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When Bella told me she was pregnant, I didn't think that the labor would be like this. I didn't realize how painful it would be for her. I am never, ever going to touch her again. There is no way we were having any more children after the twins were born.

I was pacing in the hallway outside Bella's room. The doctors kicked me out of the room because I kept swearing at them to make the pain go away. I couldn't stand to hear her moans of pain and her screams. This day would star in every single nightmare I would ever have in the future. It seemed the doctors weren't doing anything to help her.

My parents finally showed up. (I had called them when Bella went into labor, but they were in Florida. So they had to hop on a flight order to get back to Seattle.) "Dad! Mom!" I ran over and gave them both a big hug. "They kicked me out of Bella's room and won't tell me anything."

My father went straight to the nearest nurse and turned on his charm. Mom put her arm around my waist and led me to some of the uncomfortable hospital chairs. "How are you holding up, honey?" she asked my quietly.

"Not very well. I think I would be better if I knew what was going on with her. And I would be great, for the most part, if I could be with her. It's just so hard to see her in that much pain and not being able to do anything about it." I leaned my head back so it was resting against the back of the chair.

"We'll try to get you back in the room. Your father was kicked out of the hospital room as well. Your father is working on getting you back in with Bella. I'm sure she needs you as much as you need her right now," Mom said. I nodded in response.

It was nice having my mom there. It helped to have someone near that I can lean on, figuratively speaking. I didn't really want to think about how much pain Bella was in trying to get our babies into the world. We had decided to not know the sex of our babies until they were born. "Edward!" I heard Alice yell, she had poked her head out of the delivery room. "Bella really needs you in here."

I was on my feet and racing toward the room. "Edward," my dad called out as I was entering the room. At the moment, I didn't care what my father had to say. I was able to see my Bella.

Though I knew Bella wasn't in the greatest of shape when I left, I didn't think I would find her like this. She was crying, cussing, and randomly hitting Alice, the doctors, whoever was in the way of her fists. I rushed to her side, took one of her hands and gently rubbed it. "Mr. Cullen. We need to speak to you about your wife's condition," Dr. Johnson told me.

I looked up at the doctor. She has been with Bella since she found out she was pregnant. "What do you mean, her condition?"

"The babies aren't ready to come out, though she is fully diluted. We're going to have to perform an emergency c-section," Dr. Johnson told me.

My face lost all of its color. "A c-section? Will she be all right after and during the surgery?" I asked. The last thing I wanted was Bella to be in someway harmed because of an emergency surgery.

"She'll be perfectly all right. We'll have to give her some more sedatives. Since she reacted so strongly to you leaving, I want you to stay in the surgery room. Are you okay with being in there?"

"Of course. I will be where ever Bella is," I responded. I looked down at Bella, she had calmed down a little because I was holding her hand. "Let's get her ready and get my babies out."

Dr. Johnson laughed at my remark. "She'll be just fine, Edward. So will the babies. There is nothing for you to worry about."

"It's not so much about knowing that Bella and the babies WILL be fine, it's the pain she's going through now."

"I understand, now let's get her feeling better."

With that, Bella was wheeled down to the closest operating room. Dad and Mom, as well as Bella's dad and all of our friends, came with us and hovered around the hallway. I'm surprised Emmett hadn't gotten kicked out of the hospital yet. I'm sure it would be a little scary having him lurking around. Rose and Emmett were only in Seattle for the birth of their nieces/nephews. They've been living in New York. Rose was modeling different things and Emmett was working and designing cars. Perfect jobs for both of them. Bella and I were excited to have them here.

After hours and hours, Dr. Johnson finally told me, "Edward, you have a beautiful daughter and a very handsome son." I smiled at her. "Bella will recover. We're going to put her into a private room. Your children will be in the nursery for a couple hours until Bella is up for feeding them." I nodded.

The next day:

Bella and I had names picked out, but we didn't really want any one to know the names we were considering until the babies were here. Alice, once she found out that she was the godmother of a girl and a boy, she drove as fast as she possibly could to our house and redecorated the nursery. Bella and I will have the babies sleep in the same room for the next couple of years, and then they could have their own rooms decorated in different styles.

I had let our friends and family know that we wanted them all in the hospital room today at 3. Bella had to stay in the hospital for a couple more days because of the surgery, so we decided to introduce the babies to the family in the hospital. When are families and friends were standing beside Bella's bed (I was in the bed with her), and looking at us and the babies, I smiled.

"This is Carlie Esme Cullen," I introduced our daughter.

"And this is Anthony Charles Cullen," Bella stated.

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