If They Were Mine, This Show Would Have Gone A Lot Differently...

Thanks Danielle.

Lucas Boyd stood a few feet away as Christina found herself confronted with the Kramer's dog, Duke, once again.

He knew that she didn't know or understand what was going on, or that she just pretended not to, but he did. He wasn't that interested in it however. He knew she could take care of herself.

Instead, he focused on her.

Standing before him was a seventeen year old girl. She was a blue-eyed blonde. She had a small frame and stood about five and half feet tall. She was wearing a light pink shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Whenever he saw her face, it always reminded him of a pocelain doll. It was the tiny shape, the pouty lips, the pale skin. He couldn't help it.

It was a funny thing to think though, given everything he knew about her. But it was true.

He figured that was probably the purpose.

This beautiful, would-be-innocent little girl was the epimedy of all things evil.

And that was just Satan's weird and cruel sense of humor he supposed.

Given who and what he was, he could appreciate it.


"It's always the quiet towns," Lucas finally spoke as he watched the dog scamper away after Christina left her angry and bloody mark on him. "It's where the gruesome things happen."

Christina only stared at him in confusion so he took a step forward.

"You know, like, dog eats girl... or," he raised his eyebrows, "girl eats dog."

The blonde looked over to the side then back toward him, her eyes confused and scared. "Do I know you?"

He couldn't help but smile. "No, not yet."

'But you will,' he silently added.

Slightly tilting his head forward in a small nod he starting to turn. "You have a good day."

Lucas turned around and started walking away.

He could feel her eyes following him until he rounded the corner where his car was waiting.