City of Life

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"Emmett, stop drooling. You'll contaminate the food," Edward complained, before both he and Jasper burst out into laughter. Alice smiled triumphantly. Jasper was so different now than from how he'd been like when he'd first arrived at the castle.

But Emmett's reaction was understandable. There were several dozens of long buffet tables, almost overflowing with food that was set on gold and silver platters. There were hams, chickens, turkey, beef, steak, bread, fruit, soups… and not to mention all the desserts of various pastries, cakes, puddings, and even the newfangled ice creams that had been created.

Emmett grabbed a plate that had been meant to hold a turkey and began loading it with food. Then to top it all off, he placed a precariously balanced cake at the very top of the whole pile. He turned around and looked at everyone who was staring at him, and raised an eyebrow. "What? I'm a growing boy, I need to eat," he defended himself.

"Emmett, you're twenty years old. You're hardly a boy anymore," Alice laughed.

"Ah… well, I'm hungry." Emmett shrugged and went to sit down. Rosalie sighed in amusement and followed him with her own plate of much, much less food. "Oh, Rosie, Royce tried to break into the castle again," Emmett said, just remembering.

Rosalie stiffened. "What? When?"

"Just ten minutes ago. But don't worry, some of the guards are keeping him down in the dungeons now," he reassured her.

Bella was talking with Edward, slightly squealing every time he suddenly twirled her around. "Edward!" she scolded him mildly, gently slapping his arm.

"Oh, I'm wounded, Bella." He put on a mock hurt expression on his face.

"Aw, I'm sorry, love." She pecked his lips. "Feel better?"

"Well, may –" Edward stopped as he glared at something. "Black. What do you want?"

"I would like a word with Bella," Jacob replied, glaring back at him.

"Alright, what is it?" Bella asked, making no move to separate herself from Edward.

"Alone, if you don't mind."

"Yes, I do mind," she responded. "Anything that you say to me can be said in front of Edward, too."

"Very well. I was watching you perform in the archery competition this afternoon, and I was hoping that you could teach me how to do it. I've never learned archery before."

"I'm afraid that I'm a very bad teacher, Jacob. I'm sorry, but you should probably ask someone who can actually teach you properly."

"Oh, I'm very certain that you are a very good teacher."

"No, I'm not."

"Bella, they're starting up one of your favorite songs now," Edward interrupted. "Would you like to dance?"

"Yes, of course." Bella smiled at him as they turned to head away, before Edward paused.

"And Jacob, wasn't it you who I heard was the winner of last year's archery tournament in Lupitas last year?" Jacob narrowed his eyes. Edward merely arched an eyebrow before he and Bella continued towards the dance floor.

Carlisle and Esme were already dancing around the ballroom, smiling at each other, unaware that everyone around them was clearing way for them as they neared. Then the giant clock tower struck, marking the new hour.

"Oh, it's time for the dancing competition," Carlisle realized. The dancing competition was for girls and women, so that they had more of an opportunity to participate in the Festival. People began clearing off of the ballroom floor as the lights dimmed slightly and the music paused temporarily.

The participants filed out onto the dance floor, until only one remained who had yet to arrive. Then down the marble steps came a very petite and pixie like figure.

Alice would be responsible for bringing a new era of fashion, for sure. Her dusty rose pink dress was knee length, and was sleeveless, with a loose belt hanging around her waist. The dress seemed to sparkle in the light as she walked by.

She tilted her face and smiled at Jasper, who was leaning against a column, watching her intently. He smiled back, his eyes never leaving her. As she twirled onto the dance floor, the musicians began to start up again.

It fascinated Jasper how much Alice could be considered beautifully dangerous… and deadly, he supposed. As she danced, her outstretched arms seemed to beckon him to come closer. Her scent of chocolate and vanilla intoxicated him, filling his brain with nothing but the smell of it. Her blue eyes appeared to be hypnotizing him. And her smile made him willing to do anything for her, so long as she was pleased – but, he realized, even when she didn't dance, she made him react like this. But he noticed that all the other men in the ballroom, of course with the exception of Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle, also seemed to be having this reaction to her. An unknown emotion surged inside of him – jealousy?

But he could never claim her as his. She was of a much higher rank than he was, no matter how dangerous and rare he was. In his heart, he was hers. But no one else could ever know. For now, however, he would not dwell on such dreary thoughts.

Alice's skirt flared slightly as she twirled, unconsciously showing off her perfect legs. Jasper resisted the urge to painfully kill every single other man that was staring at her. Her toes were perfectly poised as she balanced on them, showing no sign of any pain, like most people did when they stood on their toes.

The other women were getting sweaty and red in the face. But Alice had not perspired a single bit, and her face was still a lovely fair complexion. As the other dancers struggled to keep their balance, she flawlessly and effortlessly danced across the floor.

Jasper's eyes fell onto the simple daffodil that she wore in her hair. He had just picked it for her this morning. He smiled as she spun around the ballroom. He did not know if they would ever be able to be publicly together. But he knew that in their hearts, they would always be each other's.

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