Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you...

That I'm putting this in hiatus.

Don't worry, I won't abandon this. I'm just having writeers block for this story.

You, killer plot bunnies are attracking my head, andi'm aching to write a new story.

Oh yeah, did you read Chap. 439? Oh god. It's the chapter of all chapters!

Anyway, back to the topic, i'm going to put the sumaries of the two stories that I want to write.

Facade of lies-

When Naruto fought Sasuke, he did everything he could to bring him back. Sadly, though, he failed. Naruto was forced to reveal his secrets one by one. Each secret revealed brings more danger to the blond haired boy. And did I mention, that the yondime's alive?

Okay, I don't really know what pairings should be done for facade of lies but, it will NOT be NaruHina or NaruSaku

Here's the choices:

NaruIno (i'm rooting for this)

NaruTen (this is okay with me)

NaruTema (I like this, but the next story after this will be NaruTema)

NaruHana (I have an idea on how to work this out)

Or I can make it a femnaru


Okay? Now vote!

All the World's a Stage-

Naruto and Temari are forced to wed to strenthen Konoha and suna. Naruto and Temari love each other. Perfect, right? Well, there's a catch. The marriage is kept secret, even though Temari was made a leaf-nin, and now lives at the Namikaze estates, no one is to know about their marriage! So how will the two blonds going to play their parts? [NaruTema]

Okay, vote for what I should write first and the pairings for facade of lies.

Sorry for putting this on hiatus.