Neither of them was sure how they'd ended up positioned like this, but neither complained. House was pressed up against Cameron's back, his arm draped possessively over her hips and his hand curled around her waist, and if she hadn't been holding him up, he'd have been lying on his stomach. His weight pressed her slightly forward. She was neither asleep nor awake, and she didn't know if House was in either state himself, feeling far too safe and content to care. The irony of feeling safe and content with House, much less in bed with House drifted momentarily through her mind, but lasted only long enough to be obliterated by the softness of his tongue and the scratchiness of his beard against the back of her neck. He seemed to want to take his time and she certainly didn't mind as one wave of pleasure after another strolled down her spine.

Cameron linked her fingers with his, backwards, over her breastbone and pulled him closer and it was almost as if House had studied self defense somewhere along the line, using her momentum against her to flip her onto her stomach, allowing his hands and mouth full access to all the sensitive spots that weren't usually obvious or accessible. This is when Cameron truly realized the perks of sleeping with a doctor, especially a doctor that got off on reducing her to a quivering, begging mess. Who'd have guessed that little crease under her shoulder blade, or the dent above her tailbone were erogenous zones? House would have…that's who. If she was honest with herself, really and truly honest, she liked him much better when he was thinking and analyzing, because when he was thinking, he was doing things to her that felt like this. Not that she hadn't enjoyed fucking him speechless – there were just certain up sides to being fucked speechless, and she'd learned after the first couple of times that if she gave House everything he wanted he did the same for her. She didn't know if he intended to do it or not, or if it was all part of whole submissive/dominant thing, and she didn't really care. He made it feel too good to care. The pleasure, the pain, flesh against flesh, body inside body, pushed out everything else.

And so, before she even knew it, she was the aforementioned begging, quivering mess under the attentions of his hands, his mouth, his body. It didn't go unnoticed by her that she'd been with House so many times now she could almost feel the rush of control in his blood as if it were her own, and knew he felt her giving in as if it were him. This was part of what made it so intense. They both felt everything the other felt, each missing opposite and complimentary parts of each other. They needed each other, viscerally, desperately, although both were too proud to admit it. So, when she started to rub against his aroused form pressed against the small of her back, and he asked her if she really wanted it like that, it was just a formality.

It didn't make her any less nervous, though. She'd never, ever, not once in her life ever done this, although she had been curious about it. She'd just never had a partner she'd trusted enough. Until now. Still kissing her neck, her ears, her shoulders, House asked her one more time: "You sure?" and she nodded. She wanted this, and she wanted to do it with him. She chuckled a little in her own mind when she realized what she was nervous about: she was afraid of the pain. Oh, the irony. But then House's hand was between her thighs, working her until her muscles gave out, and all fear or doubt was erased from her memory as his fingers rubbed her clit in slow, delicious little circles, stroking up and down here and there, with perfect pressure and perfect rhythm until she was nearly there and he slowed his pace slightly, not leaving her hanging, just taking her back down to a lower level of excitement, subtly and gently. His thumb stayed at her clit, randomly stroking and pressing, as his last two fingers slid lower, teasing and exploring her other entrance. Her breath hitched at the new sensation; it felt good, but it felt wrong too. House felt her simultaneously tensing her body up and squirming under his hand and knew immediately what was going through her mind. He pressed harder on her clit and harder with his other fingers, too. He could tell she liked it, she just didn't think she was supposed to. His fingers found a soothing, exciting rhythm as he reassured her. "It's OK to like it, Alli." He pressed a little harder, stroking her clit a little faster, not entering her yet, just trying to get her used to the feeling and enjoying it before he did anything that had any potential to hurt. "It's sensitive there for a reason, you know. Otherwise, how would you know when to answer nature's call?" His voice was playful and soothing and he felt her laugh lightly and start to relax. "And when those nerves get stroked" - his finger swiped gently around the rim of her anus – "and caressed" – he pressed a little more firmly "it's going to feel good, just like it does anywhere else". He increased the pressure of his thumb on her clit and felt her pulse pick up as her arousal increased again. He teased and stroked her, everywhere, with all the patience in the world, until she was freely and shamelessly squirming against his fingers, wanting to see what other things felt like.

"Would you like more?" he cooed in her ear, syrupy and sultry. Part of it was power, sure. Control Freak House was back, in top form, and he wanted her to admit out loud to both of them, but mostly to herself, how much she wanted this, but part of it was pure lust and anticipation. It had been years since he'd had a woman willing to let him do this, even most hookers wouldn't either out of lack of trust, taboo, or risk of disease, but like most men, he'd always loved it, both because it was taboo and also because it was just plain tight as all hell. He could barely wait, but he had to wait, because Cameron was trusting him both not to hurt her and to know what he was doing, which he did. Which is why he knew he had to get her both as turned on as possible and as relaxed as possible, because no matter what he did, this first time was not going to be all that comfortable for her, and taking all the power and decision making responsibility from her turned her on beyond all reason.

Cameron nodded the answer to his question, and this one time, House didn't push for more. She was already nervous enough. "OK." He kissed her lightly and reassuringly at her hairline, making her shiver. "We're gonna need something slippery, you know. And lots of it." She gestured over to her bedside table. "Bottom drawer. Black bottle." House swung his legs over the bed and leaned over to open the drawer, finding a half-full bottle of lube tucked up against the corner of the drawer. He didn't ask why it was there, or why it was only half full because she always got soaking wet for him. He'd save that query for another time. He popped open the bottle and spread some of the slick liquid over his hand and placed it back on the nightstand for now. He caressed her until she was enjoying it again, then slipped just the tip of his fingers inside her tight, virgin, back door. She immediately tensed up on him so hard he couldn't have gone further if he wanted to, which was what he expected, so he just stilled his hand and reassured her until she calmed down. "Just relax." He planted soft, feather light kisses along the curve of her ear. "It's just my finger. I won't go further until you tell me to, OK?" She might be letting him be in control, but only she knew for sure what was going on with her body, so he had to take his cues from her. He knew it probably didn't hurt her at this point, but he also knew that her body didn't know what to do with the feeling either. He talked her through the initial shock of sensation until he felt her relax and she told him she was OK.

House rubbed Cameron's back softly with his left hand as he pushed forward slowly, ever so slowly, feeling it get easier as he got past the first two rings of muscle, until his middle finger was as deeply inside her as it could go. "So far, so good", he thought, as Cameron expressed no signs of discomfort and didn't tense up again. "You're doing great." He felt her melt even more at his reassurance and approval. "How's it feel?" He wiggled his finger slightly, barely moving, trying to get her to the point where she'd start enjoying it. "Burns a little," she replied, but he also heard the arousal in her voice. "That'll go away," House explained. "Just move against my hand a little, get used to it. It'll start to feel good in a while, trust me." When she started to squirm against his fingers, House finally noticed how turned on he was getting. His cock throbbed, demanding his attention, as Cameron experimented with the feeling of his finger inside her, trying to find a spot where it felt good and then started to push back against his hand, thrusting just a half inch at a time. He wanted to stroke himself, just a little, just to take the edge off for a few minutes, but he couldn't. The hand that wasn't buried inside the willing body of the hottest, most trusting woman he'd ever been with was both soothing her and balancing his weight. He'd just have to wait his turn.

He started to move in time with the rhythm of her hips, thrusting his finger in and out opposite her motions until it moved easily and he could tell she was ready for more. He grabbed the bottle of lube again and without removing his finger, added a little more, making sure his fingers and her skin were nice and wet and slick. "Ready?" He didn't even have to specify what he was asking. She knew, and she wanted it. This was getting good. "Yeah." House never thought one word, a word he heard any number of people say every day, could be so damned erotic when served with a twist of pain, pleasure, nerves and surrender. "This is gonna start to hurt a little." The irony hit him then, too. "It's OK. Just go slow. I trust you." Cameron's last sentence made all the blood his House's body head south. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him. He angled his wrist to give his index finger room to join in and slid it gently against the finger already inside her and pushed. She sucked in a breath through her teeth as she felt her outer muscles stretch and burn and House stopped cold, not wanting to cause her any undo pain. Cameron, however, had other ideas. "Don't stop…don't you dare stop," she almost commanded him. House was confused. Her plea wasn't out of pleasure and desire, this had to hurt, and it probably wasn't the kind of pain anyone would want more of, and if she was going to do it to please him, he ran the risk of seriously hurting her if she wasn't going to be honest with him as to what she was feeling. "Baby, you don't have to…this can't be all that pleasurable for you right now." If she didn't want him to stop, he wasn't going to stop, but he didn't want her to take too much too fast either. "It's not. It hurts. But it will be pleasurable. If you just do it." Then House got it. She wanted the worst parts of the pain over as quickly as possible. He slipped the second finger alongside the first as smoothly and quickly as he could and heard Cameron groan and take a few deep, hitching breaths to get through the sudden assault on her nerves and felt her muscles twitch and contract as they tried to figure out how to handle this invasion.

Cameron willed herself to relax and her breathing to even out and eventually, she was able to start to move again. It didn't feel as good as it had with only one finger inside of her, but it didn't feel terrible either, once the stretching and fullness let up a little. House took his cues from her, moving no more than she seemed able to handle, kissing her and stroking her and murmuring words of encouragement into her ear. He found it both beautiful and strange that he was about to violate her in the most intimate and forbidden way and this was as close to "making love" as they'd been yet. He wasn't sure what he thought about that. Any of that.

After the searing burn subsided, Cameron found herself strangely anxious to get to the main event. It wasn't that she wanted to just get it over with, she wanted to see if she could do it or not, and if she'd like it or not. She rocked back against House's fingers and felt him push in deeper. The feeling was so alien she couldn't call it pleasure or pain, but she knew she could take it. She flexed and tested and moved against him, acclimating herself and wordlessly asking him for more at the same time, but he wasn't obliging. She mewled and squirmed under the gentle but insistent pressure of his touch, nervous but impatient at the same time. "Greg…" His name was almost more than she could manage. The anxiety and these strange new feelings and the suspense were at the front of her mind. "What? Tell me what you want. Wanna stop?" He would be sorely disappointed if she did, sure, but he knew there would be another time to try, once her mind and body had caught up with this new experience. "No. I…I want you in me. I want to know what it feels like." House had apparently found a woman who shared his curiosity as well. "Are you absolutely sure? I'll go slow, but...I mean…it's still gonna hurt." His words were tender, but carried a serious edge. Although he'd been using his fingers to loosen her muscles up, he was a good bit thicker and certainly longer than two fingers and while he wanted this more than he'd wanted anything in a long time, she, in all honesty, probably wasn't going to like it too much. "So did losing my virginity. And I wanted that." He had to admit she had a point. The two acts really weren't much different. "I'll tell you to stop if I have to. I promise." His concern must have been palpable in his voice.

He reached over for the black bottle again and dribbled plenty over his erection, which by now was an alarming shade of red. He positioned herself between her knees and guided her hips to a more accommodating angle. In one motion, he slipped his fingers slowly from her and pushed in with his cock. He thrust hard enough that the head slipped in all at once, knowing the thickest part of him was going to hurt her the worst. He stopped half way in and watched Cameron bite down on her forearm which, up until now, she'd been resting her head on. He hated having to hurt her like this, but there was no other way. She cried out in pain and he felt her push, trying to get her muscles stop cramping. "You OK? We can stop now if you…" She took a deep breath and focused on calming her breathing and her body and gratefully felt the protesting cramp in her lower body let go. "No, you're fine. I told you I'd - ow – say something if I couldn't take it. Just don't move yet." She was basically asking House to do the impossible. He either had to move because the vice-tight pleasure around him was getting unbearable, or he had to stop entirely. For a long minute both of their breathing was pained and labored; Cameron trying to breathe through the pain of being penetrated like this, and House trying to breathe through the pleasure that threatened to drive him out of his mind if he didn't move and now.

Cameron finally broke the standoff. "Now. I want it all. Just…slow. Please." House found that moving as slowly as he had to so that she could take all of him was only slightly easier than not moving at all, which wasn't making too much of a distinction, but at least it was some friction, some relief. After what felt like an hour, he was all the way inside of her. He remembered the last virgin (though not of the anal variety) he'd been with, some 15 years ago, and how agonizingly fantastic it had been to sink himself slowly inside of her, knowing he was the first man to have ever done it. This was fifty times better. And worse. He'd never felt so good or so frustrated in his life. At the end of that first languid stroke he felt Cameron shudder. "Still OK?" She hurt. She felt full and her muscles strained and burned, and her brain was asking her what the hell she was trying to do. But she could take it, had a feeling that in a while, or next time (and she was pretty sure there would be one of those) that she might actually start to like it. "Fine. Move." She pressed back against House's hips, feeling him slip a fraction of an inch deeper into her, amazed at how she could feel his every motion.

On that first up stroke, House lost his breath. There was an unbelievable amount of friction, almost too much, and he stopped before thrusting in again to add a little more lube, hoping to make things less painful for Cameron and to make himself last longer than two strokes. It seemed to do the trick on both counts, because on the next down stroke, Cameron didn't show any indication of pain or discomfort and House almost thought he felt her part her legs a little more, trying to let him a little deeper in. He stopped at the bottom of that stroke, not sure he could pull back again without coming. He rocked his hips inside of her, a couple inches at a time at first, then three or four, and they both seemed to be able to take it better this way. Cameron started to whimper softly every few strokes, which House could tell weren't expressions of pain, and he was able to enjoy this without fear of melting his brain.

He eventually got a gentle rhythm going and as soon as he did, it was like he'd ran right up to the edge of the precipice and was ready to throw himself clean off. "You're doing so good for me. I knew you would." Cameron felt the first strong shot of pleasure since he'd entered her course up her spine at House's words. She sighed and her body gave over a little more. The sharp pains had passed, she just felt full and a little achy but there was a hint of pleasure there too, and he was less afraid of causing her too much pain than he had been at first. House's body was tortured, torn between feeling pleasure he hadn't felt since – actually, he didn't think he'd ever felt pleasure like this – and needing just that much more to have what he knew was going to be the climax of a lifetime. "Think you can take it a little harder?" As if to test it out before answering, she thrust her hips back at the top if his next stroke and heard House groan in surprise, but mostly pleasure. He was in a state of ecstasy that had put his body into a level of arousal and sensitivity he hadn't thought possible. All his senses were in overdrive, every touch and every motion was electric. All the pain in his body was erased except the aching in his cock and the screaming in his brain that was demanding him to hurry, move, push. He thrust in again and Cameron pushed back. Sure. She could do it. "Yeah…feels better now. But careful." She knew she was on a thin line between pleasure and agony.

House drew back and thrust in again, faster and harder this time and ohmygodyes he knew this was gonna do it. He pulled back and almost swore his bones were being sucked from his body. "Yeah…oh yeah" and now it was Cameron's turn to lose her mind over that one word. "Never felt anything this good" and her stomach clenched not in pain, but in pleasure as she almost felt everything House was feeling. One more stroke and he felt himself losing it. He held her close, biting and nipping at her neck and shoulders. "Almost…there." He thrust into her the hardest he had yet. "So good, baby…so good." She took it without complaint, her body almost as tense as his was, wanting to feel him shatter inside of her. His body went into auto pilot and he thrust three, four times as deeply as he could, his breath strained in through his clenched teeth, Cameron heard him moan once, then twice, then bury his head in her shoulder as an orgasm that left him drained of all strength took him. As he came back to earth and separated her body from his, she felt a warm and content glow descend over her. House's hand returned between her thighs. "You didn't get to…want me to finish what I started?" She linked her fingers with his, backwards, over her breastbone and pulled him closer. "Don't need to. I'm plenty satisfied." Neither of them was sure how they'd ended up positioned like this, but neither complained. "Thank you" was the last thing House muttered into her ear before they lay peacefully and enjoyed the silence, safe and content.