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*A while ago I asked for help with my latest story, I needed ideas of anything Tommy/Kim that you had wondered about over the years. Things that were mentioned and we never saw, more realistic reactions to things we did see or just 'I wonder what would have happened if…'

Any ways, this is wonder 1, suggested by Hewhoreaps. He wondered about Tommys reaction when he found out Zedd tried to make Kim his queen. I didn't intend to re-write the entire story but I guess I got carried away, it's probably not what he had in mind but I hope you all enjoy it anyways. All other suggestions will be gratefully received via private msg x

WONDER 1- Beauty And Her Beast (Part 1 )


My eyes flutter open

It takes a moment or two but my cloudy vision finally clears and the fog evaporates from my confused mind

I don't know where I am but there's a terrible darkness tugging at my memory, and panic quickly wraps its self around me as I feel my throat constrict with fear

Where am I?

My hands make contact with the cold stone floor and the pain that rips through it tells me I'm injured, I don't know how badly, or how it happened, all I know is I have to get out of here!

I squint my eyes in an attempt to see through the darkness that surrounds me, I think I can see a light, far away in the distance, it's flickering…almost like a candle on the horizon and I know I have to get to it

Bracing myself once more for the pain I know will follow, I place both hands onto the coldness beneath me and attempt to push myself to my feet.

It takes a couple of tries but eventually I'm vertical and nausea is rushing towards me and as it hits me head on it almost knocks me off my feet.

White lights swirl around me and I find myself leaning backwards against a wall I wasn't even aware was there.

Minutes pass by, and eventually so does the nausea, feeling brave I open my eyes and taking my injured hand in the other I feel the stickiness of blood and again the panic finds me and threatens to consume me.

I want to scream, I want someone to hear me and rush to my rescue but I know that if I scream out the only person that will come for me is the person that has done this to me

My morpher and communicator are gone, there's no easy escape and no way of calling for help… suddenly I realise that's what he wants, me cut off from my friends and unable to escape, I don't know what his plans are this time but something tells me I'm about to have a starring role.

Strong arms wrap themselves around my memory and a musky scent floods my senses. I feel the brush of long hair against my cheek and for an instant I feel safe again, safe in the way only one man makes me feel… but he's gone. He wont know what's happened. Tears scold my eyes as I realise that this time he won't be coming for me

Okay, I have to focus, I don't know how long I have so I have got to make my move now

Lifting one aching leg, I attempt to move forward but my knee gives way immediately, causing me to crash back down on to the ground

Everything hurts….

My surroundings are shrouded in darkness …

My tears are coating my face in a mask of hopelessness

I'm sure my pathetic display of weakness is being witnessed by the one person I can't risk seeing it

I'm the person that was supposed to be the protector, but on my knees in this stone prison I am the person in need of protection…

The power is gone and the only thing left is me


Wrapping the white towel around me, I pant as I try to regain my breath and I'm pleased that no one is around to witness that I'm not as fit as I thought I was

To be honest, swimming has never really been my thing, but here in the wilderness that has become my home, I'm attempting to rebuild myself and physical exercise of any kind gives me time to think and reassess

Sitting heavily down onto the sand a feeling sweeps over me, I'm not sure what it is but it's unlike anything I've ever felt before

I wrap the towel tightly around my shoulders as the coldness that has just scraped it's finger nails down my soul begins to slip away leaving only an unreasonable sense of panic and uneasiness

A face I haven't seen in weeks fills my mind

A sweet perfume that was once the air that I breathed is wrapping its self around my soul and as the hot sun burns at my skin a dark fear is burning at my mind

A long time ago… a lifetime ago I used to feel her near me- like this, even when she wasn't.

I feel her romantic whispers kissing my ears and I'm just about to push myself to my feet when I'm suddenly aware of someone running across the sand towards me

The expectation that it's her is completely ridiculous and yet I can't help but feel it

Spinning around I'm not surprised to find that it isn't


Jason- my best friend, is standing before me. I go to smile him a greeting but the deathly paleness that paints his normally tanned face causes the cold scratching in my soul to resume

"Kimberly…" My voice sounds as though it belongs to someone else and Jasons movements become slow and heavy, almost as though he's moving under water.

I'm aware of his hands on my shoulders

He's talking but I can't make sense of what he's saying

Jasons eyes are red as he tries to explain but nothing is penetrating my brain

He's pulling me across the sand as I stare at him but never really see him

"Tommy, we have to go… Tommy come on!"

My name sounds funny as it flies from his throat and hits my ears and I almost want to laugh, but the words that follow cause me to regain control of my senses

"We have to get back to Angel Grove"

"I can't go back there"

"You have to, Kim's in trouble and Zordon has requested that you come back with me, he says we might need your help to get her back"

I stutter to speak, I want to tell him there's nothing I can do- I don't have any powers, but my mouth hangs open in shock as I finally begin to move on my own

I try to tell him that I'll be more of a hindrance than a help but my legs are pumping as I move at speed across the sand

I'm still trying to tell him that I don't know what I can do to help as I throw myself into the passenger seat of his car and buckle up but then I realise that none of my protests mean anything

Kimberly is in danger…

Ranger or not she's still my heart and Zedd will have to kill me before I will let him have her


Looking around the power chamber I realise that I don't belong here anymore.

Too much has happened, there's too much that I can't forget.

The terrible memories from my days in green haunt me every second of every day but here… here they seem so much worse and I know why, it's because here is where I did the real damage.

I hurt every one of the people standing around me and no matter how much they say I made up for my mistakes when I joined the team, I just don't seem to be able to convince myself that it's true.

The command centre is meant only for the good… not for the likes of me.

"Tommy, it is good to have you back with us"

I know Zordon means it but I can barely bring myself to look at him, shame eats me up when I remember what I did to him… the things I said.

He forgave me a long time along, I just wish I had his strength for forgiveness

"Zordon, have you found Kimberly?"

The looks on the faces of everyone around me tells me there's more to this than Jason has told me and when Zach places a trembling hand onto my shoulder I know something is terribly wrong

"Zach? Zordon? What's going on?"

"Tommy, we have located Kimberly"

Zordons voice sounds way more serious than I wanted to hear it

"So what's going on, why haven't you guys gone for her?"

And my voice sounds way more panicked than I wanted the others to hear

"Kim's a Ranger, Rangers get kidnapped all of the time, believe me I should know. We go in, we get her back and then we go for shakes at Ernies, that's what we do, why aren't we doing that?"

I'm babbling, I can hear it but I can't stop it and this time it's Jasons hand on my shoulder as he informs me that it's not going to be that easy

I try to force down my temper as I struggle to work out why these guys haven't morphed already and gone in and rescued Kim, if they leave it much longer she'll start to think they're not coming. The thought of Kim alone and scared fills my mind as my self-control begins to slip

"Well I'll make it that easy"

Temper and panic are now in control of me and I know I probably sound like an ass hole but I want Kim back, and I want her back now!

"Teleport me in Zordon, powers or not I'll get her out of there"

"Tommy, I'm afraid Jason was right, this time Zedd has taken Kimberly to a dimension beyond our reach"

"They're always beyond our reach, but you guys will find a way in- you always do"


Trini fixes me with a serious look and I don't know what she's going to say but I know I'm not going to like it

"We're trying to find a way in but that might not be our only problem"

"Okay, okay, you guys need to stop telling me bits and pieces of this story, I want the full version and I want it now otherwise I will walk out of here and I wont stop walking until I've found Zedd and thoroughly kicked his ass"

The story I'm told is far worse and far more appalling than I ever imagined.

Goldar had snatched Kimberly when she was at her lowest point and in search of reassurance, nobody mentioned my name but I know my disappearance must have hurt her, I meant to call, but I just didn't know what to say…

He'd taken her to some far off dimension, Zordon had quickly located her signal but all attempts to reach her, or find a way in to rescue her had so far failed although Billy was still searching.

During their attempts Zordon had stumbled upon an ancient prophecy, it foretold of a protector of the power being taken and held in a mystical dimension, stripped of her morpher and communicator she would be put beyond reach of her team and then a spell would be cast, it would remove all memories of who she was and fill her head with new memories… she would be made to believe that she was the wife of Lord Zedd and she would join forces with him in an attempt to bring down the Power Rangers

Zordon didn't know how much of the prophecy had come to pass, and now, all we know is Kim is out there somewhere and if we don't get to her we could lose her… for good!

"Zordon, the prophecy talks about the other 4 rangers fighting to rescue her… how do I fit in?"

"Tommy, if Zedds spell is successful, and if we can get to the dimension where Kimberly is being held, we can't use force"

"We can't hurt Kimberly"

Trinis voice holds the fear that each one of us has in our hearts

"The prophecy states that the only way to break the spell is by forcing 'The Queen' to remember her life before"

"But how? You said she would be stripped of her memories"

For the first time since I arrived, Billy turns around from the control panel that he and Alpha have been working on and speaks with the most serious voice I have ever heard him use

"We will have to fight memories with memories Tommy, it's just possible that the voice of someone she loves can break through Zedds spell… that's where you come in"

"And if it doesn't work?"

My heart beat quickens as I await Billys answer, I know it's going to be bad

"Then we have lost Kimberly forever, we will no longer be fighting just Lord Zedd, we'll be fighting one of our own and either Kimberly or the Power Rangers will be destroyed"

I didn't realise it was going to be that bad…

*Something slightly different from me. Although this 'wonder' is quite dark some of them will be written more light heartedly oh and don't ask me how this morphed into a Beauty And The Beast/King For The Day cross over because I don't know- where the story leads, I follow x

*This is a two part story