Response to Catholic Girl's Valentine's Day Challenge.

February 14th 2003

"Happy Valentine's, dear."

"I am not happy", Audrey snapped and then continued to empty the massive box of chocolates rather determinedly. "I'm miserable. I'm fat. I want a divorce. Or at least I want to kick someone. And I want to eat and eat and eat." She sniffed and grabbed another chocolate. "What was it like in the Burrows?"

"Chaotic." Percy almost asked if he could get some chocolate too, but then decided against it – Audrey had lately become so very possessive of her food. "Mum was really disappointed when you didn't come."

"Really?" Audrey's tone softened. "That was sweet of her. You didn't – you didn't say anything about this, though?"

Percy shook his head. "We agreed to keep it quiet for a while. I can keep secrets, you know."

Audrey flashed a smile and leaned against him. "Was George there too?"

He had been expecting that question – Audrey had always had a soft spot for George. He thought of his little brother who had said next to nothing during the whole time he had been at the lunch. "In a way."

His answer didn't make Audrey any happier. She bit her lip. "How was he? Ever since Lee left he has been so weird. Like a... a lost puppy."

Percy sighed and ruffled her hair. "I know. I'm worried about him."

Of course it was understandable Lee had wanted that job, but he really could have chosen a better time for leaving the country. And to Australia, of all possible places! It made Percy sick, to see his brother look so lonely and forgotten – again.

"I am, too." Audrey picked another chocolate from the box, hesitated for a second and then put it into her mouth, looking very guilty. "He shouldn't be alone right now. We could ask him to dinner tomorrow, or day after that, what do you say?"

"Why not today?" Percy asked, even though he knew the answer.

His wife didn't even bother to answer. The box was by now almost empty, and that seemed to worry her as much as George's state of mind.

He grinned. "We need to make our last Valentine's Day before the b-a-b-y perfect?"

Audrey pretented to swat at him. "This is our last Valentine's Day with just the two of us. Enjoy. Next year this time this little MacGyver here –" she patted her stomach lightly "– will be running around. You know, screaming and probably breaking things, too."

Percy was quite sure their baby wouldn't be old enough to run around by the next Valentine's Day, but when he was about to point that out something made him stop and blink. "...MacGyver?"

She nodded. "Yes, I think that would be the most wonderful name, don't you? Just think about it. MacGyver Weasley – it sounds so royal. And if it's a girl, we could always call her Mary."

He stared at her incredulously. "Seriously?"

Audrey looked at him over the chocolate box. "Yes, Perce. Seriously."

Usually Percy knew when Audrey was making a joke, but this time he wasn't sure. "Really?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, really. Now, let me kiss you. I have eaten chocolate all morning, so I'm probably very sticky, but a man has his duties."

"Oh, I won't mind."


After a minute or two Percy straightened his glasses.

"Just one thing. What is this MacGyver thing? I don't get it."

"Oh, darling."