author:shane1594 date:18.9.2008

Synopsis: Ichigo dies.

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Ichigo Dies

I'm dead...

2 hours earlier "Ichigo there's a hollow reported at the park"
Ichigo reaches for the toy that holds kon's mod soul pill, takes it out and puts it in his mouth.
Ichigo and Rukia then leave through his window and shunpo to the park.

The hollow that was reported was an arrancar, an espada. It was Neliel Tu Oderschvank.
Nel's appearance shocked the pair of shinigami as the clothes that she was wearing were real world clothes. To say that the pair of shinigami were shocked would be an understatement,
Ichigo stammered "N-N-Nel-ll... what the hell are you doing here?"

"Nell replied Ichigo... why are you here?"

"Ichigo said I just asked you that dammit."

Nell said "Well I was just bored and wanted to see how you were doing so I opened a garganta to the Urahara store and asked for the gigai that he made for me when I came to visit."

"If that is the gigai that Urahara gave you then why did soul society notice you?"

"Well you'd have to ask Urahara about that I think."

Ichigo sighs and says "Come on then lets go."

15 minutes later

The Urahara store is closed and Ichigo is yelling at the top of his voice "URAHARA, URAHARA WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU". Nell lays a restraining hand on his shoulder and says soothingly "That's going to get us absolutely nowhere now then is it?" Ichigo replies "I suppose not..." Ichigo then suddenly smiles.
Rukia thinks to herself *Oh no another hare-brained idea.* Ichigo continues saying "I've got an idea that might work" Nell brights up instantly and says "What is it?" ichigo looking incredibly serious says "Well, we could throw our reiatsu around... that might make him take notice." Nell says "Okay lets do it." Rukia thinks *I knew it*. Rukia sensed Ichigo and Nell about to 'throw their not inconsiderable reiatsu around' and shouted "STOP YOU FOOLS". Ichigo and Nell stop and turn towards her and at the same time ask "Why?" Rukia replies "For one thing there are people around that could get seriously hurt by what you're suggesting; and secondly even if soul society has noticed Nell there has been no-one sent after her yet. I think we would all like it to stay that way, don't you? 'Throwing around reiatsu' especially Nells will make soul society think there is a threat and will send captain and vice captain level shinigami, I don't suppose you forget what fighting a captain is like do you?" Ichigo deflated says "No I don't... although I have been getting bored lately". Rukia and Nell simultaneously say in loud voices "Ichigo..." Ichigo waves his hands in the air claiming "that it was merely a joke". Rukia and Nell sigh in relief.

"Well, well, well, what have we here..." comes a voice from the Urahara store.

The two Shinigami and the Arrancar jump at the sound of the voice and turn around, the two shinigami drawing their swords and nell reaching to where hers would normally be only to be astounded by the fact that it was in fact urahara.

Ichigo suddenly collapses on the ground and blacks out whilst trying to find out what was happening.
soul society"

30 minutes later

Ichigo wakes up sees Urahara grabs him by the lapels and says "what the hell did you do this time you damn halfwit"
Urahara replies in his usual happy-go-lucky attitude "Kurosaki-san you're awake." Ichigo replies in a gruff tone "well isn't that bloody obvious, now why did i black out?" Urahara says "now calm down this time it really isn't my fault..." Ichigo rather aggresively inquires "What do you mean THIS time?" Urahara says "oh you know that whole hougyhoku incident." Ichigo says flatly "Oh that". Urahara goes on to request a few minutes to make some phone calls.

Urahara is on the phone to Isshin Kurosaki.

"So Kurosaki-san is Ichigo's body all right?"

"Not exactly, that womanizer Kon was in his body..."

Urahara thinks *Oh boy I'm in for it now*

Isshin continues "... and apparently some woman he hit on took offense and drove her car right into him and decided one time wasn't enough."

Urahara complains "Oh thats just great now then isn't it"

Isshin is insulted by what Urahara has said and asks Urahara "What did you meant by that?"

Urahara explains in an apologetic voice "Sorry, it's just that your son is here now and is looking to blame me for his blacking out about half an hour ago."

Isshin states that Urahara should have known what that meant without calling him. Urahara defends himself stating "I did think that that could be the only reason that a substitute shinigami would black out for, without there being anything wrong. I just wanted to be sure before telling you're son."

"All right then see you soon."

Urahara goes to the room under the store that everyone was in at the moment and went up to the crowd that consisted of: Ichigo,
Sado, Orihime, Tatsuki, Uryuu, Rukia, Neliel Tu Oderschvank, Renji, Urahara's assistant, Jinta and Ururu, and said "After making a few calls I have discovered the reason that Ichigo blacked out..." The assembled humans, shinigami, and arrancar looked at Urahara expectantly. Urahara continued saying "...Ichigo's body died..." there were stunned looks on the gatherings faces.
Urahara continued "apparantly kon hit on some girl and she didn't like it, so she ran over him in her car, multiple times."

Ichigo fatalistically asks "I'm dead?"