Hi Guys! Okay here is the first chapter of my 3rd story in the series (check out Maybe Something More and Definitely Something More if you haven't already before you read this one). I'm not entirely happy with it, and I've only got about 8-9 Chapters written so far but I may redo some of it. So I'll just post this as a little preview for now. Let me know what you think.

Shawn Michaels was working his way to passing out from too much alcohol, at least that was "The Plan". Only problem with "The Plan"was that Paul Levesque, his best friend, kept taking his drinks when he wasn't looking. He'd only managed to drink half of what he had attempted and now Paul had resorted to snatching the glasses right out of his hand. "I said you've had enough buddy. I'm not carrying you back to the hotel!" Paul persisted, snatching Shawn's latest drink away.
"Gimme back that drink Trips. It'll be my last one I promise" Shawn slurred.
"Nope" Paul replied, and drank it himself so it was no longer available.
"Damn you Paul! Can't a guy drink in peace"
"You've been drinking way too much lately and I'm not going to stand around watching you drink yourself to oblivion again tonight" Paul replied with a growl of frustration. He was worried about his friend but didn't really know what to do to help. "Look, You and Brett were over a long long time ago. It's time you moved on buddy. There's plenty of guys who would jump at the chance to be with you.." Paul said, trying to comfort his friend.
Shawn laughed. It was funny how everyone just assumed because he was down in the dumps that he was getting over Brett. He hated Brett. But at least it was a good cover for who he was really hurting over, so he just let people assume what they would. It wouldn't be good for Paul to find out about his feelings for John Cena. He'd cop it big time. Paul wasn't exactly the guy's biggest fan.
"Look Trips for the millionth time I'm not interested in dating. I'm not mourning for Brett or whatever you think I'm doing. I'm fine. So I like to drink a little every now and then? What's the harm in that"
"So a little these days is a whole bottle of whiskey?" Paul asked with a raised brow.
"Maybe it is to me" Shawn defended and then shrugged. "Look I'm gonna go wish the happy couples well and then I'll head off back to the hotel. I'll see you tomorrow" Shawn added as he got up.
Paul watched Shawn walk away with a frown of concern but Stephanie quickly distracted him and he turned away to answer her question.

John Cena was sitting in a corner with diva's hanging off each arm. Across from him was Randy Orton his best friend, and Dave Bautista. As Randy and Dave drank and talked John's eyes followed Shawn Michaels when he left his table and headed out to the dance floor to talk to Jeff and Shannon. He looked good tonight. He was wearing tailored grey trousers with a fancy belt that had a silver belt buckle, a crisp white shirt unbuttoned slightly and a tailored grey jacket and black boots. The outfit would look plain on anyone else but on Shawn... John shook off his thoughts. Man what was he doing gawking at Michaels again anyway? He had been trying to avoid Shawn, especially tonight. For some reason whenever he was around him this weird feeling came over him, like he wanted to kiss him, but he wasn't gay and didn't want to be so it couldn't be that. Besides, it only seemed to happen around Shawn. He did his best to avoid him where he could in hopes of suppressing the feelings, and so far it seemed to be working alright. Problem was he missed Shawn's friendship. For a while, back when they were a tag team, they had become good friends. But then these stupid feelings came about and they had drifted apart. Shawn had been just as distant as John was and so it had just seemed to come to a mutual end.

John was brought out of his thoughts by a kiss on the neck from Mickie James and he turned back to give her his full attention. John knew he had a reputation these days for sleeping around, he hoped by sleeping with heaps of women to suppress his feelings for Shawn. But somehow when he was with them it felt like he was just going through the motions these days...

He picked up his drink and downed it in one go, quickly yelling out to a waitress for a refill. Suddenly he felt the need to get drunk.

The next morning Shawn was feeling like crap when he woke up. He shouldn't have spent the rest of the night drinking in the hotel bar. He got up to have a shower and then decided instead of room service he'd go eat downstairs in the restaurant and so he left his room and headed for the elevator. He was somewhat surprised when the elevator doors opened and John Cena was standing there. He looked just as surprised, and a little worse for wear just like himself.
"Uh... going down?" John asked.
"Yeah..." Shawn replied. He guessed he had no choice but to get in. As the doors closed the small space filled with tension. Neither spoke to each other but both were looking at each other out of the corner of their eye. Finally John said "Looks like you had a rough night"
"You could say that. Looks like you had one yourself" Shawn drawled.
"You could say that" John replied, mocking Shawn's smart ass response.
All of a sudden the lights flickered off and on then off again and the elevator came to a jolting stop. Shawn and John both fell over, with Shawn landing half on top of John. They quickly rolled off each other and got up. "What the hell happened?" John asked, pushing random buttons.
"Elevators down. Better call security" Shawn muttered with frustration. Damn! Of all the times for this to happen to him it had to be when he was with Cena. "Hello? Anybody there?" John asked, picking up the emergency phone.
"This is security what seems to be the problem?"
"Uh.. I'm in the elevator and it's stopped moving"
"We'll get on that straight away and get back to you with an ETA on when it'll be up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience"
"I'm sure you are" Shawn grumbled in the background.
John put down the phone and shrugged his shoulders. "Well looks like we're stuck here"
"Fantastic" Shawn said sarcastically.
"Hey! I don't want to be here any more than you do but there's no point getting all shitty about it" John replied.
"This isn't exactly the start of the day I planned out, so forgive me if I'm a little pissed off right now" Shawn replied angrily.
John couldn't help but get riled up himself at the way Shawn was acting. "God you're such a child sometimes" John snapped.
Shawn just sat down, crossed his legs and pulled down his hat and ignored him.
After 5 minutes of silence the phone rang and security were back on the line. "Looks like the power supply to the elevator shorted out. We've got an electrician in looking at it now. Should be up and running in another 30 minutes at the most. We're sorry about the delay"
"I can't believe this" Shawn laughed.
John just sat down with a sigh.
After another 10 minutes of silence John couldn't take it any more. The air was thick with tension and his patience was at an end. "What is your problem? Do you hate me that much that you can't even talk to me? Look, I know you've been avoiding me but what the hell did I do to deserve it?" John asked.
"As if you haven't been avoiding me too John. I'm not blind" Shawn countered.
"I have my reasons"
"And so do I. But they're not up for discussion" Shawn responded firmly.
"Either are mine"
They both went back to silence, sitting there ignoring each other as much as was possible in the small space. Shawn was finding it extremely difficult to be so close to John and not touch him. It was torture and making him more and more irritated. This was why he'd avoided being around him. Dammit why did this have to happen now when he was trying to get over his feelings for John?
"I don't want to fight with you" John eventually said with a sigh, breaking the silence once more.
"Then don't"
"Fuck Shawn I'm trying to apologise here!" John yelled.
"No need boy"
"Don't call me fucking boy" John growled.
"Compared to me you are"
"Would you just stop it? Why are you trying to push me away? You're always doing it" John asked.
"You don't want to know the answer to that"
"Maybe I do"
"Trust me, you don't" Shawn insisted.
John grabbed Shawn by the front of his shirt. Shawn glared at him. "Get your hands off me boy" he growled, his eyes sparking with lust that he tried to quickly bank.
John saw something flicker to life and die in Shawn's eyes and was intrigued. "Don't call me boy" He said quietly but firmly.
"Cena, you don't want to know what will happen if you don't take your hands off me. I suggest you go back over to your corner and sit down and shut the fuck up until they let us out of here. It would be in your best interests" Shawn rasped. John shuddered. The things it did to him when Shawn spoke all husky like that he didn't want to examine.
"I'm not letting go until you give me some answers" John said, not backing down.
"No" John said with a cocky grin.
Shawn's control broke and he grabbed John's face in his hands and kissed him hungrily before John knew what the hell was going on. Shawn had expected him to freeze and push him away, and so he was surprised when John groaned and kissed him back hungrily. In fact it wasn't long before John was the aggressor. They slid to the floor, John on top of Shawn as they continued to kiss like starving men at a banquet. The moment had been too long in coming and neither could get enough of the taste of each other. John's hands ran though Shawn's silky hair as he ate at Shawn's mouth, his tongue darted in and out of Shawn's mouth hungrily and he groaned low in his throat. Kissing Shawn was everything he'd imagined it would be. The man tasted like ambrosia. Shawn returned Cena's kisses with a growing urgency. He'd never been kissed so avidly in his life and it was sending him quickly over the edge. All of a sudden John broke away breathlessly and stood up. Shawn felt like he'd gone into instant withdrawal from a drug addiction and moaned with despair.
"That... shouldn't have happened... I shouldn't have done that. It was a mistake" John gasped.
"Well remind me to ask you to kiss me when it isn't a mistake. You'll goddam kill me boy" The doors of the elevator finally opened and John breathed a sigh of relief, bolting out the doors and away from Shawn as fast as he could. He went around a corner into a deserted stairway and leaned against the hand rail trying to catch his breath as if he'd just run a marathon. With a shaking hand he wiped sweat from his brow and groaned. He'd kissed a man... and he'd liked it. What was wrong with him?
He was going to have to go to great lengths to avoid Shawn now. There was no way he was letting that happen again.

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