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The first kiss was slow, just a mere peck and so unlike Severus Snape that Harry would have pushed himself away to look at the man before him. But instead he gave himself up to the kiss, allowing the scent of fresh ingredients, damp dungeons, and old parchment and roaring fires to fill him up.

He could feel the other arm tightening around his waist but he refused to focus on it when his head was turned and he was kissed by another pair of lips. This kiss was more indecent than the other one and Harry tasted the peppermint toothpaste that Draco always used.

The tongue slowly slid in to twirl around his own as long fingers kneading his shoulders, twisting forward into his neck as lips moved to his neck, sucking lightly before another pair of hands moved over his chest, down to pull his shirt from his trousers and to slide over his warm stomach, making him squirm.

He broke the kiss to gasp for air as he looked from Draco's knowing smirk to Severus impassive face behind him. He smiled at Severus' uncertain and then Draco drawled. "You have several choices, Mr. Potter. Now one, we can have you in the bathtub, two, we can have you in the shower, three, we can have you here against the wall, four, we can have you on the desk, five, we can have you here on the rug in front of the fireplace, six, we can have you in the potions classroom, seven, we can have you in the bedroom, or eight and I must say this is my favorite one, we won't give you a choice and simply have you everywhere that I have stated."

Harry's mouth fell open and despite everything that they have said tonight, proclaiming their love for him, he glanced back at Severus in reassurance. The older wizard smiled in understanding and softly said. "We won't do anything that you don't want us to do, Harry. This is your night. We are at your demand."

"Or you at ours, it depends on how one views it."

"Draco." The warning was soft but subtle and the blond wizard in front of him raised his hands in mock defeat.

"Alright, alright, we are at your demand, oh high and mighty hero of the wizarding world." Despite himself, Harry giggled a little as he turned so he could look both his lovers in the eye.

"Where ever you think is best is what I will go with." He smiled, looking from one to the other. He had been at their mercy before but this would be different, this time he would be surrendering himself and he wondered if they saw it as such.

They were Slytherins, of course they would notice and as Severus' dark eyes glanced down and back up again, he whispered softly, the seductive purr in his voice unmistakable and raising goose bumps all over Harry's skin. "I think that a bath is in order. You reek of impertinent brats and I have only taste for one tonight."

The dark eyes were smoldering and Harry swallowed thickly. He could feel anticipating curling in his belly and he pulled closer to Severus to lean up to kiss the pregnant wizard.

Severus' gaze softened and Harry felt the strong arm slip around his waist as Severus closed the distance so he could kiss Harry properly. The kiss was slow and very sweet as Harry opened his lips to feel Severus' tongue sliding in. His Potions Master tasted of the wine he had drunk earlier and Harry reveled in it.

His lower lip was sucked in between the thin ones and slowly nibbled upon, causing Harry to moan. Severus' wicked and sinful tongue slowly slipped around his own, inviting him into a dance and only after Harry was sure that he would pass out now from lack of oxygen, did the older wizard release him.

Draco stood behind Harry, so close that he could feel the warm body heat of the older male's body and with a sigh Harry relaxed. There was a hand on his shoulder as Severus continued to glance down at him. The warm arm around his waist and the steady pressure of Draco's hand on his shoulder and Harry never felt safer or closer to his lovers.

This time, there was no fighting for attention and only when he made a slight hiccupping sound in the back of his throat did Severus move a little. Why was it that it was with these two wizards that he felt save? Why was it with those who had been his enemies for so many years did he allow his heart to become unguarded?

He had always been prepared to end up with Ginny and so he had been so very surprised when Draco had approached him one night for a private dinner. He had assumed that it would be a form of a prank but when he had seen Severus sitting there so casually, his eyes guarded, he feared what would happen.

In the end, he had been surprised. Both Severus and Draco fit together perfectly and he had enjoyed seeing how they worked together, spoke softly to one another, holding hands over a glass of wine and he found himself yearning for that attention.

When Draco had finally turned it upon him, he had drunk it up like a greedy puppy being giving its first milk. He thought that the night that had followed had been a dream but when they didn't turn him out in the morning, he had been amazed.

The newfound relationship was tentative at first, how could it not be? Harry couldn't remember his last relationship with a female and he had never been with one male, let alone two. But they included him and Harry found himself enjoying Severus' conversations, the sly hints from Draco, the playful banter and much more.

But not until this point did he truly feel like he was complete and at home. The feeling was wonderful and it was making him choke up. Draco's hand tightened and he whispered. "It is alright."

Those words seemed his undoing, especially when Severus leaned down to brush Harry's lips so gently did he really feel like crying. How could he think that he could give this up and walk away? He loved them, he loved them both too much to ever leave, even if they hated him and….

"I love you both so much…" He whispered in a sudden rush against Severus' lips, unsure if they heard him or understood him and….

Severus pulled away, his eyes soft and warm and then cupped Harry's cheek with his free hand, leaned their foreheads together as he whispered, equally soft. "Of course you do, it really isn't all that strange considering how intense our relationship is. But is time for you to let go, Harry and to allow us to take care of you. Trust in us to keep you safe."

"We will take care of you; we have always taken care of you." The whispering in his ear was soft but it filled Harry up and he closed his eyes. The kiss that was pressed against his lips was soft but the warm hand on his cheek didn't move; only smaller fingers curled around and caressed his cheek gently as Draco murmured. "Let go, Harry and we will catch you. You will never hurt again."

"You will never want for anything."

"Never need anything but us."

"Never be loved as we love you."

"For the rest of your life."

"For the rest of eternity."

The promises were soft but for the first time in his life Harry believed them. He opened his eyes and looked at the two men in front of him. Would it be so bad to share the rest of his life with them? He could be himself and he knew that he didn't need to hide himself behind a mask like he had done for years.

He could be wounded if he wanted to, insecure when he felt like he needed reassurance, giving and receiving love and whatever he wanted. He would truly want for nothing that was for sure. They were far more perceptive then any Gryffindor would be and they had seen what he had seen, been through what he had been through and still, they were offering to take care of him, to love him, and not to push him away.

They had refused to allow him to walk away, refusing to let him go and so Harry gave them a watery but bright smile and said. "Bath or shower?"



Draco raised an eyebrow as he turned to Severus and said. "A shower is much hotter."

"A bath can be equally hot in temperature…."

"That isn't what I meant. It is hot to press your lover underneath the spray and ...."

"A bath is much more relaxed and at ease. It is far slower than a shower and we are taking the time for each other."

"We could retire to the bed and take a shower or a bath in the morning." Harry finally interrupted. As much fun as it had been to see them argue, he knew that he couldn't stay silent any longer.

Severus smirked at him and answered. "It seems that we are finally bringing out his Slytherin side. It was about time."

"I doubt that you are capable of moving much come the morning, let alone sit down in a bathtub." Draco smirked and Harry swallowed in anticipation. Would it really come that far? He sure hoped so.

His grin must have shown on his face because Severus laughed softly, the sound deep and not all together unpleasant as he smirked down at Harry and said. "Such promises. Draco, we must do our best to keep them. I do like that look on his face."

Harry could feel his cheeks burning and he fought his stupid grin. Draco took his hand and said with a cocky smirk. "The bedroom it is."

Harry allowed himself to be pulled to their bedroom. He didn't know what he was expecting but the bedroom looked the same as always, except, there were several vials of oil and Harry turned back to Severus as the older wizard purred. "I brewed them especially for this occasion. You will scream tonight, Mr. Potter."

Harry swallowed again and managed to grin shakily. This would mean something. Draco held up two long scarves, silky material by the looks of it and in the color of Gryffindor as he said with a haughty tone. "Mind you, this is the only time that I will admit to being fond of red, Harry. It is still too Gryffindor for my taste but it will serve out needs perfectly."

"What do you intend to do with them?" Harry found himself whispering.

Draco twirled the scarves before he tossed one onto the bed and used the other one to wrap it around Harry's neck and bring the younger male closer for a kiss as he said. "They are used for binding, if you are into that sort of thing."

"You will bind me to the bed?" How was that going to work? Harry found it strange. How was he supposed to move when…?

"Good lord, have you truly never experimented or wondered before you came to be with us? Surely you have done some research for the library does have some very 'interesting' books in the restricted section. As a professor you do access to those books. Such innocence." Severus' voice wasn't mocking but soft and private as Harry felt the hands on his shoulder.

"Oh and you have access to those books?"He asked as Draco smirked and winked.

"The Malfoy library certainly has some very nice books as well. I will bring them round but for now, I think that a more practical approach is necessary."

His insecurity must have shown on his face for he could feel Severus' hand in his hair, stroking gently as he said. "Harry, if you are not comfortable, then let us know and we will immediately untie you."

"You suggest a safe word?"

"Draco, this is not a blindfolded play for mastery. It is merely bondage and nothing more. Harry can simply tell us if we go too far. We will untie him immediately if he asks for it, is that understood?" Severus' voice dropped menacingly and Draco gave a nod.

Harry's heart was hammering in his chest and Severus' hand moved. The hand slowly, loving undid his buttons and allowed his shirt to fall to the floor as Draco knelt in front of him, grinning up at him to undo his shoes.

They undressed him with careful touches and Harry closed his eyes.








"Bewizarding you mean." Harry heard the low laughter in front of him.



"Slytherin claims Gryffindor."

It didn't last long or he was naked, shivering in the cold air as he opened his eyes when slow kisses were planted on his chest, a wet tongue licked up his spine and he glanced down. Draco was on his knees before him, grinning up at him as he sucked an erect nipple in his mouth.

The fire shot straight down to Harry's groin and his cock grew erect. He moaned as long slender fingers dug into his back, massaging with confident strokes.

"Accio massage oil!" Merlin, Harry only grew harder when he heard the low voice and he glanced over his shoulder to meet the black eyes. They threatened to devour him whole and Harry swallowed thickly. Severus allowed the bottle to pour the oil over his hands and Harry groaned when the hands used firm strokes to relax him.

Draco rose up and then kissed him deeply, entrancing his whole attention as Severus' hands dropped lower. Harry tensed in anticipation but Severus completely and much to Harry's annoyance ignored his back and front private area and slowly began to massage his legs.

Harry nudged them apart but Severus merely chuckled. "Not yet." He murmured in that deep voice of his.

Good god, what had they planned?

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss as he opened his lips. His skin was sensitive and left tingling from where Severus was touching him and the cold air did nothing to cool his arousal, only heightening it further.

The soft strokes of Severus' fingers were driving him mad and he slowly forced out a breath between clenched teeth when Draco finally released him. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and he startled when he felt the wet strokes of a tongue. He glanced down as the grey amused eyes met his own as Draco licked his way up before he whispered.

"I think he is aroused enough, Sev! Any more of this and he will make a mess right here on the floor."

"Then tie him up." Severus groaned as he stretched and Harry turned to face the pregnant man.

"Are you sure that you are up for this?"

A black eyebrow rose and then Severus thundered. "Are you implying I am old, Potter?"

Harry stammered and one corner of the thin lips lifted upwards as he thought of a way to get out of this. "No, of course not! I am merely saying that…."

"That you need to get on the bed and that you are ready to be sucked off and fucked at the same time?" Severus purred back at him as he added. "If so, then be my guest. You are certainly stalling."

"But you said that we had all the time."

"We do, but you are naked, I am pregnant and very, very aroused and like I said before, you being naked does not help."

"You could take your clothes off as well. It would help." Harry said with a smirk.

His hand was suddenly caught and Harry could feel something tugging on it. He glanced at his right hand to see that Draco had tied it with the scarf and the blond wizard said with a smirk. "Come to bed, Potter."

He received a nudge and as Draco sat on the large bed to pull Harry to him. Harry sat down as he crawled forward, swallowing thickly. He was nervous, very nervous but somehow it felt good. He trusted them both and as the candlelight played over Severus' pale face and Draco's tanned one, he slowly laid back.

He could almost imagine that their eyes were kind and sweet, loving and as he spread himself, he looked up when two different hands slid up his chest to tie his hands on each side as Draco whispered. "One word, Harry and you are untied."

He gave a nod and Severus leaned down to kiss him, pushing his own long dark hair behind his ear so it wouldn't tickle Harry too much. Harry lifted his head to catch the lips hungrily as he tried to take more control of the kiss but Severus pulled away with a smile as he whispered. "Now none of that now."

Harry could have screamed when Severus rethreaded, moving to the foot end of the bed with Draco. Both of their eyes landed on him and he felt exposed, so naked and eager in front of their eyes.

Severus smirked and Draco echoed the smirk before Draco looked at Severus, and then he leaned into the older wizard as he kissed him lightly. The kissed seemed chaste at first but it changed when Severus angled his face a little to the side. The kiss deepened and Severus made a sound of approval in the back of his throat as he reached out with a slender hand to undo Draco's shirt.

The first button popped open and they didn't break their kiss. One of them moaned, Harry wasn't which one as they continued to undress one another. Draco removed his shirt and broke the kiss to plaster Severus' neck with kisses and to undo the older wizard's shirt.

Harry could feel his cock hardening even more if that was even possible as he watched the men he loved undressing before his eyes. Hints of pale and tanned fleshed blended together as they undressed and Harry wanted to scream with frustration.

They were supposed to turn their attention on him and Harry pulled fruitlessly at the scarves that bound him. He could feel a faint brush of magic as he tugged sharply. It wasn't panic but frustration that lend him strength but even with his magically abilities could he pull himself loose.

He lifted his head to see his lovers looking at him, Severus smirking and looking glorious in the flashes of the candlelight. Draco looked exquisite with the muscular chest and the long legs and Severus finally asked. "Impatient?"

"You were supposed to turn your attention to me." He whinnied and Severus shared a look with Draco as he said.

"I knew that our Mr. Potter would not be able to resist our little show. Impatient whelp, you will get your turn soon enough and besides, I thought that you required us to be naked as well."

"I did…I mean…I do….." Harry realized he was stammering but then his eyes grew wide as Draco said, flickering his wand so that light fingers ran up Harry's chest. It was driving him insane and he had to struggle to focus upon the words.

"And that was the only reason that you wished to get loose?"

The invisible fingers wrapped around his cock and gave an experimental tug and Harry moaned deeply, licking his lips as he parted them soundlessly, trying to find some friction as his hips bucked at the empty air.

Draco pulled his wand a little bit further away and Harry's cock was tugged again. He cried out again, struggling against the bonds that held him down. Invisible lips fastened on his nipples and he jerked his head to the side when one of them bit down.

He looked around and found that Severus had his wand out as well. The look on the Potions Master's face would make anybody rushing to kiss the Professor but all Harry did was ask. "Please?"

He couldn't hold out much long and he didn't want it to be over like that. Draco shared a look with Harry and then they both said at the same time. "Finite Incantatem!"

Harry breathed a sigh of relief when the spells were cancelled but he once more bucked at the air. It was getting painful, trying to hold out and he turned pleading eyes towards his lovers. But they weren't at the foot end anymore but Severus was beside him, gloriously naked as he ran a hand over Harry's chest towards his face. Harry sobbed and Severus leaned in to kiss him.

Harry leaned up like he was starved, which he felt like he was because he was yearning for them, aching to feel each one of them inside of him and to complete him in a way he had never allowed them before.

He arched into the kiss, only to be tugged down as Draco lay beside him and roughly demanded a kiss as well. Severus lay down on his other side and as Draco plundered his mouth, Severus kissed his neck, nipping at the exposed skin before he whispered.

"Look at you, naughty boy, spread out for the both of us. If only Black could see you now…."

"He wouldn't be able to resists…."

"Nobody can resist you now…so pretty and….hot…."

Fingers toyed with his nipples, lips kissing him, teeth nipping at his neck, tongues licking their way down and Harry felt like he was being driven insane slowly. He cried out, moaned, groaned, sobbed, pulled as he tried to find the release he so craved but he seemed unable to find it as he was hungrily kissed, licked, bitten and nipped by his two wonderful lovers.

To different sets of fingers pinched his nipples as he was cried out. His breathing was coming quicker and he wished for somebody to roll on top of him, anybody, it didn't matter that they were leaving love bites all over his skin, all he wanted, all he needed was to feel one of them inside of him and….

He cursed loudly when they both pulled away. He looked at each one of them angrily as he hissed. "You can't stop…."

"Oh we are not stopping, not at all. We are getting you ready for the next stage." Draco grinned and Severus actually laughed. The sound was so amazing that Harry had to look to see if he wasn't making a mistake about it but he wasn't. His beloved was laughing as he asked with a sparkle in his eye.

"So, shall we shuffle things around a little tonight?"

Harry's eyes were wide as the scarves around his wrists loosened and slipped away; leaving him slumbered boneless on the bed and in the mercy of the two Slytherins. He was rock hard and all he wanted, all he needed was to feel one thing and he would be off like a ….

He sobbed, as he trust a hand down to touch himself but a firm slap on the wrist brought him up short. "Now none of that now! We are in control!" Draco said sharply. Harry was ready to growl and snap at Draco but Severus' hand wrapped around his cock instead as the older wizard growled.


The gesture was so strange that Harry had to bite his lip to prevent himself from coming all over from Severus' hand. The superior smirk looked so good that all he did was focus on Severus' face as they turned him on his side, facing Severus.

He could feel Draco's warm fingers as they slowly inched around his spine and towards his crevice. Harry could feel the fingers darting in, the whispered cleaning spell and then he shot forward as, instead of a blunt finger, or the head of the cock he so desired to feel inside of him, the wet feeling of a tongue rounded his plucker.

Draco's tongue pushed against the tight ring of muscle and Harry moaned. He could feel the strain around his cock as it sought to release the white milk but Severus waved his wand and Harry really did sob, with tears and all, when he felt a ring settle over his cock. He bit his lip, tasting blood and then Severus' thumb stroked his lip.

"Relax, Harry, enjoy it, please."

"It hurts." He moaned and Severus engaged him in a kiss. It did hurt, it did but it felt so incredible. Draco's tongue finally pushed inside of him and had it not been for the ring around his cock, he would have come here and right now.

He couldn't focus on Severus' kiss and the older wizard knew it as he pulled back with a smirk. Harry was sure he was loose enough, he was already feeling like had hexed away all his bones and he was a mere pile of quivering flesh but he didn't care for finally, finally!, the slick fingers he had been waiting so long for were pushed inside and twirled around.

Severus' hand landed on his thigh, keeping him still and Harry buried his face against Severus' shoulder, feeling the kiss that was placed against his temple and then Draco's fingers withdrew as Severus drawled. "Finally finished, Malfoy?"

"Not finished in the slightest." Harry angrily said, causing them both to smile.

"Oh no, love, just finally finished preparing you." And as Harry tensed when he felt the blunt tip of the cock push against his loosened hole but then as he held his breath, within one fluent movement Draco was sheathed inside of him, balls firm against Harry's arse.

"Now then I can get down to business." Harry had braced his legs against Severus' own legs and with another light kiss, a flex of the dark wand and the cock ring around his cock disappeared. Harry closed his eyes in obvious relief as Draco positioned himself a little bit better.

Severus helpfully raised Harry's hip with a pillow and as his eyes flickered up to Harry's face once, he smirked before he nuzzled the dark nest of pubic hair slowly as Draco trust. He met the grey eyes across Harry's hip as he heard the groan and then carefully licked at the weeping head of the erect cock.

When Draco pounded into him again, his hands warm on Harry's hips and then he felt the warm heat of Severus' mouth around his cock and he saw stars. It didn't matter if he came into Severus' mouth or that Draco's hand was busy pumping their older love's prink quite eagerly or that Draco was groaned as he continued to pound into Harry.

He saw stars and then with a scream, he lost it. He sobbed wildly as his hand clenched in the bed sheets as Severus greedily swallowed everything that Harry had to give and his balls tightened to give it all as he slumbered onto the bed, spend.

It took a few more tugs before the pregnant man climaxed and as Harry's muscles clenched in the last spasms of the orgasm did Draco spend himself deep down in Harry. Harry didn't even tense or move as Draco slipped his limp cock from Harry's relaxed body and cuddled up to him. The younger male turned in his arms, pressing himself against Draco as Severus came up behind Harry and involved him in his embrace.

Harry just lay there, too tired to move except to look up at them and allowed them to him hold him. Severus' large hand was warm on his hip and he found the tiredness that stole over him not altogether unpleasant as he mumbled. "I love you."

"I love you too, Harry."

"I love you as well, my Harry." Severus' voice was soft in his ear and Harry found himself yawning. He struggled to keep his eyes open but to no avail. So much had happened today and….

He pressed back against Severus' soft tummy and he brought his hand and cupped it so that he could feel the slight swelling in the abdomen where quite possibly his child grew. His eyes grew heavy as he heard. "Go to sleep, Harry."

And even if he wasn't sure who said it but all he knew was the safe feeling inside of him, did he really go to sleep, feeling very safe and loved by his two amazing lovers.

The end

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