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Chapter 1 - First Arc Mission!

The sun was set high in the sky as I was walking toward the glittering light in the middle of the Baron wasteland listing to the Mp3 player my father gave me and the hat my mother practically forced on my head as I was walking through the anomaly and for it close behind me the minute I stepped through it. With Paramore 's Fences thrumming through my head I considered my first real ARC mission at the age of 15! I know that it seems very unrealistic to send a recently turned 15 year old through an anomaly but apparently it has to be me no one else not even my brother or sister (though they are younger than me so that might be a clue for while they were never even considered). I mean I'm underage and everything but… I guess … I don't know exactly what I have to do in this mission but because I'm like my father I will work it out when I get there if I get there because knowing Connor's calculations he probably sent me into 1899 or even later in time.

'You can't turn back

Because this road is all you'll ever have

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying

Just living proof that the camera's lying

And oh, oh, oh-pen wide

Cause this is your night

So smile

Cause you'll go out in style

You'll go out in style'

-PARAMORE - Fences

I smiled when these words went straight to my head because it was so right because even if one of us did die we would 'go out in style' Because Stephen did, My mother did for a bit… well sort of it's complicated that story is … I still don't understand it that well. And I think I have to help make it happen. From what I've picked up from the ARC and my parents that's what I'm guessing that's what I need to do but I have something else I need to do I just don't know what. It was at this point My A.D.D Started to go made it's improved at lot from the time I'm going into it tells you when anomaly is going to close and the one I was walking toward was going to close in 2 minutes I was so close to it I didn't need to rush so I took one last look at my surroundings. It was beautiful I give Helen Ambrose that but how she could have stayed away from civilisation for all this time I will never know but then I guess I really don't want to know - her loss I guess. And with a big breathe I stepped through the anomaly hoping with all my heart that Connor hasn't got this one wrong because if he had- I would fear for his safety and that's just because of my mum would do I'm not even thinking what my dad would do!

'Well this is defiantly a first for the ARC!' Conner said in his usual bubbly self.

'Conner could you have said with any less enthusiasm? An anomaly has just turned up in the middle of the Arc where most of the Anomaly project's information is and if a creature did come through and destroy it then we will have to start from the beginning plus all of us could be killed!' Jenny snapped.

'Sorry Jenny, I didn't think of it like that!'

'When do you ever?' Abby asked

At this point Nick Cutter walked through the ARC doors. 'Anything come through?'

'Nope, thankfully' Jenny replied 'But unfortunately it's shows no sign of weaking'

'Look at it, it looks like something's about to come through!' Connor said

'Connor will you calm down and breathe!' Nick asked him but unfortunately it did look like something was about to come through.

'Remember do not shot on sight see what it is first!' Nick commanded the Captain Becker and his troops.

'I know professor, don't worry this isn't our first anomaly.' Becker replied

What came through the anomaly wasn't a creature from the past of future. But a human teenage girl who was listening to music from the look of the earphones that were in her ear. She looked terrified when she saw all the guns pointed at her and quickly put her hands up in front of her.

'Where the hell did you just come from?' Conner shouted

'Con it's called an anomaly, you of all people should know that!' The girl replied as she was putting her Mp3 player in her pocket

'I Know what's it called… wait how did you know my name?'

'Because I've known you all my live Conner.'

'But…' Connor started but Nick cut him off

'How did you know it was called an anomaly?' He stated

'Because' The girl said in a bored voice 'that's what you always call it by the way why did you call it an anomaly? It's a bit of a weird name don't you think?'

'It just felt right I guess but…'

'No- more questions until I know a few things, 1 what year is it?'


'Has there recently been a death in the team?'

'Yes- Stephen' Nick's voiced cracked when he said his best friend's name.'

'Ok and finally will you please tell Captain Becker and everyone to lower their guns because I don't talk well with a gun pointed at me - my teenage instincts kick in then and we really don't want that!'

Captain Becker lowered his gun out of shock (the troops took this as a signal and dropped their guns as well) 'How did you know my name?' His asked wearily

'I know everybody's names in this room!' She replied 'Connor, Abby, Sarah…' She then went on to say everybody's names that was in the room and as she got to Nick and Jenny she paused as if she wanted to say something else but stopped herself.

'Have you been following us then? Did someone pay you to come here?' Jenny asked her PR instincts kicking in.

'No, I wish I'm underage so the ARC doesn't pay me anything - or that's what they say anyway.'

The girl kept staring at her in this weird way. It reminded Jenny of when Nick kept on staring at her when they first met and sometimes now when she catches him staring.

'I'm sorry will you please stop staring at me that way, It's freaking me out!'

'Sorry … Jenny, It's just I've never seen you like that it's freaking me out, I never knew you owned shoes like that!'

'I don't understand…'

'Oh…' Nick started to figure out where the girl was from for her to know all their names. 'What's you name?'

The girl smiled at him 'I'm sorry I can't tell you my real name because it will give me away well my last name will anyway. So my code name is Bella Cullen'

'Seriously… From the twilight saga! You should have came up with a better name!' Jenny replied

'Fine Er … what should I be called????, I know! Mia just call me Mia!'

'Okay Mia… Let me guess you're from the future?' Nick asked

'Yes I am' 'Mia was saying this while playing with a necklace on her neck. Nick gasped

'WHAT?' 'Mia' asked quickly

'How did you get that necklace?'

'My father gave it to me when I was 5 years old'

'May I see it?'

'I guess'

She took the necklace of and handed it to Nick.

'Nick what is it?' Jenny asked

'I have that exact same necklace in my office right now!'

'Seriously Professor I never knew you were like that' Connor joked. Only to be returned with death stares from Abby, Jenny and Nick.

'No I'm not like that … idiot!… My mother gave me that necklace when she was on her death bed … and said to me to give it to my daughter if I had one…'

'Mia' could feel all eyes on her as Nick handed back her necklace. She knew her father was the one to find out before her mother found out she just didn't know it would be that fast.

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