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-That Disease Called Love—


Last time;

Kagome answered, "Of course it is, I've no other appointments planned yet. So will I see you in the morning or the afternoon, after school?"

A relieved sigh was her answer. "In the morning, please. I want her to get better as soon as possible. I don't want to take any chances when it comes to her demon blood."

Kagome agreed readily. "I don't blame you; this is a sensitive thing we're dealing with. I'm only sorry that Belle has to suffer through this."

"Thank you, Kagome. This means so much to me. Thank you, for everything. For being so understanding, and helping…"

Kagome leaned back in her chair, looking out of the glass sliding doors and at the bright blue sky. It was such a beautiful day…

She smiled gently. "Of course Lia. Anything for family…"


-Putting Together the Pieces-

This time;

The next morning, Kagome placed her bag beside her desk and plopped down into her chair, taking a moment to relax.

Her eyes flitted over to the picture frame on her desk, the one with her kissing the cheek of a very familiar man.

A small smile crossed her face, before turning over to a frown. Memories teased at her mind, and her eyes closed in recollection.



Kagome stared at Sesshomaru, eyes demanding. When her eyes took in his stiff form, concern replaced it immediately. "What's wrong?" she said slowly, comfortingly.

Sesshomaru's eyes flickered up to hers tiredly. "Rin," he rasped out roughly. His hands clenched at his desk.

Kagome immediately stiffened. "Where is she?" she asked slowly, her concern peaking at the thought of her dear friend.

Sesshomaru replied with four simple words, but they were enough to make Kagome speechless. "I do not know..."

Those words, filled with so much defeat, were enough to tell Kagome how bad the situation was.

A minute passed before she could find her voice again. "But your mating mark..."

Sesshomaru exhaled sharply. "Nothing. I feel nothing," he growled out, anger taking over his form.

Kagome paused slightly at her next question. "Is it still..." She trailed off, cautious.

Sesshomaru nodded his head curtly. "I still posses it. Only there is no connection," he murmured despondently.

Kagome shut her eyes under the stress. "How long?" she whispered softly.

Her reply was said just as softly. "Two weeks."

Kagome's eyes widened in both shock and fear. "How far along?" she cried out.

The gaze Sesshomaru sent her was stricken.

"In human terms... eight months,"

Her suitcase fell from numb hands.

"Oh my God."

-'End Flashback'


Kagome's eyes fluttered open, her hand inching towards the bauble decorating her neck. She snapped the clasp open, letting the item drop into her hands, the chain pooling around it.

The Shikon no Tama...

"I hate this stupid jewel..." she muttered under her breath.

Kagome jumped as her office door slammed open. She scrambled upright, clutching onto her desk for support before she toppled over and steered wide, alert blue eyes towards the door.

She promptly went through three stages.




House merely stared back at her, his own blue eyes dancing as he held back a smirk.

No good to provoke her further...

But when she didn't make any motion to do something else, he couldn't help himself. "Surprise." He drawled out flatly, making an exaggerated face of excitement.

Kagome shot him a dry look, relaxing slightly. "Thanks a lot House, my heart attack just had a stroke..." she retorted, tone dripping with sarcasm.

His eyes danced wickedly. "That's not good, lemme check up on that." He held up his stethoscope. "Unbutton your shirt, will you?" he asked innocently.

Kagome snorted and glared. "In you dreams." she retorted sharply.

He tossed her a lewd grin. "You know it."

Kagome only kept on glaring and scowling.

House rolled his eyes and faked a displeased sigh. "Nothing else to say?" No answer. "At all?" Silence continued to ensure. "Really?" Still not a peep was heard. "Are you sure?" he persisted.

Finally, a reaction.

Kagome's jaw clenched. "Yeah, now that I think about it, I have two words. Leave. Now."

House only cocked his head. "That's it...?" he shrugged. "Eh, I expected something more...I dunno, elaborate?"

Kagome blew out a irritated breath, and decided to get to the point. "So back for round two? And so soon?" she asked sarcastically.

House only gave her a mocking face as he strode in. "I'm an impatient man."

"That's an understatement." Kagome muttered under her breath.

House ignored her remark. "Why don't you want to go out with me?" he asked bluntly.

Kagome stiffened, but recovered easily with a raised an eyebrow. "What, no games?" she said smoothly.

House only smirked, waving his hand at her in dismissal. "Don't worry, there's always games. I'm just curious."

Kagome looked away. "I have my reasons..." she said quietly.

It was House's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Really now? Enlighten me."

Kagome turned to study him, and in turn, House did the same. His eyes widened. "You little liar," he breathed out, voice laced with accusation and a hint of amusement. "You do want to go out with me." He was a second away from laughing.

Kagome's eyes widened but quickly rolled them, scoffing. "No, I don't." she pressed.

House lips quirked up in a victorious smirk. "Oh yea? Now look me in the eyes and repeat that," he taunted.

Kagome clenched her jaw. Her eyes flickered at the clock on her desk, and relief coursed through her.

Schooling herself, she stood. "I don't have time for your games, I have an appointment." she retorted, grabbing her lab coat and stethoscope, before tucking the Shikon no Tama in her desk, casting an undetectable barrier around it for protection against demons. As soon as the drawer closed, it locked automatically.

She'd rather not bring the jewel near the little girl and take any chances with any surprises.

Kagome didn't see House's eyes narrow at the unusual piece of jewelry, and the amount of care she exerted when handling it.

As Kagome made her way to pass by House, he grabbed her arm, halting her. "We're not finished here." he told her harshly.

Kagome's head whipped around so she could glare at him. "Yes, we are." And with that, she yanked her arm away and stalked out the door.



From behind the counter Kagome eyed a passing man, clipboard frozen in midair.

Something about him was vaguely familiar…

And the prickling feeling in the back of her head, indicating her reiki was picking up a faint trace of demon activity, didn't help rebuke it at all…

"See something you like?" a mocking voice said behind her.

Kagome started, turning around to see House glaring after the guy walking away.

She had to push down the urge to roll her eyes. "Just enjoying the view…" she said, a teasing glint in her eyes indicating she was only joking.

House's eyes flickered to her. "You know he's married, right?" he jeered. "Two kids too," he added for good measure, his face never breaking. "Didn't know you were such a home breaker..." This time the mutual teasing was evident.

Kagome blinked, a small smile creeping up on her. "Is that so?" she said dryly.… This was probably the first time he'd even saw the guy before…

A raised eyebrow was her only answer.

Kagome shrugged, smirking coyly. "Guess the saying was right… men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped," she stated, eyeing his cane pointedly.

House made a mock wounded look. "Ouch, that hurt…" he whined loudly.

At that, the nearby nurses turned and began to glare at his obnoxious behavior .

Kagome stared at him blankly, and then a sweet, sugary smile crossed her features. "Good… it was supposed to…"

-'End Flashback'


Kagome slammed the door close, a scowl on her face. 'That man annoys the hell out of me sometimes...' she thought furiously.

Shaking her head, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Now was not the time to get consumed in raging anger.

Running a furious hand through her hair, she strode towards the elevator, focusing on calming herself before meeting up with her patient. Taking her emotions out on a patient was the last thing she everwanted do.

It seemed to work, as minutes later found her speaking to one of the nurses with a clear head.

Middle aged with blond hair pulled up into a bun and hazel eyes, the nurse spoke politely with Kagome. "Good Morning, Dr. Higurashi. Annabelle is waiting in Exam Room 3 with her mother," the nurse informed while handing over a file.

Kagome accepted the file with a smile. "Thank you, Sarah."

Sarah nodded. "Is there anything else you need Doctor?"

Kagome's eyes narrowed in thought, before nodding. "Yes, do me a favor and make sure no one interrupts me? If someone needs me, you have my pager."

Sarah blinked at the unusual request and Kagome continued to clarify. "It's a private consult."

Understanding dawned in her expression and the nurse nodded. "Sure, no problem. I'll be sure to tell the others," she agreed, turning back to her duties after Kagome thanked her.

Kagome turned to make her way down the hall to the exam room, flipping through the file all the while.

Abruptly, she slowed a good five feet shy from the room and took a glance around while pretending to check her watch. Figuring this would be as good a place as any, Kagome formed an invisible barrier around the area to act as some sort of trap.

Once triggered by a person, it would warn Kagome someone was coming to the room, allowing her to act as necessary in case of an interruption.

Better safe than sorry and all that...

It took just a second, and then she was back to walking.

Upon arriving, Kagome stood outside the room, watching the pair inside.

A little girl with reddish brown hair sat Indian style on the bed, chatting animatedly. Next to her, a woman in her late twenties sat in a chair. While the woman seemed happy and smiling to her daughter, Kagome could see the underlying anxiety in the blue depths of her eyes.

Straightening herself out, Kagome took a deep breath before entering. She reached over and pulled the glass sliding door to the side, causing the two females to look over at their visitor.

"Hey guys..." Kagome greeted softly, taking in the splitting grin on the girl's face and the obvious relief on the mother's as she closed the door behind them.

The girl, Annabelle, clasped her hands excitedly. "Auntie Kagome!" she exclaimed happily.

Meanwhile, her mother, Lia, breathed out a sigh. "Kagome..."

Kagome smiled at the other woman. "Don't worry Lia, everything will be fine," Kagome reassured before turning her attention to the child, grinning widely, "And hello to you too my little Belle." And with that, Kagome approached Belle to give the child a firm hug. "How's my favorite little girl been doing?"

After returning the hug full force, Belle pulled back, the grin never dimming. "Awesome!" she answered, before she blinked suddenly. "Well, a little tired too..." she trailed off, now frowning.

Kagome nodded in understanding, offering her a comforting smile. "Ah, I see." Patting Belle on the shoulder, Kagome glanced at Lia. "I'll get the blinds."



Kagome perused through the file with great interest. 'Hmm, a little girl, eight, fainted at school for no apparent reason. Teacher called 911. No obvious signs of illnesses. BP and heart rate normal.'

In front of her stood Cuddy, who hovered wearing a knowing look. "And now you see why I'm giving this case to you," she relayed, brushing a hand through her hair as frustration ate at her. ebbed at her.

It was a well known fact she held a soft spot for any kid that was sick.

Kagome rolled her eyes, a teasing grin playing on her lips. "That, and the fact that while children almost always love me, they run away screaming in terror at the sight of House."

Cuddy laughed. "Yes, well, there's that too."

Kagome shook her head. "Ok, I'll take it."

Cuddy smiled in relief. "Thank you Higurashi. There's one more thing."

Kagome raised her eyebrow amused suspicion. "Like...?" she drawled out.

Cuddy's smile turned sheepish. "There's also the fact that the girl's father is a well known benefactor for the hospital here. He's a business man..."

Kagome laughed. "And wealthy one at that I bet!" she piped up, before waving her hand at Cuddy's look of mixed astonishment and amusement. "No, no I understand perfectly. I'll be on my best behavior and make sure to keep House twenty feet away from the room." She consoled coyly, leaving Cuddy able to breathe out in relief.

"Thank you, Higurashi." Cuddy said again, sincerely.

Kagome's mouth twitched up into a smirk. "I'll get James on it, pronto."

-'End Flashback'


Kagome stepped back from the blinds, double checking to make sure nothing could see through, especially the cameras lining the hallway ceiling.

Turning around, Kagome approached Belle with a smile. "Ok, so, do you remember what we did last time?"

Belle cocked her head curiously and nodded her head. "Yep. Daddy told me you took off my illusion and did something. I remember even though I wasn't really awake, that something tickled."

Kagome's lips twitched as she nodded. "Well, that's exactly what we're going to do right now. You ready?"

Belle nodded again, this time eagerly. "Uh huh!"

Lia and Kagome shared an amused glance before Kagome pulled a chair over. "Close your eyes, and relax." Kagome instructed, eyes watching the girl's every movement attentively.

Doing just that, Belle closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself. Though, by the way her eyes moved underneath her lids, Kagome could tell she was having problems.

To remove the illusion, Belle had to be completely focused. It was a intricate process, seeing as it was held in place by the mixed powers of both her and her father. The latter was purely a precautionary measure, in case something occurred and Belle was rendered unable to hold up the illusion.

And while Kagome could dispel the youki herself, it would be best for Annabelle get as much practice as possible in controlling her illusions. The last five years clearly indicated Kagome wouldn't always be there to remove and place it back on.

A soft smile broke out on Kagome's face, the scene reminding her of memories from so long ago. "Imagine the things that bring you peace - butterflies roaming the air, flowers scattered across a hill, birds chirping tunes in the morning."

It seemed to work, as movement ceased under Belle's eyelids. Kagome could hear the child's deep, even breaths. "Now, it's time to remove the illusion. Imagine cleaning something away, like the rain washing away your chalk drawings on the sidewalk, signaling a new day, a new start," Kagome instructed in a soft, low voice, so as to not jostle the child from her intense concentration.

Soon enough, Belle's image began to ripple, flickering between human and demon. This is where Kagome came in, as she sensed that only the residual youki from Belle's father remained. Concentrating her reiki, she dispelled the remaining energy and the human image disappeared completely.

The little girl seemed to shrink somewhat. Orange hair grew longer and even brighter, as if like fire, and fluffy ears formed to perch on top of her head. The girl's nails grew into dainty, sharp claws. Human legs transformed into the hind legs of an animal's as her skin paled to a porcelain pallor.

A leaf appeared at her forehead, before fluttering down to her lap. A grin split the little girl's face, a little fang poking out cutely. Belle's eyes shot open to reveal emerald eyes that almost seemed to glow. "I did it!" she exclaimed happily.

Kagome chuckled and a soft smile crossed Lia's face. "Yep, you sure did."

Belle's eyes were wide with wonder as she stared at Kagome. "I never did it so fast before. Papa usually has to wait at least ten minutes before I can calm down to even concentrate!"

Kagome shrugged, grinning. "Eh, what can I say? I'm used to kids and their overactive imaginations. This isn't the first time I've done this before."

Lia rolled her eyes and snickered. "From what I've heard, that sounds like an understatement."

Kagome laughed, shaking her head. She couldn't disagree with that...



Kagome stepped up to the family, giving them a comforting smile. "Hello, I am Dr. Higurashi."

The mother offered a timid smile. "Hi..." she whispered softly.

As if sensing her unease, the father offered a squeeze of comfort.

Kagome smiled at the sweet scene. "Well, would you like to tell me why Annabelle is here?" she asked pleasantly.

The couple shared a look, one of insecurity, before the man once again squeezed his wife's hand again. He looked up at Kagome. "Truthfully, I do not believe anything is wrong with my daughter. She is very energetic you know, more so than the average child. I just think she only overexerted herself during recess."

Kagome made a 'mhmm' sound as she nodded her head, before going over to lock the door.

Kagome turned to the parents, studying them as they gave her confused and worried looks. "You know there's something else wrong with your daughter, don't you?" she asked softly, trying not to scare them.

The couple stiffened, the wife clutched at her husbands arm and he in turn wrapped a comforting arm to relax her. Giving Kagome a perfect yet fake puzzled look he spoke. "We don't know what you're talking about…"

Kagome just smiled kindly and shook her head. "It's alright. There's no need to hide it from me, I can help with your daughter. I'm a miko." She clarified at last.

The wife blinked in confusion, but the husband stiffened even more, growling deeply. "Stay the hell away from my daughter!" he snarled out abruptly.

His wife gasped, looking wildly between her husband and the doctor. "What's wrong? She said she could help!"

Another snarl escaped and the husband pushed his wife behind him protectively. "She's a miko! A priestess! She can purify me and our daughter!"

The wife's eyes widened and she ran over to her daughter, pulling the little girl into a fiercely protective embrace. "Stay back!" she ordered fiercely.

"Whoa there!" Kagome backed up a step, holding her hands up in a surrendering gesture. "Please! Calm down! I only want to help! I'm not going to purify anyone! My adopted son is a kitsune very much like yourself!"

The male demon calmed down a bit hearing those words as he saw nor smelt no deceit coming from her but he was still wary. Though the times have changed and his father taught him that not all mikos are bad, one can never be sure..."Why should I even trust you?" he demanded curtly.

Kagome smiled sadly. "Maybe you shouldn't. We don't know each other, I can't force you to trust me. All I can say is that all I want is to help your daughter. I became a doctor because I wanted to help those in need, and your daughter is one of them. I don't discriminate."

The man studied Kagome closely, watching as she waited patiently for his decision. He eyed her, discerning no deceit and malicious intention. He pulled back from his threatening stance, glancing at his wife that it was ok, for now... "I will allow you in your attempt to help my I daughter," he conceded, but then sent her a hard look. "But I will be watching you. One wrong move..." he trailed off warningly, and Kagome nodded readily.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

-'End Flashback'


Kagome settled closer to Belle, closing her own eyes. Now it was her turn to concentrate. "Now, I want you to keep still, Belle, while I check over you."

Belle pouted. "This is the part where it's gonna tickle, isn't it?" she mumbled, causing Lia's head to shake in disbelief and exasperation.

Kagome snorted, her eyes were closed and she could practically feel the girl's pout from her voice. An eyelid parted to allow a blue orb to peek though at Belle. "Yes, I'm afraid it is..." Kagome murmured with mixed amusement and mock-sympathy.

It had Belle poking out her tongue as Kagome giggled, closing her eyes once more.

Kagome released her aura, a calming one so as to not surprise Belle's demonic one.

No matter, as Belle's demonic energy flared lightly at the presence of such potent purity, as if to warn Kagome off. Kagome continued to allow her aura to envelope Belle anyway, trying to convey through her own aura that she meant no harm and only wished to help.

Belle herself froze slightly as the something washed over her, causing her senses to tingle. She couldn't help herself as a giggle slipped through her lips as it continued.

Kagome's lips broke out into a small grin at the soft sound. Soon enough, Belle's demonic aura seemed to relent, as if assured Belle wasn't about to be purified. After a minute of Kagome searching throughout Belle, she pulled her powers and blinked her eyes open, a funny look to her sapphire orbs.



Kagome smiled. "I believe I know how to fix your daughter's problem before it's too late. She's a hanyou, correct?" her voice was soothing.

The man blinked before nodded hesitantly. "So you don't care that I'm a demon and she is hanyou…?

Kagome grinned and shook her head readily. "Nope. Like I said, my son Shippo is a kitsune, and my best friend is an Inu-hanyou."

The man's eyes narrowed as he eyed her warily. "Shippo you say? You aren't Kagome by any chance?"

It was Kagome's turn to be confused. She blinked, "Uhm yes… have we met before?"

Suddenly the man had a warm grin on his face and he shook his head in awe and disbelief. "I can't believe it's true… my name is Lucas, but my original name is Hoshii. I'm Shippo's third son. Excuse me while I make a call,"

As he pulled a phone from his pocket and dialed some numbers, Kagome blinked repeatedly in amazement, mouth open wide. "I'm a grandmother…?" she muttered to herself in disbelief

Hoshii tossed a grin her way, "Technically, you're a great great grandmother - like I said, I'm just the third son..." and he laughed at the horrified face she made. "Five hundred years is a looong time obaa-chan,"

Kagome winced at the name but shook her head in obvious exasperation. "I should have figured. How many are there of ya?" she said playfully.

Hoshii smirked, eyes flashing wickedly, "Thirty one and still counting..."

Kagome promptly choked.

Chuckling, Hoshii's eyes brightened as the other person answered. "Otou-san? I can't believe you were telling the truth - I just met grandma!"

There was some indiscernible chattering on the other line, but it was loud and excited. "Yea, little Belle is in the hospital and Kagome is her doctor," Hoshii's eyes flickered towards Kagome suddenly, and his lips quirked, eyes cringing with a hint of amusement. "Oooh, she's kinda pale right now though... I don't think she expected to be a great great grandma at such a young age..." he trailed off, now grinning.

Kagome just rolled her eyes - like father, like son huh?

-'End Flashback'


"It's curious..." Kagome murmured, mainly to herself.

Of course, with Lia's over-protectiveness on overdrive, came her over-attentiveness. "What's curious?" she asked immediately, eyes wide with worry. "Is something the matter?"

Kagome blinked, looking over to Lia. "What?" she muttered, before shaking her head. "Oh, no. Nothing really. It's just that, honestly, her demon blood shouldn't be overreacting so soon like this. Or even at all, really."

Lia gasped, paling. "What does that mean Kagome? Will she be alright?" she pressed, concern and despair laced thickly in her voice.

Belle stared at her mother in worry and fear - she'd never seen her mother act like this. "Mommy?" she breathed out with uncertainty.

Kagome's eyes widened in alarm and she reached over to grab the woman's shoulder to calm her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lia, slow down and take a deep breath." Kagome cast a worried look to the girl on the bed, not wanting her to get scared.

Belle's bright emerald eyes flickered to Kagome, showing her confusion at her mother's reaction.

During the last fiasco, she was mostly unconscious, her demon blood and human blood fighting at its height for dominance and taking a hell of a toll on her body. Her parents, aware of what was happening but unsure at what to do, were at their wits end before they found Kagome.

Kagome though, had encountered this before, and knew exactly how to counter it. Annabelle wasn't the first child, and she wouldn't be the last. This was common only in hanyous, and mostly in children when they were the most vulnerable.

Her reiki, however, usually acted as a mediator, and with a good ten minutes of diluting the demon blood's activity and placating the human side, all was well.

Sometimes, when it came to hanyou who demon blood was stronger, usually coming from a powerful demonic parent, Kagome would have to do it a second time until they reached maturity and were able to control it themselves.

Belle was a special case, seeing as Kagome never had to redo it so soon...

Nonetheless, Kagome sated the need to calm the little girl down with a comforting smile before attending to her mother.

"Belle will be fine, trust me! I'll settle her demon blood for now while I try to figure out what's going on. I'm absolutely positive that she will be okay, trust me," Kagome said seriously, eyes expressing just how confident she was in her findings.

Lia took a few deep breath, before nodding, After collecting herself, she turned to Kagome. "Why do you think this is happening?"

Kagome sighed, crossing her arms and leaning back. "Honestly? I have a few ideas but other than that I'm not too sure. It could be because Hoshii is such a powerful demon, that the blood within her could only be quelled for so long before acting up again. Then again, it could be something else. I just have to monitor Belle and wait and see."

Lia's shoulders sagged at the answer. It may not be the one she desired, but it would have to do...



Kagome stepped up to the unconscious little girl, her skin an unnatural, sickly pale. Other than that, and the slightly labored breath, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with her. Her illusion was taken down long before she started investigating.

Kagome glanced at the parents who were watching her with avid attention. "I need to use my purification powers," she said both slowly and calmly.

Hoshii stiffened, " Won't that hurt her?" he questioned, worry lining his voice.

Kagome offered a comforting smile and shook her head. "No, I can control my power's will. The problem is that your demon blood is conflicting with Lia's human blood,"

While Lia blinked in confusion, Hoshii looked stricken. "They're fighting for dominance."

Lia's head snapped to her mate. "Dominance?" she repeated. "But..." she began slowly, "Wouldn't that be a good thing? She can either be fully human or fully demon..." she trailed off at the wide eyed look that crossed Hoshii's face.

Kagome cut in quickly to explain. "That's not the way it works..." she explained gently, gathering the attention of both parents. "In the event that the battle last longs enough for her human side to almost win, she'll die from the exhaustion."

Lia sucked in a shaky, horrified gasp.

Hoshii grabbed Lia's hand, squeezing it as he continued. "If Belle's demon side wins, she'll become insane. She will have to be killed before she hurts someone else." And that only caused Lia's skin to pale further.

Kagome nodded sadly. "That's correct. Because she was born a hanyou, her soul can only handle so much. She wouldn't be able to control her demon side, especially at this age."

Lia sunk into Hoshii's embrace when he wrapped his arms around her. "What needs to be done?" he asked her seriously. "You said you knew what to do to fix this. To cure it."

Kagome sigh. "I cannot cure this," she paused, holding up a hand to hold off the panic attack, "But I can quell the blood until Annabelle is strong enough to control both sides herself. I've done this before, so you don't need to worry."

The two parents breathed a loud, relieved sigh. "Do it," they announced simultaneously.

Kagome nodded and made her way to the child, sitting down in the chair next to the bed. "This will take a bit," she murmured as she closed her eyes and concentrated.

Almost immediately, Annabelle began glowing a bright, blue luminescent.

Hoshii and Lia watched in both anticipation and awe.

-'End Flashback'


"Ok!" Kagome exclaimed, grinning. That's done and over with. With the pattern as it is, I shouldn't have to see Belle for another five to six years..." she trailed off at Belle's alarmed cry.

"No! Auntie Kagome! You aren't leaving again, are you?" Belle cried out, eyes wide with unshed tears.

Kagome and Lia's eyes softened at the scene. "Of course not, I just meant you don't have to see me here. I believe I am staying the area for a while now, so I should be able to visit like I did before."

Kagome froze, a shock racing up her spine as she spun around to towards the door. What was that...?

Her eyes widened - her barrier!

Lia became anxious. "Kagome?"

Panic flared in Kagome's eyes as she whipped around, eyes closing in concentration as she waved her hand over Belle just as the door began to open. Lia gasped. "Kagome!" she whispered in fear.

Suddenly, Belle's image shimmered and her human illusion took place just as the sliding glass door was shoved open. A bead of sweat appeared on Kagome's forehead from the sudden exertion of her power.

Illusions were complicated little suckers, and were not meant to be done in under five seconds.

Kagome snapped around to glare at the intruder, a sharp retort already on her tongue. "I told the nurses that I was in a private consultation. It's called a pager for a reason and both my patient's family and myself would appreci-" Kagome cut herself short at the man that entered.

Automatically, her blue hers flashed with a glare. "House..." she growled.

Said man only grinned. "That's my name, don't wear it out!" he sung in a mocking voice. He eyed the blinds slyly. "What's up with the blinds?" and his grin formed into a smirk. "One would think you're doing naughty, naughty things in here Ka-go-me." he taunted, drawing out her name slowly.

Lia's jaw dropped at the lewd comment, and cast a worried glance at her daughter. Her eyes flashed with relief when she noticed her daughter blinking in confusion.

Kagome scowled but ignored the comment, used to it by now. "What the heck are you doing here?" Kagome demanded, her words losing their conviction as she was well aware of the eight-year-old in the room. Kagome shook her head firmly. "It doesn't matter. Get. Out." she bit out harshly.

It mad House rear back in surprise, never seeing Kagome act this harshly. His eyes narrowed as he scowled. Two can play at this game. "What, is it that time of the month already?"

Kagome's face went red with embarrassment and rage. How dare he!

Lia gasped at the man's audacity, and glared at him when Belle followed it with a innocent question of her own. "What does that mean, Mommy?" Belle asked sweetly.

It only furthered Kagome and Lia's ire.

It made House aware of their presence in the room though, and his eyes flickered over to scan over Kagome's patient. His eyes flashed in slight distaste at the girl in the bed.

Kids were one thing - them he can, at the very least, tolerate.

Sick kids were a different story and a pain in his ass. They whined and sniveled like babies...it was sickening.

House turned his attention back to Kagome. "What's the big deal? It's just a kid, and she doesn't even look sick. Not exactly dire enough to call for a private consultation," he sneered, even though he was fishing for information.

Kagome never acted so anal about him walking in on one of her examinations before.

Though, granted, it could be the fact that they were fighting so there was that too..

Kagome almost snarled if it wasn't for present company. "It's none of your business House, hence the words 'Pri-vate. Con-sul-ta-tion.'," she drawled out as if he was stupid.

It made Belle giggle, the two adult entertaining her immensely.

House gave an fake annoyed sigh, and gave her an expectant look. "All you need to say is yes, and I'll leave you alone."

Kagome snorted. "Bite. Me."

House smirked. "Don't tempt me," he drawled out lewdly, causing Belle to giggle again, her little hands rising to cover her mouth. House cocked an eyebrow in her direction, resulting in Belle giving him a shy smile and a wave. It only served to further his smirk as he chuckled.

Maybe this kid would be an exception...

Kagome groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose in agitation. "Just go, House. Now." she retorted, leaving no room for argument.

House studied her for a moment, and decided to relent - for now. Her current mood and the murderous expression in her eyes meant she wouldn't be even the slightest bit susceptible to his attempts. He let out a mocking groan. "All right. I'll leave," he said with over-exaggeration and a pout.

He made his way to the door, rolling his eyes at the sound of her sigh of obvious relief. Stepping out, he poked his head in the doorway to say one last thing, "But I'll be back!" he in his usual taunting voice before moving to close the door once in for all.

Again, Belle giggled. "Who's he? He's funny and he made you blush!" she exclaimed.

Kagome face palmed, groaning loudly at the sound of House's snickers, signaling he'd heard the child.

Of course, that was just perfect, as if his ego wasn't big enough or anything...



After Kagome was finished the glow receded and, Belle began to wake up.

Kagome rose to stand at the side of her bed, checking her stats.

The black haired doctor watched as Belle's eyes fluttered groggily, opening to reveal green orbs that reminded Kagome so much of Shippo. The little girl swallowed momentarily, both in apprehension in an unfamiliar surroundings, with weird smells, with a stranger pretty much lurking over her, and the fact that her throat was dry from no use.

Her eyes roved around her room, scanning until she reached her parents and took in their expressions. They moved on, before locking on the sapphire orbs of the 'stranger' standing over her. "Who are you?" she rasped out cutely, licking her dry lips. "Where am I?

The smile the woman gave her had Belle relaxing, and before she could answer her parent stepped over and her mother answered for her. "You're at the hospital, sweetie."

Belle only blinked, before nodded in understanding before looking pointedly at Kagome.

Her father chuckled softly. "This here is Kagome, she's your doctor as well as your...aunt," he decided after a moment.

It would be better that the girl called Kagome her aunt instead of her grandmother, lest questions be raised in case something slipped.

Belle's mouth dropped into a little 'o' and Kagome laughed lightly.

"Hi Annabelle, nice to meet you," Kagome greeted, giving her a bright smile.

Annabelle grinned, despite her tiredness. "Nice to meet you too, Auntie Kagome!"

-'End Flashback'


After House left, Kagome removed the illusion she constructed and allowed Belle to put up her own before sending them off with a hug for her mother and a kiss on the forehead for Belle.

It was better for Belle to use her own illusion so she'd have better control over it.

As time passed, Kagome went on to squeeze in a couple hours of clinic duty before lunch.

By the time Kagome was finished with that, she was back in her office reviewing some files, and it was no surprise when House made yet another appearance.

Honestly, Kagome was surprised it took him this long to pop up again.

But something else surprised her even more...

Kagome's lips were thin as she stared at the man in front of her with narrowed eyes.

"Where did you get that...?" she asked him, her breath baited. Her eyes zeroed in on the object dangling from his fingertips.

The Shikon no Tama...

The man merely stared at her smugly, an eyebrow cocked tauntingly.

Nearly snarling, Kagome pulled out her keys and unlocked the drawer to her desk, practically ripping it out once unlocked.

All that was there was a little note that said 'You know the drill.. -House'.

Her head snapped up and her eyes almost combusted with pure fury. If looks could kill...

"Really, House?" she spat angrily. "Blackmail? That's how you're going about this?"

House only shrugged, giving her a small smirk as he slid the piece of jewelry into his front jacket pocket. "Well, it's not as if you're giving me a lot of leeway. We've been through all the foreplay, now its time to get dirty."

The look Kagome shot him was the epitome of disgust as she shot up and snatched up her things. "You're play on words astounds me," she said flatly as she made her way to the door. "My answer, is still no." She pushed her way past him, brushing against him lightly and leaving him to stare at her, astonished. "But what about your-" He stopped short as Kagome held up her hands.

In it was her necklace.

He looked down and reached into his jacket pocket.

In them was a mere little glass paperweight that Kagome palmed from her desk.

The look of astonishment was still plastered across his face. "How did you..." and he trailed off, unable to help the smirk off his face. "Touché. I'm impressed - I didn't know pick-pocketing was one of your skills."

Kagome only scowled - she's been doing that a lately - and when she spoke, it was in a low voice. "I'm telling you right now House, do not ever go through my desk and take my things, ever again, especially this," she warned him, hand clenching around the Shikon. "Or I swear, I will never talk to you again," she spoke with a 'no bullshit' tone and glared at him squarely in the eyes.

House scoffed, his eyes rolling in blatant exasperation. "My God. Will you relax Higurashi? It's just a necklace. You're acting like I kidnapped your dog or something and stuffed him in a closet."

Kagome's eyes narrowed. "It's not just a necklace!" she snapped.

If he carried this around, and some random demon picked it up...she didn't even want to think about what would happen.

Or namely, what would happen to House if some demon saw him with it and decided to take it for themselves.

She would never forgive herself if she was the cause of House being injured or, God forbid, killed.

Obviously he didn't know that...

House merely snorted. "Right, my bad, it's a 'special' necklace. I'll try to remember that next time..." he hesitated, before scoffing again. "Yea, not!"

Kagome's jaw clenched in sync with her fists. "You are so lucky I have a rule against hitting cripples," she gritted out.

It didn't faze the male doctor one bit. "Oooh, I'm shaking in my sneakers!" he mocked, chucking.

Kagome threw her hands up in the air, groaning loudly in exasperation. "Ughh, you're ridiculous!" she practically screamed.

It only fueled the flame when House began to snicker.

Kagome forced herself to calm down, taking deep breaths. Once able to talk without screaming, she spoke in a very calm, neutral voice. "I, am going to lunch. Get the hell out of my office, and stay out," she bit out before spinning on her heel and stalking out of her office.

She didn't bother locking up her office - it wouldn't be the first time House somehow picked the lock and snuck his way in before...

And it didn't help when House began to laugh. "Awhh, what, you're not gonna invite me with you, I'm hurt Kags!"

Her lips pursed but she kept on walking, making a beeline for the elevator. Retorting back means egging him on.

That would be bad...

It didn't seem to matter when continued to speak, this time yelling from down the hallway and gathering everyone in the general vicinity's attention. "This will all stop if only say yes Kagome!" and he continued laughing.

Kagome did a funny little combination of blushing and twitching.

Suffice to say, anyone near her took two steps back.

She would murder Wilson. If it wasn't for him, House would have never gotten it into his wicked little head to ask her out.

Right when she passed, she saw that said doctor was standing in the doorway of his office, face screwed up in a cringe after hearing the whole thing.

She glared. "You are dead," she grounded out and he winced.

"B-but Kagome?" Wilson exclaimed weakly, but she kept on walking, not in the mood to her his apologies at the moment.

She could still hear House's evil laugh by the time she reached the elevator...



With their stuff packed to go, and Annabelle sitting on the edge of her bed, legs swinging and the stick end of a lollipop peeking out from her mouth, the family was ready to go.

After a few 'minor' altercations, all Annabelle's file indicated was that she had caught the flu and the proper medications were prescribed.

Thankfully, because of Hoshii's very influential rank, they were brought directly to Kagome to get the best treatment provided in the hospital...

The two parents stepped up to Kagome to give her a firm hug and whispered thanks.

Kagome, modest as always, waved her hand. "It's my job to help," she murmured after hugging them back.

Hoshii shook his head, grinning. "Regardless, you have our deepest thanks," and with that he handed her a folded piece of paper.

She took it with blinking eyes.

Lia laughed gently at the doctor's befuddled look. "It's our address and numbers. We thought Belle should get to know her... grandmother," she phrased carefully, knowing no woman would want to be called a 'Great, great grandmother', no matter their age. "So don't be a stranger,"

Kagome smiled lightly, eyes sparkling at the thought of reconnecting with family. Honestly, Shippo was the only one she had yet to get a hold of after returning from the past. No one seemed to know where he went when the time came for demons to hide. Only rumors of foxes came to rise, and that could have been anyone...

"Thank you," Kagome said seriously, before grinning. "This means... so much..." she breathed out happily.

-'End Flashback'


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