You know it is not often I do a lemon anymore. Got tired of all the fan mail every time I did one.... Well because it's Valentine's day....

I suppose I could do one...or a dozen. Depends on how many ramen flavors I can dream up tee hee and I can dream up a lot ask those who have read my Inuyasha story Noodle delights...tee hee.

Alysia Storms

Theme song Turn me Loose by Tawny Fere

Ramen delights

Spicy Beef

Dancing as she was, no one would figure this wild and gorgeous young woman was Hinata Hyuuga. Normally quiet and shy, the dark haired girl at times let loose and well...

This is what the forest and only the forest around her estates would see. Her long hair free around her features as she moved it was a mix of her family's kata style and something of her own.

It was elegant....

It was striking...

It was beautiful...

Twirling and dancing as she was, she never noticed the blond figure wandering around munching on a cup of spicy beef ramen.


Having gotten into a bit of an argument with Tsunade, one Naruto Uzumaki had of course pulled a Jiriaya and gotten sent flying clear across the village much to his irritation.

"Baa-chan caught me off guard...." Muttering constantly as he was busy heating up his cup ramen with a little fire jutsu. Because, clear across from where he wanted to be Naruto could not wait anymore for food, so thank god for storage seals....

Using one for his food and so forth in not time flat he had a cup of ramen and was well on his way to meeting his friends for a sparring session. Muttering more as he begain to eat about big breasted women with short tempers, Naruto found himself walking back as he ate.

Over the years Naruto has grown into a tall handsome blonde that clearly resembled his father Minato. Yes the people of Konoha now knew that Naruto was the son of the Yondaime and well, they been trying to get back into his good graces ever since. Not that he would let them do it easily, as many had found their asses kicked and so forth villager and shinobi alike for thinking he would not notice them hating him one second and adoring him the next.

Naruto was not that dumb to not see how much of a hypocrite a lot of these so called respectful people were being. Giving a little growl, of frustration as he took another bite of his noodles, Naruto stopped his complaints as he heard some simple and yet passionate music beckon him like a moth to the flame.

Turning his feet towards the sound he saw something that made even the fox within sing with undisguised pleasure. Something he had seen only once before, but in a waterfall many years ago.

Surprised at who it was Naruto had actually let the cup ramen he had been eating fall from his hands and just watched at the moves that for years remained with him. Beckoning his burgeoning hormones like a moth to the flame....

Hell even the Kyuubi himself had mentioned being mildly turned on by the memory as whoever it was could only have the grace of a Kitsune in heat. Speaking of heat....

The blonde was feeling noticeably hotter....

Has to be the spice from his ramen kicking in yes has to be.

Then why are his feet not moving? Why isn't he walking by to go meet up with Kiba and the others? Why oh why was he continuing to watch the movements of the woman before him?

His own feet moving now, the blonde does not notice the subtle glow of red chakra surrounding his form. The Kyuubi itself making a decision in the matter, the fox is pretty damn sure that after all is said and done; the blonde will thank him for it.

Or berate him for the rest of his life. Ahh well, chalk it up anyway to his nature. Being a Kitsune or even the vessel of one means you have to deal with the nature and one aspect of being a Kyuubi.

Was to be quite amorous when intrigued and boy was the nine-tails intrigued.


Dancing as she did, Hinata was lost in her own little world. Her jacket removed, she wore a simple tank top that was black and edged with a mesh of lace. Hugging her full breasts like a second skin almost, it was tucked in neatly into the plain khaki capris that hid long legs and hips that even now itched to be grabbed by the blonde approaching.

Masking scent, sound, and chakra the blonde was hungry now for something different. Something sweet and by the way she dances, something that could spit fire when cornered or when properly enflamed.

As her back was to him, her hips rolling to a hidden beat, he grasps onto them. His fingers firm and yet gentle at the same time, the dark hair girl stills in a mixture of shock and fear.

"Don't stop Hinata..." He growled out as his hips moved to the beat of the song. "Dance with me." The blonde stated huskily as he whispered in her ear.

"N...Naruto-kun?" She whispered shakily. Having immediately recognized the hands that had stopped her in mid dance, the young woman was shocked that the blonde was here.

Next to her...

Holding onto her....

Dancing with her....

He was dancing with her?! Her own hips moving along with a beat he was setting it was similar to what she was doing before. She let him lead. His hands taking hers, she felt him spread her arms out and to raise them above her head.

Resting them behind on his shoulders he moved to the song with intention as his hands slid down her body...feather light touches against her body, that she began to feel hot and despite knowing she should feel uncomfortable.

She felt anything and everything BUT that.

His fingers playing a beat against her abdomen, she moves to it and the song changes to one of pure eroticism. Her hips swaying as she dances and dips, she moves instinctually to please the blonde in front of her, who moves as well.

Her steps away and his as if in a chase of pleasure they moved as one. Always within reach but never allowing him to touch what he wanted so very bad to. The need and hunger in his moves was phenomenal as his hips rolled into hers.

As his arms reached to grab and at the same time twirl in tandem with her. But her slight dance evading his hands as they move, fingers brushing against tender mound of flesh that quiver with need.

Manhood being teased at the gentle glide of hip or bottom brushed against it.

Even now the pure scent of want without the actual deed hung in the air between them. Their bodies on fire with desire and need, it was a heady thing and it was growing between them. Suddenly up against a tree, the heat went into overdrive as Hinata was efficiently trapped in their little game.

"Tease..." Naruto whispered as he brushed lips against hers. Nipping gently at the soft pink fullness of the lower, licking as if to taste and to savor each bit of them. Moving to claim and to possess that sweet and tangy taste that he finds so delectable, he dives in with hunger that is met by one of equal fervor.

Arms that are pale and slender wrapping around his neck it, to not only pull him closer, but to arch warm willing body into his own. A husky growl emanating, hands trail down as she curves her head, breaking the kiss to offer neck which he takes with greedy kisses and nips. "Beauty"

His hands now down at her waist, he slowly lifts the shirt up to feel that which is under it. Smooth and pale like the moonlight, it in contrast against his warm brown was a sight that only his best fantasies could surrender himself to.

Her shirt going up further, a leg wanders in between hers. As he lifts up and over head, he tosses the shirt behind him for now. His head gazing down her flush pinked face and lower, his gaze eventually drifts down to find hardened pink tips that just demand his special attention. "Mine..."

Looking up into her lavender eyes, small hands wandering to his head to push, he knows and dips his head down to take a tip into his mouth. A soft cry of need, erupting from her lips he suckles them into a tight hard peak that he pulls with his teeth. Nipping gently at the mounds of flesh around them, they start to bear marks from his ministrations moving him down the firm smoothness of her belly that trembles with pleasure.

His body more or less supporting hers now, Hinata was a bundle of fiery spice that demanded to be savored as her responses were passionate and so responsive to his kisses and hands that caress and investigate each part of her skin.

Pants being pulled down now alongside underwear tenderly, for each inch revealed, there is a kiss or a nip that makes jump against his fingers that delicately tease the inside of her thighs. Never going towards that damp heat that sings and promises of thrills and pleasures yet to come....

Sliding them finally off, they go to join the shirt, tossed somewhere behind and Naruto grins with pure pleasure at the moonlight nymph from so long ago before him.


Nuzzling belly again as hands trail up legs, a low keening sound erupts from soft pink lips as his name is murmured over and over again, licks sliding down smooth creamy skin, she trembles with hunger.

Nips reaching sensitive areas as she is turned towards the tree, her naked body pressed against his clothed one. He pushes her against the tree, sensitive skin brushing the roughness of the bark she arches against him.


"Please what Hime?" Came the husky reply. Hands wrapping around her waist and pulling her back against him, one holding her tightly and going up to squeeze and pull tender peaks. The other was going between her legs, coaxing and teasing the soft flower to open and to allow his finger to slide through the slick folds. "Please take you?"


A soft chuckle came then, as he placed soft kisses on her neck. Lingering over a spot, pressing till a mark of claim is there.

"Not yet...hime..." Naruto whispered heavily as he rubbed against her. His own hungers strong, as she lets out a kittenish wail of protest mixed with pleasure as his finger definitely slides against the sensitive nub. "Not ready...still to innocent. But leave you with reminder of what I will promise you Hime..."

With that said, a finger slides in deep into her sex. Her body tightening instantly around the finger, he curls it within her and her little trembles that shake as she rocks her hips against him so much.

Even now he fights that need to claim her right now, so sweet and innocent and yet spicy in her passionate response. Biting his tongue as the walls feel so warm so tight around his finger, he begins to add another earning him a desperate cry for more as she pushes against it.

Thrusting them in and out curling, moving them twisting the fingers around to feel every part of her body, Naruto feels her hands move to thrust her body against him itching to turn the tables and take control herself.

A foxy smile as a third slowly enters her body; Hinata lets out a keening wail of pleasure as it brings her over in on single thrust of his fingers. Her body releasing its built up desires in a flood of moisture, the Hyuuga princess felt her muscles give out on her as she collapses against the blonde who made this a memorable experience.

Her body spent for now, the young woman allows herself to be gently laid to the soft grassy ground. Her eyes closed and in pure bliss as she has surrendered to the passion induced unconscious state, when she comes to she savors what is left.

An orange jacket that smells of sandalwood and ramen....and within it a note....

I will see you again Hime....