"Demon c...clowns?" A pie smacked Xander in the face.

Frantically wiping away pie filling, Spike asked, "Xan? What's wrong?"

Willow replied, between lobbing eldritch fireballs towards the demons. "Party. Just a kid. Terrified of clowns ever since."

"Guys, the plan?" Buffy asked almost slipping on a large pile of banana cream.

"Sod the plan. I'm getting him out of here," Spike said as he grabbed Xander and started running.

Far enough, Spike thought. "But, the demons. The girls..." said a dazed Xander.

"Between Willow's magic and Buffy's Slayer... whatever, they can handle one little demon nest."


Spike swiped his finger along Xander's neck, getting a good dollop of pie in the process. Ate it up with long, slow, swirling licks, never taking his eyes off Xander.

"Oh." Smile. "Yeah, I guess they'll be OK."