A small collection of drabbles about everyone's favourite misfit Nobodies. Some will be short, some not-so short. As with my other drabble-set. Credit was given to those who offered prompts. Hope you enjoy. (Note: This set was written before Xion made her debut, so she does not appear.)

Characters/Pairings: Organization XIII (minus XIV). Some pairings hinted/shown. Time Setting: During Days/Pre-CoM. (No major spoilers.)

Rating/Warnings: PG/K+ - Some swearing and violence in mild doses.

Drabble Set Music: Black, Black Heart by David Usher.

1. Expectations. - Xemnas and Roxas.

Rubbing his neck nervously, the boy known as Roxas glances up at the tall, amber-eyed mage (who called himself Xemnas) he is walking with. He is quite intimidating, clad in black and his long silver hair shining in the dim light. They are walking in the most blizzard, unwelcoming place. It is dark, cold, and empty with tall, menacing skyscrapers and twisted neon lights. In the shadows, the boy swears he can see creatures of some description scatter and flee when they walk past. He steps closer to the solemn man, uneasy and unsure about his new surroundings.

"They won't harm you" Xemnas reassures him with little emotion. "The Lesser Nobodies serve us. We are their masters."

Roxas nods slightly. Nobodies. That is what he is. A Nobody.

"Erm. Excuse me… Sir?"


"I just want to know… What is it that I'm supposed to do? What is expected of me?"

Xemnas stops.

Roxas stops too.

He looks up at him with blue puzzled eyes. Xemnas stares off into the darkness, not at the child.

Then he does looked at him, irises burning. Roxas shuddered under the stare.

"Roxas… Are you willing to kill?"

The boy stares up at him. Not in shock of being asked such a question; nor because of the way the powerful being had said it, with nothing hinting in his voice.

He just… Would he? Would he be willing to kill?

"I-I don't know, Sir… Who would I be killing? Why would I be killing them?"

"Why? For personal gain" Xemnas shrugs. "Everyone in this Organization is after the same thing. Together, we can achieve it. However, some sacrifices have to be made. Through others and yourself-"

"Like your sanity. Will I go insane from the guilt of killing others?" Roxas asks, arching a brow, looking almost curious.

"…Nobodies can't feel, Roxas" Xemnas sighs. "We have no hearts. We can't feel guilt from our bloodshed."

Roxas takes it all in, ticking it over in his head. Xemnas can see that he is thinking through his expression. A moment lost in silence drifts by, until Roxas speaks again.

"Then I will be willing."

Xemnas gives a swift nod. It would have taken anyone else forever to think about this subject. The boy answered in seconds. He places strong hands on the child's shoulders.

"I think we are going to see great things from you, Number Thirteen."