Summary: It was a mask he had put up for all to see. And Len wondered, for the millionth time on that fateful October day, if he could truly deceive her with it.

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When she had walked down that long, petal-covered aisle, his breath had gotten caught up in his throat and he almost -almost- couldn't breath.

She was beautiful.

He was careful to take all of Kahoko in. How the trail of her pristine white dress would flare out subtly as she walked, and how the elaborate patterns on her skirt would shimmer as they caught light. Tsukimori Len concentrated hardest on her features, recording the teensiest details in his mind… like the small smile (the one he had grown to love too much) that graced her flushed face, and her eyes that twinkled with joy, content and barely contained excitement.

He gulped, a little too audibly, that Tsuchiura had to let out a low chuckle at his needless apprehension. The pianist even had the nerve to nudge the normally indifferent man with his elbow and beam, sparkly white teeth and all. Len could only give him a very dry look.

Mendelssohn's March seemed to grow louder with every step that Kahoko made and Len was only vaguely aware that she was probably just a few more feet away. She now appeared as red-topped… something that was moving very slowly at his direction. He had very bad vision, the violinist thought humorlessly, trying to distract himself, trying very hard to forget that he was swimming in his little anxiety pool.

He had just realized a half-second ago that his boutonnière might be slightly askew and that his hair was most likely unkempt because he had gone scatter-brained and uncharacteristically frantic while he was changing just a few hours ago... It was funny that on one of the most important days of his life, he'd forgotten a lot of things, made a bunch of relatively small mistakes and took very little notice of things he would have straightened out on any normal day.

But all that hardly seemed important now that Hino Kahoko was standing very close to him, smiling and appearing happier than he'd seen her in the seven years they'd known each other.

Seven years he had been hopelessly in love with her.

Seven years he had procrastinated and never told her how much he wanted to be with her.

Seven years he had let Tsuchiura Ryoutaro steal her heart away.

She was now mouthing an 'thank you' at him, apparently grateful for having agreed to be the best man and for being a good friend that had supported her and her would-be husband's relationship for all these years. Len smiled one of those happy, reassuring smiles that he rarely gave anyone as he watched the bridegroom take Kahoko's gloved hand in his.

Tsuchiura had whisked her away to their little fairy tale ending.

And Len wordlessly kept his smiling mask on.


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