Title: He? She? Whatever, I'm Me

Chapter 1 Title: What The Hell?

Series: Beyblade

Rating: T, might be changed to M later on

Warnings: Kai is a girl (that was obvious) future pregnancy, and as said in the rating, might be changed to M. And there will be a very high possiblity of shonen ai (boy love) being in here.

Summary: So everyone writes about Kai being a girl. What about me?! I wanna write one too! Oh wait…kinda just did. Well, here goes nothing… wish me luck! I know we've seen about a million of these and I should be working on my other stories but hey, gotta go with inspiration! And since I know this (Kai being a girl) is a popular topic, please don't flame me. Critique is welcome but flames, please don't.

Disclaimer: Sadly for me, I no own…

Ages: Kai- 18

Tala- 19

Bryan- 19

Spencer- 20

Ian and Kenny- 16

Rei- 18

Tyson and Max- 17

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Kai shivered, pulling the jacket around "himself" closer. Damn, Tala…They were on a bus. In Russia. Even "he" had "his" limits. A tank top and a scarf? Sure, no problem. Only a jacket and something else? Pushing it way to much.

"You cold?" Bryan asked after giving him a disinterested glance. "That's unlike you." Kai glared at him.

"Tala said he'd do the laundry after spilling soda on all my clothes," Kai said. "And he didn't." Tala smirked, his back was to Kai but Kai knew that the red head was smirking.

"Damn red head," Kai muttered, smacking the back of Tala's head.

"Hey, my jacket you're borrowing. I could always take it back," Tala said, turning to face Kai, his arm resting on the top of the seat. Kai glared at Tala. Oh yeah, the red head was smirking. Kai responded by bringing "his" knees up onto the seat, tugging the jacket even tighter around "himself."

"Even Kai has his limits, Tala," Spencer said, not looking back.

"Could have fooled me," Tala sneered, turning back to face the front again. Kai bristled silently, leaning against the window while still glaring at the back of Tala's head. What the hell was the red head's problem?

"Is Ian sleeping?" Kai asked instead.

"Yes," Spencer said. "He fell asleep a little while ago. Don't wake him up."

"Are we almost at the damn airport?" Bryan grunted.

"Yes, Bryan," Spencer sighed. The rest of the trip to the airport was continued in silence.

"Kai, Tala you two sit together," Spencer said.

"Why do I have to sit with the traitor?" Tala demanded.

"Tala…" Spencer warned.

"It's alright, Spencer. I'll sit with Kai," Bryan spoke up. Kai passed Bryan a thankful glance. The lavender haired teenager nodded curtly, sitting next to him as Tala, Spencer, and Ian went to go sit about five seats back.

"I don't understand why we couldn't just take your private jet," Bryan grumbled to Kai.

"Because Mr. Dickenson wants us to be 'inconspicuous' for awhile." Kai snorted.

"Like that's gonna happen. The only reason we got through here without any problems is because we're wearing these stupid disguises," Bryan said. "So has anyone else found out yet?"

"Found out about what?" Kai asked.

"Your actual gender?" Bryan asked.

Kai was silent for a moment. "No."

"You're not gonna be able to hide the fact that you're a girl forever, Kai," Bryan said. "Tala's straight." Kai blushed.

"I do not like Tala," she grumbled, looking away from him.

"Sure you don't," Bryan sneered. "And you're also not a girl pretending to be a guy!"

"I could never-!"

"Geez, chill Kai. Don't get your bra in a twist," Bryan smirked.

"Shut up Bryan," Kai paused. "And the correct saying is don't get your panty holes in a twist."

"What is your problem, Tala?" Spencer asked. "You never act this way with Kai."

"He's hiding something from me," Tala grunted.

"And that's reason to treat him like an ass?" Spencer asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No the fact that he betrayed us is reason to treat him like an ass…He tells me everything, Spencer," Tala said. "Everything."

"The boy needs his privacy at times, Tala. Everyone does," Spencer said. Tala snorted and crossed his arms.

"Hn," he said. Spencer rolled his eyes and turned his attention to his book. There was no sense in trying to make Tala see sense. Not when he was being a stubborn headed, egotistical wolf.

"Where's he?" Tala asked when they got off the plane and saw Bryan standing alone.

"He said he'd meet us at the hotel. He wanted to see the Blade Breakers," he grunted.

"And how the hell's he gonna get there?" Tala asked.

"He is rich, Tala," Ian rolled his eyes. Tala glared at the youngest but Ian just stuck his tongue out.

"Kai!" Kai looked up and managed to stick her arms out to pull Max into a hug before the blonde managed to send them both to the ground.

"Hey, Max," Kai said fondly. "How've you been?"

"It's been pretty good around here," Max grinned. "So what's been up in Russia?" Kai opened her mouth to answer but this time she was swept out of Max's arms and into another hug, this time being spun around.

"Hey Kai," Rei grinned. "We've missed you." Kai laughed.

"I noticed," she said. "You gonna put me down Rei?"

"Sorry," Rei said, putting her down gently. He was glad that Kai was back and he was glad to see her open and laughing with them. It had taken awhile, but after they found out Kai was pretending to be a boy, they gradually got her to open up.

"H-hi, K-Kai," Kenny stuttered.

"Hi Kenny," Kai said and then whispered to Rei. "Is he ever going to stop stuttering around me?"

"Give him a couple of…decades," Rei smirked.

"Kai?" Tyson asked quietly. Kai was quiet for a moment. There last encounter hadn't gone so well. When Tyson find out that Kai was a girl, he basically shut the enigma out of his life. Tyson did ask Rei and Max how she was doing every so often so Kai knew that he cared but there was nothing romantic going on between them.

"Hey Tyson. You gonna stand there or are you gonna give me a hug too?" Tyson smiled in relief and closed the distance between them with a hug.

"I'm sorry, buddy," Tyson said. "I didn't mean to go all Blitzkrieg on you." Kai smirked as Tyson's choice of words as he let her go.

"It's alright. It took these two awhile to get used to it too," she said. Rei looked away sheepishly and Max rubbed the back of his hair, also smiling sheepishly.

"So do the Blitzkrieg boys know?" Rei asked. "Or is it still just Bryan?"

"It's still just Bryan," Kai sighed.

"No luck with Tala?" he asked.

"I do not like Tala!" Kai bristled.

"Uh…I meant with the whole 'you're a traitor so I'm gonna treat you like an ass thing… but okay, whatever you say Kai," Rei grinned. Kai blushed at her mistake and immediately made a move to cover it up.

"B-Bryan was questioning me about it so-"Kai stuttered.

"Sure, sure he was. How is he by the way?" Rei grinned catlike. Kai sighed.

"Ask him yourself. He'll be around soon enough," she answered, rolling her eyes.

"Who'll be around soon enough?" everyone but Kai and Rei jumped as the lavender haired male appeared behind Tyson.

"You," Kai said disinterestedly, examining her finger nails for no apparent reason.

"You know, maybe you should take a break from blading, Kai," Rei said.

"Beg your pardon?" Kai and Bryan said at the same time.

"Well, I mean, you do need a break. You've been with the Blitzkrieg boys and us, after all. Why don't you take a short break? The next tournament isn't for awhile," he pointed out. Bryan raised an eyebrow. That actually did sound like a good idea…

"That's not a bad idea, Kai," Bryan said. "You've been training with us nonstop. Even Tala and Spencer are going to for awhile." Kai frowned at the suggestion and shook her head stubbornly.

"C'mon, Kai. You deserve a break," Tyson said. "In fact, whether you want to take a break or not, Mr. D's gonna order us to take one anyways."

"When did he tell you that, Tyson?" Max asked.

"Well, actually he sent it to me in an email," Kenny spoke up. "He's going to have a system where you can have your blades but you can't use them. Any use of them will subtract points off your team's score for the tournament."

"That sounds bad," Kai said, exchanging glances with Bryan.

"It does…" Kenny admitted. "I tried talking Mr. Dickenson out of it but-"

"It's okay Kenny. We know you tried your hardest," Max said.

"But I could have-"

"Kenny," Kai interrupted. "We know."

"That old man…" Bryan grumbled. "What the hell is he thinking?"

"Here, I still have the email," Kenny said. "He's going to announce this tonight."

Tourament Rules

Until three days before the tournament, use of your beyblades is not permitted. This is to give teams a chance to rest and relax after all their hard training.

Teams will start out with six points. For every time they use their beyblade, one of those points will be taken off. The teams will need at least one point to enter the competition. Teams with no points can not enter the competition.

As always, there can be no beybattles outside of the tournament. This is for the safety of the bladers and their blades. We want them to be in top condition for the tournament. Physical training (ex: jogging, martial arts, kendo etc.) is acceptable.

These rules will be in effect the morning after the meeting, that means 12 o' clock a.m., and not when the sun rises in the skies, boys and girls.

Bladers, please use this time to relax and prepare mentally for the tournament. Still keep in shape but follow these rules. I know they sound harsh right now but the BBA has decided that you bladers need the rest.


Mr. Dickenson

"'Need the rest'?" Kai repeated. "Something is wrong with that old man…"

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