Sapphire and Onyx



"Kyuubi/Inner Sakura"


Talking to the kyuubi

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"I hope you go to hell demon!" A man's voice shouted.

"Yeah! What he said." Another said.

The 8-year-old boy that they had trapped in the alleyway was whimpering, shivering and and scared of what could happen. "W-why do you b-beat me up? he asked. The first man hit him on the head.

"Don't play dumb with us demon!" He shouted. The boy just became terrified of what would happen next. The man raised a sharp knife, aiming it towards her head.

"Naruto!" A male voice shouted. The blonde quickly stood up, considering that he was badly beaten A while ago, and now being able to run, baffled the two men.

"W-why do you p-protect the d-demon?" One of them bravely asked. The masked man grabbed the boy, who was running towards him. he turned to face the two men.

"Hate the demon, don't hate the hero." he calmly stated. The blond tugged on the boy's shirt, signaling for him to come lower and whispered something in her ear. "What! They did that to you?" The boy just nodded. The boy got up, then said, "You are arrested for attempted murder to Uzumaki Naruto."

"What! We should be rewarded for doing this! He is the demon who killed thousands!" The man shouted.

"Like I said before, hate the demon, not the hero." The ANBU said. he signaled for the other ANBU to come out. "Please send him to the cell."

"Hai, Teichou." they answered

Upon arriving at the hokage's office, the blond boy, now know as Naruto, was replaced by a blond girl of the same age. "Thank you Inu-niichan." She said quietly. The dog-masked man just nodded. The Hokage looked around to check if there were anyone else in the room seeing that no one was there, he started to talk.

"Ne, Keimei-chan, did those men hurt you?" The girl known as Naruto, Now Keimei, nodded. The hokage sighed. "And, Inu, did you arrest them?" The man nodded. Once again, he sighed. "I'm sorry Minato, and Kushina.""Inu, please leave and pick up your pay later, I will talk to Kei-chan." And with that, the man disappeared in a poof.

The hokage started sweating, who would have known that the sandime hokage would get nervous under the gaze of a 8-year-old girl."Do you know the story of the Kyuubi, Kei-chan?" He nervously asked, wondering if he should tell her. She nodded, she had some dreams about the attack, knowing excatly what happened, she knew what he was going to say.

"It was sealed in me." she said, then turned around, ready to leave. The hokage gasped.

"H-how did you know?" He asked. Keimei fliped her hair, then turned again to face him.

"Well, it seems that I have very,very detailed memories of the Kyuubi attack and my birth, and the fact that I can talk to the kyuubi helps too." She stated. And once again, the hokage gasped. "I know that my father was the Yondaime hokage, Namikaze Minato, and My mother was Uzumaki Kushina."

"Yes, that's true, you father was a good hokage, with quite a short term." Keimei looked insulted. "Though, I don't mean it in a bad way." Sandaime added. "Your mother came from the destroyed whirlpool village, she moved here, after the whirlpool was destroyed, and fell in love with your father." Keimei smiled, as much as she didn't want to be reminded thst she was an orphan, she liked hearing about her parents."

"Can you tell me more about them?" She asked. The hokage just smiled.

The next morning

Keimei woke up, looked at her surroundings and spaced out for a little bit. Ne, Kyuubi, where am I? she asked her "Tenant" The Kyuubi sighed.

"Kit, we're in the ANBU headquarters, where you'll be living from now on."Keimei's mouth changed into the shape of an "O",

Oh yeah! I get to train here now! Thanks Fuzzball! I'll be going now!She happily told him. [Well...what was incredibly OOC...]


"Okay, Kei-chan, time to go back to your apartment." The hokage said. Keimei squirmed in her seat.

"Yes, about that..." she said quietly. The hokage was already dreading the answer. ", apartment, and now..." She looked like she was about to burst out into tears. " ...the landlord is...accusing me of destroying it...and is asking me to pay for the damages.... by letting myself.... die." The hokage looked shocked. No way was he going to tolerate this! Keimei started sniffling, but she stopped herself, knowing that crying would get her nowhere.

"Keimei." Keimei tensed in her seat, afraid of the serious tone that the Sandime was using. "You are to live and train at the ANBU headquarters." She beamed, she got to be safe, and train? Awesome! "You are to become an ANBU when the captain thinks that you are ready." He added. Keimei started jumping for joy, like a little kid when it's Christmas and they get a pony. Saratobi just chuckled at the instant mood change in the young girl.

"Do I get a cool nickname? Huh? Huh? Like..." Keimei asumed her 'thinking position' as she would put it."niiro Kitsune?(Red fox) Or Gin Ro-zu?(silver rose)" She asked hyperly. All saratobi could do was laugh at the abntics of the little girl.


Keimei smiled, she put on a black tank top and red shorts, clipped her hair up, put on an orange hat, then the henge activated automatically, then she nervously paced inside of her room, why? Because today was the day that she would tell Sasuke that she was a girl. Waving to her guardians, (who know that she's a girl) she looked for Sasuke, going to the place where you could find him every cold morning. The cemetery.


"Oi Sasuke!" Naruto shouted. When the brunette turned to look at him, he waved, which, made Sasuke scowl. "what's up with you Teme?"

"Hn." Sasuke turned slightly to face him. 'Go away, Dobe." Naruto's eyes narrowed, then widened a bit, remembering what he was supposed to do. Naruto glared at him.

"Sasuke." Emo-face was a bit surprised that the dobe was using a very serious tone, raising both his eyebrows, signaling to go on, Naruto started talking again "If, I would lie to you my whole life, but with a completely good reason, you you hate me?" Sasuke gave the blond a questioning look. Then shrugged

"It depeneds on how good your reason was." He answered. Naruto nodded.

"Now, before I say anything related to that, you know the story of the Kyuubi?" Sasuke nodded. "Well, that was all a lie, a half-lie, anyways." Naruto said, as if it was a formal meeting.

"What are you saying?" Sasuke asked as he narrowed his eyes.

"My father, the Yondaime hokage, sealed the kyuubi a newborn baby." "Namely..."

"You." "Your father, sealed the Kyuubi no yoko in you." Sasuke completed her sentence correctly, which surprised Naruto greatly.

"Die demon!" A male voice from the trees shouted. Naruto and Sasuke's heads turned quickly to the random outburst of a man. The figures that jumped out from the trees looked like two men, two drunk men, who were having a hangover from last night. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand and ran. "Demon! You get back here!" The other man shouted. Naruto looked at Sasuke, regretting that he wouldn't be able to tell Sasuke that he was actually a girl. Sasuke was confused at Naruto's apologetic look.

"Sasuke." Again with Naruto's serious tone, Sasuke decided to listen. "I'm going to get help." Sasuke nodded. Narutp ran towards a dark alley, the two men ran after him, even though his best friend was going to get help, Sasuke couldn't help but go after Naruto. When he reached the alley, he couldn't find Naruto, but there was a girl, whom he found extremely beautiful, Long flowing Blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, with a bit of silver in them, pale skin that was almost flawless, except for the fact that she had three whisker-like scars on both of her cheeks, he body was quite good looking for a 8-year-old's, she was wearing a black tank to and red shorts, she looked like a ninja, but was too young. Sasuke almost drooled, but stopped himself before he could. The girl caught sight of him, then shouted "Uchiha! Get out of here!" Sasuke attempted to run, but was gabbed by the two men.

"Hehe...It seems like little Uchiha here is going to be hostage." One man said. The girl closed her eyes, when she opened it again, it was completly silver.

"I'll show you what happens when you mess with me..." She said in a deep voice which almost frightened Sasuke. Almost, that is. The trash cans around the alley started floating, then was aimed at the men, the trash cans hit them in the head, causing them to fall and get knocked out. The blond held Sasuke's hand, which made him blush slightly. "Come' on..." They disappeared in a yellow flash, then appeared at the Uchiha compound. Sasuke looked around, then at the girl who was holding his hand....Holding his hand? Sasuke quickly let go of the girl

"W-who are you?" He asked, then shut up, Uchihas were never supposed to sutter. The blond looked at him, then up at the sky, and said

"Namikaze Keimei, at your service." Keimei smiled, "Kit! you're telling him your real name?" Yeah, Kyuubi, he doesn't know that I'm Naruto, and I don't want to lie to my best friend. "Just make sure that you know what you're doing."

"Thank you" Sasuke said quietly. Keimei snapped out of her trance, then looked at Sasuke, who smiled a small grin

"No problem, Uchiha-san." Sasuke's smile turned into his normal poker face

"I'm tired of hearing "Uchiha-san" or "Uchiha-sama", please, just call me Sasuke." He said, Keimei smiled.

"Okay then, Sasuke." Sasuke felt his heart flutter. A small blush appeared on his cheek. "Bye, Sasuke." Sasuke frowned She turned to leave, when Sasuke decided to stop her.

"Wait!" He shouted. Keimei turned around,


"Will...I...ever...see you again?" Sasuke asked. Keimei raised an eyebrow,

"Yes, you will see me again...Sasuke-kun." She kissed his cheek, then disappeared in a golden flash. When she left, Sasuke touched the cheek where she kissed him, then said to himself,

"I'm never washing this cheek again."

But, Unluckily, he forgot about it in the morning, so, he washed it. Then he cursed himself and was colder than usual that day. Unknown to him, he gained a new ambition, to meet Namikaze Keimei again and gain her love.