Prompt suggested by LLawlietzz

15. Trombone. - Axel and Xigbar.

"Look at all of this." Axel's long fingers brushed along ivory keys, making a quick, disorganized tune. "Demyx would have a orgasm if he saw all of this."

Xigbar laughed, smirking at all of the musical instruments handing from the walls and ceiling - Flutes, violins, drums, horns, xylophone and bells decorated the small shop, giving off a smell of polished wood and brass.

"How much do you think this lot costs?" the gunman asked, tapping a wind-chime of steel triangles to make a delicate, tingling sound that echoed around the room. Axel shrugged.

"Billons, maybe."

"Hey, look at this monster!"

Two picked up a large, gold-coloured trombone, long and grand, with respectable-sized tubes.

"Give it a blow, Xig" Axel grinned, walking over sharply.

The Sniper licked his lips, and placed the mouthpiece to his mouth. He blow and a long straggly noise escaped.


He was more or less winded by his effort, and his cheeks was bright red as he gasped for air. Axel gave him a slow, unimpressed clap.

"Bravo, Xigbar" he said sarcastically. "Bravo."

"Shut up!" Two's yellow eye narrowed. "It's not easy, ya know."

"What's so hard about blowing into a tube? You're full of hot air already."

"Fine. Here." Xigbar thrust the instrument into Axel's arms and chest, making he call out a small "oof" at the hit. "Put your money where your big mouth is."

"Alright then!" The redhead flicked his tongue over his thin lips, holding the instrument correctly in his hands, putting the mouthpiece to his gob. Deep breath and he blew.


He held the low note for a long time. His cheeks started hurting, being puffy, his face turning just as red as his hair and Xigbar swore that his skin was becoming purple too. After a long time, Axel lost the will to go on and collapsed onto the ground with a thump and a metal clatter. Xigbar blinked down at him.

"Axe?" He gave the boy a nudge with the tip of his boot. "You alright, kiddo?"


No reply. After a while, Xigbar just shrugged, plunging his hands into his pockets and walked over to the cellos, leaving Axel on the ground.

"Oh, you'll be alright."