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"Alice, why can't I stay in my own house when the boys go hunting?" I moaned as Alice was packing up my things for another sleep over. Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper and Edward had gone on a hunting trip. They would be gone for about a week, so that meant that I had to stay with Alice and Rosalie at their house.

"Bella, you know what Edward is like when he leaves you for any length of time. He is just making sure you are safe"

"But what is he protecting me from?"

Alice looked at me and raised one of her eye-brows. Oh, he was protecting me from myself. I wasn't the most stable of people. I would find something to fall over on a perfectly flat surface. I had given up trying to prove to Edward that I was safe on my own, so I had to endure another week of Alice doing my hair, painting my nails and everything else that Alice did so well.

Once Alice had packed all my things, I said goodbye to Charlie and got into Alice's Porsche and drove to her house.

When we got to the house Alice threw all my stuff in Edwards room while I went into the living room. It was quite late by the time I got there so I was pretty tired, but I knew Alice wouldn't let me sleep until much later.

"So Bella, What do you want to do tonight?" Alice asked me as she walked back into the room.

"I really don't care. We could watch a Movie. Oh, can we watch Moulin Rouge. I haven't seen that movie in ages"

Alice got up and walked over to the Cullen's wall of DVD's. she picked up Moulin Rouge and placed it in the DVD player.

Me and Alice watched the movie until Rose came in sat with us.

There was only about half hour left of the movie left. One of my favourite senses in the movie started. "El Tango de Roxanne".

I had a secret that no one knew about. I was a accomplished musician on violin and Piano, and I couldn't help but smile with pride as the music started, knowing that I was able to play this nearly perfectly.

I then noticed that that the sound of the piano was much louder that it normally was. I looked over to the piano to see that Rose was playing the Piano bass line that was in the DVD.

I wasn't a big headed person, normally, but this was a opportunity I couldn't pass up.

"Alice, give me the keys to your car. I need to pop home for 2 minutes"

"Why. I brought everything you need with you." Alice replied looking at me.

"Just give me they keys Alice"

She handed me the keys and I ran off to the garage and got into the car.

When I got back to the house, I could hear Charlie snoring upstairs. I walked up the stairs as quietly as I could.

When I got into my room I knelt next to my bed and pulled a blue case from under my bed.

No one knew about this violin except for me, Charlie and Renee. I opened the case and looked at my violin. I hadn't played it for so long, but it was like riding a bike, something you never forget. I looked through the different pieces of music that I had in the case and found the one I was looking for. I closed my case and went back to the car.

I got back to the house and Alice looked at me and gasped when she saw what I was carrying.

"Bella, Why do you have a violin?" she was shocked. I was pleased that there was something that I could hide from Alice.

" Here is something they you didn't know about me Alice"

I walked over to the piano and placed that music on the stand on the piano and started to play.

I looked over at Alice who was sitting on the sofa with her mouth hung open.

As I moved my fingers across the neck of my violin I couldn't help but feel that I finally had something in common with the Cullen's. I was no where near as good as Rosalie and Edward (On the piano at least). I wanted to keep my musical abilities hidden from Edward and everyone else for as long as possible.

I was going to tell Edward though. It was our 2 year anniversary in a weeks time and I was going to surprise him with something that he has never seen before. Me. On stage. In a dress. Playing the violin. There had been a organised talent show, I was going to take part in it. I really didn't want to but I didn't like keeping secrets from Edward, even they are childish ones like this.

When the piece came to a end I looked over to Alice who had mouth hung open. I was quite pleased with myself as not many people can hide things from Alice. As she could see the future, it kind of gives it away.

"How long have u been playing? I mean, that was really good" Alice asked me with shock all over her face.

"I've been paying this for about 4 years. I never really liked it that much. But when I moved here and met Edward and discovered how good he was on the piano, I got a bit childish and took up the violin again to see if I could get any better at it" I smiled and giggled at Alice.

I had my mind made up that I was going to show tell Edward about this, and how I was going to do it, so I shouldn't have been surprised when Alice's face went blank and when she came back she was screaming at me.

"Bella! If you love me at all, you will let me buy you a new dress, and shoes and get your hair done for the show. Edward is going to be so shocked." She got up and ran over to me grabbed my hands.

"Please Bella!"

"Fine. But not to over the top" I didn't get to finish my sentence before Alice was dragging me up to her room and sat me next to her computer.

We sat there for hours looking for full length dresses. Obviously Alice had seen what I was going to be wearing so it wasn't to hard to find the dress that I was going to wear. It was a full length strapless midnight blue dress made of silk. It looked really nice when on the computer, I would have been happy to buy it off the internet, but no. Alice insisted that we go out and buy the dress now that we knew what I liked.

The next day me and Alice went into town to look for the dress. I just wanted to go, get the dress and get home. But no. Alice was determined to drag me around town all day until we got the dress, the shoes everything that I would need.

When we got back to the house I went straight to bed. Alice wanted me to stay up and try on the dress, but I put my foot down and said no and that I would try it on in the morning when I got up.

The next morning, it wasn't my alarm that woke me up, it was something totally different. It a very low sound, I knew what it as straight away. When I was in phoenix I had been part of the string orchestra in my school so I knew the sound of a cello when I heard one.

I got up from bed and when downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Alice sitting in the living room with a cello leaning against her left shoulder and the bow in her right hand. I never knew Alice could play the cello Mind you, what couldn't the Cullens do.

I cleared my throat as I entered the room. Alice was focusing on what I presumed was music as she was looking at a music stand.

"Morning Bella, did you sleep well?" she asked me with a huge grin on her face.

"Um, yea I slept fine Alice. Are you going to explain." I gestured to the cello that she was holding.

"Oh I forgot to tell you didn't I. When I had that vision of you playing on stage. Me and rose were there playing with you. So I bought a cello and started practicing."

"So, you and rose are going to be on stage with me. Has rose agreed to this?" I knew that Alice would have something to do with this, but I didn't think of Roseā€¦ I mean she didn't even like me that much, why was she going to play on stage with me.

" Yea, don't worry about Roes Bella, she does actually like you. And she knows How much Edward loves you. You are like a sister to us, never forget that. We will do everything we can to make you and Edward happy" She smiled at me, which always made me feel better.

"Right, well if you want to get all this right before we have to perform it, we better get practising."

I went back upstairs and got dressed. I picked up my violin form under my bed and went back down stairs. When I got there I found Alice and Rosalie sitting in the living room waiting for me.

We didn't need to practise for long as I knew it pretty and rose could play the piano part just from sight reading. The only reason we really needed to practice was because Alice had only been playing the cello for 12 hours.

It was Wednesday afternoon when we were practicing the piece again. It sounded pretty good now, but it was ruined by the buzzing of my phone that was on the piano.

I flipped my phone open to answer it.


"Bella. How is your week with Alice and Rose going?"

It was Edward. Why was he ringing me if he was on a hunting trip? I was genuinely confused.

" Yea, its great. Having a really good time. I really miss you though"

" ahh, well it's a good thing we are coming home early then"

I could hear the grin he must have had on his face when he said this to me.

" Oh. Well, when are you going to be back?" I asked him and hoped he would say at least a few hours as we had to put every thing away and find a hiding place for Alice's new cello.

" Well, the car should be in the garage in about 5 minutes"

"5 minutes!" I practically shouted over the phone looking at Alice and Rose. They both began to gather up the music can shove it back into my violin case.

"Great. See you soon. Love you"

I didn't give him chance to answer, I hung up my phone and grabbed my violin and put in back in it's case and ran upstairs to hide it again.

I ran back downstairs to find Alice still hadn't put her cello away.

"Alice. They will be here any minute. Where are you going to put the cello?" I was panicking a bit now.

"Ill put it in my room. Jasper wont care."

"Alice, I don't want any of them to know about this. They will be here in less than 2 minutes. Where are you going to put that thing?"

"I don't know. I didn't think about that when I bought it!"

I heard the car come up the driveway. I had to do something to stop them from seeing the huge cello in the front room.

"Rose, I need your help. I need you to distract Emmett while Alice thinks of a place to hide the cello." I had some idea about how she was going to "distract" Emmett, then again, my thoughts about distracting Edward were probably on the same lines.

"Alice, you need to find a place to hide it while me and Rose distract Edward and Emmett." I told her, trying to sound serious.

"Fine, but what about Jasper and Carlisle? How are they not going to see it?"

I didn't think about that.

"Ill ask them to look at my car, I'm sure something is wrong with the clutch" Rose said. She grinned, knowing that her car was in perfectly good condition.

Wow, fair play to rose, hat was some quick thinking.

I heard the Car pull up into the garage and me and rose sprung into action.

What are Bella and Rose going to do to distract the boys?

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