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The Kat Amongst The Pigeons

Chapter 4

Bending down to pick up a handful of pebbles, Tommy Oliver walked to the waters edge, pulled back his arm and pelted them one by one into the sea, and as the heavy splashes broke the silent dusk air he found the urge to yell out almost too much to contain.

A weeks worth of questions pummelled Tommys mind but unfortunately they were questions he had no answers to on a subject he felt completely ignorant of and that was…girls!

Why, oh why, did girls have to be so confusing? Why did his girl have to be so confusing and more to the point, why did no one warn him about this, because if they had, maybe he would have paid more attention to those sappy movies that Kim liked to watch

As his jaw dropped open, Tommy allowed the sea air to fill his lungs and was just about to throw his frustration to the wind when he felt the self-control and discipline that drove his every move kick in.

Within a split second his jaw was clenched tightly shut and the hurt and bewilderment that had been burning in his chest were forced down and packed away into a place that let his head finally be heard over the unbearable din being made by his freshly bruised heart

Again, Kimberlys panic stricken voice cut through his memory as once more Billys name cut through his heart

She'd been in danger; she'd needed him…yet it was Billy she'd cried out for… why?

Why would she even consider taking on the Tengas by herself ?

Why would she put herself in danger like that?

Tommys blood ran cold as he shuddered at the thought of anything happening to Kimberly, especially when he'd always fought so hard to keep her safe

Nothing about this week made any sense, Kimberlys behaviour had been unreasonable, it had been un-rational but more worryingly, it had been so completely unlike her, he got the feeling from her that he was supposed to know what this was all about but he didn't, and his ego couldn't help but to feel bruised by that

Stuffing his hands deep into the pockets of his blue jeans Tommy tried and failed to work out what the hell he had done that was so wrong.

Closing his eyes, Tommy took a few deep breaths and then dropped himself down onto the cool, soft sand. Sighing as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, he pulled his long legs up to his chest before wrapping his arms, which were left bare by the white sleeveless t-shirt he was wearing, tightly around his knees

Once… years ago, long before Angel Grove and Kimberly and this new…'complicated' life he led, Tommys dad, Sergeant Bob Oliver had attempted to have 'the talk' with him.

Bob was a man who stood 6'5 and was built like one of the tanks that he used to drive. He had been in the military since his late teens, so unsurprisingly he was a man who guarded his emotions as fiercely as he guarded his country and who had unwittingly taught his only son to do the same.

He had gone to Tommy that day on the advice of is wife and if he was being honest, he'd admit that when his son leapt to his feet in panic as he realised what his father intended to discuss with him, he couldn't have been more relieved.

Tommy and Bob had always been close, although Bobs career meant he wasn't home a lot, they'd done all of the father/son things tradition told them they should do but it had turned out that having the father/son 'talk' had been one tradition too many for the boy who had just entered his teens.

Searching frantically for an escape route, Tommy had thanked his father for taking the time to come out and talk to him and in a ramble of words he had assured him that it wasn't a conversation that they needed to have, he'd seen the films and met more than enough of his uncle Charlie's dates to get the picture, besides, he was too busy with his school work and his karate to even think about girls…

And then along came Kimberly… sweet, beautiful, passionate Kimberly

God, how Tommy wished he'd hung around long enough to hear his dads words of advice that day, he couldn't help but wonder if anything he would have said then could have helped him understand the situation he found himself in now

Shaking his head softly, Tommy silently berated himself for being so clueless when it came to girls, if only he'd spent a little bit less time practising karate and a little bit more time dating… but the truth of the matter was he'd never really met a girl he wanted to date before Kim.

Sure, he'd met girls that he thought were pretty and girls that seemed to be interested in him, he'd even taken a couple of them to the movies but none of them had captured his attention, or made his breath catch in his chest the way that Kimberly had that day in the school hallway. So he'd kept away from the 'dating scene', instead he'd focused all his energy on being the good kid his parents told him he should be and now he was paying for it… big time!

Resting his head on his arms, Tommy enjoyed the feel of the cool evening air as it snaked its way over his arms and around the back of his neck. Inhaling and exhaling deeply he found the tensions of the day slowly beginning to ebb away… that is until he heard the delicate sound of footsteps on the sand… footsteps that were probably soundless to all ears but his

"Please remind me never to play hide and seek with you" Even through his anger her voice still sounded as sweet as honey and it left him unable to do anything but turn to her, with confusion at her words written all over his face


"Well I don't know if you know this but you are a really great hider" Plastering a huge smile onto her face, Kimberly held her breath as she waited in nervous silence to see whether her words had provoked any sort of smile from the confused man before her… they hadn't

Shaking his head, Tommy spared one last glance for the silent sea before releasing his legs and pushing himself to his feet and into a confrontation with his girlfriend the likes of which they'd never had

Towering above the girl that frustrated him almost as much as she captivated him, Tommy Oliver wiped the sand from his light blue jeans and then prayed that God would grant him the emotional courage that he had thus far lacked

"Tommy?" Kimberlys soft brown eyes narrowed in concern as she nibbled nervously at her bottom lip and Tommy cursed that she could effect him in such a massive way and not even be aware of it

"I'm not hiding from you Kim"

"You aren't?"

The way her eyes grew and then shone with hope caused an ache in Tommys chest as he accepted that this time it wasn't going to be that easy. He couldn't just ignore everything that had happened this week, no matter how much he wanted to protect her from the damage her behaviour had done.

She hadn't meant to hurt him, he knew that, she was trying to make a point… albeit one he didn't understand, but one thing he did understand without doubt, was when a couple had been together for as long as they had, things like this had to be faced with openness and honesty and Tommy knew that no matter how scared he was of allowing his heart to speak, he couldn't allow it to stay silent this time, not if he wanted 3 years to become forever… and man did he wanted forever with Kim!

"No… I'm not hiding from you, I'm avoiding you"

"There's a difference?" Kims face was etched with apprehension as her arms wrapped nervously around the waist of her dungarees.

"Sure there's a difference. When you're 18 years old it's a little childish to 'hide' from someone, don't you think?"

"And avoiding someone is…?"

"Justified" Taking a step forward, Tommy pushed his hands back into his pockets and kept his gaze fixed solely on the sand moving below him.

He was close to crumbling and he knew it, one look at Kim standing before him looking so nervous and unsure, regret and concern written all over her face and he'd wanted to give her an easy way out.

He'd wanted to take her in his arms and tell her that everything was okay, he forgave her for everything she'd put him through, but he knew he couldn't do that, their relationship was too important to be built on anything other than complete trust

"Tommy…" stepping forward, Kimberly momentarily forgot about the ribs that still ached from her encounter with the tengas, but the suddenness of the movement caused her side to scream out in pain and she immediately clutched at it

"Are you okay?" the concern dripped from Tommys voice as he reached out and placed his hand over her much smaller one

Nodding silently, Kimberly bit back tears; even after everything she'd done he was still concerned for her. He was still protective of her in that gentle, unassuming way that she loved and she couldn't believe that even for one second, she'd thought that wasn't enough

Why on earth had she felt the need to go searching for some grand… ugly gesture?

"Guess I should have yelled sooner huh?" She tried to smile, to make a joke of it but as Tommy pulled away his hand and began walking Kimberly found herself face to face with the damage caused by her actions and unable to contain her guilt any longer she wrapped her fingers tightly around his forearm and pulled him to a halt

"Tommy I'm so sorry…" Turning around, their eyes locked for what felt like the first time since she'd discovered his hiding place and the chemistry was undeniable, but one piece of advice his dad did have the opportunity to give him echoed through Tommys head…

He'd told him that no matter how good chemistry might feel, sometimes it just wasn't enough, sometimes it took a deeper connection to make a relationship work.

Did Tommy really have the guts to push Kim and find out just how deep their connection was?

Could he live with the consequences if he didn't?

"I don't understand what's going on Kimberly"

Shrugging, Kimberly ran her fingers up and down his forearm as though attempting to reassure him before releasing it and turning away.

Reaching down, Tommy placed his hand on the skin she had just caressed and wondered how it was possible that such an innocent gesture could feel so intense.

How could his skin still feel hot from her touch, as though she'd burned herself into his skin whilst his heart had already begun to miss her?

Yep, Kimberly Hart was in his blood stream- that was for sure, and if he was being honest with himself he had to admit that it scared him more than any evil he had ever faced because feeling so strongly about someone that you could barely think straight when they weren't around was scary stuff, especially when you'd always been raised to lead with your head not your heart.

In fact feeling so close to someone that your entire spirit almost feels tangled in them was a lot for anyone to deal with, let alone an 18 year old boy who had barely dated before let alone loved, but again dropping his eyes to the skin which still tingled from her touch a cold certainty flooded Tommys being, if he didn't find a way to open up to her, to let her into the deepest parts of him, to put into words everything that filled his heart then he ran the risk of losing Kimberly forever and he knew that if he was to ever lose her, the scars of her touch would never heal, no matter how long he lived without her she would forever be burned into his skin, her essence would forever flow through his veins

Kims voice was tiny when she next spoke, but it was so heavy with emotion that Tommy wondered how someone so small could walk with such a burden

"There's so much I want to tell you Tommy but I don't know how to do it without having you think badly of me"

"Kim…" His own voice came out as just a whisper but it begged her to turn around and she just couldn't ignore it, looking up into his eyes she recognised the desperation in them, the desire to understand when nothing seems to make sense, how she wished she truly understood what was going on herself so that she could explain it to him with clarity, but as usual she was clueless

"I was jealous" her gaze dropped away from Tommy and settled guiltily on the sand "of you and Katherine"

There, she'd said it

"Kim I thought we talked about this" and then with more hurt than she could bare… "I thought you trusted me"

"I do trust you, I trust you with my life, come on Tommy, I prove that to you every single day"

"When we're in battle?"

"Of course"

" So you trust me with your life, you just don't trust me with Katherine?" The hurt was evident both on his face and in his voice and it made Kimberly wonder if she could really go through with this.

Maybe it would be better and less painful for both of them if she just apologised, promised never to let it happen again and just kept the dark truth of her actions to herself, but this was Tommy and he deserved better than half truths, no matter how hard it was

"This isn't about trust Tommy, it's not about you or anything you've done…"

"It's not about me?"

"Not really… I mean…it is, of course it is, but it's about so much more and I want to tell you I just…"

"Well first off tell me this, if it's not really about me or anything I've done, why have you been punishing me all week?"


Kim gave that word some serious thought.

Is that really what he thought she had been doing?

Punishing him?

Couldn't he see that this week she'd simply been punishing herself for not being everything she thought she should be?

"Tommy I…" She was just about to launch into a grovelling apology when something began to tug at her subconscious and it was something far more aggressive than anything she'd confessed to Aisha, in fact it was something she hadn't even realised she was angry about until the words hit the air

"You were supposed to be waiting for me!" The anger in her voice surprised even her as Tommys jaw dropped in surprise


"Last Saturday, you were supposed to be waiting for me not hanging out with her"

"Kim, we weren't hanging out, I was helping her"

"You went driving!"

"She needed help with her car and Ernie had already told me you were running late so I figured I could go help her out and be back by the time you got there"

"Oh so you were planning on doing it behind my back? Sneak out with her and then sneak back to me and hope I never found out?!"


"Is that really who you are Tommy? Someone that sneaks around with another girl behind his girlfriends back?"

" Kimberly no!" Tommys striking features fell into a mask of confusion as his mouth opened but words failed to form, and then quietly he continued… "It wasn't like that, I was just trying to help her out"

"Tommy, there were probably 20 guys in the youth centre that could have helped her out and I bet none of them had dates, why did it have to be you?"

"Because she asked me" The innocence of his actions was written all over his face and it clung desperately to his words causing any anger or resentment that Kim may have held onto to suddenly evaporate as looking up into the face of her boyfriend, she allowed the same honesty and innocence to escape from her own heart

"Well why do you always have to be everybody else's hero when sometimes I just want you to be mine?"

The cock of his eyebrow told her that she already knew the answer to that question

"Well can't you ever be 'off duty?'"

Looking down at his boots, Tommy felt his cheeks reddening.

He had always tried to be the good guy; he'd thought it was the right thing to do, be there for everybody who needed him but he'd failed, because here stood the girl he loved more than anything in the world and she was asking him to just be there for her, he thought he had been but apparently she felt like she was lost amongst the crowd and that hurt

"Kim… I'm just not the type of guy that can turn someone away when they need me, I'm sorry but I can't be on duty/off duty, you know? I can just be me" Tommy took a deep breath as his heart finally summoned the courage to speak "But you have to know that there is no one that is more important to me than you"

Kimberly couldn't help the shy smile that tugged her lips apart, she wasn't used to Tommy being so open with her, she'd always hoped that he felt the same way she did but to actually hear him say what she had always hoped he felt made her heart dance in her chest as the world began to slow around her

"You know that right?"

Quietly, she answered, "Of course I do" And then with more conviction "Of course I do! Tommy I'm so sorry…" Taking both of Tommys hands in hers, Kim couldn't believe the things she had said.

When she had left the others at the youth centre and gone in search of him it had been to make things right between them, to apologise for her behaviour and to get down on her knees and beg him for forgiveness if she had to but once more she'd let her emotions get the better of her, she'd said things, accused him of things when she should have known better and from the look on his face she'd hurt him… again

"Tommy, I've been out of control this week and I've treated you so badly but I don't ever want you to apologise to me for being who you are, I know who you are" Releasing one hand she gently cupped his right cheek and then whispered "I love who you are, but Tommy I'm just so confused right now"

"You're confused? Try being me"

"I can't believe the way I have behaved" running her hand over Tommy rough cheek, Kimberly squeezed the hand she still held as her eyes implored him to forgive her "How can I make this okay?"

"You can start by telling me the truth. You were jealous… okay, fine, we all get jealous sometimes but why did seeing me with Katherine hurt you so much that you had to hurt me back?"

Kim wanted to argue that she hadn't wanted to hurt him but in her heart she knew that wasn't exactly true, Tommy was right, seeing him with Kat had hurt her a lot and maybe part of her did want him to know what that felt like

Releasing his hand, Kim dropped down onto the sand and for a few seconds she sat in silence, trying to arrange her thoughts in an order that Tommy would understand and just as he lowered himself next to her she finally found her voice

"I never really thought of myself as the jealous type, I mean look how well I handled the whole 'cheerleader incident'"

Tommy said nothing, he just nodded his agreement and understood that there weren't many girls who would have taken their boyfriend being invited to a dance by the entire cheerleading squad as well as Kim had.

He had expected drama, she hadn't given him any… maybe this whole Katherine thing was karma biting him on the ass

"This week has just about been the worst of my life and I don't know why but…ever since I saw you with Katherine, I guess I've kind of been freaking out" Kimberly laced her fingers over her knees as she stared out at the calm water before her

"But I just don't understand why though, it's not like I've ever given you a reason to think that I would do anything behind your back"

"Tommy it's not you, it's Katherine. I know she's a really nice girl and I know everyone likes her a lot, God, if I wasn't losing my mind the way I am, I'd probably like her a lot, and if it had been anyone else with you in that car I probably wouldn't have given it another thought but when I saw her that day, clinging on to you… saying your name…" Kimberly shook her head gently as though attempting to shake the memory from her mind "One second I was so terrified that something terrible was going to happen to you and then the next it was just like everything I'd ever feared was happening to me"

"What do you mean?"

"Just after my father left us, my mum went to a pretty dark place. For the first year or so she was a total wreck. She tried to be strong, you know, for me and my brother but sometimes I would find her just sitting there on our porch, staring into space with tears running down her face and she would look me dead in the eye and tell me to never to fall in love and believe I was truly happy with a man, she told me to always believe that he could and would walk out at any second… to always be prepared for it, no matter how many times he tells you that he won't"

"Kim, I'm not your dad"

"I know you aren't, but you met Sandi right? After parents day, back at my house. My dad brought her by to meet Cal and I"

Tommy searched his infamously bad memory for the woman she was talking about.


He remembered the day she was talking about for sure; he remembered how terrified he'd been to finally be introduced to Kims family and how proud he'd felt when she had introduced him as her boyfriend… but Sandi?

He remembered walking back to Kims house with her and her mother, he remembered drinking ice tea on the balcony as Kims mum asked him about himself and his family and then he remembered chaos.

A mustang pulling up to the house and Kims dad stepping out and then…

Like a bolt of lightening things began to make sense

"S-sure, I remember Sandi"

"Remind you of anyone?"

He remembered her long legs stepping out of the car and the way her curvaceous body had been accentuated by a tight fitting dress and her shoulder length blond hair and her accent…

"Was she Australian?"

"Was she Australian? Tommy, she was Katherine only ten years older!!"

Things were becoming a lot more clear to Tommy and for once Kimberlys over reaction was beginning to actually make sense because the woman that she had seen with him when she had thought that he was alone was the spitting image of the woman that had ripped her family apart


"My mum told me that girls like me always come second to girls like Kat and I guess all this week I've believed that"

"Well your mum was wrong" Turning in the sand, Tommy reached out and held Kims shoulder as the dying sun illuminated her profile "Kim you will never be second to anyone…" Kimberlys eyes, glistening with tears locked onto his as he ran his fingers down the back of her arm and then back up to rest on her shoulder as he whispered "Not to me"

Reaching over, Tommy hooked an arm under Kims legs and pulled her around until she was facing him and then ran a hand over her glossy hair and smiled, if there had ever been a right time for his heart to let its self be heard it was now, and looking into Kims damp eyes he was surprised to find that his fear of opening up was gone

Taking her hand in his he couldn't help but return the small smile that was growing on her lips

"You know Kim, none of this comes easy to me"

"Do you mean us?"

"Before I met you my life was pretty much just me and my karate… pretty pathetic I know but…"

"Tommy it's not pathetic…"

"Please, let me finish because if I don't say this now I don't know when I'll next be brave enough to"


"My family always moved around a lot, with my dads job it just became a way of life. I'd do a year at a school and then we'd be gone but I never minded, you know? I learned not to put down roots or become too attached to anything or anyone at a pretty young age so it never really bothered me. I had my karate and that seemed like all I needed, but I guess I was kind of living like a hermit crab it's shell, that's until you came busting into my life. When we met I wasn't looking for a girlfriend or anything but it felt like you yanked me from my shell and threw me into this big scary thing called life and you just expected me to know what to do with it and I'm sorry if I disappoint you sometimes but I just… I sometimes don't know what to do with ant of it, especially not us, you have provoked all of this stuff in me and a lot of the time I just don't know how to react to it"

Releasing Kims hands, Tommy wiped his palms on his jeans and took a deep breath as he tried to slow the heart that was racing out of control in chest.

He was struggling, Kim could see it but he was determined to go on and just when Kim thought it wasn't possible, she found herself falling even deeper for him

"I'm sorry… I guess I'm nervous, what a wimp huh?"

"No you're not, you're the most courageous man I've ever met"

"Do you know how many times I've just about lost it this week?"

"But you didn't, you dealt with everything I threw at you this week with dignity, just like you deal with everything"

"Just because I didn't show that I was jealous doesn't mean I didn't feel it, and that goes for a lot of stuff with me Kim, just because I don't say that I feel something doesn't mean that I don't feel it. This whole, opening up, and talking about your feelings, it's difficult for me; in my family we just don't do it. We feel it, we deal with it and then we move on from it but we never talk about it"

"Well if it makes you feel better, I think you're doing really well, you're leaving me speechless that's for sure and it's probably a first too, usually it's you that has the long, brooding silences"

"Kim, do you realise that if I'm quiet when we're together it's because sometimes, when I'm with you, I can barely breathe let alone talk? I… you know, I…I might struggle to say it but I do… feel it "

"Feel what Tommy?"

"Love… for you, I…"


"Kim I…" Reaching out a hand, Tommy ran his trembling fingers through Kimberlys toffee coloured hair in an attempt to steady himself, and the way her face lit up at just the slightest of touches from him, gave him the courage to go all the way

"I love you Kimberly"

As the world slowly ground to a halt and everything that surrounded her fell away, Kimberly found herself unable to catch her breath.

Did he really just say that?

Closing her eyes, Kimberly let the words replay over and over in her mind before they began to seep through every inch of her and then imprinted themselves on her heart

"Well? Kimberly?" The sound of her boyfriend saying her name snapped her back to the here and now as she heaved a massive breath into her chest and then threw herself forward into his arms

"Tommy, I can't believe you just said that"

Grinning, he wrapped his arms around her and breathed a huge sigh of relief

"Yeah? Well I can't believe you said nothing… again!"

"You wanted me to speak? Tommy I was just about hyperventilating over there, oh my God, I can't believe how sweet you are"

"And?" His chocolate brown eyes looked huge in the suns dying light and they sparkled with anticipation and also a hint of fear

"And… I love you too, I've always loved you, ever since that first day in the youth centre" After pressing a long kiss to his cheek, Kimberly finally released him and sat back on the sand and stared at the man before her.

Before today she hadn't thought it was possible to love anyone more than she loved Tommy and yet here she was, looking into his eyes like she'd never seen him before, talking to him like she'd never talked before as her heart fell deeper for him than it ever had before

Tommy Oliver was definitely the man for her, he was the only man that she would ever love… that she was sure of, he was the man she would marry and the man that her children would call 'dad' and that thought sent chills down her spine.

She might be young but she had no doubt in her mind that for her… Tommy was it, the 'one' and she was so grateful that they had found each other now, rather than living for all those long lonely years without one another

Yes, marriage and babies might be a long way in the future and she was sure they'd have a few more hurdles to cross before they got there but another big step lay just before them, it was something that they had both acknowledged last week, but they hadn't acted on it, and Kimberly couldn't help but to feel the time to 'act' was almost upon them.

"You look like you've had a hell of a day"

"A hell of a day? Kim, I've had a hell of a week, but it's over now… right?"

"Of course, but you can tell me you love me again if you like"

"Again? Kim, I think one declaration of love is enough for one day, besides the sweaty palms, the racing heart and the burning face… it doesn't do much for my 'all powerful ninja' image does it?" there was nothing more sincere in the world than the laugh they shared at that

Leaning back on his hands, Tommy kicked out his legs and smiled up at the evening sky.

Life didn't get any better than this, just him and Kimberly… alone, surrounded by blissful silence, no monsters, no chaos… just them. Closing his eyes he silently thanked Rita and Zedd for allowing them this moment, especially since they'd ruined so many for the young couple in the past

"I can't believe you were so nervous, Tommy we've been dating for almost 3 years"

"True" Glancing at her out of the corner of his eye, a mischievous grin began to tug at his lips "But you've only been crazy for one week and I got to tell you it takes a little getting used to"

"Oh… you think I'm crazy huh?"

"You have to admit that you have been acting a little crazy"

"Tommy…"The mischievous smile that had been dancing on Tommys lips was now mirrored on her own, as she pushed herself to her feet, and prayed for the courage to see this through "Believe me, you haven't seen me crazy yet" Winking down at him, her fingers moved to the first strap of her dungarees and as she released it and let it drop open she couldn't help but laugh as Tommy let out a comical 'gulp'

"Kim… what are you doing?" Looking around nervously, Tommy apprehensively pushed himself up into a sitting position as his heart once again began to bang against his rib cage. He'd only seen that look on Kims face a few times before, but he knew it well enough to know it meant trouble

"I'm not doing anything Tommy… just being little crazy old me, but I do have to tell you this, the sea in 'Crazy-Ville' really does look good enough to swim in tonight" Kimberly slowly undid the other buckle of her dungarees as she fought to contain the giggle that was growing in her chest as the colour slowly drained from her boyfriends face

"You're kidding… right?"

"If I was kidding would I really be wearing this?"

Reaching down, Kims fingers nervously gripped hold of the bottom of her t-shirt.

No part of what she was about to do had been planned; yes, it felt right after everything that had been said and done to push their relationship into this new… uncharted territory but she was scared.

She didn't want to come on so strong that she scared Tommy off but they'd been together for a long time now and as with so many things in their relationship she was going to have to take the lead, if their relationship was to move forward

Pulling a breath and hopefully a lot of courage deep into her lungs, Kimberly quickly yanked the thin material of her pale pink t-shirt up over her head and with a slight wiggle of her hips, her dungarees slowly freed themselves and slid down to pool at her ankles

The look of shock on Tommys face was worth any humiliation she had coming as she stood there, with her t-shirt in her hands and her dungarees tangled around her feet, wearing the white bikini with pink love hearts that had caused Tommy to visibly drool when she had shown it to him last week.

A lot may have changed during this past week but she was pleased to see that the effect of the bikini was not one of them because the colour that had disappeared from his cheeks seconds earlier was now flooding back as he struggled to maintain eye contact


"So if you go in there dressed like that you're really going to freeze"

Kimberly couldn't help the way her face fell in disappointment at his response but thankfully his greedy gaze told her everything that his shy tongue could not so she decided to forge ahead anyways

"Well if you really think it's going to be that cold, I guess you'd better come in with me and keep me warm" she used the well placed nibble on her bottom lip that she knew drove him crazy as a full stop and then waited for his response

How brave was Tommy Oliver feeling tonight?

"I'm not coming in there Kim"

Apparently not very

"Oh you aren't?"

A shake of the head was his silent response, but the way his tongue swept back and forth over his cherry red lips signalled that he might be swayed on that and Kim had just the way to sway him

"But Tommy, what if you're right? What if it is too cold? What if I get into difficulties? What if I need…" Allowing her eyebrows to rise and fall, she gave half a smile before finishing her sentence in her most sultry voice "Rescuing?"

"Gee, I don't know Kim, I guess you'd better call for Billy"

Putting her hands on her hips, Kim tipped her head to one side and then pouted

"Oh you're a funny guy"

"And you're a crazy girl"

"Well I guess that makes us perfect for each other then doesn't it?"

Tommys proud grin at that was like a starter pistol going off in her brain.

She was really going to do this… On a darkened beach, dressed only in a bikini, she was really going to attempt to seduce her super sweet, but super shy boyfriend… and if she wasn't mistaken, the way his gaze kept trailing up and down her body was telling her that he wanted her to

"Tommy…"Moving slowly, she began to back away "I am going in there, and I really, really, want you to join me, but if you don't want to, if you'd rather sit here all on your own, being Mr. Sensible instead of having fun with me then I understand" Before Tommy had the chance to respond, Kimberly had turned, quick as a flash and headed into the sea and as the cool water hit her she couldn't help but squeal

"Kim?" Jumping to his feet, Tommy made it up just in time to see Kimberly dive under the waves, before she returned to the surface and began paddling around

"Hey Tommy you were right, it's really cold in here, and a girl could definitely get into difficulties if she didn't have her very own Power Ranger to keep her safe" Splashing around she couldn't help but to giggle at her own silliness.

Could she really lure him into the water and convince him to partake in her plan this way?

She was about to find out…

"I don't know how long I can swim in this Tommy"

"Then get out!" glancing up and down the deserted beach, Tommy found himself weighing up the pros and cons of joining Kimberly in this crazy game of hers, the way she giggled between her faked calls for help were quickly adding to the already substantial 'pros' list

"Tommy, I'm really getting tired out here" and then as dramatically as she could without bursting into fits of laughter she yelled… "Tommy! I can't hold on!"

"Come on Kim don't be silly"

"I'm getting weaker Tommy… you'd better come and get me"

Looking up and down the beach again, Tommy found his fingers were already fumbling, subconsciously with the buckle on his belt.

What was he so scared of?

It was only swimming and he'd been swimming with Kim a million times before. Sure he'd never been swimming with her at nighttime and yes she usually wore a one-piece bathing suit not a skimpy little bikini but so what? She was his girlfriend… they were adults… almost, besides, wasn't he being a little presumptuous in thinking Kim wanted anything other than to actually swim? Of course he was, he was just being a total 'guy' by thinking everything had to be about that, but the way Kim had spoken to him… the way she'd looked at him… was she thinking what he was thinking?

"Tommy… please help me!"

…He was about to find out!

In a split second Tommy had ripped off his t-shirt and flung it down onto the cold sand before undoing his belt, and attempting to kick his trousers off without falling over them, it took two unsuccessful tries before he remembered he was still wearing his boots so he dropped down onto the sand and attempted to heave them off without unfastening the laces. It was a tough battle but one that Tommy eventually won and after throwing his shoes into the air in celebration he pushed himself to his feet and then ran down to the waters edge

Glancing down at his black boxer shorts, Tommy momentarily considered backing out but he'd come too far today to give in to cowardice now… hadn't he?

He'd opened himself up and lain all of his weakness out before the very person he had always tried to hide them from. He'd said the three little words that had always put the fear of God into his heart; now all he had to do step into the water… was he really ready to take that step and see where tonight led him?

…Damn right he was!