"It's already been three months since Father died…" a youth (probably just thirteen years of age) looks out the window of his limousine.

Without turning his head, he glares at the big man (probably between forty and fifty years of age) sitting across from him, "Now, Uncle whom we have only met just a few days before Father's funeral is taking me and Rose to the country of all places!"

"Rose, what is your opinion of this?" he turns around to the girl (probably just eleven years of age) sitting beside him.

"…The country is…" he sighs.

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Note: "speaking"; "thinking"; "EMPHASIZING"

q – O – o – O – o – O – p

"Mühlenburg…a country town dependent mainly on farming…not many people come here…to this useless land…" the youth thinks. He appears to have fair skin and a tall and semi-muscular build. He has somewhat long red hair that can reach past his chin but not long enough to touch his shoulders. Judging by his countenance, he appears to be more than just German. His eyes emanate a sense of pride, hate, and boastfulness, caring only for those of his social class.

"Uncle, why must we move to this backland area?!" the girl complains. She has very fair skin and a very feminine build. She has long wavy red hair that reaches her waist. Judging from her countenance, she appears to be more than just German. Her eyes emanate a sense of selfishness and boastfulness but also love.

"Hm? 'Backland'? Bah, this is one of the better places in Deutschland (Germany)!" the big man laughs. Unlike the other two, he had tanned skin and a very masculine and very muscular build. He has white hair that seems to be unaffected by the wind, as it stays in its usual position…pointing behind him and a little bit towards the ground. More things of note are the numerous scars on his body…on his neck and on his arms…he even has a long scar over his right eye. Judging from his countenance…he probably looks completely German. His eyes emanate a sense of guidance, trust, love, and laughter.

"Brother, what do you think of this backland place?" she asks the youth.

"I also think that this is a waste of time, Rose," the youth replies.

"See, Uncle?" Rose, the girl, proves her point.

"Adelheid, Rose, this is something that my brother wanted to show you but couldn't. Meh, if he were the one making you move here, would you have accepted it?" the big man asks.

"That has nothing to do with this!" Adelheid, the youth, glares at his uncle.

"I'm just thankful that you are forcing us to live here for only a year!" Rose crosses her arms.

"Hah, don't worry! You'll love the country!" the big man laughs, "By a year's time, you two will be begging me to let you stay!"

"I doubt that," Adelheid comments.

"…very highly!" Rose adds.

"Hahahahahaha!" the big man laughs heartily.

As the limousine moves up a hill, Adelheid looks out the window and see the town of Mühlenburg. It is inferior, according to Adelheid's and Rose's standards…a town of agriculture with not much excitement…they believe.

"Brother, this town is much too small!" Rose complains, "Not many people will know of our superiority if we just stay in a town as small as this!"

"However, a small town like that will allow everyone in it to know of our superiority," Adelheid looks at it optimistically.

"Just as expected, Brother. You always make things sound better for me!" Rose titters.

After putting more thought into it, Adelheid tells the big man, "Father would not have brought us here to begin with…"

"That's true! He would not have wanted use to socialize with the country folk, who are very low people!" Rose agrees.

"'Very low people'? Bah, you think too low of the country folk! They are just like city folk, only not as vicious!" Silber ends with a hearty laugh.

"Brigand…" Adelheid sighs.

"Hah, children these days…" the big man sighs.

After a short while, the limousine stops. Both Adelheid and Rose look out the windows to see what their new abode appears like. Instead, they see a few maids and butlers waiting for them…they appear to be blocking the view to the mansion, since the servants are a little close to the window.

"We're here," the big man laughs.

On cue, the driver opens the door for the three and greets, "Here is the mansion, Master Silber, Young Master Adelheid, and Young Mistress Rose."

"Come on out!" Silber, the big man, laughs as he gets out of the limousine.

"Welcome back, Master Silber. We hope that everything is to your liking!" the maids and the butlers greet in unison.

"Haha! Of course, it is!" Silber laughs then adds, "As long as, my earlier requests were followed!"

"'Requests'?" Adelheid asks as he steps out of the limousine but shades his eyes from the midday sun, since he was in the limousine for quite a long time.

"What do you mean?" Rose asks as Adelheid helps her out of the limousine.

"Oh, nothing!" Silber laughs then gestures the two to look behind them, "So, what do you think?"

However, they look at what is before them… their new abode.

Rose complains, "THIS is our mansion!? But it's so small!"

Adelheid agrees and comments, "This mansion is just two times larger than the size of a commoner's shopping mall! You expect us to live here?!"

"Bah!" Silber starts growing annoyed then replies, "Not the mansion! The scenery!"

The siblings turn around to view the scenery of Mühlenburg from such a high place.

Adelheid admits, "It's almost breath-taking…"

"However, the city is much better! Right, Brother?" Rose comments.

"Of course," Adelheid answers.

"You kids…" Silber sighs then laughs, "Maybe you should take a look at your rooms. You both will be surprised!"

"Very well," Rose agrees to the suggestion then turns to Adelheid, "Brother, I shall be going to my room now."

"And I to mine…" Adelheid replies then calls to one of the maids, "You! Take me to my room!"

The maid bows and turns to the mansion, "As you request, Young Master. Please follow me, Young Master."

"Uncle, there had better be no deductions to my things," Adelheid warns before following the maid.

"…Hm? What would make you believe that?" Silber laughs.

"Hmph!" Adelheid scoffs.

After several minutes of walking, the maid stops in front of a door and opens it for Adelheid. He peers into the room and is immediately shocked to find two important things missing. He is taken aback for a moment then runs inside to look through his things. He only has one more important material thing…He looks through several closets and makes a mess by tossing everything else…his clothes, his photos, his paintings, even several photos of his father and mother.

"WHERE IS IT!?!?!" Adelheid yells at the top of his lungs.

"WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?!" Rose can be heard yelling a little while after Adelheid had.

"Rose…as well?!" Adelheid turns to the maid, "I command you to return them to me!"

"Those things?" the maid asks, "Ah, I beg for your forgiveness, Young Master…but Master Silber has ordered us to deny any request regarding that…"

"Uncle!?!" Adelheid yells, "Useless maid! Stupid Uncle!"

Adelheid runs out his room to search for Silber. After a while of running, he finds Rose doing the same.

"Brother!" Rose notices Adelheid and runs to him.

"You, as well?" Adelheid asks Rose.

"Unfortunately…" Rose pouts.

"This is all Uncle's fault!" Adelheid yells as he dashes off to find Silber.

"Please wait for me, Brother!" Rose tries to catch up with Adelheid.

He goes through every room to find Silber…not caring about his acts. Eventually, he finds another room and checks…It is the study, a room full of books…and a place where silence can be found. Silber is inside reading a letter.

"Hm?" Silber looks up and sees Adelheid.

"UNCLE!" Adelheid yells at Silber, "What is the meaning of this!?"

"What is the meaning of what?" Silber asks, as he inconspicuously hoards the letter in his person.

"They're gone!" Adelheid yells.

"What's gone?" Silber asks.

"Uncle!" Rose slowly and elegantly enters the room…but the elegance fades as she starts yelling, "WHERE IS MY TELEVISION!?! WHERE IS MY COMPUTER!?!"

"And where are my television and my computer?!" Adelheid adds.

"Television? Bah, you don't need that! You can go take a walk instead of resting your posterior and watching television!" Silber retorts, "And your computers? You'll just ruin your eyesight with those things!"

"Ah! And my dramas!" Rose adds.

"Dramas? All the drama that you need is in your life," Silber laughs.

"What of my fighting videos?!" Adelheid adds.

"Fighting videos? Bah, you can't learn how to fight from videos! You just need a trainer and a sparring partner!" Silber laughs again.

"I had a teacher, Uncle!" Adelheid says with an angry face.

After having heard that, Silber stops smiling, "…My brother, right?"

Adelheid and Rose say nothing…a silent yes…

Silber replies to their silence, "I know that I'm not my brother and your father…However, I can do my best in giving you the lifestyle he wanted…"

"He wants to strip us of our wealth and power?!" Adelheid jumps to conclusions.

"And make us live with these…these…these lowlifes?!" Rose adds.

"No," Silber replies, "he wants you to see the other social classes. You can't lead the family if you only look at the other people from a tower or something!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Adelheid asks.

Silber explains, "Here's a better explanation…"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b


o – O – o – O – o – O – o

There are five major social classes: the overclass, the upper class, the middle class, the lower class, and the underclass.

In the bottom, we have the underclass: lower than the low. They are depicted as criminals, homeless people, or lazy good-for-nothings. These people are usually the kind that anyone would want to stay away from. I personally do not wish to talk about this any more…

Next, we have the lower class: those who were born in the worst time, those who suffer from debts, those who suffer from disaster, or those who suffer from abuse. The people of this class are usually the simplest people. Sometimes, they don't need much to be happy. However, when their feel no closure, they may drop to the underclass.

The next class is the middle class. People of this class are the types that work under the upper class. Because of their usual educational background, they make better employees than the lower class. However, that also makes them less prone to completely following us. People of this class can sometimes be more dangerous than those of the lower class. Those of this class seem to harbor hate for other classes but also somehow admire the upper class. Basically, they want to be like us. Continuing, the people of this class follow a much better hygiene than that of the lower class. So, they would be much easier to approach.

The class just below ours can be split into two subclasses: the "nobles" and the "investors".

"Investors", as I call them, are those who made it to the upper class through investments, thriftiness, or marketing. These people are not rich by birth, but by perseverance. However, that is the reason why the majority of the "investor" families have wealth for only a couple of generations.

"Nobles" are the true upper class families. They gain their wealth from Old Money, inheritances, although they may also gain more wealth by hiring the "Investors". These families are often abusive of the lower classes but usually know how to control the lower classes, so they won't revolt against them.

Finally, we have our class, the overclass— the greatest of the great. Like the "nobles", we gain our wealth through Old Money. However, our class has more power. With our influence, we can easily choose the next government officials and even start wars. That influence also affects the people of our class, since the overclass tends to abuse all of the other classes— much more than the "nobles". The overclass looks down on the people from their high places, like towers, skyscrapers and whatnot. We basically have superiority over the other classes, in terms of wealth and power. So, naturally, we would look down upon the other classes and think of them as powerless. We often think so low of the other classes that we believe that we own all of the other classes. We don't realize that our abuse on the other classes may lead us to our downfall.

To prevent this downfall, we must not abuse the other classes so much. To do that, we must understand them. Finally, to do that, we must socialize with them.

q – O – o – O – o – O – p

"Understand, kids?" Silber finishes his explanation.

"Hmph!" both siblings scoff in disbelief.

"The lower classes can topple us? Impossible, laughable, unbelievable!" Adelheid comments.

"We just have to put them in their places! Then they won't think of such a stupid thing!" Rose comments.

"That's the kind of thinking that toppled other overclass families!" Silber explains, "Now the number of overclass families have dwindled to just a handful!"

"We shall excuse ourselves now, Uncle," Adelheid turns his back to Silber before walking away.

"Unthinkable! Your eyes should be the same as ours!" Rose does the same.

Once the siblings have left the study and the door closes behind them, Silber laughs, "…That should give them something to think about!"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b


q – O – o – O – o – O – p

In his bedroom, Adelheid lies on his bed…deep in thought of how his life has changed so much over the years.

"First that Liar died…then just a few months ago, Father died," Adelheid looks at the lights on his bedroom ceiling.

"Now, Uncle pulls us out from our home and brings us into the country. What could he be thinking!?" Adelheid gets up and leaves his room.

"He is just like those of the middle class! He acts and talks like them! Father must be embarrassed to know that his brother is some brigand!" Adelheid continues walking, "He barely looks like Father! Perhaps, Grandfather—!"

Adelheid instantly stops, "Father…the son of a Nazi…and I…the grandson of a Nazi…"

"That should also make Uncle the same as Father…Perhaps…those scars are…!" Adelheid continues walking.

"Uncle may have something about this town," Adelheid thinks then grows a smile, "Perhaps, there may also be those of the upper class here!"

With that thought in mind, he gets a little excited and calls for the driver to bring him to the town.

Within minutes, he enters the town. As he exits his limousine, he notices the townspeople staring at him. After all, who wouldn't stare at a guy, who wears extravagant clothes that practically scream "rich" and who came out of a limousine?

Adelheid scoffs, "Eyes of envy…"

He wanders around the town alone. He sees the happy faces, which annoy him. He sees the various shops and stands, which he calls "poor". He even sees the clock tower that oversees the town. Eventually, he finds the town center. The first thing he notices is the fountain. He observes the water rising from the fountain just to fall down.

"Just like the attempts of the lower classes!" Adelheid grins, "Trying to go up, just to fall back down!"

He looks a little lower and finds a single girl. She has brown hair that barely extends past her shoulders. On her hair is a large circular yellow hairclip. She has gentle mature brown eyes. She wears a white shirt that has blue long sleeves and a red short skirt. She quickly catches Adelheid's attention.

"Hm? She has caught my eye…She must be one of the better ones of this town of commoners…in other words, an upper class lady," Adelheid believes as he walks to her.

"Hm?" the girl notices Adelheid and quickly stares at him.

"Then…upon closer inspection, she wears the same attire as the commoners," Adelheid notices then turns away from her.

"Ah, sorry for staring!" the girl apologizes, "Are you new to Mühlenburg?"

"The lower classes don't deserve my ears…" Adelheid thinks as he continues walking away.

The girl sighs, "Oh…I think I upset him…"

"Keep your thoughts to yourself, peasant girl!" Adelheid scoffs.

"Ah, Miss Saga…what a coincidence to see you here!" another (more elegant) voice is heard.

Adelheid quickly turns around and sees another girl talking to the first. She has long straight black hair. Her brown eyes appear to be haughty and proud. She wears a red dress and a tan blouse. Adelheid instantly knows, "She is of the upper class!"

"G-Greta," the first girl, Saga, appears surprised.

"What might you be doing here, Miss Saga?" the second girl, Greta, smiles at Saga, "Could you possibly have been waiting for me?"

"Uh, no, I was actually waiting for Anne and Norma," Saga replies but remembers Adelheid and turns to him.

"What do want, peasant?" Adelheid glares at Saga.

"Ah!" Saga takes a step back.

"S-Saga! What are you doing?!" Greta yells after Saga backed up to her.

"That GEWORFENE (German: one of non-human birth)!" Adelheid is shocked to have seen what had happened.

"I just got a little scared," Saga admits.

"Of what?!" Greta asks.

"Of me!" Adelheid's loud voice quickly attracted the attention of those around the fountain.

"Hm?" Greta turns to Adelheid, "And who might you be?"

"I am Adelheid Ignitz," Adelheid takes Greta's hand and kiss it.

"WHA—!?" Greta blushes from the kiss.

Adelheid releases Greta's hand and smiles at her, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss—"

"G-Greta von Innstetten," Greta manages to reply…as she is still blushing.

"'Von Instetten'? That's the name of a noble, is it not?" Adelheid continues talking, "Tell me, Miss Greta, why do stay in this rat hole of a town?"

"Well, I—" Greta tries to reply, but—

"'Rat hole'?" Saga interrupts them, "Excuse me, but Mühlenburg is not a rat hole."

"I did not give the Geworfene permission to speak," Adelheid points out.

"'Geworfene'?" Saga repeats, "I am not—"

"Sir Adelheid, Miss Saga is not an animal!" Greta defends Saga.

"Hm?" Adelheid turns back to Greta.

"Miss Saga is my rival, and the people of this town are good friends of mine!" Greta continues, "So, every person here is not a Geworfene!"

"Hm…I see now. I shall take my word back, for the sake of a lady of nobility," Adelheid apologizes…sort of, "Miss Greta has been affected by the air of the Geworfenes. I shall forgive her for this insolence. However, she needs to know the difference in social ranking between her and the Geworfenes."

"O-Okay, I forgive you," Saga replies.

Adelheid ignores Saga and turns to Greta, "So, Miss Greta, do you know of my family's lineage?"

"The Ignitz?" Greta asks, "If I recall correctly, your family's lineage would be…'Hochadel' (sovereign nobility)?"

"'Hochadel'?" Saga repeats.

"Yes, so you must know your place when speaking to us, Miss Saga," Adelheid scoffs.

"Why do you treat me in such a way?!" Saga asks.

"Sir Ignitz, please refrain from acting in such a way towards Miss Saga!" Greta requests to Adelheid.

"This kindness towards the Geworfenes is starting to annoy me!" Adelheid ignores Saga and tries to reply to Greta, "I—!"

The clock tower's bell rings four times, telling everyone that the time is now 4:00 PM.

"Hm? I must take my leave now, Miss Greta…" Adelheid bows to Greta and just looks at Saga, "Saga…"

"Farewell, Sir Adelheid," Greta greets to Adelheid.

"I may return tomorrow. Farewell," Adelheid bows to Greta again before turning and leaving.

"I may have to force Miss Greta in remembering her place above the Geworfenes," Adelheid thinks as he continues walking, "However, Miss Greta could just be giving false kindness to Saga. So, her eyes may actually be the same as mine."

Within minutes, he finds his limousine and is driven to the edge of town, where the Ignitz Mansion is.

"So…my stay here might be more interesting that what I first believed…" Adelheid smirks as he looks out the window of the limousine.

"Hm? What?!" Adelheid feels as if he had seen something fly past his limousine.

Adelheid opens the window and looks outside towards the back of the limousine…and sees nothing, "My imagination?"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b

To be continued…

o – O – o – O – o – O – o


o – O – o – O – o – O – o

Adelheid: This town is full of too many peasants.

Rose: I believe the term is "Geworfenes", Brother.

Adelheid: I have been corrected.

Silber: …These kids…

???: N-Next time…!

#2 Fated Meeting at Mühlenburg (Part Two)

Adelheid: W-What?!

???: Hm?

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