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I sat on the toilet lid, holding the ominous little stick in my hand. I could hear Edward pacing in the bedroom just outside the door. I glanced at my watch for the third time. How could only a minute and a half have passed?!

I sighed to myself as I thought back to the past couple of hours.


"Edward... we need to talk..."

Worry struck across his face in an instant. The only other time I had said that to him was 3 years ago when I had told him I was being sent to Switzerland for 3 months. I was scared we wouldn't make it through, we'd only been dating for a few months, and we were about to start our freshman year. It was now summer holidays, and we were heading into our senior year.

"Bella...I love you..."

"Calm Edward, I'm not leaving you."

"Ok... so... what's up beautiful?"

"Um... oh god this is hard..."

Edward walked to me, and took my face between his hands.

"Bella, what is it?"

"Just promise not to get mad ok?"

"Bella, when have I ever been mad at you?"

"Uh, last week, when I slipped into the water down at La Push"

"I wasn't mad at you! I was mad at myself! I should've been more careful, I should've caught you!"

"Edward, we're off topic..."

"Ok... go on then..."

"I'm late..."

"Late for what?" He looked like he knew but he was begging me to give him a different answer. Tell him I had to be somewhere 5 minutes ago. Anything.

"My period Edward... I'm late for my period..."

"How late?"

"Um... I don't remember having one a month ago... so... a month, one week, and 5 days?"

"A MONTH! Bella, how could you not tell me earlier?"

"You promised you wouldn't be mad!"

Edward sighed and turned away.

"I'm not mad Bella... I'm just...trying to figure out why you've left it so long to tell me..."

"I...kind of didn't realise I didn't have my period last month..."

"How can you not notice something like that? It's kind of big..."

"Well, I was busy with exams, and I didn't even think about it."

"Ok... so... what now?"

I tried to think of what we were meant to be doing now, but nothing came to mind.

"I don't know..."

"Ok. Well first of all we should probably get a test. You haven't done one already have you?"

"No. I wanted to wait for you. I couldn't do it alone."

"Ok, well, I'll go to the drug store and I'll be back in 15 minutes."

End Flashback

I thought that telling him would be the hardest part of all of this, but the worst part is waiting for the 5 minutes to pass before I could know the result.

I glanced at my watch again. 30 more seconds until I could look.

I closed my eyes, and started breathing, counting the seconds.

19, 20, 21...

Even the seconds were dragging.

27, 28, 29...


Open your eyes Bella... Just look at it.

I fought with myself; I could just leave it and get Edward to look at it. But that would be even worse. I exhaled, and looked down at the stick.

"Oh fuck..." I managed to whisper as I saw the small smiley face looking up at me.

I felt my world start to sway, and everything started to go fuzzy. I could hear my breathing but nothing else.

"Bella! Bella wake up!"

I groaned as my eyes fluttered open. It took me a moment to register the cold tiles underneath my back, and warm fingers pressing lightly on my throat.

"Edward?" I choked out.

"Oh god Bella, don't do that again."


"I know Bella. I know..."

"What do we... what happens now?"

"Now you decide what you want to do, because I will be here no matter what. Although I do have my preference, it's your choice."

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