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Chapter 8: The End

It was black. Everything was black. Everything was nothing and in the nothing place it didn't matter. It was over. No pain. Peace.


Draco sat at the kitchen table in Grimmauld Place looking around the room hopelessly. He felt spent and useless, he had just come back from Saint Mungos after Harry had flat lined the Healers came running in and ushered Draco and Hermione out into the corridor where Blaise, Ron and the Weasley's were waiting.

Taking one look at their downcast expressions Molly had sent Hermione home with Blaise and told Ron to make sure that Draco got home. After what seemed like hours, Draco dragged himself up to Harry's room and into his bed where Draco curled under the covers and clutched Harry's pillow to his chest, smelling the sandalwood scent that was unique to Harry before he sobbed himself into an exhausted sleep.


Grey. It was getting lighter. But there was no pain, not anymore. Still peace. Still nothing.


Blaise sighed as he stared at his best friend; he had never seen Draco looking so weak or vulnerable as he did at this moment, wearing one of Harry's t-shirts and some Gryffindor red boxers with flying snitches. Eyes red and puffy with tears tracks on his cheeks, Draco tried to smile at his oldest friend, but it came out like a grimace.

"Draco," Blaise began.

"Don't Blaise. I can't just now, let me cry. Please?" Draco begged.

Blaise closed his mouth before pulling Draco into his strong embrace, holding the shaking body tightly as Draco broke down.

They stood like that for a few minutes when the Floo flared up and Hermione stepped through, she took one look at Draco and Blaise before smiling softly.

"If I didn't have conclusive proof that you were heterosexual Blaise, I'd be worried," Hermione teased.

Draco chuckled through his tears and pulled away as he looked at Hermione, "That's not funny Hermione."

She grinned and shrugged, "I have good news and good news, which would you prefer?"

Draco glared at her until she spoke, "First, Blaise and I are having a baby."

Draco stared at Hermione before hitting Blaise, "Thanks for telling me." He pulled Blaise into a hug then made his way over to Hermione, "Congratulations! And the other news?"

Hermione bit her lip, "He's woken up."


White. It was white. There was pain and people. Not the right person. Nothing was becoming something. Something was not right. It wasn't white enough. But there was no grey, no black.


Draco rushed into Saint Mungos, thanking Merlin that the room he wanted was on the Ground Floor, Artifacts Accidents, was the only ward which made sense.

On the bed was a pale dark haired man with bright green eyes, who smiled as Draco ran into the room collapsing on the bed next to Harry.

"Oh Harry!! I thought you'd never wake up. The Healers said they weren't sure and-"

Harry held a finger to Draco's mouth, "Shut up and kiss me."

Draco smiled before taking hold of Harry's hand entwining their fingers as he moved it away from his lips and leaned down to press a kiss to Harry's soft, full lips.

Harry pulled away slightly when he felt a wetness on his cheeks that was not his own, he tugged Draco closer as the tears poured down his cheeks. Draco resisted Harry's hold and sat up on the bed.

"I can't do this Harry. You don't know how terrified I've been and I can't feel that way again. I love you, but if this happens to you again, I couldn't cope," Draco explained tearfully.

Harry frowned, "Are you breaking up with me? You love me, but you're breaking up with me to save yourself hurt and anguish?"

Draco took a deep breath, "You once said to me that there will always be somebody smarter, prettier, richer and better than me. But for all those people there is one man who thinks I am the smartest, prettiest, richest, best person in the world and for me that man is you."

"I don't understand Draco," Harry said in confusion.

"Well the same goes for me, it's you Harry. It's always been you, since the day we met in Madam Malkins and I'm asking you not to put me through it again, I'm asking you to marry me."

Harry's frown deepened, "What? I- I don't understand."

Draco's shoulders slumped and he stood from the bed, "I love you Harry and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What else is there to understand?"

Turning from the bed and Harry, Draco made to leave when a warm, clammy hand grasped his and Harry tugged Draco around to face him before struggling to sit up in his bed and automatically Draco hefted Harry into a more comfortable position.

Stepping away from Harry, Draco stood sheepishly next to the bed and twisted his fingers around themselves. "I- Draco- We haven't really been together long. And this is fast, I have fallen in love with you, I've loved you for years and I don't want to say 'no' to you. So I'm saying 'not now', Draco can you wait?"

Draco smiled sadly, "No. I can't wait for you Harry not for much longer, I've waited for seven years and my heart can't take it any longer."

"So you're saying all or nothing?"

"In a manner of speaking, I'm not saying we'd have to get married straight away I'm asking you to enter into an exclusive, committed relationship. "

Harry opened his mouth but Draco leaned down and kissed Harry pulling away to whisper against his lips "Don't answer me now, think about it. I'll come back at the end of the week."

He pressed his lips against Harry's again and the kiss was instantly deepened and their tongues entwined. Draco pulled away first and pressed his forehead against Harry's, their eyes met and Harry spoke "Passion persuades me one way, reason another. I see the better and approve it, but I follow the worse." (1)

Draco sighed before walking away from the room and from Harry.


Harry sat there in silence for a long time, just thinking about everything. Draco wanted to marry him, something that Harry had been hoping for, for as long as he could remember. He had loved Draco for years whether he wanted to admit it or not and here Draco wanted to marry him and he couldn't say yes? What was wrong with him?

He groaned as he shut his eyes and threw an arm over them to shut out the infuriatingly bright light that the hospital lights were putting off. Someone cleared their throat from the doorway and Harry's heart skipped a beat hoping that it was Draco returning to tell him he'd wait forever for him to make up his mind, but when he looked over it wasn't Draco, but instead Neville, a very guilty Neville.

"Neville? What brings you here?" Harry asked curiously.

Neville stepped into the room and shrugged his shoulders. "I, uh, needed to see you, to tell you that I was turning myself in," he explained.

"What do you mean, turning yourself in?" Harry asked feeling instantly on guard as he tried to sit himself up more.

"It was me," Neville stated quietly.

Harry looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean it was you?"

"I created the dark object that did this to you," he explained.

Harry gasped and looked completely shocked. "You what?"

Neville didn't repeat himself and that infuriated Harry even more. "You killed three people and nearly killed me, what the hell for?" he demanded.

Neville's expression sparked into anger. "For revenge of course," he replied.

"Revenge? For what?" Harry spluttered in complete shock. He had no idea what Neville could have against him. Harry had been nothing, but a good friend to him for years.

"I made it possible for you to kill Voldemort and what do I have to show for it? Nothing, but a little blip in the history books! It's always been about how you saved the Wizarding world from Voldemort. Not me. If it wasn't for me he'd still be alive and kicking and you'd probably be dead anyway," Neville explained heatedly.

Harry stared at him in shock. "So you tried to kill me, to what? Get me back for taking all your glory? The glory that I never wanted in the first place?"

Neville laughed sardonically. "You never wanted the glory? I say bullocks to that! You've always reveled in the glory that has followed you around since you were a baby!"

"I never wanted the glory. I hate it to this day, but I can't do anything about it no matter how hard I try. It still doesn't make sense on why you used it to try and kill me," Harry responded.

"I wasn't trying to kill you! I wanted Malfoy to die! I wanted you to feel pain for once. Feel the loss of someone you love so deeply! You got in the way though, unfortunately. I wished you had died though, it would have made things that much easier," Neville replied.

Harry narrowed his gaze. "You wanted to kill Draco? You wanted it to be Draco in this bed instead of me? How would that have solved anything?"

"I just said, Potter. You would have felt the loss of losing someone that you loved. Besides, Draco inadvertently put my parents in a coma so it's like killing two birds with one stone," he chuckled at that analogy. "Too bad I couldn't get it right."

"Mr. Longbottom, I suggest you stop talking right now and come with me quietly," Kingsley interrupted as he made himself known by the door. He had heard Neville's confession and just as Harry was completely shocked, he was too.

Neville glared one last time at Harry before he walked away with Kingsley. Harry lay back in his bed and took deep breaths to calm his racing heart. He thought about how Neville wanted Draco to be here instead of him and that made Harry realize just how Draco felt while he was in a coma and he realized that he wouldn't put Draco through that again since he wouldn't want it that way either. He nodded an affirmation to himself before he reached over to press the nurse call button.


"Gods, I'm so nervous," Draco muttered as he fiddled with the hem of his dress shirt. He was standing in the room that he and Harry had rediscovered one another and fallen in love all over again. They were getting married in the Mamaia Open Theatre in Romania which seemed suiting as that was where they finally admitted to themselves that they were in love.

"Draco, he loves you and you've both waited long enough for this day. There is no reason to be nervous," Blaise assured him for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Yes, I know, but still what if he gets up there and he changes his mind?" Draco asked fearfully as he turned away from the mirror to look at Blaise.

"He won't change his mind. Now let's go and get you married, finally," Blaise said with a wink. Draco nodded, his nerves not completely calmed, but he smiled all the same.

They apparated to the theatre and arrived, just behind the stage, to a waiting and fidgeting Hermione. When she saw them she grinned broadly and waddled over to them.

"Oh, thank Merlin, you're here!" she exclaimed as she approached them. Blaise instantly wound his arms around her and kissed her head.

"Why do you say that?" Draco asked in a panicked voice.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "You and Harry are so meant to be," she muttered and Blaise chuckled into her hair.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Draco demanded.

"Oh, Draco, you're here! You actually came!" Harry exclaimed as he came down the steps from behind the stage. He stopped where he was as Draco turned to look at him. Harry was wearing a dark green dress shirt that made his eyes pop and Draco noticed that he wasn't wearing his glasses and he grinned at how beautiful his eyes were. His black slacks fit him perfectly and Draco found himself wanting to skip the ceremony and just get him into bed.

Harry marveled at how sexy Draco was in his dark blue dress shirt and black slacks. Draco's eyes were striking no matter what, but today they were bright and gorgeous and stood out even more. He let out a breath and stepped closer to him not realizing that in their perusal of one another that they had walked within inches of one another.

"Harry, you're…um…. you're-" Draco stammered as he continued to look him up and down.

"You too," Harry whispered as he brought his hand up to Draco's face. Draco closed his eyes and leaned into the touch and placed a gentle kiss to the palm of Harry's hand.

Hermione cleared her throat as Harry started to lean in for a kiss. They both turned to look at her giving her scathing looks. "Don't look at me that way. Get married first and then you can kiss," she pointed out.

They looked at each other and grinned. "Ready?" Harry whispered to Draco all his fears and nervousness gone.

"Definitely," Draco whispered back feeling completely at ease. They smiled at each other and linked their fingers together before walking towards the stage.


"Do you know when I first knew I loved you?"

Harry turned around under the sheets and looked at Draco, who was lying on his side propped up by one elbow the sheet pooled around his waist.

"It was that year you were of gallivanting about the countryside doing Merlin-knows-what while I went back to school. I went back to Hogwarts and you weren't there, it took a while but I finally realised I missed you because I loved you."

Harry smiled and let one hand trail down Draco's bent arm to his hand which Harry held, "It was the same year for me. I- I could be Voldemort, be inside his head." Draco's hand gripped his tighter, "and I saw you. Through the tortures and the hate, I saw you and it kept me sane. Every time it happened I looked for your face, relieved when I could see it. I knew you were alive then, even if you hated it. Merlin I hated it, but you were there during that year and I was so glad. So glad."

Draco bent down so Harry whispered against his lips before they were taken in Draco's soft kiss. Harry smiled as Draco rolled his already naked body completely on top of Harry's, their skin slid together as their bodies knew how to please the other the most.

Fingers probing, mimicking tongues thrusting movements, Draco's hand trailed down towards the entrance to Harry's body. Lubrication already wetting his fingers was soon transferred to his lover. Draco's fingers entered Harry one at a time until Harry was thrusting down on all three, begging, pleading for more.

Draco pulled his fingers from Harry and coated his straining erection in lube before placing it at Harry's entrance and steadily pushing in. Both men groaned as Draco slid in until he could go no further.

"Draco! Draco please," Harry's face was shining. Sweat had formed a sheen over his flushed cheeks and caused his black hair to plaster to his forehead in clumps, his lips were plumps from kisses and Draco stopped.


Harry sounded worried; Draco wasn't surprised there were tears in his eyes as he stared down at the man he loved.

"Sorry. I just-"

Harry reached up and wiped a tear from Draco's cheek, "Its ok Draco. It's ok."

Draco allowed Harry to pull them so their chests were flush against the others and Draco's head rested in Harry's neck tears mingling with the sweat and he couldn't stop himself from repeating over and over, "I almost lost you. I almost lost you."


Harry and Draco were travelling back home after the honeymoon. There was a storm raging against the windows of the room and Draco made an executive decision not to travel back to London via portkey, it was too dangerous.

This left only a few other options and eventually they flooed to Draco's chateau in France before taking the Channel Tunnel train to London. Not happy with the change in plan Draco sulked on the train and barely looked up when someone entered their compartment.

Harry was looking avidly out of the window and glanced at every person passing by their compartment. When a heavily pregnant woman came in, she looked slightly embarrassed.

"Everywhere else is full; I thought I might be able to fit in here."

Harry smiled warmly at her and stood; he ignored her protests and helped her into the seat he had recently vacated. She was a cheerful woman in her mid-thirties with brown hair and hazel eyes. She smiled at Harry and glanced warily at Draco.

"Oh don't mind him; he's not happy about travelling by train."

Draco looked up and saw that Harry wasn't in his seat but standing in front of him, reaching up to him Draco pulled him onto his lap and listened to the conversation Harry was having with the pregnant woman.

"How long until you're due?"

The lady smiled, "Oh a few weeks and then I'll be in business again."

Draco saw his frown mirrored on Harry, "Business again? I don't mean to be rude but it's an unusual statement to make."

"Oh it's not rude. I mean I could ask you why you're sitting on that man's lap when it's clear you're lovers."


She looked taken aback at the first thing Draco said, "He's my husband. Not my lover."

The lady, Samantha, laughed heartily "Fair enough. In answer to your question I'm a surrogate mother, give me sperm and I'll give you a babe."

Harry and Draco exchanged glances, which did not go unnoticed by Samantha, "Oh, Harry," he sighed.

Harry smiled sadly at the want in Draco's voice, a want he too was feeling. "I know Draco, I know," Harry leant down so their foreheads were touching and Draco took the next step to join their lips.

"Oh you two are just so sweet!" They looked at Samantha who was looking radiant, despite the pregnancy, "I'll give you my card and you give me two months and then contact me and we can make the arrangements to give the two of you a baby."

Draco smiled and reached out to hug her, nearly dislodging Harry in the process who had quickly stood to avoid being tipped on his arse. "Thank you, dear lady, thank you."

Samantha smiled, "Who wouldn't help two war heroes? The great Draco Malfoy-Potter and greater Harry Malfoy-Potter."

Harry and Draco stared, they had only told her Harry's first name as Draco was not overly receptive to her. "Oh, I'm sorry did you take only one name? Draco Potter? Or Harry Malfoy?"

Draco grinned "Oh, well aren't you brilliant! It is Malfoy-Potter but we weren't aware you knew who we were."

"Everyone knows who we are Draco."

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry's 'duh' tone and settled back into his seat, pulling Harry onto his lap again. The three of them talked for the remainder of the journey, discussing plans about the Malfoy-Potter surrogacy.


"Draco, do we honestly have to get more diapers?" Harry asked in annoyance. They had been stocking up on everything and Harry wondered if their coming baby would actually need all the diapers that they had.

"Of course, Harry! You can never have too many diapers! It's in the book," Draco said in exasperation as he absently gestured to a pile of books that were sitting on the coffee table at their house.

"Yeah, I get that, but the books also say that they won't be in newborns for very long so it's not a good idea to waste a lot of money on them. They say it's better to invest in the bigger sizes," Harry pointed out.

Draco looked completely affronted as he looked up at him. He stormed over to the books and started flipping through them. After all these months, Draco hated to be wrong. He wasn't ready to admit that he had gone a bit overboard while buying things for their baby that was to be delivered in a matter of days. They had no idea if it was a boy or a girl so most of the clothes they had bought were of the green and yellow shade. The baby had more toys, clothes, furniture, and diapers than twenty babies combined. He blamed Harry because Harry always gave him what he wanted. He always gave in to him.

He found the page he was looking for and scanned it quickly. He felt a blush start to creep up his cheeks as he read the diaper recommendations from the author of the book. He slammed the book closed and tossed it back onto the table. "Oh, what does she know?" he demanded as he heard Harry chuckling behind him. He whirled around and glared at him.

Harry smiled at him, but Draco merely glared. He was getting antsy at the arrival of their baby. It had been a long nine months as they waited for Samantha to have their baby. Harry handled it with ease, but as the due date got closer, Draco started to get even more anxious. He was baby proofing the house, going rather overboard. He was already looking into schools for their baby which Harry found to be definitely too early to do. The list of what they still had left to do, in Draco's mind anyway, was longer than both his arms and legs put together. He didn't understand how Harry could be so at ease.

He started breathing quickly feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of becoming a dad. I'm not ready! I'm not ready! What am I thinking?! His mind raced along with his heart and his breaths came on faster. Harry knew the signs as he had seen this several times in the past month or so. Draco was hyperventilating. He walked over with a conjured lunch sack and passed it to Draco's waiting hands. He breathed into it deeply as Harry stood by him, rubbing his shoulders.

"Draco, you're going to be a fantastic father. Our baby will love you more than anything in this world, aside from me of course. There will be some issues that will pop up, but we'll work through them together because we are a unit. You and I are going to be the best parents imaginable. Don't you worry one bit," Harry told him in a soothing tone. He had lost count of how many times he had said that to him over the past month. Each time it settled in and his breathing got under control and he was good for a day or so, then the cycle started all over again.

"You're right. I always get myself into these fits, don't I?" he asked as he stopped breathing into the lunch bag. Draco also said this every time afterwards too and Harry always responded with the same thing.

"Yes, but you know deep down that you'll be great. We'll be great," Harry replied.

Draco smiled down at him. He turned in his grasp and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, pulling him close. "You're amazing, you know that?" he whispered huskily as he kissed the spot just below Harry's ear. Harry shuddered in his hold and nodded. Draco grinned and began kissing a path down Harry's neck and along his jaw. He avoided his lips and gave him the same treatment on the other side.

Harry whimpered and pushed himself against him more. He would never tire of kissing Draco. Never. He wrapped his arms around Draco's waist as well and pulled him even closer. He felt Draco's straining erection against his own and he teasingly bucked his hips and elicited a groan from Draco. Draco nibbled on his ear as punishment and then returned to his lips. He kissed him tenderly before pulling his head back and searching his eyes. Draco always got misty eyed at these moments as he remembered Harry in the hospital bed, near death.

"I'm here love and I'm not going anywhere," Harry whispered automatically. Draco nodded and crashed his lips to Harry's again. He backed him up towards the couch and both collapsed on it before Draco straddled Harry's hips. Harry lifted his hips and ground their erections together. Draco gasped into their kiss. His hands slithered up to the top buttons of Harry's shirt and began working the buttons as he continued to kiss and rut against him.

Neither one noticed the fireplace flare to life and Hermione step out looking frantic. She caught sight of the two practically molesting one another on their couch. She stalked over and smacked Draco on the arse. He squeaked and looked down at Harry in surprise. He was definitely not expecting that.

"Did you just spank me?" he asked huskily. Harry looked at him in confusion and the smirk dropped off of Draco's face.

"No I did. Samantha has gone into labor so I suggest you two compose yourselves and get your arses over to St. Mungos," Hermione chided as she stalked over to the fireplace and disappeared.

Harry and Draco looked at one another for a moment. Harry's eyes widened. "Oh my god, it's time!" he cried as he shoved Draco off him and scrambled over to the fireplace.

Draco leapt off the ground ignoring the fact that his husband had just shoved him off him. Harry was looking around frantically. Draco started to laugh. Harry jerked his head around and looked at him. "What are you laughing at?" he demanded.

"You're hyperventilating, love," Draco pointed out. Harry stared at him for a moment and sure enough he realized that he was. Draco walked over and handed him the bag he had used as he grabbed the bag that contained several film canisters, their new baby's going home outfit, and anything else they could possibly need.

They went through the floo and stumbled out into the foyer of the maternity ward. Hermione was standing outside Samantha's room looking at the two in irritation. They lowered their gaze in submission. She just rolled her eyes and gestured for them to enter the room. They walked in and donned the necessary scrubs and were instantly by Samantha's side as she went through each contraction. She smiled up at them merrily.

"Are you two ready?" she asked through a contraction.

Harry and Draco exchanged glances and nodded. "Yes, we are," they both said. She smiled up at them and nodded. Hermione came rushing in realizing that the baby was starting to come. A couple of other mediwizards and healers came in and helped. Harry and Draco each held one of Samantha's hands as she pushed through the labor.

Within an hour the room was filled with a loud wail as Harry and Draco's child took their first breath outside the womb. Both men had tears in their eyes as they watched a healer come in and wrap the baby up in a blue blanket. Harry and Draco beamed. The healer walked over to Draco and placed the baby in his arms. Harry moved around to the side that Draco was on and looked down into their son's face.

"He's beautiful," Harry whispered. Draco nodded as a few tears escaped.

"What are you going to name him?" Samantha asked. There was a clicking sound of the charmed camera that was catching every precious first moment with their son.

Harry and Draco looked at each other and then down at the little baby boy. "Samuel Severus Malfoy-Potter," Draco murmured.

Samuel blinked his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of aquamarine with a head of dark, unruly hair atop his head. He had Draco's nose and lips and Harry's jaw and eye shape. He was absolutely perfect.

"That's absolutely perfect," Hermione whispered tearfully.

"I love it," Samantha commented.

Harry and Draco looked up at each other through misty eyes and smiled. They leaned forward, careful to not squish the new baby between them and pressed their lips together. "I love you," they whispered to each other. They were now complete. Justice had been served, in a good way.