eyes away from hers and without saying anything he took her hands softly in his and led them up to his chest, where her fingers started on the buttons of his shirt without hesitation. Having completed their task, they dropped to his hips as Cameron's lips followed the same trail as her hands, making a wet, fiery trail over the muscles of his chest, venturing over to suck on a flat, hard nipple, feeling it tighten in her mouth. She felt House sigh and stood back up, her lips busying themselves on his neck as he guided her hands to the button of his jeans. By this time she was shaking, ever so slightly, and her fingers had lost some of their deftness, but they wanted their prize too badly to give up and eventually got his jeans undone. She shoved her hand inside without grace, just needing to get her hands on him, and gripped him firmly, her palm pressed tight against him in the confines of his pants.

He was amazingly hard and at least as big as she'd guessed he was. She could just touch her fingers around him and he felt more than long enough to reach all the places inside of her that needed to be touched, needed his touch. She stroked him as well as she could and felt him throb in her hand, his hips pressing harder into her palm. She replaced the other arm where it had been around his neck and kissed him at the same time her other hand squeezed tightly around him. His hot, bare skin against hers contrasted against the air around them and the metal against her and felt even hotter. The warmth was welcome and comforting and Cameron pressed closer to him, having to remove the hand that was exploring what she realized she'd do just about anything to have. House groaned into her throat at the loss and decided it was time to stop this foreplay and get down to what they both wanted.

He took Cameron roughly by the shoulders and turned her around, pressing her chest-first against the car and himself behind her just as firmly. His hands practically tore the button off her pants and the back of his hand forced the zipper down on its own journey south. He stopped just above the waistband of her panties and growled into her ear "You nice and wet for me, baby?" There was something about the word 'baby' and especially the way he said it that made her weak. He nipped gently at her earlobe. His fingers walked down another half inch and she tried to shift to a better position to give him more space but deep down she knew that wasn't what he really wanted. The more she talked to him, the more it turned him on, and the more he turned her on, so she figured it was worth the sting of a moment's humiliation. She took his wrist and slowly guided his hand the rest of the way. "What do you think? Feel that…feel what you do to me." His fingers gently parted the folds of her skin, seeking the proof of her words. House moaned with satisfaction when he felt his fingers moist with the sticky slickness that confirmed just how much Cameron wanted him.

His other arm slid around her, holding her tightly against him. The connection comforted her; while it was hard for her to look him in the eyes and admit all the things she'd thought about in regards to him, all the things he was making her feel, she still wanted him close.

"So, I take it I'm not the only one that walks around uncomfortable then, am I?" He'd picked up on the connotation of her comment – that this was far from the only time he'd turned her on like this, it was just the only time he had physical proof of it.

"No. Of course not."

"Then talk to me. Tell me what it is that turns you on so much." His fingers on her sex pressed a little firmer, still not moving, but letting her know what her reward would be if she gave him what he wanted. She moaned softly and relaxed her legs a little bit, trying to get more pressure but he moved his hand away to rest on her pubic bone. "C'mon…you know the rules by now. Tell me a story first."

He just wasn't going to make this easy. By the time everything was said and done, she had the feeling she'd have no secrets from him anymore. "I love your hands. I love to watch you write, to watch you in surgery. You come off so rough, but your hands look so gentle and skilled. I couldn't watch you do anything without wondering what your touch would feel like."

"That's it…good." His breath was hot in her ear. His hand slid back down where it had been. She'd done well. He knew this wasn't easy for her, which was part of what turned him on so much. She was willing to fight her own desires and her own inhibitions to have him. The power was intoxicating. He rubbed his first and middle fingers against her entrance, not pressing forward at all, just teasing her and feeling her swell and get wetter under his touch. She leaned back against him and sighed.


"Feels good."

"Does it feel like you thought it would?"

"Yeah…actually. I always figured you'd...aaahhh…like to tease, like to be in control." It was getting easier. House's fingers distracted her from her inhibitions, but she was also finding that she liked telling him all the things she'd thought about, liked letting him know how much she wanted him. He pressed his fingers against her and felt her flesh yield to the intrusion. He slipped his fingers just barely inside her to the first knuckle. He was so hard it hurt, and feeling her press against him and squirm wasn't helping matters any, but he wanted to see what else he could make her tell him before he couldn't stand it anymore himself. He wriggled his fingers slightly, making Cameron moan and her muscles clench, trying to pull his fingers in deeper.

"Want more, don't you?"

"Yeah…oh god yes." She couldn't take it. She was so close to what she wanted and needed, but so far away.

"You know how to get it, Allison."

"Ask me."

She was an open book now, she'd tell him anything, do anything to have him. All the frustration on his part has been worth it to have this. "Tell me one of your fantasies about me."

She didn't think she could do it. Not this…this was too intimate. "House…please." He wanted in to not only her body, but her innermost thoughts, and no matter how much she wanted him, she didn't see how she could let him that close.

"Well, you don't have to tell me, of course. But it's the only way to get what you want." He rocked his hips against her, teasing himself with the little bit of friction the motion provided as well as teasing her. "You still want this, don't you?"


"Then tell me. Tell me and you can have it. It won't be just a fantasy anymore."

To encourage her, he slipped his fingers the rest of the way inside of her. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, but as he found a slow, teasing rhythm, her body started to move with him. He was driving her crazy, not giving her enough to take her over the edge, but just enough to pour enough fuel on her passion to break what remained of her pride.

"I've always wondered if you have a stolen copy of my key too. I wouldn't hear the key turn in the lock, just feel my bed move as you'd sit down. I wouldn't be scared, I'd know it was you. I know the smell of your cologne, and I know you'd just feel familiar to me." He turned his hand over inside of her, the pads of his fingers finding the ridged, spongy spot a few inches inside her body and pressing on it. She bucked her hips forward, trying to get him to press harder, but he wanted her to keep talking, so he was careful not to push her too far. "I'd start to ask what you were doing in my apartment, but you'd kiss me hard and grab my wrists before I could get the question out. You'd throw the covers back, push up my nightgown and without taking off any of your clothes, you'd take me quick and rough, and without saying a word you'd watch me fall back asleep and then let yourself out. The next day I'd never be quite sure if it was a dream or if it really happened."

"Good girl," he purred in her ear. Under ordinary circumstances, Cameron would have never let a man talk to her the way House was, but these obviously weren't ordinary circumstances and House was no ordinary man. She could tell by the tone of his voice and the hardness pressed against her ass that sure, he wanted to humiliate her, but knowing how much she wanted him turned him on like crazy too. "But you'd know if it was real or not…I'd make sure I left you nice and sore." Cameron whimpered deep in her throat as his fingers slid all the way inside of her. House snorted at her reaction. "Would you like that? You want me to make it hurt, don't you?"

Cameron blushed. Now she truly had no secrets. She wanted the pain. She wanted to be shown who she belonged to. She nodded, unable to say it. Of course she knew that wasn't good enough for him. "Say it baby. Tell me how you want it."

"I want you to make it hurt. I want you to make me yours. Completely."

House's arm around her held tighter as he undid enough of both of their clothes to make the act possible without either of them freezing to death in the process. "I think that can be arranged." He grabbed her hips, bending her forward slightly and then pushed into her roughly, all at once, with no tenderness. She cried out, he was in painfully deep, but she grabbed onto his arm holding her and pushed back against him anyway. "That what you had in mind?"

"Ooohhh….yeah." He pulled back and thrust forward again, slowly out and roughly in, hitting the patch of engorged tissue his fingers had found earlier on each stroke, turning each thrust into two thirds pleasure and one third pain and soon, Cameron couldn't tell the difference between the two any more. He was right about one thing, though, she was going to be sore. It has been months since she'd last had sex, he was thicker than average, and with as rough as he was being with her she'd remember this for a few days, at least. She smiled at the thought of flashing back to this every time she sat down, of him knowing it and reveling in it too, it would be their secret.

She reached out her free hand to steady herself against the car as he thrust harder and deeper into her, heading toward his own release. He wanted her to meet him there, so he lowered his head and bit a tiny, sharp trail down the back of her neck, thinking she'd have to wear her hair down for a while to cover the marks for sure. When he marked his territory, he didn't do it half way. She pushed back against him one final time, forcing him in deeper than should have been humanly possible, triggering the release for both of them. He didn't relax his grip on her, just rested his head in the crook of her shoulder as they both caught their breath. "You OK?" He wasn't used to being that rough and reckless with a woman, even one who wanted it.

"Yeah. I'm gonna feel this tomorrow, though." She smiled a lazy, satisfied smile.


Cameron rolled her eyes and started to straighten her clothes. House put a hand under her chin, gently lifting her eyes to his, looking at her expectantly, questioningly. She smirked. He wanted her to say it. "Fantastic. Thank you."

"So, are you going to tease me anymore?"

"If this is what I get, maybe." She kissed him softly on the lips and let her hands linger on his arms before getting into her car. "Goodnight, House. Or good morning. Or whatever it is. It's good though."

She shut her car door and reached over to put her purse on the passenger side when House tapped on her window. She rolled it down, and turned to see him holding his key ring, and between his fingers a shiny gold key. "Sweet dreams." He smiled mischievously and walked toward the elevator.