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Summary: They were associates, fellow co-workers, close friends, and… something more? No one knew but they just assumed., cause when she disappeared oh so suddenly, that's when world and anyone's around, turned into one miserable hell. So how will it turn out when she just pops up out of the blue? Kagome/House InuyashaxHouse M.D. Crossover


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Attention: I'm an avid fan of House, but I so do not know any freakin' medical name to any disease on that show, so be easy on me when it comes to this. I'm not an expert on med school either so go easy on me and go with the flow. Please nad thank you! :)


-That Disease Called Love—




The doors of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital slid open with a 'whoosh'.

A doctor in his mid to late thirties limped his way through the doors, a scowl on his face. His deep blue eyes scanned over the room critically as he strode over to the elevators.

On the way, nurses looked at him warily and suspicious and he turned them a smug smirk their way.

Another set of sliding doors parted and the sound of clicking heels resonated through the room. "House!" an authoritative, feminine voice called out.

House sighed and paused, but didn't turn to face her. "Hello, mommy." He retorted mockingly.

Cuddy, the head of the Hospital, rolled her eyes. "We need to talk." She told him, tone serious and leaving no room for discussion.

House turned his head sideways to peer lazily at his boss with a cocked eyebrow. "Riiiight…" he drawled out. "It can wait - right now I have our three darling children upstairs waiting for me along with another dear dying patient that requires my undivided attention." And with that, he turned around to continue limping towards the elevators.

"No House, this is important -right now." Cuddy ordered him sternly.

House only ignored her and kept on walking. He raised his hand and flicked it a couple time towards her dismissively. "Sure, sure." He mumbled to her off handedly.

Cuddy narrowed her eyes before shrugging. "Whatever, don't say I didn't warn you…" and she turned around and strutted away.

House paused in his steps to turn and stare after Cuddy as she walked away, mentally debating whether or not to stop her. His gaze traveled south and his eyes were glued to the certain swaying round anatomy in the lower region.

With one last look he decided to keep on going and continued yet again to the elevators.

Finally reaching them House lifted his cane to hit the button. Just before he pressed it a 'ding' sounded out, signifying the elevator's arrival.

House waited impatiently for the doors to part open, tapping his foot to an unknown tune and when the doors finally did open he pinned a glare on the person inside it before recognition hit him and his mouth dropped in complete and utter shock.

His voice flooded with his shock and his eyes were as wide as dinner plates as he breathed out the person's name and said person on topic grinned hugely and greeted him.

"Hi there House…" a feminine voice said softly, emotion filling her tone.



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