AN: So I'm pretty sure no one reads this, but I updated anyway. It's a short chapter this time.

It had been a while, Mack mused, lying down on the rec room couch. Spencer had just dropped off his latest book, The Baron's Vengeance. Looking back on it, Mack hadn't found a chance to sit down and read, too busy being a Ranger, and even after that, when his dad was determined to go on as many adventures with his son as possible. But now Andrew was out of the state, at some big convention where other archeological nerds got together, and the only other person in the mansion was Spencer.

For once, it was quiet.

Mack turned a page in his book, instantly getting sucked into the story. The Baron was once again on a high flying adventure, this time though, the villain captured someone dear to the hero, and he was forced to go through six different countries before falling into another trap. The climax of the book was right around the corner, Mack could feel it with each action filled sentence. He turned the page, ready to see how the tale would end.

His vision suddenly turned dark, and Mack dropped his book as someone laughed from above him.

"Guess who~!" A voice whispered in his ear, and if it was anyone else, Mack would have been a little angered, maybe to the point of throwing a fit. Instead, he only grinned, sitting up as the hands pulled away from his face.

"Dax! What are you doing here?" He placed his book on the nearby table, moving over so the other man could sit down. "I thought you were too busy for a break."

Dax plopped down on the sofa, "Our lead actors got the flu. Filming is suspended until they get better." He let his head hang back, "It'll take at least a week, the doctor said." He sighed, "Just when the movie was about to wrap up." He turned his head, "We can't afford to lose anymore time, you know how long it took to cast the lead."

Mack nodded, waiting in case there was more.

The director sighed once more, "Sometimes, it really sucks to be in the entertainment industry." He tossed a grin in Mack's direction, "Jessica Jeffries talk show was nothing."

"I bet."

Dax took a deep breath, letting himself shift before lying his head on Mack's lap. "Hey, your dad isn't around, is he?"

Mack shook his head, "Spencer's probably around, somewhere. You know how he is."

"Yeah." Dax let out another sigh, his eyes long since shut.

The former android let himself smile. It was obvious the other man had been working himself ragged, and he was content to offer some sort of comfort. He reached out for his book, opening it to the beginning, "Want me to read some of the newest Baron novel?"

Dax smiled from where he was, "Sure, you know I love how you narrate those books."

Mack let himself look down at the man in the lap once more before turning back to the book in his hands. He began to read out loud.