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Pairing: GaaLee

Gaara sat in his room when he heard a slight tapping noise at his window. Curiosity getting the better of him he opened the window and was shocked to see a naked Lee in the tree by his window.

"Um, may I come in, please?" Lee asked in embarrassment as he looked down real quick and saw Kiba hidden watching to make sure he did his dare.

Gaara's face stayed the same blank as usual when he nodded his head since he couldn't find his voice and he moved out of the way so Lee could come in.

"Thank you!" Lee said in glee as he jumped in quickly and closed the window just leaving a crack so Kiba could here.

"Lee, where are your clothes?" Gaara asked as he secretly admired the body in front of him.

"I wanted to free the youth in me and my clothes were holding me back!" He said as flames burned in his eyes as he proudly said his lie.

"Then, why did you come here to me?" Gaara asked trying to hold back a smirk that formed as he saw Lee's face turn a hundred shades of red.

"G-Gaara, will….will…WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?!" Lee yelled in embarrassment as the red head stared at his naked body.

"Ah, so you come to ask me out while naked. That's normal for you or anyone else." Gaara said as he figured out what was going on with the usually cocky ninja.

"Y-Yes, I did and it really is normal for me." Lee lied even more earning a laugh from Gaara and Lee froze.

"Alright, who dared you, Lee?" Gaara said actually showing a little emotion as he tried to hide his laughter from his amusement.

"Nobody dared me!" Lee lied yet again and more laughter came from Gaara freaking out Lee.

"It's not smart to lie to me, Lee. But you know what?" Gaara paused giving time for Lee to sharpen up and listen.

"W-What?" Lee asked cautiously as he watched the red head and hoped he wasn't about to be killed as Gaara moved closer to him.

"If you really mean that you want me to go out with me, I will, Lee." Gaara said as he lifted Lee's face with his thumb and pointer finger and gave him a small peck on his lips. He stayed there and watched the fire in Lee's eyes burn fierce in his eyes.

"I do mean it, Gaara." Lee said as he placed a deep kiss onto Gaara's lips. The two felt sparks fly as their tongues met and that was all they needed.

Gaara took this chance to us his sand to sound proof his room and close the window so that the one outside couldn't even hear them anymore. He led Lee towards his bed then pushed him onto it while still kissing him.

"Gaara, your clothes are in my way." Lee stated as he tried to figure out how to get everything off Gaara, but he couldn't even get the gourd of his back.

"I'd say the same for you, but you're already naked." Gaara chuckled as he took his gourd off and it fell heavily to the floor followed by his shirt and pants. He stood in just his boxers for a while teasing Lee with his half naked body. Slowly he removed his boxers and his hard cock sprang free. This was his first time doing this so he wasn't sure what to do next so he just went with whatever he wanted to do. He took Lee into his hand and slowly stroked him while he went back to kissing him hard. The moans that came from Lee's throat almost made Gaara want to eat him up in pure lust. He stroked faster and experimented with different ways of pleasuring the other.

"Gaara, have you…ah…done…oh…this before?" Lee moaned out as their lips finally disconnected for air.

"No, I haven't." Gaara admitted as he placed a kiss on Lee's cheek then on his chest. He worked his kissed down until he was face level with his cock and with a small kiss to the tip of it he started to put it in his mouth. He started to suck and lick the cock up and down. He experimented with so many different ways of pleasuring the other that he was getting hang of what the other liked and didn't like.

"Gaara, please." Lee begged as he withered on Gaara's bed from all the pleasure. His hands clenching the bed hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

"What is it, Lee?" Gaara asked teasingly as he pulled away and came up to Lee's face again to kiss him.

"Fuck me, Gaara." Lee growled as he released the bed and grabbed Gaara by the hair pulling him down for a deep kiss. Lee heard Gaara growl in the back on his throat and he knew he had drove Gaara wild with that one move.

"Suck me first." Gaara ordered as he stood up and Lee leaned forward to follow the command he was given.

"So full of youth, Gaara." Lee said before he took Gaara's cock deep into his mouth and deep throated him. Swallowing around Gaara as he was in his throat earned Lee a deep lustful growl from the one above. He felt himself being pulled away and forced to lie back on the bed. His cock becoming even harder as his dominate lover did as he wanted.

"Do you need to be prepared?" Gaara asked since he didn't really want to hurt Lee, but he really just wanted to enter him and do whatever he wanted too.

"No, I want it to hurt for I'm youthful and so I know I exist." Lee said as he let Gaara let loose on him. He felt Gaara's cock at his entrance and tried his best to relax. He felt like he was being ripped in two as Gaara entered him. He held back the yell, but couldn't hold the low whimpers back as he held onto Gaara tight. He only rested for a few seconds before he looked at Gaara with flames burning in his eyes as he nodded his head as a signal to go for it.

"You're mine now, Lee." Gaara growled as he pulled out and slammed back in real fast causing Lee to yell in pleasure and pain.

"All yours, Gaara!" He yelled as Gaara slammed into his body mercilessly causing a mix of pleasure and pain in Lee. Lee didn't mind though, he loved the pain with the pleasure and he knew Gaara loved to be sadistic. The perfect couple: A sadist and a Masochist in one bed.

"Good." Gaara growled like an animal almost as he moved around looking for the one spot that would drive his lover wild. He knew he found it when Lee's back arched and a loud moan erupted from those lips he so loved to kiss. He made sure to keep hitting that spot and took great pleasure in seeing lee squirm all over from the overload of pain and pleasure.

"Ah, Gaara! I'm….I'm going to cum!" Lee yelled in warning as he tried to match Gaara's thrusts with his own.

"Then cum, Lee." Gaara ordered lowly in Lee's ear as he felt his own release near.

"Ah, yes, Gaara!" Lee screamed in such abandonment as he came between Gaara and him.

"Ah, Lee." Gaara moaned as he slammed in hard and grabbed Lee tight burying his face into Lee's shoulder as he came hard into the body beneath him. He slowly regained his body's muscles as he pulled out and laid on the bed while pulling Lee to lie on top of him.

"Gaara?" Lee lowly called him as he almost lost his voice.

"Hmm?" Gaara asked as he took his soundproof sand walls down and put the sand back in his gourd.

"I love you, Gaara. I have since I first met you." Lee admitted as he laid contently on Gaara's chest.

"I love yo-"

"LOOK AT MIE SEXI BOTEH!" Was heard by both the teens causing Gaara to look at Lee in question.

"Another dare?" Gaara simply asked once he thought about it.

"Yep, another one." Lee sighed in sadness, because Chouji interrupted Gaara's confession.

"Before I was so rudely interrupted. Lee, I love you too." Gaara confessed as he ran his fingers through Lee's hair.

"Really?" Lee asked with a bright smile on his face.

"Really, really. Now let's try to get some rest, before round two." Gaara said slightly chuckling at the energy still left in the other.

"Can do!" Lee said full of spirit as he felt Gaara pull a thin cover over them both.

Yaoi: Sorry if it isn't as good as my others. It's been a long time since I wrote/typed up a yaoi, so I did my best. Well, there's still two dares to go. I might get the second one done some day, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this one.