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Sakura was irritated.

Take that back, she wasn't irritated. She was angry. Two weeks ago she had finally found a house near the Inuzuka compound. Small two bedroom home, with kitchen, bath, and living room, the young woman had of course immediately roped her teammates and childhood sensei into helping her move in.

Sasuke and Naruto both bickering as they usually do. Sai incurring their wrath as well, they spent more time sparring then helping her move in. Not that she minded because it did eventually get done. But still it was such a pain...

Then she started to encounter another problem...

The dogs....

She could live with them barking at odd hours. That was a given. That was their nature.

But damnit! Her yard was not a toilet.

She tried putting fences up.

They came down three days later in a rush to chase after an errant crook.

She tried it again.

She had to replace them because of the Marking territory that they did. And it warped the damn wood. And that was just the other day....

It was ticking her off. She doesn't have that kind of money to afford to put one up constantly.



Jumping back a bit in fear of her outrageous hits, Naruto hid behind Sasuke who just rolled his eyes as Sai and Kakashi both tried not to smile. The med nin shook her head as she sighed.

"Sorry Naruto-kun." She smiled tiredly. "I love my house, just getting irritated by the neighbor's pets using my yard as a toilet."

The men who were her brothers in spirit each made a face of disgust. "That bad?" Kakashi couldn't help but ask.

"That fence I put up?"


"I had to take it down. Their...excrement was warping the wood."


Finding comfort in the fact, that they sympathized with her, Sakura listened to the random ideas that came to mind to help her out. Never noticing the subtle red tendril that flowed from Naruto to herself...

Kakashi having seen it himself from the corner of his eye, the man becomes somewhat suspicious as this was the second time it had happened. But as nothing had happened, as before the man pushed it to the back of his mind....


Two hours later

Unaware of the discussion concerning his clan's valued pets, Kiba was at his home training with his valued friend and partner Akamaru. To this day, the young man can not believe that the runt of the litter he was partnered with would grow so huge under his care.

But then as his mother would say, he loved Akamaru with all his heart. And with love they grow as much as they can.

Of course that brings up a more recent problem that has arisen. The lack of a girlfriend...and particularly, a strong one that can not only put up with him, but also one that Akamaru would approve of.

Hinata was one.

But then, Hinata has had her eye on Naruto and he finally noticed her existence. Ever since he had done so, the young woman had blossomed under the blonde's adoration.

There was also TenTen.

But she had her eyes set on that blasted control freak of a cousin and he had to admit. TenTen was just feisty enough as Naruto would say to make sure that stick out of Neji's ass stayed out.

Of course there was always Ino.

But...if rumors would have it, Sasuke has already started laying his claim to the blonde girl. Like with Naruto whom was the only one the Uchiha would call a best friend or a pack brother, the blonde girl did not put up with any of his arrogance.

She has yet to even say his name much to his delight as it definitely perturbed the Uchiha who was used to having girls fawn over him. Which Ino was most definitely not doing much to the shock of many who remember her from her fan girl days.

According to Hinata, who had heard from Naruto, Sasuke has even been easily more distracted as of late. Constantly rearranging parts of his body as Ino walks by ignoring his calls... Looking for the blonde girl constantly...

Essentially...Ino had done the impossible in the eyes of Konoha.

She turned the last living Uchiha...into a fan boy.

And her own personal one at that...

It was funny.


The brunette was shaken out of his thoughts though as seconds later Akamaru perked up. Sniffing the air, Kiba groaned as he smelled a familiar cherry scent.


A strong girl all by herself, normally he would have asked her out by now as Akamaru did approve of her. But she drove him nuts.

Do this, do that...all she could do was bark orders at him, like he was her servant.


Being the only one in the main house of his home though, Kiba growled as the knocking became more persistent.

"Damnit Sakura, I'm coming."

Stalking towards his home with intent, he paid no attention to the figure that he made as he did so. His tattoos blatantly obvious on his features, his skin had darkened from his time in the sun. His hair still a warm brown color, it was highlighted with streaks of red here and there.

Thanks to his playing and working with Akamaru, his body was broad and muscular. It had to be, his canine companion was not small and he did not want to hurt himself or make Akamaru sad if the dog caused any kind of injury.

Shirtless as he was, all he had on were his pants that hung around his hips loosely and his sandals that even now were encrusted with dirt.

As the doorbell kept ringing, Kiba had to admit his temper was beginning to flare even more with the constant sound.


Approaching the door and yanking it open, he was stupefied for a moment as he saw the girl in a whole new light. Her hair brushing her shoulders as she had decided to let it grown, the young woman had flashing green eyes that spoke her rage in volumes.

Her skin that milky white paleness that he found attractive, it was flushed a pale pink as her emotions had seeped into her skin. The scent of cherry's growing in intensity, Kiba almost cried out in pleasure from the scent that even now he was beginning to detect. An earthy almost herbal scent of femaleness that was even now crying out to be taken by him...

Her body curving sweetly in his opinion, Kiba had remembered to brace himself in the nick of time as her fingers started poking him. "Sasuke and the others recommended I speak with your mom, which I was going to do when she returned from her mission. But you know what I found when I got home...several large piles of dog crap! MY YARD IS NOT A DAMN TOILET!"

Feeling the strength in her pokes emanating, Kiba gave a feral like grin, unaware of the subtle influence of a red string of chakra flowing from the pink haired girl to himself. Akamaru being the smart dog that he was high tailed it out of the room before he could be construed as interfering.

He adores his human partner, but he sure as hell wasn't that dumb.


Angry as she was, when Kiba opened the door, Sakura couldn't help but like what she saw. Her cheeks flushing pink, the young woman had remembered at the last second why she was so angry and began to rant.

But so far no response as all the Hound Ninja did was stare at her...


A growl emanating from her lips, her hand that she was using to poke him was grabbed. Caught completely off guard, the young woman found her body twisted and pressed against his. Her back to his chest, Sakura was breathing in the clean male sweat that he exuded.

Still though a bit peeved at the audacity he had to do this to her, the young woman struggled to break free. But was immediately surprised as despite using her strength that Tsunade had taught her, she couldn't break free.


Moments later though she was shocked stiff as she could literally feel Kiba sniffing her neck, as if...

"Delicious..." The Hound ninja replied with intent as his lips kissed her shoulder. His canines prominent in his mouth, she could feel him move to her pulse point and he deliberately grazed them with his teeth.

Letting out a little sound of pleasure, Sakura was shocked at her reaction. The heated chuckle from Kiba's chest behind her, the pink haired Nin, finally got her wits together and managed to not only break free but throw him.

Watching him land, her body heated and flushed from a mixture of anger and confusion, she was shocked as he got to all fours.

"So that's how it's going to be."

Leaping at her, Sakura hit him hard with her fist. But as before when he initially grabbed her. Not once did it faze him.

In fact much to her surprise...he liked it! "DOWN DOG BOY!"

"Whatever pleases you..." Kiba growled out huskily.

Tackling her at the knees, the pink haired kuniochi managed to tumble over Kiba's body. In a slight daze, she is pulled towards him as he grabs her ankle. Her knee nipped with little kisses on the inside, it snaps her out of it long enough for her to wrap her other leg and twist.

The Hound Ninja's body moving with her move, she feels his hands grapple with her legs even tighter, as he breaks out of her hold. His lips ghosting a bath towards her upper thighs, Sakura has to admit the pleasure his warm breath is giving her skin feels to good to let go.


Concentrating as best she can, despite the growing flutter within her body, Sakura manages to throw him off of her legs with a chakra enhanced toss with said body parts. The pink haired woman scrambling up, she is once again tackled this time from behind. Struggling against him, the pink haired girl felt his pleasure at their scuffle against her backside.

Hard and long, Sakura can't help but flush the same shade as her hair as she tries to buck him off. The Hound ninja staying with her bucks, it only increased the weight of his body that was pressing down on her.

His mouth opening wide in a smile, the elongated canines of his clan showing, Kiba lowered his head down and bit her neck at a certain spot. Sakura letting out a cry, her body instinctively curled against him and he let out a small sound of approval.

Keeping his hold on her he let his hands trail her sides. Caressing the skin revealed by her red midriff top, he could feel her slight trembles, her skin flushing pink as they wrap around her waist.

Pulling her up as he gets to his knees, Sakura finds herself pulled once again against him. This time the evidence of his pleasure in his control of her pressed firmly on her bottom. She can't help but struggle albeit half heartedly against him.

It felt too good...

It got even better...

He knew how to use those hands.

Slowly tracing little circles across her skin, he played and pulled at the zipper that was down the front of her red top.

Parting it slow, despite her desires to be like Ino in build, Sakura still had a body that most women would kill for. Not to small that she could be called flat chested, nor to big that she would need a bra. Her body was perfect in the eyes of many a shinobi and civilian male alike.

"Just right for my hands..." She heard him say as he murmured against her neck as he squeezes and cups them perfectly. Flicking the nipples with his fingers and them pulling them outwards. Making them darker...

More sensitive....

Soft little sounds emanating from her lips, as he continued to play with her breasts, Sakura found herself raising her arms and wrapping them around his neck. The need, the desire so strong within her as his hands flutter across her breasts and once again begin to lower down to her trembling belly.

Making little marks with his nails, that felt more like claws, Sakura trembled.

His fingers dipping underneath the waistband of her skirt, she near jumped as he teased just above her sex.

His fingers tracing outside her sex now teasing her thighs, she can't help but moan with intense need.

Kiba smiling with intent can not help but like the responses that trigger his canine like instincts to do more. Finally sliding a finger alongside the folds of her sex, Sakura opened like the cherry blossom that she is named for.


Tasty as he brings it up to his lips and licks his fingers, her jade green eyes watching his every move in a passion filled daze.

Her scent enveloping his nose as it grows stronger it stirs his body's reaction as despite the clothing barrier, he could not help but buck against the bottom that was pressed deliciously against his erection. Her own body responding by desperately rubbing against it each time he connects.

Her whimpers for more were enflaming the need and desire. Her moans stirring his senses...

The feel of her sex tightening around his fingers as he dips them in, making her muscles tighten all around. The taste of her so sweet, so delicious, like the sweetest candy....

It was fucking hard for him not to push onto all fours and take her right then and there. She was practically begging for it!

But just as the canine tendencies were strong in him, so was the humanity. And considering if she accepted his suit, the wildness of what would follow, she would have to be mentally and not to mention physically prepared for.


Freezing at the sound of the voice of his elder sister Hana, both he and Sakura froze. The pink haired girl gathering her wits and remembering what she had initially came for. She rapidly stood up, turned around as she held her shirt together. One hand upon the separated material, she let out an angry snarl and slugged Kiba hard, before taking off, in a fury and flushed pink state.

Hana, just watching as her brother flies and the medic nin runs by her in a high state of induced pleasure. The older woman couldn't help but chuckle as her brother gets up and with a grin to rival that of her mother summons Akamaru.

"Be back later sis...I'm going hunting for a certain cherry blossom."

The two partners taking off after a fleeing figure in pink and red. Hana blinks once...then twice and chuckles.

"Seems Mom won't have to make Kiba buckle down and get a wife now..." She giggled as arms wrap around her. Gai chuckling in amusement at her comments, "Sakura will test his youthfulness to the limits that is true."

Turning to wrap her arms around the jounin's neck, she smiled as he bent down and kissed her possessively.

"You know...for all your youthfulness that you like to crow about. It's hard to believe that you are still a bigger pervert then Kakashi."

"That's our secret...I am in the mood to discover something my dear wife."


"To see if I can break our record..." He smiled lustily. "I think we are at 12 orgasms in a single night...I want to go for 15."

Her eyes widening in surprise and anticipation, Hana allows herself to be swung up and over his shoulders. Despite the ugliness of his green leotard, the young woman does agree with what a lot of women believe.


In the meantime outside, Kiba grins as he goes on the hunt... And he just got the sweet cherry scent of his prey. "Found you..."