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-flock sits duct-taped in back of room-
You're my dollies, now, friends. Prepare for the house game of doom.
-evil cackling offstage-

Max(2?) POV


"I can't believe you guys think I'm Max two. It really bites to not be trusted at all, you know? Maybe I just wanted a kiss." I smiled, and tossed my hair. That's what they did in the movies, right? I just wanted to try something different. I wasn't going to dive off the deep end and use, like, makeup, but I decided I'd try to rake a brush through my hair once in a while and get a boyfriend.

Maybe I just wanted to be normal. Obviously not an option.

"GET AWAY! We'll kill you if you don't give Max back!" Gazzy yelled, as Iggy silenced him. "Gasman, not a good time for that." He muttered. I blinked. What was wrong with the flock?
"Holy crow. You guys aren't clones, are you? That's just twisted."
I stared straight forward. That was the blond moment.... Now, what now? Normal Max, or screw with them more?
I opted for choice number two.

"You know what? You guys need to loosen up. Read a book. Play some solitaire. Walk Total. He hasn't gotten much attention lately. Poor guy."
Total stared up at me. "You really, REALLY need to get a different smell if you want to act like Max two, Max..." Total muttered, giving me a dog-smile. He just blew my cover....

"Huh? You aren't Max two? Total does more than talk and get in the way?" Iggy said, falling toward a wall. Total barked irritatedly in response.

"Total! You blew it. I was gonna have some fun and you blew it...." I muttered, leaning against the cave. "Thanks alot. Dog-breath."
"Hey! Dogs have cleaner mouths than humans!" Total yelled at me.
"Says the guy who cleans himself and eats god-knows-what with his tongue...." Fang added, smirking.

"You guys really need to stop picking on Total." Angel said, walking to him and picking the Scottie up. "It's not nice. And I know you all think a lot more of him than you say." Angel put him back down, kissing his head before.

"Angel, it's FUN!" Gazzy piped in. It was about this time I noticed Nudge was gone. "Hey, guys? Anyone know where the talk-machine went....?" I got a load of blank stares that soon turned to worried frowns. Where was Nudge?

"FUCK! NUDGE IS GONE!" A very out of character Fang yelled. I hit him in the back of the head. "No cussing."

Nudge POV

I'd like, snuck away right as Max had tossed her hair. I HAD to like, meet my boyfriend. It was killing me, you know? When you're separated from your man? I missed him. So I ran out of the cave, and I like, went to meet him.

"Josh? Josh, where are you?" I yelled, already far away from the flock. I mean, like, they wouldn't approve of Josh. Suddenly two furry hands wrapped around my like, eyes! I gasped.

"Josh! You made it!"

I turned and hugged my only favorite Eraser. He'd been the only one known to escape being shut down. His expiration date was soon, though. I wouldn't, like, tell him, though. That would be...sad. I kept my frown bit back between my teeth.

"Yup, Nudge." He smiled and kissed my lips. Not like we hadn't done it before, I was twelve! I was old enough for boys. I was almost old enough, in my, like, opinion, to do WHATEVER.... Whenever. That thought put a naughty smile on my face.

"What're you so happy about? Imagining me without clothes?"

He asked, smirking sarcastically back. I loved him like, SOOO much. "Not yet. Just no shirt." I grinned playfully back. We always did this for a few hours, but usually, like, when the flock was sleeping. "Josh..... I need to get back to the flock." He frowned. "Why are those damned birds worth so much to you? Why can't WE just be together, Nudge! This is the first time I've seen you in forever." He frowned, a little angry. Josh was the jealous type. One of his very few flaws.

I stretched a hand up to his shoulder. "Because. You're fourteen and an eraser. I'm twelve and a bird-kid. Max would hate me. And we can't fend people off ourse-" my words were lost behind Josh's screams. "DAMMIT. Always controlled by Max. I'm ten times as strong as your flock put together, Nudge! I could defend you against anything! And I'm your boyfriend. You don't trust me? You don't love me?" Those were actually really difficult questions. Being twelve..... I wasn't sure if I was really, like, in love anymore. And Josh was an Eraser, Max said not to EVER trust them. Even Ari. Uh oh.

"Josh, calm down." I put a hand to his face. "I trust you. I love you." I bit back the words 'I think.' "I just.... These are my friends we're talking abo-" I was cut off again by Josh. "Well, you know what? Lets see how well your friends do in a fight." Josh gave me a bitter smile and flew toward our camp, his patched on wings having difficulty and flying lopsidedly. He was one of the few like Ari. Turned into an Eraser while human and, like, had wings put on him. I grimaced. (Max taught me that word. Not the dictionary! WOO!) This wasn't good.


Iggy POV


Something didn't feel right. Like, that weird feeling you get when you know something's about to happen... OH. An Omen. I got this really ominous feeling. And then I smelled something a little like Total, and familiar. But what gave away the intruder was the familiar lopsided flapping. Like an injured bird.

Or an Eraser who has very poorly patched on wings.

"Max! MAX!" I said, shaking her shoulder lightly. I felt her whip around. Her voice was very.... clear. Clearly irritated, too. "What, Iggy? We're trying to figure out what happened to Nudge." I heard the flapping closer and closer, and pointed to where I remembered the mouth of our cave was. "I think I know where Nudge went....." I heard everyone turn as this scratchy, weird voice rung through our cave.

"I'm Josh. The last Eraser. And Nudges boyfriend." The guy was obviously very full of his furry self. Fang flipped out.... Obviously Not-Fang again. "YOU BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO NUDGE?" He yelled, until the Eraser grabbed Not-Fang's shoulder and crushed it....I knew because I heard it crunch. The boy had some severely bad luck with his shoulder.....

"Fang! What the hell? Nudge has something to explain to us...." Max said, fear in her voice. Fang was making some weird struggling noise, more than likely whining and trying to take control at the same time. I heard two clawed feet take off, and Angel screamed. Then the clawed feet hit the ground again, right in front of me. He made some weird noise, and I heard Nudge run into the cave, the slight sound of her wings folding in following. "JOSH! Nooooooooo!"

Then it all went blank.

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