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A/N: Alright, so this is a 'late Valentine's Day fic', okayz?!

For some reason, I just can't seem to write that well unless it's a Code Geass fic...DAMMIT!!!

And even then, I sometimes don't write that well at all...I'm becoming depressed over it...

Anna was lying on her stomach, reading through one of her magazines, when she noticed Yoh and Manta walk into the room, both of them carrying pink heart-shaped cards.

Tossing her magazine to the side, Anna sat up and snarled threateningly, "...Where did you two get those? You've been seeing another woman, haven't you, Yoh?!!"

Yoh let out a gasp, crying, "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS THINK THAT?!! GEEZ, WOMAN!!"

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CARD, YOH?!!" Anna demanded.

Yoh sighed. "Tamao gave us these! She's been handing them out to everyone today!! Ren, Horohoro, Chocolove, Ryu and Faust got cards as well!!" he explained.


Manta nodded, and interjected, "Yeah, she's just been passing them out!"

Anna crossed her arms and let out a huff of disappointment. "If that's true...then why didn't I get one?"

"You wanted one...?" Yoh asked her incredulously.

"N-NO!!!" Anna snapped, her cheeks slightly flushed, "I JUST...if she's just 'passing them out', then she should have given me one! I mean, I'm the one who's actually letting her stay at our place! I could just as easily kick her out to live on the streets! She should be more considerate!!"

"Uh, yeah...sure..."


Storming past the two boys in a huff, Anna charged down the hallway towards Tamao's room. 'I'LL TEACH HER TO FORGET ABOUT ME ON VALENTINE'S DAY!!! ...Wait, why am I so upset about this? It's just VALENTINE'S DAY for Shaman King's sake! I don't want a valentine from HER! ...Do I?'

By the time Anna was pondering this, she was already standing outside of Tamao's bedroom door.

Remembering her rage towards the pink-haired girl, Anna pounded her fist on the door several times, and shouted, "Tamao...are you in there?!!"

A moment of silence, and then... "Y-Yes, Anna-san?"


A slight whimper was heard, and the door creaked open as Tamao stepped out into the hall. "Y...Y...Yes?" she asked timidly, afraid of being punished for whatever it was she had done this time.

Anna scowled. "I heard you were giving out valentine cards to everyone..."

"Y-Yes, I was..."

"Then...what about me?! I'm the one providing you lodgings, aren't I?! Don't I deserve some notice?!"

Tamao's face became as bright pink as her hair. "Oh, I'm sorry, Anna-san...you see, I...I have a special valentine for you...which is why I didn't make you a card...I'm really sorry about that..."

Anna crossed her arms, and asked, "A 'special valentine'? What the hell does that mean?"

"Umm...I'll give it to you right now..."

Before Anna could even react, Tamao leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.


As they separated, Tamao stared down at the floor, blushing furiously, and whispered, "Happy Saint Valentine's Day, Anna-san..."

Then, Tamao rushed back into her room and slammed the door behind her without another word.

The itako, meanwhile, was left in a state of shock.

Raising her fingers to her lips, Anna tried to comprehend what had just happened.

'Tamao...she...she just kissed me...'

For some reason, all of the anger she had held just seemed to have vanished in that instant. Forcing a shrug, Anna turned around and began to walk away. A smile graced her lips.

'I guess,' she thought, 'I can let her off the hook THIS time...'