Author Note: The Voice is in bold, Max's thoughts are in italics.

Inspired by One X by Three Days Grace. I don't know why...It just was. I am a tried and true Fax shipper, but Miggy seemed like a fun topic. Then Faxness got mingled'll see. Hehe. I had far too much fun messing with poor Max. Her poor emotions are so messed up in this story.

Max: DIE! I don't do this crap! Iggy is my brother!
Fang:Ahem....Why are you making Iggy move in on Max?
Iggy: I still miss Tess, thanks so very much....
Me: Hey, guys....It just sort of wrote itself...Credit to JP.....
*Fight noises and pained screams*


....Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you....Over Again....

I woke up with a jolt. What was THAT? I didn't like Max like that......

You know, it's really funny how I dream. I can dream with shapes and colors, but it's just mainly how I imagine people look.

Wait...You don't know me, do you? I'm Iggy, from the crazy book series written down by James Patterson? Yeah, the flying kids. I'm blind, and I've had a crush on Max since I was seven.

Anyway. I dream about what I imagine on people, mainly. I went blind about three or four years old, because of the School's scientists. Thanks, guys. I love you too. (assholes.)

My dreams are strange. I feel color, so I do know what my flock, excuse me, MAX'S flock, is colored like. Max is white, with blonde hair with brown streaks in it. she has blue eyes, and I don't really know what her wings look like yet, but I'm sure they're just as beautiful as her.

Anyway, in my dream, Fall For You was playing in the background. Max walked toward me, and said, "Iggy.... I love you. Fang is just a pawn.... YOU are mine."

It was wierd, to say the very least.



I woke up from my dream in cold sweat. Iggy? No....Not Iggy. He was like....a brother. Maybe a little brother. But... I could hear "Over and Over" still echoing in my head. I ggy had been in front of me, staring at me as "Iggy, I love you. Fang is just a pawn.... YOU are mine" fell out of my mouth. I could feel a bead of sweat drip from my forehead down my nose and onto my tank-top

Iggy's pale, blonde hair and faded blue eyes staring at me. His pale, almond-gold wings slightly outstretched, and his mouth open only slightly.

I shook my head. No....But....NO!

'Max, stop thinking like this! You're caught in something with Fang....Aren't you?'

Then the voice. "Max. Think straight. You've kept it together this long. You're a teenager, there are complications. multiple crushes are not unusual."

'DAMMIT Voice! God, I hate you! Why didn't you and your fortune cookie shit go the **** away!'

"Max, you need me. I'm like....a seregate parent, sort of."

'No, voice, you did NOT just compare yourself to my mother.'

"Well, I am your Dad."

'Jeb! Get the HELL out of my head!'

The voice was silent. I walked to Iggy. We had woken up at the same time, apparently. He stared into space, then heard my footsteps, careful and nearly silent.



"Yeah." she answered, sounding mildly nervous, maybe a little unhappy.

I reached out, touching her face. She was used to it. Her face was warm, and felt red. Even in cold sweat, she felt beautiful.

"A voice attack?" I asked tenderly, in case it was, and she felt sick.

"No...only after I woke up did I get one of those."

"Oh....Well, did you have a bad dream or something? You feel really stressed." I pointed to her cheek.

She was silent. I heard Nudge gasp, and Angel did too.

"Look, Angel!"Nudge whispered

"I know." Angel answered.

I realized then my hand had gone back to Max's cheek. And she hadn't moved it.


I moved my hand toward Iggy's hand on my face, and slowly lowered it.

"Don't worry, Angel, Nudge. Iggy was concerned. I had a voice attack."

I caught a sly smile slip from the corner of Iggy's mouth. I'm a good pretender. Months of lying to protect yourself can do that. I heard Fang's breath go out of his mouth as his rough voice choked out"Food, please?"

Iggy got up, and I stared at the wall like an idiot. Had Fang touched my face, I would have backed away, blood rushing to my face, thinking he was going to kiss me. But Iggy... I didn't, did I?

'No Max....No. You only let him because he's been a know he wouldn't make things awkward...he just wanted to touch your face to feel the color.....'

Or did he?


AN: Did he? Keep reading!

Damn, those bird-kids are tough. I'm hiding in the freezer, but don't tell them. *door opens*