This is my second story. My first one sucked so I decided to start a new one. (Hopefully this one won't, no guaranties). Well I hope you like this one better. It is a story about Bella and her life through high school which she thinks sucks until she meets this mysterious, green-eyed, stunning stranger. Will this change Bella's perceptive on high school or ruin her life even more with this new obsession. So here it is:

A Man So Heartless!

Chapter One: Moving Away…

Bella POV.

Ugh the one thing I despised the most was High School. It had been created for torture I was sure of it. Like who on earth thought of a place where teenagers come together to supposedly "learn" when all they did was judge everyone, date everyone, and make some peoples life a living hell.

It didn't matter if you were popular (sluttish/athletic) because everyone feared you and no one would be stupid enough to say anything judgmental about you. But for us commoners (geeks/emos/ordinary) high school was torture.

It didn't help that I was a plain girl. I had dead straight hair brown hair, boring chocolate brown eyes. My body was strait with no curves and flat breasts. I wore glasses which totally did not help with my appearance and made me look nerdy. I only had one friend and his name was Bryan but I think he only talked to me to be polite.

But that afternoon when I came home from school my life changed.


I was walking home from Phoenix High School which was conveniently (not) located 45minutes away from my house when I saw Phil's car pull up into the driveway.

Phil was a minor baseball league player so when I came home he was normally training with his team so it was very odd seeing him home when I arrived.

I made a gesture to grab the keys from under the mat but I realized that the door was open. How odd again, something was defiantly wrong. I went inside and searched for Renee or Phil.

"Sweetie thank god your home", my mums voice came from the kitchen.

"Yea, what's up mom?" I asked.

"Well honey your father just called"

"My dad?" Wow why was he calling me. He rarely ever did unless it was for my annual trip to Forks to visit him.

"Well baby he wants you to spend some time with him"

"Isn't it a bit early for my trip there though I still have to go to school"

"Well that is what I'm saying hun, he kind of wants you to move in with him for a year or two and see how you like it there. You can go to Forks High School and live with you father while me and Phil travel a bit for his career."

Oh was all I could say. I didn't really want to go to forks. Don't get me wrong I love my father but Forks is a totally depressing place where it is never sunny and always rains. It is miniscule compared to Phoenix and contains about one tenth off its population.

End of flashback

So here I am sitting on a plane on my way to Forks.

As soon as we crossed the Phoenix border it like started raining and I sighed. Typical Forks. Charlie was waiting at the airport to pick me up which was very unusual for him seeing as he wasn't really the fatherly type of person. Ever since I was little he showed little affection to me. Don't get me wrong he loved me and all but he didn't show it very much.

When I saw him I greeted him with a hug and surprisingly he hugged me back.

"Sweetie I know you don't like surprises but I kind of have one for you."


We went outside and he helped me put all my luggage into the cruiser (awkward much driving around in a police car?). It was a weird but awfully thoughtful gesture.

The car ride was very uncomfortable and quiet. Charlie said nothing to me so I didn't say anything either. We drove through some familiar streets of Forks that I remembered going through when I was young. When we arrived at the same old boring house Charlie lived in I felt slightly uncomfortable thinking that Charlie lived here all alone for a long time and was suddenly glad I came. When we climbed out of the car Charlie put his hands on my eyes so I couldn't see.

"C..Dad??" I screamed.

"Wait Bella it's a surprise just wait"

He finally took his hands off my eyes and I saw what was in front of me.

"What's so special about a police cruiser dad?"

"Oops my bad bells, turn around."

I turned my head and saw a beautiful pickup truck. It was a faint red color and looked so old that it probably didn't run at all. But I loved it in every way.

"I...I love it dad!"

"Wow really Bella. I know it's a bit old but I got Jacob black, Billy's son to fix it up a bit since he's good with cars."

"No dad I'm serious I love it".

"Well that's good you can drive it to school tomorrow"

My heart sank again and I regretted being in Forks. But then again Forks High School couldn't be any worse than Phoenix could it?

How wrong I was!

Just so everyone knows everyone is human in this story. No vampires and werewolves just plain old humans. So for all of you who are thinking that it's going to be just like twilight you are wrong.

Well I hope you all liked this story. I tried to be extra careful with spelling and stuff.

Ill try and post the next chapter soon when I finish writing it cause school starts again tomorrow. =[

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