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"Toru! Stay still—AACK!"

A loud splash sounded from inside Sakura Haruno's apartment, followed by the loud and lovable laughter of a certain four week old baby boy. Inside, the kunoichi-turned-mother was giving her son a long needed bath-especially since today was the day Sakura was supposed to go out with Ino to buy the pink haired woman's wedding gown. A cool chill of excitement ran down Sakura's spine at the thought of that one word: wedding. Sakura was getting married. The kunoichi could feel her face heat up with a deep blush as her thoughts trailed to the events that would commence within the next week. And then she would no longer be Sakura Haruno, but Sakura—

A loud rapping sounded on the door, followed by a very loud and very familiar voice.

"We don't need to knock, teme. I live here!"

"Well, dobe, some of us still retain basic manners."

Toru looked at Sakura with his big green eyes as his smile widened. He could recognize those two voices almost as well as his mother could. His mind was developing rapidly and could do things that surprised his parents beyond imagining.

Sakura grabbed a big fluffy towel and pulled Toru out from the small tub, wrapping him up before opening the door to her two teammates. There stood Naruto and Sasuke glaring at each other, just as usual. Sakura felt her infant son moving wildly in her arms at the sight of his father, and his loud squeal caught the feuding teammates' attention immediately. Naruto's blue eyes shined brightly as he looked towards his son and reached out a finger towards the boy. Toru instantly latched his tiny hand onto the Uzumaki's finger and giggled happily at the contact. Sasuke looked at Toru with his dark, emotionless eyes and looked on as Naruto started to take hold of his son.

"I thought Kakashi-sensei was supposed to baby-sit?" Sakura's eyes flickered between her fiancé and the Uchiha. The silver haired ninja was all too happy to look after Toru while Sakura was out with Ino in the downtown shopping district. "I mean, Naruto… aren't you supposed to be out choosing your suit?" Ino had given a very detailed list of requirements for the outfits: color of the ties, vests, jackets, and pants; their lengths, style, and accessories. She was adamant about no tails to the suits—otherwise those tails would not be the only thing to be cut off with her scissors. Shika was supposed to meet Naruto and his groomsmen at the tailors' shop not too far from where Sakura would be purchasing her own outfit.

Naruto flashed a toothy grin and rubbed the back of his neck. "Ah, well, Sakura-chan…we were on our way to Kakashi-sensei anyway, so he asked if we could bring him over to the Eastern fields."

Sakura's mind sparked. "Eastern fields?" Her eyes flickered in anger. "What are you planning to do there?" Though she damn well knew, the kunoichi was hoping that there was a sliver of a chance they were just going to watch some of the last of the summer bugs laze about the forest fields.

"Train, of course." Sasuke rolled his eyes, never having the patience for stupid questions.

"We were going to loosen up a bit before going to meet Shika…" Naruto held Toru a little bit higher than usual, as if to bring him into Sakura's line of sight more vividly. The damn idiot was using him as a shield! Sakura growled harshly.

"You are not taking our four week old son to the training fields, BAKA!" Sakura's hands itched to clock that orange clad shinobi right on top of his thick skull—but not while Toru was here. Sakura was trying to minimize the amount of abuse she dealt to her blond idiot of a lover, though, he made it increasingly difficult every time he pulled a stunt like this.

Suddenly Sakura felt another presence behind the two men. The pink haired woman moved instinctively in front of Naruto and Toru, though it took only a second to find that her efforts were not needed.

"H-Hello, Sakura-chan. H-Hello, Sasuke-kun…N-Naruto-kun." Hinata Inuzuka's pale face darkened with a blush as the attention was focused all onto her. The violet haired woman opted to focus her own attention upon Toru and smiled warmly towards the blond baby boy. "Hello, Toru-kun."

Sakura sighed, her tension leaving her for the moment. "Hinata, I'm sorry, but I'm not ready yet. I was just telling these two that they cannot bring an infant boy to the training fields."

Hinata's eyes lifted in surprise. "Oh? Why not?"

Sakura's mind halted for a long pause. "Wh-why not? Hinata, are you insane?" The violet haired woman blushed a deeper red, but her eyes remained calm.

"W-well, Kiba is actually taking Ran and Hana to the Eastern training fields as well. Though they're only four months old, I know K-Kiba would never let anything happen to them. Besides, he wants them to get used to the world their parents are in. I d-d-don't think it's that insane."

"But…" Sakura never thought about it that way…but she still thought it was a terrible idea. "They could get hurt from some stray weapon or—"

"We're actually going to be focusing on low impact taijutsu." Sasuke's voice sounded impatient. He obviously wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Yeah, so no one comes to the wedding with stitches, broken bones, or whatever." Naruto laughed and kept his bright blue gaze locked onto Sakura. The kunoichi felt her heart flutter and her stomach flip in reaction to just this simple action. The blond man smiled and reached a hand out to Sakura, taking a firm grip of her hand. "Nothing will happen to him, Sakura. I promise."

The woman squeezed his hand in response and leaned in to lightly kiss the top of Toru's head. The golden haired boy cooed happily in return, flooding Sakura with comfort and reassurance of his safety. Of course Naruto wouldn't let anything happen to him. And as much as the medic-nin wanted to deny it, Hinata was right; trying to protect Toru from the shinobi world that he lived in was impossible and ridiculous. Though it still irked the kunoichi…

"W-We better get going, Sakura-chan. O-Otherwise Ino-chan might v-very well kill me."

Sakura nodded and gave Naruto's large warm hand one more squeeze before she turned around to change. But Naruto tugged on her hand gently, forcing the kunoichi to turn back and look into his deep blue eyes. Those magnificent blue orbs never ceased to send those sweet chills throughout her body. The couple said nothing, but Sakura knew nothing had to be spoken. Though Naruto was at times a complete idiot, he could read people all too well. And right now was no exception as a feeling of intimacy passed between the two. Sakura blushed slightly, her mind flickering to some immensely perverted thoughts that would've made Kakashi-sensei blush.

These past few weeks had been filled with tending to Toru and setting up the wedding—sucking the couple dry of any energy. And when night would fall, the Uzumaki and the Haruno would collapse onto the bed that lay ten feet and one wall from their infant's crib, only to awaken within hours to feed, change, or burp Toru. And somehow throughout the last weeks, Sakura found herself a lot more attentive to Naruto's touches and slight brushes across her skin. Even if it were something as simple as his hand grazing hers as the blond shinobi reached for a bottle of milk for Toru; the pink haired woman would feel a heat stir deep within her, a feeling she hadn't felt since the night they first made love. Only, with every passing day, that warm feeling seemed to be building up—like a volcano with pulsing magma stirring below, waiting to burst into the cold air and set fire to the land that lay all around.

"Kami, Sakura. You need to get laid big time."

Sakura shot up in her seat stock straight, her vision swimming in a blur between reality and fantasy. She was in the downtown shopping district of Konoha—specifically, one of the dress shops that specialized in wedding gowns. The kunoichi rubbed her eyes and groaned. How many shops had she been to…five? No, it felt more like eight. Every time Sakura would try on a dress, Ino's hawk-like eyes would show no mercy and her voice would bark with orders to bring out the other gowns in inventory. How many wedding dress stores could there be in a village such as Konoha? This had to be the last of them. Suddenly the woman's mind began to process her blonde friend's words.


"I personally thought that you and Naruto would be fucking like rabbits after the Hokage-sama discharged you, but I suppose I was wrong. You look so sexually frustrated that it makes me want to cry." Ino pulled the pink haired woman up to a standing position as another dress was brought in to be fitted. Sakura instantly knew she would never wear something like that. The shoulder pads looked disgustingly...puffy- like two massive marshmallows were sewn to the sleeves. Sakura looked to the shop owner and shook her head politely before the older woman could take another step closer. The elder female nodded knowingly and scanned Sakura for one quick moment before she took off to look for another dress.

"Ino, you always say that to everyone." Sakura sat back down, leaning her head against the back of the chair in exhaustion. To Ino, no one was having enough sex.

"Well, for once…" Sakura looked to the side to see Tenten munching thoughtfully on some complementary sandwiches offered by the shop. "Ino is right. You look like a cat in heat, Sakura."

The woman blushed deeply and sat up straight in her chair once more. "Would you guys stop—!" There was no way she was sexually frustrated. Was there? Yes, she found herself thinking about things that would normally make her want to vomit or punch the nearest opposite gender for even contemplating such lewd thoughts—but she couldn't help herself! Every time Naruto would come out of the shower, wrapped in nothing but a towel—a towel she had previously used, her mind would darken with something so deliciously perverted that she would all but run out of the room. Naruto's golden skin would glisten with that after shower sheen, and his hair was tousled and so fragrant—it almost seemed as if he were teasing Sakura. Did Naruto have any idea of how he tormented the kunoichi with just the sight of his half-naked body? The ripples of his pectorals and the lean muscles that lined along his toned arms and legs made Sakura want to scream.

"But…" Sakura's mind suddenly flickered back towards the obvious block in her sexual fantasies and efforts. "I have to take care of Toru…"

"Psh! What bullshit are you spouting now, Sakura!" Ino stood pertly in front of the pink haired woman, her pale blue eyes scrutinizing. "Hinata and Kiba have twins, and I guarantee they find time to knock boots."

"I-Ino-chan!" Hinata's face darkened into a deep red, and she fiddled with her hands. "K-K-K-K-Kiba-kun and I…we-we-we wouldn't around—" Despite her protest, it was all too obvious that the Inuzuka sex life was a roaring flame compared to Sakura's ember of fantasies.

"So why don't you just put Toru to sleep tonight and have at it?" Ino sat down next to Sakura and wrapped her arm around the kunoichi's shoulders. "Sakura, I'm just a concerned friend. You look like you really need some stress relief, and let me tell you that there is no better release than having multiple, massive orgas—"

"Ino!" Sakura looked around the shop for the older woman. There was no sign of the owner, but better safe than sorry. The kunoichi sighed and looked to her friends.

"Look, it's not like I don't want to…but I'm not good at…instigating something like that." Though she had the one to start their sexual encounter the first (and only) time, it was under the influence of that fruit Tama had given her. Sakura didn't know if she could muster up that same courage to tell Naruto she wanted to…to…

Ugh. She couldn't even think about the word.

"Well, maybe Naruto has the exact same problem." Tenten placed her sandwich down and stretched out lazily. Sakura never thought that Naruto would ever be the one to make the first move; it just didn't seem to be in his character. But she found that with every night, she vainly hoped that the Uzumaki would do somethinganything to cure this feeling that was driving Sakura wild.

"Miss?" Sakura's attention was gratefully drawn away from the topic by the same old shopkeeper she was looking out for. The old shop owner was standing in front of the group of women, holding out a soft, white silk gown. It was simple, with a short train and off the shoulder cut with very short sleeves that would let Sakura breathe in the unforgiving summer heat. The material looked light yet elegant. And there was a wonderful absence of puff and lace.

"Hmm…" Sakura heard Ino's voice thrum beside her. But the kunoichi took none of it into consideration.

"May I?" The pink haired woman reached out to the gown, and the shop keeper nodded happily. Sakura stripped down, no longer shy about showing some skin after the numerous shops she had been to, and slipped into the dress. It felt cool to the touch against her skin. The bodice fit like a glove; enough to show her curves, enough for her to breathe—especially with the off the shoulder cut allowing her shoulders to show. The skirt of the gown wasn't princess style, but more of a gentle summer dress where it flowed down her hips and legs like a waterfall, drifting behind her no more than a foot. The smooth white color complemented her light skin and bright eyes and hair.

It was perfect.

"Oh, Sakura."

The woman turned to look to her friends and found them all smiling warmly towards her. They apparently agreed with the gown just as much as Sakura did.

"Shall I wrap it up, then?" the old shop keeper said.

Sakura nodded and looked into the floor-length mirror once more, taking in the sight of herself in her wedding gown. Finally, she would have a happy ending.

No…this isn't an ending. Not with that baka as a husband.

It was just the beginning.

"Okay, Kyou. This should be simple. Toru's things are all in the top cupboard, and he's just about ready for a long nap. If he gets fussy, which he rarely does, let him drink some broth from the ramen on the stove. That usually sedates him." Sakura looked to the nervous looking intern and inwardly sighed.

"Don't worry, Haruno-san." Fumiyo gently wrapped an arm around the nervous Kyou and smiled. "I'll be here to help him. You just go and enjoy your bachelorette party." Sakura had hired the two of them to watch over Toru while she was at the party. She decided to keep them in her apartment since Toru was familiar with the setting. But Sakura knew she had no real reason to worry too much—Toru loved to meet new people and was never one to be too fussy. Sure he woke up at all hours of the night, but that was normal for any baby.

Sakura looked down at Toru and kissed the top of his golden forehead, taking in his scent: baby powder and ramen. It almost made her laugh at Toru's quick likening towards the food of choice. Though Sakura would only allow him to sip the broth from Naruto's meal every now and then, she knew the moment Toru could chew properly, he would become a fiend for ramen. Thankfully, the boy still did not have any teeth and wouldn't for a while.

"Well, I'll be seeing you soon, love." She whispered to the blond infant and kissed him one more time. As she handed the green eyed beauty to Fumiyo, Sakura felt a dull ache in her chest. She knew it was usual for new mothers to feel like that when they left their child alone—even for a short amount of time, but that did nothing to dull the pain.

"He'll be fine, Haruno-san." Fumiyo looked over to Kyou with a smile, and the young man nodded in turn. Sakura didn't know if the young intern meant her baby or Kyou…

"Enjoy your last night as a single lady, Haruno-san!" Fumiyo waved with a free arm as Sakura walked away. The pink haired woman nodded with half of a smile. Kami knew what awaited her in the bar where her bachelorette party was being held. Knowing Ino and Tsunade-shissou, she was going to be swimming in alcohol and strippers.

I wonder what Naruto is doing for his party?

The kunoichi could just imagine the blond shinobi and his other male friends downing shot after shot of burning liquor. Naruto wasn't a big drinker, but when the occasion called for it, Sakura knew he would join the festivities. The pink haired woman didn't like drinking, but she wouldn't mind a shot or two tonight. Besides, this was technically her last night as a free woman—why couldn't she have fun? Sakura's thoughts began to wander to predictions of tonight's events as she made her way to Ino's place. Her friend was very firm about the kunoichi dressing the part for her party, and had ordered her to stop at her apartment before arriving at the bar.

Sakura took a deep breath as she stopped right at the blonde woman's doorstep. Before she could knock, the door swung open and Sakura was met with a loud squeal.

"Billboard brow!! Come in! You have great timing! I was going crazy trying to find that miniskirt and top I wore a few months back." Ino turned around and rushed back into her apartment. "Tenten, you brought the heels, right?!" the blonde called into the apartment and left Sakura standing dumbfounded at her doorstep. What the hell was that woman going on about? A miniskirt? Heels?

"Yeah, Ino! I have them right here!" Tenten popped out from the door to Ino's kitchen, twirling a pair of thin strapped black stilettos. Her brown eyes met Sakura's, and they glimmered in a smile.

"Hey, Sakura," she said as her eyes roamed over the pink haired woman's body, "Ino was right. Dressing you is definitely a priority." The brunette placed the three inch heels atop the living room table and walked over to the stunned kunoichi.

"Hinata! Did you bring the kit?"

"H-Hai!" The violet haired woman came into the living room, followed by a flustered Ino. Hinata placed a large caboodle next to Tenten's stilettos and walked over to greet Sakura in a hug. The pink haired woman returned the gesture, but her green eyes were focused on her blonde friend, who scuttled about the room, gathering odds and ends, bits and pieces—all of which ended up on the table with the other items.

"What the hell is going on?" Sakura finally found her voice as she worked her legs into locomotion, forcing herself into the apartment. Ino looked up and smiled as she gestured to all of the items that were spread about the table.

"This, billboard brow, is your saving grace." Ino tugged on Sakura's long sleeved jacket and positioned her at the table. Almost immediately, the blonde began to remove Sakura's clothing. "We all agreed that our goal for tonight is to get you laid. And these are going to be your weapons of choice." Ino opened Hinata's caboodle to reveal a treasure trove of hair pins, brushes, a flat-iron, curlers, tubes of lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, foundation, and pounds upon pounds of jewelry. Sakura looked over to the violet haired Inuzuka woman in complete awe. Hinata blushed and made her way over to her mound of cosmetics and jewelry.

"Being in such a family as the Hyuuga's, women were taught how to dress the part of royalty." Hinata smiled gently as she stepped behind Sakura and began to undo the woman's pink hair from its ponytail.

"Hinata is going to give you the accessories to look like a queen, and Tenten and I will give you the clothes to look like a vixen."

"But what about the party—?"

"You can get wasted come the wedding reception, Sakura." Ino continued stripping Sakura down. "Of course, you might need to have a few drinks in you if you want to do tonight's mission right." Ino and Tenten laughed loudly as Hinata's face darkened with a blush.

"Wh-what?" Sakura couldn't process this. They were WHAT?!

"Billboard brow, maybe I should say this one more time." Ino placed a gentle hand onto Sakura's shoulder and smiled wickedly. "We are going to turn you into a seductress tonight. Your only goal is to infiltrate Naruto's bachelor party, seduce the hell out of him, and finally…fuck his brains out."

"There should be absolutely no reason for you to go without sex when you're getting engaged—even if you have a kid." Tenten's smile was just as devious as Ino's.

"They-they're right." Hinata's voice was small but firm. It must've taken so much courage for the woman to come here under such circumstances.

"So think of this as a wedding gift from the three of us." Ino finally peeled away the last of Sakura's clothing and handed the woman a pair of crimson lace panties; they had cherry blossoms sewn onto the sides. What was with her friend and designer panties?

"I-I-I-I…" Sakura didn't know what to say. Should she yell at them? She wanted to scream to the high heavens about how embarrassing it was to have your friends dress you up to seduce your fiancé into the sack. But somewhere, deep inside—she felt a kernel of excitement building up. She never thought about herself as the seductress, but just imagining the look on Naruto's face that night so long ago sent pleasant chills up and down her body. And to think that she would be inciting that look in him once more made her toes curl.

"Change, will you?" Tenten said impatiently. "We need to get you ready and then teach you the tricks of the trade." The brunette looked over to Ino and smiled devilishly. "Tricks that made even Neji howl like a wolf."

Sakura's heart pounded with a mixture of apprehension and fear. How exactly was she supposed to seduce Naruto?

"All right, Naruto, drink up, because this is your last night as a bachelor!" Chouji's voice rang throughout the tavern, where nearly the entire male ninja population of Konoha had gathered for Naruto's last day as a single man. The Uzumaki looked around at all the faces of the people that cared for him. He could feel his heart swell with pride and happiness. In just a matter of hours—okay, several hours—Naruto would be standing in front of Tsunade-baa-chan as she conducted the ceremony that would tie the blond shinobi and the love of his life, Sakura Haruno, together…forever. He couldn't describe the amount of bliss he felt.

"Would you just drink already?" Kiba pounded the blond man's back painfully. Naruto laughed lightly and swallowed the liquor in one gulp. It seared his throat, but he felt his muscles loosen and his mind relax. He didn't usually drink, but tonight was a special occasion, and who was he to halt the celebration?

"Another round over here!" his sensei Kakashi called out. He loved his liquor.

Naruto looked around and wondered if Sakura's party was this insane. She never told him what they were doing, but from what he heard about Ino's bachelorette party, he was sure it would be no less festive. There would probably be even more liquor than they had going around in this place, with Tsunade-baa-chan supposedly dropping in on her only apprentice's party. That woman's body had to be flammable with all the booze she drank.

Suddenly some high pitched whistles rang throughout the bar. Naruto looked up to find a crowd of men circling around something or someone near the door to the tavern.

"What's going on?" Neji called out to the group.

"Apparently a female entered the rooster's nest." Sasuke sounded bored, but that was just his usual tone.

Naruto looked to the side to see Shikamaru downing a dark shot and Kiba returning the Uzumaki's gaze with a wolfish grin. Naruto cocked an eyebrow, completely confused towards the Inuzuka's reaction. The large crowd parted as whomever was in the center made their way towards the table where Naruto and his closer friends were seated. The Uzumaki adjusted himself as his pulse began to quicken. A stripper? He had specifically told his buddies to not hire a dancer. He only had Sakura in his mind, and there was no way he could enjoy himself at this party if some dancer was grinding their body into Naruto's lower regions.

Finally the person in the center of the buzzing crowd came into view. Naruto's eyes were glued onto the floor, his stubborn self refusing to look at anyone other than Sakura. But as he looked down at what was most definitely a familiar woman's set of legs, his breath caught. Those smooth and creamy legs that went on for miles thanks to a pair of heels made Naruto's blue eyes move on their own. They trailed on up towards what was one of the most form fitting skirts he had ever seen—when she moved, it seemed to show the slightest hint of her panties. And Kami, those hips; they looked absolutely delicious. In the pit of Naruto's stomach, he felt a fire begin to blaze—one that he had been trying to squelch for over the past few weeks.

His gaze trailed up the woman's abs to rest on the sight of her full chest that was held together with some laced up leather top. And finally, when he looked in those big, beautiful green eyes, Naruto knew he was gone. He felt his bottom half quiver to life and Kami help him, he would've taken her right then and there had there been no table between them. Sakura looked sexy. Holy shit, did she look sexy. Something about her eyes, her curled hair, and gleaming, luscious lips made not only Naruto but every other shinobi around her drool.

And something about those eyes looked different to the blond shinobi. The look was familiar, but he couldn't place it—his mind could barely form any thoughts except those that would get his skull cracked open by Sakura's powerful fist. She made her way over to him, her hips swaying in a seductive rhythm. And from behind him, Naruto felt his chair being pulled away from the table to give room for Sakura to stand directly in front of the stunned idiot. A smile curved her shining lips, and finally Naruto's mind conjured up the word that described the look Sakura was giving him right now. He had seen it so many times in people's eyes as he traveled all those years with Jiraiya-sensei, and he even was the recipient of a few of those looks.


Sakura's eyes darkened to a smoky green under the fluorescent light of the tavern as she moved her body closer and closer to Naruto. Music from somewhere in the room sparked to life as the men formed a circle around the couple. The blond shinobi felt his mind halt in thought and his pulse quicken when Sakura suddenly turned around and began to sway her hips inches from him. Naruto could feel heat radiate off of her body and the slight scent of flowers drift towards him. Sakura inched her curvaceous hips closer and closer to Naruto's lap, and the shinobi felt his throat go dry. His eyes were locked onto her well toned ass oscillating ever so sensuously.

The pink haired beauty hovered above Naruto's lap, teasing him with the slightest touches to his thighs. Whistles and leering eyes replicated throughout the room, but Naruto was too engrossed with what was in front of him. The kunoichi had finally lowered her hips onto the orange clad shinobi's lap and had moved her lower body in one deliciously tormenting circle. She brought her arms down and rested her hands onto his upper thighs, running their length up and down, driving Naruto crazy with the friction. He couldn't believe Sakura was giving him a lap dance in front of all these people, let alone at all. It was one of Naruto's wildest fantasies to have Sakura dance for him in something so scandalous. The only thing he would change was the atmosphere of all the people surrounding them and all the stealing glances of Sakura as she danced before them. Naruto didn't know what to do with himself as she built the pressure of her body against him.

The music changed into a harsher, more raw beat and suddenly Sakura changed her pace. The woman pulled herself up and turned around to face Naruto. She smiled seductively as she leaned forward, her cheeks slightly blushing as her breasts came into Naruto's direct line of sight. She shook her hips along to the jagged beat, and the shinobi watched, entranced as she closed the space between them to trace her fingers alongside Naruto's defined jaw line. She teasingly fluttered her lips across his dry mouth, laughing lightly along the way. Naruto caught the slightest scent of alcohol on her breath. He knew she would've never done this without some help of the loosening drink, but there was no denying—

She was loving it, the little minx. And as she straightened her body, she softly grazed the edges of her breasts across Naruto's face. The heat within Naruto stirred dangerously with every shift of her body, every swing of her head, tossing her hair this way and that. Now that there wasn't anything obstructing his view or blocking his way, he would take her. Kami help anyone who would get in his way. It had been far too long since he had the taste of her on his lips.

As Sakura raised her arms up and curled her fingers through her soft pink locks, she felt a strong and warm pair of arms wrap around her waist. She gasped lightly as she felt those pair of arms lift her up into the air and bring her eye to eye with Naruto. Her breath caught, and she felt that volcano within her boiling with anticipation. Naruto's eyes were hazy with what could only be arousal—the very same feeling Sakura had been tormented with all those weeks.

Naruto didn't even say one word as he took Sakura out of the bar, but they knew it didn't matter. Whistles and shrieks of laughter overpowered the music from the jukebox and poured out through the entrance of the tavern. Sakura kept her green eyes locked onto Naruto as he sped through the dark and empty streets, carrying her towards his apartment.

He slammed the door closed as quickly as he had opened it and plopped Sakura on her feet, leaving her only a second to catch her breath before he captured her lips. He was ravenous and hungry for her. Sakura returned the desire, nibbling on his lower lip teasingly. Naruto growled in approval and swirled his tongue between Sakura's lips, leaving a delicious taste of ramen and liquor in the kunoichi's mouth. Sakura moaned lightly as she felt Naruto's hands grip her waist tightly to lift her against the door and to press his body into more firmly. Sakura pulled her mouth away to suck in a cold breath of air, only to have Naruto draw her lips back to him a second later.

Naruto's hands roamed all over her body, leaving no curve or crevice untouched. His hot fingers played with the lacing of her leather bustier, and a low growl of annoyance emitted from his warm lips. Sakura pulled his hands back to her hips and unlaced the bodice for him, leaving the clothing on the floor. She sucked in a quick breath as her breasts came in contact with the cool apartment air. She moaned loudly as Naruto quickly dipped his head down to nibble on her left nipple while kneading her right breast. His mouth returned to Sakura's, and he was ravenous, sucking and nipping her, drawing the breath from Sakura's swollen lips. The pink haired woman felt that heat in her roaring, and she decided she couldn't wait. She tore at Naruto's jacket, throwing the black and orange cloth to the floor, not missing a beat as she worked on his pants next. Her fingers fumbled slightly with the zipper to his pants as Naruto teased her with his lips against her neck. Finally down to his boxers, Naruto took her to his room and tossed her onto the large, unmade bed.

Sakura was flooded with his scent and arched her back against the cool sheets as she felt the bed dip with Naruto's weight. She immediately felt a pair of rough but loving hands pull at her skirt, sliding the leather down her legs. Naruto tossed the skirt somewhere into the darkness of his room and ran his hand up the length of Sakura's left leg, sending a pleasant shiver throughout the kunoichi's body. He lowered his head, trailing light kisses all along her upper thighs, inching closer to Sakura's crimson panties and what lay beneath them. Sakura bit onto one of her fingers as Naruto flicked his tongue over her clothed mound. She arched her back against the bed and tried to press Naruto closer to her, but apparently the Uzumaki thought it was his turn to seduce and tease.

His calloused hands pressed her body back down to the bed, and she felt his warm breath against her thighs and through her panties. It was absolutely maddening. Naruto kissed alongside her sex while running his fingers ever so lightly under the lining of the lace underwear. Sakura whined a little, and a warm laughter vibrated against Sakura's thigh, and she almost lost it. Naruto hooked his thumbs under the hem of Sakura's panties and slid them off of her body.

Sakura screamed loudly in pleasure as Naruto pressed his hot mouth onto her mound and began to suck her swollen clit. His tongue flicked between her lips, and Sakura's legs turned into jelly. The volcano that rumbled within her was close to eruption and she knew her lover could sense it. Naruto sucked and nibbled on her clit with more vigor, and the moment his hands reached to massage her breasts, the kunoichi felt the volcano in her explode.

"Ahh!!! Naruto!" A blinding white light blurred her vision as her body burst with pleasure. But the Uzumaki didn't stop. He lifted her towards him, and in moments, his boxers were tossed aside; he was hard and ready. Sakura yelped as he plunged into her orifice and began to pump and thrust into her relentlessly. Sakura's vision had all but barely cleared when he brought the kunoichi over the edge once more. The pink haired woman bit her lip from moaning any louder than she already had, and Naruto leaned into her ear, a growl escaping his lips.

"Don't. I want to hear you moan my name." His hot breath against the nape of her neck alone was enough to make the kunoichi cry out in ecstasy. Sakura dug her nails into his well-toned back as he pounded into her, as she felt him graze against that one place that would make her come with a few more thrusts. He was close, Sakura could tell with his jagged pumps and breathing. Sakura rolled her hips around, adding more friction to the touch. Naruto grunted, and Sakura felt him ram right into that spot that made her explode once more in pleasure. The Uzumaki's member pulsed with release as Sakura's walls clenched around him. Naruto dipped down to capture Sakura's lips, and he swallowed her screams of satisfaction while muffling his own moans of pleasure.

It went on continuously like that until the light broke through the bedroom window. Hours of moaning, sweat, juices, and kisses all over each other's body. Sakura couldn't count how many times they had done it, but Kami knew it wouldn't be the last time they were going to do it. The couple finally collapsed onto the bed into a deep sleep that was unfortunately interrupted a few hours later.

"Naruto?! Sakura! Open up, you two!!"

Ino? Sakura's mind was swimming with the thoughts of Naruto and what he did to her all night and morning long. Where did he learn those kinds of moves? But then again, the blond shinobi was probably wondering the same thing about the pink haired woman and her sudden seductive dancing. Sakura's eyes inched around the room and landed on Naruto's alarm clock. Then all of a sudden, her mind cleared.

"SHIT!" She sat bolt upright and punched the sleeping lump next to her. The lump stirred awake, and Naruto sat up, rubbing his head, a painful expression contorting his face.

"What? What's wrong?" He groaned in his half-awake state. "Sakura-chan? What is it?"

"We're supposed to be getting married, BAKA!" Sakura jumped out of the bed and began running around, looking for her panties and other clothes. Where the hell did Naruto throw them?!

"Hm?" He rubbed the back of his head and yawned widely. "I know that, Sakura-chan. But that's not for several hours."

"No, baka! Try thirty minutes!!" There they are! Sakura snatched up the dark red lace panties and pulled on one of Naruto's shirts. That would have to do for now. She needed to answer the door and calm the frantic Ino.

"WHAT?!" Naruto jumped up so quickly, he fell off of the bed and onto the floor with a loud thud. But Sakura was already out of the room and opening the front door before she could help the shinobi up.

"Finally, billboard—" Ino stopped in her tracks the moment she took in Sakura's state. The blonde's face contorted as she muffled a snort of laughter. Sakura's cheeks darkened in a deep blush, and she knew she should've pulled on some of the Uzumaki's pants as well. The blonde kunoichi clutched her side as she tried to stifle her guffaws and loud laughs, but it was useless. Sakura rolled her eyes in annoyance and growled for the Nara woman to enter the apartment already.

"O-Okay, okay…I think I can breathe now." Ino looked back to Sakura as she took several steps into the dwelling and tripped slightly. The woman bent down and picked up what turned out to be the bustier Sakura borrowed the night before. Ino smiled brazenly and cocked an eyebrow towards the medic-nin. "Have fun?" Sakura snatched the leather top from her giggling friend, using all of her will power to not smack her upside the head.

"You're lucky you're pregnant, pig." Sakura took the change of clothes Ino had brought with her and immediately began to slip into them. They were simple training clothes, something she could run in back to Ino's apartment so she could shower and get ready for the ceremony.

"Shika's on his way over with the suit. Go say goodbye to your groom for now." Ino nodded to behind Sakura, and the pink haired woman turned around to find a half naked, bright eyed looking Naruto standing in the doorway to his bedroom. Sakura felt her skin tingle with attraction, but she quelled the feeling. Right now was not the time. She walked over to the Uzumaki, and his eyes sparkled with laughter as they caught her gaze.

"See you at the end of the aisle, Sakura-chan." He smiled his boyish grin, flashing his pearly white teeth. Sakura smiled back and kissed his cheek lightly before turning around to follow Ino out.

Tsunade stood in the center of the Western Park, atop a platform where she would finally be marrying Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. She had done so many of these ceremonies that it was a blur of dresses and booze in her head—but this time was different. Sakura was her daughter, not by blood, but when did blood ever matter? That stubborn kunoichi had grown into a fine young woman, and if Tsunade ever cried at these things, this would be the one where she would bawl to the high heavens. But she had to at least get past the vows, and once she got to the reception, a few glasses of sake would calm her down.

To Tsunade's side stood a very fidgety blond idiot, and to his left was Sasuke Uchiha. Apparently after all those years of trials and tribulations, they had remained friends. Team Seven, one of the strongest and most chaotic teams Tsunade had ever seen. Sakura had unknowingly been the glue that kept that team together, and those two men knew it. Even though the Hokage knew her apprentice thought herself the weakest link of the group, she was, in fact the most stable and strong. Though she did tend to cry a lot, her emotions were what helped Naruto and Sasuke pull through what normal humans would have fallen victim to.

And to think Tsunade was marrying two of the members of the greatest team in Konoha history...

It was just another moment to prove that even through all the pain and sadness, happiness and love could and would survive. There was always hope, and those two—no, three, were proof of that.

Tsunade straightened up once she heard the soft music sound as Sakura made her way down the aisle towards her teammates and her shissou. The Hokage knew that if she didn't pull herself together, she was going to cry. Sakura looked absolutely beautiful, and she reminded the Hokage of herself when she was Sakura's age all those years ago...those years when her own lover was still alive.

But now wasn't the time to think of love lost, but of newly found…newly discovered love.

Sakura and Naruto had one hell of a life ahead of them.

In a small patch of grass near the gates to the village of Konoha sat a large mound of rocks and two objects: a stone of amethyst and a sprig of thyme.

Sakura Haruno crouched in her flowing wedding gown as she placed a third object, a letter, on the small memorial to her fallen friend, Tama Nakamura. Sakura's green eyes shined with tears, but she just wouldn't cry.

Sakura's fingers gently ran over the green amulet that her dear friend had given her as she thought carefully about her words. "Thank you, Tama. You have done so much for me. And although your body is lying miles away, I will visit this small memorial every day for the rest of my life. I will tell my children of your wonderful and kind heart. And in them, you will live." Sakura took a deep breath, releasing her tension, and she stood as she sensed another presence approaching.

"Sasuke." Sakura didn't need to look to know that it was the Uchiha who stood behind her.

"You're missing your wedding reception. That's very selfish of you."

Sakura didn't feel like arguing right now, but she couldn't help the aggravated sigh that escaped her. "Well, I guess everyone deserves to have a selfish moment every now and then. It is supposed to be my day today, after all."

She heard the shinobi's soft footsteps sound beside her, and she watched as he bent down to place something atop the mound next to Sakura's letter; a bronze coin. The same coin Tama had given Sasuke that mission those months long ago. He still had it?

Sasuke stood back up and said nothing, but it was almost a comfort to Sakura. For if he had said anything, Sakura didn't know if she could respond…not without crying. They stood there for a long moment in silence until finally, they heard another set of steps sound from behind them.

"Sasuke? Sakura-chan?" Sakura turned to find Naruto holding a slumbering Toru in his arms. She couldn't blame the infant; it had been a long day. Sakura smiled sadly and walked over to her newlywed husband. The Uzumaki's eyes softened in knowing, and he opened his arm for Sakura to burrow in. The kunoichi gratefully found her way into his embrace and wrapped her arms around Naruto as she let her tears silently fall.

"She would be proud, Sakura-chan." Naruto's voice thrummed against the kunoichi, comforting her. Sakura took a deep breath and nodded, wiping away any evidence of her tear shed. She looked down to Toru to find him stirring awake. His green eyes blinked slowly open, and a smile instantly spread across his face at the sight of his mother. He giggled and cooed happily, reaching out to be held by her. Sakura immediately wrapped her arms around Toru and drew him in. The blond boy laughed and played with Sakura's thin veil as the kunoichi walked back over to the memorial mound where Sasuke stood quietly. Naruto followed and stood beside his wife, teammate, and friend. The Uzumaki looked over to Sasuke and smiled widely. The Uchiha stared at his teammate and then looked over to the giggling Toru, his eyes lingering on the infant for a long while. And then slowly…slowly… a corner of the side of his mouth drew up in the tiniest of smiles.

"Annoying…all of you are just…annoying."

To be continued in:

Somewhere Between the Earth and the Sky

See you then!