"Hm?" Adelheid turns to his right and sees Mint fly on to his shoulder.

"…Adelheid, what's going on?" Mint curiously asks.

"Stay quiet and listen…" Adelheid replies and looks back at the pianist…Rose.

"Ah…Rose is going to play the piano?" Mint thinks.

"…Shall we observe your progress, Rose…?" Adelheid closes his eyes and waits for Rose to start performing.

d – O – o – O – o – O – b

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o – O – o – O – o – O – o


q – O – o – O – o – O – p

Several minutes later, outside the piano room, Adelheid and Rose can be seen leaving the room. Rose is clutching onto Adelheid's right arm as usual. Mint, for some reason, is nowhere to be found.

"So, Brother, how was my performance?" Rose asks.

"Almost perfect…" Adelheid replies.

"'Almost'?!" Rose sounds shocked to have heard that kind of answer.

"You made several mistakes in the beginning, in the middle, and in the ending," Adelheid explains (a little harshly).

Rose pouts for a while but quickly calms down, "If Brother says so…After all, Brother is the best musician in all of Deutschland…However, was it not Brother's doing that made me have so many faults?"

"My apologies…my precious sister…" Adelheid apologizes, "I wonder how Mint fares after that show?"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b


o – O – o – O – o – O – o

Several minutes earlier at the piano room, Rose was about to begin her performance…but…

"AH!!!" Mint shouts.

"What?!" the shout causes Adelheid to react with a shout of his own.

"Ah! Brother?" Adelheid's shout completely throws off her performance.

"Rose…" Adelheid apologizes, then notices a Season Fairy pass by the open window.

"A-Adelheid…I saw another apprentice Season Fairy! I'll—I'll return in while…" Mint flies off.

"'Saw another'? The one that passed by the window…?" Adelheid watches Mint as she flies away.

"Please wait for me!" Mint begs as she tries to fly as fast as she can (which is not very fast…).

"Mint…" Adelheid sighs.

"Brother, may I begin?" Rose asks Adelheid.

"You may proceed…" Adelheid sighs again then closes his eyes to carefully listen to Rose's performance.

q – O – o – O – o – O – p

Just outside, under the shade of a tree within the vicinity of the Ignitz mansion, Mint seems to be waiting for someone.

"Mint!" someone calls.

"…Vanilla…?" Mint recalls the owner of the voice.

"Mint! Mint! Mint!" Vanilla, the apprentice Snow Fairy, flies to Mint and hugs her, "I missed you!"

"…Th-Thank you…" Mint blushes from the hug and Vanilla's words, "I…was missed?"

"Oh, and I have awesome, awesome news!" Vanilla releases Mint.

"Y-Yes?" Mint shyly asks.

"Oh! Wait! I want the others to know too!" Vanilla giggles as she flies off.

"V-Vanilla…!" Mint is left behind again, "…Vanilla…"

After a while, Vanilla flies back and teases, "Slowpoke! Aren'tcha gonna follow me?"

"Follow you?" Mint asks.

"Of course!" Vanilla giggles, "Or do you want to eat my dust?"

"Huh…?" Mint tilts her head.

"Hurry up!" Vanilla giggles as she flies off again.

"W-Wait, Vanilla!" Mint tries her best to catch up to Vanilla.

Unfortunately, Mint is too slow and ends up falling far behind. After a while of flying, Mint loses sight of Vanilla…and ends up wandering around the area.

o – O – o – O – o – O – o

Vanilla, however, has managed to find the other three apprentice Season Fairies…atop the Mühlenburg clock tower.

"Paprika!!!" Vanilla squeals

"Vanilla?" Paprika, the apprentice Rain Fairy, turns around and sees Vanilla speeding towards her.

"Hiya, Paprika!" Vanilla hugs Paprika the second she lands, "Something happened—!"

"Ah, why do you always notice Paprika first?!" Liquorice, the apprentice Cloud Fairy, complains.

"Because Paprika is like our elder sister," Clove, the apprentice Blizzard Fairy, explains.

"Ah! Clove! Liquorice!" Vanilla giggles then slowly approaches Clove, "You guys want a hug, too?"

"Eh?" Clove slowly flies backwards…away from Vanilla.

"Hug?" Liquorice does the same.

"Hug!" Vanilla flies towards the two.

"Run!" Clove and Liquorice yell simultaneously, as they fly away…together…

After a while of staring at the three's antics, Paprika sighs and tries to stop them, "V-Vanilla! Didn't you have something to tell us?"

"Huh?" Vanilla abruptly stops her chase.

Both Clove and Liquorice fly around the clock tower and stop behind Paprika.

"You're welcome," Paprika smiles at the two.

"Right…thanks, Sis," Liquorice sighs.

"We are grateful," Clove adds.

"That's right!" Vanilla quickly flies back to Paprika then tries to contain her excitement.

"Well?" Clove asks.

Vanilla starts, "My Magic—"

"V-Vanilla…" a familiar voice is heard.

The four Fairies turn to where the voice came from…and find Mint flying to them.

"Ah! Mint! There you are!" Vanilla flies to Mint and hugs her again.

"Vanilla…you left me behind…" Mint sighs.

"Whoopsie!" Vanilla giggles, "I just wanted everyone to hear the news!"

"Weren't…" Liquorice asks, "…we 'everyone' a while ago?"

"Huh?" Vanilla asks as she with Mint on convey returns to the others…

"You wasted time getting her here," Clove refuses to face towards Mint.

"But I want Mint here," Vanilla explains then starts, "Anyway, guess what? My Magic Seed just sprouted! I'm awesome, right?"

Vanilla, expecting praise and looks of amazement, hears only the silence of the Liquorice, Paprika, and Clove.

"…Yours all did already?!" Vanilla yells.

"Paprika's and mine both sprouted," Liquorice explains.

"I am never going back to that place again!" Paprika loses her cool.

"It's your fault for planting it there to begin with," Clove laughs then turns to Vanilla, "Mine sprouted yesterday, Vanilla."

"'Magic Seed'?" Mint had forgotten about it for a while.

"Miiiiint!" Vanilla whines, "Did yours sprout already?!"

"…No…I…" Mint reluctantly confesses, "…forgot…to plant it…"

"What?!" Paprika is taken aback by Mint's words.

"…A forgetful genius…" Liquorice is dumbfounded.

"…Unexpected…" Clove scoffs.

"…Sorry…" Mint apologizes.

"…I don't like hanging out with that genius…" Liquorice thinks for a while then tells everyone, "…Let's race to where my Magic Seed is!"

"Yeah!" Vanilla says with excitement, and Paprika and Clove agree for a different reason.

"Huh? Race?" Mint asks.

"Ready? GO!" Liquorice flies off.

"That's cheating!" Vanilla rushes after him.

"Shall we?" Clove asks Paprika.

"Eat my dust!" Paprika speeds off.

"…Hey!" Clove rushes after the others.

"…Guys…I'm not…" Mint is left alone again, "…good at flying fast…"

"…I…" Mint sighs and starts crying, "…want to go see Adelheid now…"

o – O – o – O – o – O – o

Back the Ignitz mansion, Adelheid is at the study reading a copy of Madame Bovary in its original language— French. Actually, he is almost done reading it.

Beside Adelheid, Rose sits close to him, clutching to his arm.

"Brother, what does that book say?" Rose asks, "I regret not having the ability to understand French."

Adelheid turns to Rose and answers, "…This is a book about a commoner who tries to act like a noble. Useless woman in this book…It is a wonder how something like this is so famous to the masses…"

"Perhaps, it might be to show the commoners how useless it is to promote themselves to nobles," Rose suggests.

"Such a simple answer," Adelheid laughs, "It's most likely true."

"Brother, I love you…" Rose cuddles closer to Adelheid.

"And I to you, Rose," Adelheid smiles back at Rose.

After Adelheid finishes reading the book, he asks Rose to continue with her own studies as he returns to his room.

Halfway during his walk to his room, he grows a little concerned about Mint, "She would like to see that commoner fairy? She had better be well; otherwise, I shall tear that one to pieces!"

Upon reaching his room, he notices Mint sleeping on her little doll-sized bed. Her red cape, her purse, and her boots neatly sit near the foot of the bed.

"She must have gained some fatigue from flying so much," Adelheid sighs, "I shall let her sleep, since she needs it and she is one of us…"

Mint turns around and opens her (tearful) eyes, "A-Adelheid…?"

"Mint?" Adelheid notices the tears, "Did that one do something to you?!"

Mint gets up and explains, "N-No, I just got a little scared of flying…alone, actually."

"She left you alone?" Adelheid asks.

"N-No, I just felt that I should return before you would start worrying!" Mint answers, as tears cascade down her face.

"I worry…that you wish to spend time with commoners," Adelheid explains.

"…'Commoners'? No, I want to be friends with them, so…" Mint tries to continue, "…we can have fun together…and…I won't feel so lonely…"

"Hm? I see…" Adelheid replies then assumes, "She wishes to use the commoners somehow! She does not appear so conniving, if one were to just look at her…but she is a genius! She is a good example of a noble!"

"Adelheid?" Mint grows concerned from the long silence.

"Worry not, Mint," Adelheid laughs, "You may continue spending time with them, if you wish."

"…I…Thank you, Adelheid," Mint innocently smiles at Adelheid.

"I shall be having my luncheon soon, would you care to join me?" Adelheid offers.

Mint wipes her tears away before answering, "…Y-Yes!"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b


q – O – o – O – o – O – p

Night had come quicker than usual, since it started to rain a few hours before dusk. Adelheid stays in the study reading. Mint stays with him and looks out the window. Rose stays beside him. Silber appears to be back in his living quarters.

"…Brother, what causes the rain?" Rose asks Adelheid curiously.

"The rain?" Mint turns around and flies to Adelheid.

"Hm?" Adelheid stops his reading and answers, "…As the sun shines to the earth, its heat slowly evaporates water in the earth. At that point, the water becomes water vapor and is sent into the upper portions of the atmosphere. There, water vapor cools down and turn into clouds. Once the clouds contain too much water, they turn back into water and fall as rain…"

"Amazing, Brother. You know so much…" Rose moves closer to Adelheid.

"Of course," Adelheid laughs then returns to reading his book…but…

"Adelheid, why you didn't tell Rose about the Season Fairies?" Mint, standing on Adelheid's book, asks.

"I am a man of logic and science. I still have trouble believing in that sort of thing," Adelheid admits.

"But…I'm right here. You believe that I'm a Season Fairy…so…shouldn't you believe it?" Mint shyly asks.

"…You are an exception…I have seen your abilities, but I have not seen the abilities of others!" Adelheid replies.

"But…" Mint tries to reply.

"Brother? To whom are you speaking?" Rose…apparently (and obviously) could hear Adelheid's talking.

"I…" Adelheid gives some thought to his answers, "…There is no way that Rose will believe that I have been speaking to a fairy that only I can see! This…may be the weakness of this power…"

"Oh, I see…" Rose observes the words of the book.

"Hm?" Adelheid wonders about what Rose meant.

"I think…" Mint flies away from the book and back on the table.

"You were reciting from this collection of words, were you not, Brother?" Rose guesses, since the book is in Spanish, "…I am blessed to have such a caring Brother, who would translate the story for me…!"

Adelheid sighs, "…Perhaps…I should start from the beginning."

"Please do, Brother," Rose giggles.

"'In a place at La Mancha, which name I do not want to remember, not very long ago lived a country hidalgo, one of those gentlemen or hidalgos who keep a lance in the lance-rack, an ancient shield, a skinny old horse, and a fast greyhound…'" Adelheid starts reading from the book, El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha).

Mint starts listening, as well, "A book about humans? Interesting…"

Within fifteen minutes, both Mint and Rose had fallen asleep.

Adelheid closes the book and returns it to its proper shelf. He returns and sees that the two are still fast asleep. He lets out a single laugh then comments, "They are still children, after all! I shall personally take Rose and Mint to their respective beds…The servants are not privileged enough to carry them while I am with them!"

With that done, he gently takes Rose and carries her…but he quickly realizes that Mint would be left. He lays Rose back on the couch and gently takes Mint into his hands…but now Rose would be left. He sighs but quickly has an idea. He lays Mint on Rose's chest then carries Rose.

"Rose is just as expected of a noble…She barely moves while she sleeps…Unlike commoners her age…" Adelheid scoffs.

He personally sees to it that Rose is safe in her bed, by bringing her there himself. Upon reaching Rose's room Adelheid finds a servant and orders her to open the door to Rose's room.

Once inside, he gently lays Rose on her bed and gently takes Mint into his left hand. With his free hand, he tucks Rose in.

"Sweet dreams, Rose…" he kisses Rose on the cheek then turns the lights off before leaving.

Back in the corridor, Adelheid, with sleeping Mint lying on his hand, makes his way to his own room. Before the door to his room, he orders another servant to open it. He enters, and the door closes.

"Mint, sweet dreams to you, as well," Adelheid greets after having removed Mint's cape, purse, and boots.

He turns away and opens the door again…and he comes to a small realization, "Come next week, classes should begin…Where am I and Rose to study in this town of Geworfenes?!"

He turns the lights off and closes the door.

Adelheid yelling "UNCLE!!!" could be heard, so can rapid footsteps…

"…A…del…hei…d…" Mint mumbles in her sleep, "...I…love…"

d – O – o – O – o – O – b

To be continued…

o – O – o – O – o – O – o

Mint: Next time…

Adelheid: I refuse to believe that!

Vanilla: Mint! Mint! Mint!

Paprika: Sorry about everything…

Clove: We were…envious…

Mint: …Guys…

Liquorice: Wow! This is where you live?

Adelheid: Next time…

#4 Apprentice Season Fairies (Part 2)

Adelheid: …Waffle…

All Five Fairies: Waffo…?

Adelheid: …What?

o – O – o – O – o – O – o

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