Summary: Someone close to Mack ends up in the hospital. Dax helps Mack get it together.

Dax was in the middle of directing the final scene of his next Blockbuster hit when he got the call from his personal cell. Usually, unless it was an emergency, no one called his cell, so when he was taken out of his momentum, the vibrating distracting him, he didn't bother checking to see who was calling as he set the phone against his ear.

He didn't expect Mack, who should have been in Guam or Tonga or something he was never too sure where the former Red would end up, and Dax certainly didn't expect a choked back sob followed by a tirade of nonsense that he couldn't exactly figure out.

He turned away from the filming crew, the actors, waving at them as he found his office, all the while Mack continued on, finishing up with, "Dax… Dax you gotta come back here…"

Dax locked the door behind him, taking a deep breath. "Mack, calm down. Just… breathe, and tell me once more what happened. Something…?"

There was a pause, a deafening pause matching his pounding heart as Mack finally answered.

"Something's happened to Spencer."


It took a small amount of bribing, a plane ride, three taxis and a hasty text to Mack later before Dax found the correct hospital, halting the taxi, giving him a solid bill and to keep the change as he hurried through the front doors, unsure where to go from there.

"Dax!" The former Blue Ranger turned, finding none other than Tori Hanson waving at him. He walked over, allowing her to hug him and she steered him over to where his team was.

Adam, Xander and Kira were off to the side. Tori gave him one last squeeze before joining the other Retro Rangers. Ronny, Rose, and Will were standing near the couch, which homed Andrew and Mack.

Dax quickly zoomed in on the former android, who simply looked up through glassy eyes, his cheeks stained by tears. He hugged the other man, not caring that Andrew, or the others, were there, it was plainly obvious Mack needed comfort, and by the Sentinel Knight, he was going to give some.

Mack leaned into the hug, feeling tears welling up again as he sniffed, willing the tears back, and felt the arms tighten around him.

Dax looked around the room, eyebrows raised in question, not wanting to let go just yet. Rose looked off to the side, then to Andrew, who just nodded. She took a breath, "Spencer… well…" She seemed to grasp for words, with no such luck. "It seems Spencer's been sick for a while… but never said anything. Right before Mack and his dad went off of another trip… Spencer collapsed." She looked down as she finished, eyes blinking rapidly.

Dax gulped, realization setting in. Spencer was always there for everyone, never seemed to think about himself before everyone else… And Mack… When his dad was always off finding ancient civilizations, Spencer was the only one around… He was like a second father. He tightened his grip on Mack once more, feeling a little more at ease when Mack sipped his own arms around Dax's waist.

"Do…" Dax cleared his throat, his right hand rubbing Mack's side, "Have the doctors said anything yet?"

There was a collective shaking of heads, and the former Blue only sighed. Awesome.


He wasn't sure how long he sat there, Mack dozing away on his shoulder, the rest of his friends having left for the night, though it took a while to persuade Andrew to leave. Dax reassured the billionaire that if anything came up, he would be the first to be called, and don't worry, he would watch over Mack.

Yes, and now his arm was going numb. Dax shifted a bit in his seat, moving his arm so it rested around the other man's waist, and he felt part of the numbness leave his arm. He winced at the prickling feeling, squeezing his eyes shut as a gasp left him.

He felt Mack shift, and silently cursed as the former Red sniffed, rubbed his eyes, and gave a yawn, opening his eyes, blinking them a couple of times before registering where he was and how silent it was. Mack sat up, rubbing the back of his head, looking around the waiting room before his eyes fell on Dax.


Dax only gave a small smile, "Hey there sleepy head. You missed everyone leaving."

Mack nodded, yawning again as he leaned back, head against the wall. "How long was I out for?"

The former Ranger only shrugged offhandedly, "A couple of hours. Everyone went home. I told them I would call if there was any news."


Dax let the silence hang in the air, thinking maybe that was all his boyfriend needed. He let himself smile a little at that. A year of friendship turned to something more, especially after Mack found he was an android, sacrificed his life for the planet… coming back from the dead… as a human… And then Dax started his career as a big name director and Mack was always on his adventures with his father…

Go figure it took a friend in the hospital to get them to meet again…

Dax shook his head roughly. It wasn't like he iwanted/i Spencer in the hospital, he didn't want iany/i of his friends in the hospital! What was he thinking???

"—ax? Dax, are you alright?"

The Blue ex-Ranger jumped as a hand was placed on his shoulder, Mack's face twisted into a worried look. Dax only smiled, shaking his head, "Ah, it's nothing, just thinking, you know, about Spencer and how this sucks and we could only meet up when something like ithis/i happened and I didn't want to wish it on any—"

He only heard a soft, "Dax, shut iup/i." before lips pressed against his, the hand on his shoulder moving behind his head, deepening the kiss and Dax couldn't help but respond. His arm tightened around Mack's waist, bringing the other man closer letting his other hand rest loosely on Mack's shoulder.

Dax knew he should be focusing on the fingers playing with the hairs on the back of his neck, on the teeth that nibbled his lower lip, requesting access, a tongue playing with his own, and hand reaching under his shirt, pressed against his stomach, but it all seemed iwrong/i somehow…

When they first got together, when Mack became aware of himself as a human, instead of an android, they experimented, but Mack was mostly shy when it came to kissing and touching and it didn't look like he just changed his mind about how he acted in bed, especially since they hadn't even passed isecond base/i yet—

Dax's eyes shot open, not caring how it hurt, and pushed Mack back, gasping for breath. "Wa-wait a minute here!" He gulped as Mack let out a whine from the back of his throat, but instead of attacking his mouth again, Mack slumped against the wall looking completely dejected.

Dax winced, reaching out but stopping himself. "I… Look Mack," he paused, making sure the other man was still with him. The pause was enough that Mack glanced up, and Dax continued, "I know this is hard, Spencer's like your second parent and all… But he's going to fine and… doing what we were just about to do… It—it would only result in something bad and I'd feel like I was taking iadvantage/i of you Mack and I don't want that…"

Mack tipped forward, head hitting Dax's shoulder, and for a moment, he did nothing but lay there. Then he heaved a sigh, "Yeah, okay alright."

Dax smiled a little, wrapping his arms around Mack again, squeezing him close, "Good."

As they nestled against each other, backs to the wall, Dax began to doze off, barely hearing the murmur, "I still want to though… After Spencer's better…"


Morning came too soon, nurses bustling along, talking amongst themselves with their medical jargon, patients and loved ones occupying the waiting room and there was a distinct sound of… giggling?

Dax groaned as he opened his eyes, unprepared for the bright hospital lights against his eyes. When his eyes focused, he noticed Ronny and Rose, smiles gracing their faces. Those kinds of smiles were never a good thing, he thought sourly. A flash went off to his side and he turned sharply, finding Will and Xander cracking up as they looked at the digital camera in Will's hands.

He was about to get up when he vaguely remembered something—or someone—who was supposed to be sleeping on his shoulder, but the pressure on his shoulder was gone… and instead was on his lap.

iOh shit/i. No wonder everyone was cracking up. Even though they never itold/i anyone they were together, everyone knew they were best friends but this just made things much more… noticeable, to say the least.

Dax poked at the man on his lap, "Mack, wake up, everyone's here." The former robot grumbled, turned his head away from the lights, and nestled his face back in his folded arms.

Dax could feel his cheeks heating up, even though this was in no way shape or form cute at all because that would just be gay and they didn't act like those stereotypes but holy crap Mack looked adorable like that and oh shit was that Mr. Hartford walking down the hall???

"Mack," Dax grabbed hold of Mack's shoulders, shaking him. "Mack wake up your dad's coming."

No reaction. And by the looks on his fellow Rangers' faces… they wouldn't be of any help.

Sighing, Dax took a deep breath, and then shoved Mack off his lap. The former Red toppled over and promptly fell to the floor, waking with a start. He got to his face, glaring at his boyfriend, but Andrew walked into the waiting room at that moment.

"Mack! I have news on Spencer! He just needs bed rest. As long as he doesn't overexert himself, he should be fine."

Suddenly, the whole day looked a lot brighter, rude awakenings aside.