Day 1

Scorching heat. Dunes that went on forever. A skeleton or two here and there. This- was the Sand Village. Sakura didn't mind the walk to it- she minded the HALLUCINATIONS that came with the threat of heat stroke. She wiped off some sweat from her forehead.

"Hey, Sakura, have you heard the rumors?" Rock Lee asked her, makign her look at him.


"There rumors that on this exact route, a giant monster attacks the caravans!" He clenched his fist. "Don't worry, Sakura-Chan, I'll protect you!" She didn't want his protection. Suddenly, the ground shook, the animals went crazy, as there was a loud roar. Then, a giant scorpion, arose from the dunes. It roared again, and Rock Lee ran at it stupidly. The scorpion hissed, and batted Rock Lee away mercilessly, before it slipped down the dunes and to the caravan. It hisses, pushing itself onto its back legs, giving another roar, before falling back to earth, causing an earthquake. Everyone fell to the ground, the horses able to hold their ground. Sakura looked up, and the scorpion looked at her, before giving a snort, and snatching her up in one of its claws. She screamed and hollered in protest, kicking and hitting the beast, but to no avail. Rock Lee got up and attacked the monster once more, pissing it off. With a short roar, the scorpion slapped him away, and he crashed into a rock, passing out.

"LEEEEEE!!!" She yelled in horror, the scorpion snorting, turning, and returning back to the dunes with its hostage. "LET GO OF ME, DAMN IT!!! LEE!!!" She screamed. The scorpion dropped her, after she chakra kicked it. It growled, catching her mid-air, with it's tail. She shivered in disgust as the furry scorpion tail wrapped around her- rubbing up against her legs, the scorpion's stinger just above her head. She stared up at the poisonous mechanism, before looking away, to see a huge sand tornado. She squinted her eyes shut, and brought her arms up to her defense, blocking her face. The Scorpion went right through it, and before she knew it, they were in front of a cave. The scorpion went right on in, and dropped her on the cold hard ground of the cave. The creature turned, and went back to the entrance, exiting the cave, before rolling a rock over the entrance to prevent her from escaping.

"Ssssssstay." It said, before she was completely locked in, wondering what the hell just happened. Thankfully, there was a hold in the roof of the cave, letting in sunlight, so she could look around.


The monster returned a couple hours later, with a huge bundle. Sakura moved aside to the edge of the cave, as the bundle was thrown into the center of the cave. The scorpion closed the entrance once more, before picking her and the bundle up, and going deeper into the large cave. "Put me down, put me down!"

"Shut the hell up already!" She looked up to see a red-head staring back at her angrily. "Ok, I get it, damsel in distress is suppose to scream and shout, but it's not like I'm raping you mid-air or anything, so shut up." She blinked.

"W-Where are you taking me?" She asked uneasily, as they went down a set of stairs.

"I'm a pack-rat. I hoard things." They said simply. "It's night time- that means, until the sun rises, I'm in this human-like form. Meaning I can go to my treasury, meaning, I'll be dropping off anything I thought of value or took an interest to there." He didn't look at her, when she jumped out of the crook of his arm, and socked him in the face. He didn't flinch, but grabbed her wrist roughly, and dragged her down the passage way. "I don't feel anything in this body, so whatever you try to do, is POINTLESS." He stopped, pulling her in front of him. "Now, be a good girl and stay here." He smirked, before shoving her away from him. She yelled, and time seemed to slow down, as she fell backwards. There was no GROUND. The staircase came to an abrupt end, and just dropped. She crashed into a pile of something, about 25 meters below the staircase. She grunted, looking around, the sound of tinkling echoed in the huge cave. She looked down, noticing she was laying on a pile of gold coins, there was a rustling sound, and she looked up to see the boy untie the bundle, and dump it all over the edge of the stair case. All the things in the bundle, were added to the stock pile, and he threw the blanket over his shoulder. "There's a small room- I made- in the back corner- I guess I got bored." He turned and walked away.

"What about food?" She blurted out, making him stop and look back at her, curious.

"Food?" He asked, as if he didn't know what it was. "Now- why would I obtain food?"

"Why did you kidnap me?"

" Kidnap? No, I 'collected' you. I like shiny thing, pretty things- beautiful things that last forever." He said.

"Well, I lose my 'prettiness' if you don't take care of me." He blinked in awe.


"Yeah. And I need human care."

He jumped down from the stair case, landing next to her nimbly, a look of affection in his eyes. "And- what else do humans need?"

"Well, most of us like to be clean, we need food, socializing, water-" She blinked. "Why?"

"These things- they are vital to your civilization?"

"Uh, yeah." He grinned.

"Write everything you'd like to have or need to have to live here, on this pad of paper with this pen." He said, handing her a pad of paper and a pen. She scribbled down everything she needed, and handed it back to him. They looked it over, before looking at her. "You know- you are the first person- the first human- to ever be in my den." He stood up. "I'll take good care of you so you can look beautiful forever." He stood up. "Ok, now, stay here, ok? I'll be back." He jumped onto the wall, and climbed up back to the stair case. How the hell he did it, she didn't know, but she just watched him. He stopped, looking back at her. "Can you get up here?" Sakura got to her feet, but as soon as she did, her knees buckled and she collapsed.

"Ngh-" She gasped, feeling her lungs were constricted, cutting off air.

"Don't worry, I didn't give you a lethal dose of poison. You just won't be able to move until I get back." They said, before vanishing, leaving her there, alone. She grunted a little, a pain swirling around in the pit of her stomach. She crippled over in agony, clutching her sides, curling up into a ball. She'd have to wait until he got back.


He jumped down from the ruined stair case, with several brown grocery bags in his arms. "I got everything on your list, pretty girl!" He said, smirking, jumping down from the stair case. "There was even a human vendor selling food! So, I bought from from him- had to run back here- but its ok." He walked past Sakura, who lay on the ground asleep, he picked her up with his tail, carrying her with him, as he went to the corner of the room, where a small bedroom was made up of gold and silver furniture that had caught his eye, on his daily raids. People were getting smart by having an extra wagon of things to 'pay' him off with. He set her down on the canopy bed, setting the grocery bags on the silver dining room table with its matching elegant silver chairs. He pulled out the hot food, not knowing what it was himself, and hoping she'd like it. He took everything out of the bags and putting them on the table, looking around clutching a book about human care to his chest. He opened it as she lay on the bed, asleep, flipping through its pages.

~ Chapter 1- Personal Hygiene

Demons may not require suck a thing, but Humans like to stay clean.

If you are to keep your Human happy, you are to keep them clean. They know how to clean themselves already, but you are to provide the materials for such a function. These things that you must provide are things such as;

-a pool/body of water and/or shower (Humans like water in which if put in a cup, you can see the bottom of the cup if the cup is full.)

-special hair-cleaning products called 'Shampoo'

-Special body cleaning gel/soap called 'Body wash'

If you or your human wishes for soft, smooth hair, you are to also get a hair smoothing/ extra deep cleaning product called 'Conditioner'. Shampoo and Conditioner, come in many scents that appeal to certain humans as scents appeal to us, as does body wash. Try to take your human shopping with you if you can- iof they pick the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, this will increase their happiness and willingness for these creatures to stay with you.

Remember- a clean Human is a happy Human!

If the label does n ot appeal to you if you are shoppign with your human, request that you smell it. Try to decide on one you like by smelling all of them, and pick on based on if you and your Human like it. Then, you are both happy.

He looked around for a pool of water, and seeing the lake-sized underground spring. He ran over to it, looking at it. Could he see the bottom? Yes. Was it dirty? No. She'd be happy about that. He had gotten everything- even conditioner in a scent he thought she'd like. She liked strawberries, yes? He went back to Sakura, shaking her gently, waking her up. "Pretty Doll, Pretty Doll! Wake up!" He grinned, before blinking, looking at her seriously. She looked even prettier when she slept, making him rethink waking her. But then he thought about the hot food he'd gotten for her. "Wake up, wake up! I got you food!" Sakura stirred, blinking, looking up at him.


"I got you food! I don't know if you'll like it, but its hot, so you'd better get up to eat it before it gets cold!" Sakura sat up.

"You- got me hot food?"

"Yes! There was this other human at a stand and so, I thought it wise to get you warm food! it's damp and dank down here- so- i thought it might warm you up." He grinned excitedly. "Would you like me to get it for you? The venom might not be out of your system yet- can you stand?" Sakura put her hand on one of the poles for the canopy bed with its black curtains and soft sheets and fluffy, inviting pillows. She got to her feet, before her knees buckled, and she hugged the pole tightly. He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth loudly, before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the table. He balanced her in the nook of his arm, his tongue slipping out of the side of his mouth, as he tried to maneuver pulling out a chair for her. When he did, he tilted his arm up and she slipped down form his hold as if sliding down a slide, into the chair sideways, his tail stopping her. He pulled up the hot food- setting it in front of her. "Here, here! Eat, eat!" He said, handing her a pair of chop sticks. She just stared at it and was silent. "Something wrong, Pretty Doll? Do you not like this food I got?"

"I'm not eating unless I know your name."

"Name...?" He asked, curious.

"What do people call you?"

"Oh! I'm called Sasori." He grinned, making her sweat drop. Well- he WAS a red scorpion- so 'Sasori' would fit- (For the non-bilingual, 'Sasori' Means 'Red scorpion'. Yeah- go tell your worried parent that you learned something in this fan fic!) "What do other humans call you, Pretty Doll?" Sasori asked, tilting her chin in up and to her right, to look at him. "What is your name in their world?"

"Sakura Haruno."

"AH! What a pretty name! It fits you perfectly! 'Spring of Cherry Blossoms'. Sakura- what a pretty name for a pretty girl." Sasori clapped his hands. "How- this food I got you- what is it's name? Do you liek this food?"

"I don't really like it, but I'll eat it- and its called 'Ramen'." Sasori paniced at her saying she didn't really like. He flipped through his book for answers. "What is that?" He snapped it shut and hid it behind him.

"Its a- book." He said, not wanting her to know he was 'studying' on how to care for her.

"What type of book?" She asked and he racked his brain for an answer.

"A- book on how to tell whats real gold from fake gold!" He spat hastily and she nodded.

"Oh- I didn't know demons could read." Saura said, saying a prayer, before snapping open the chop sticks and began eating some of the ramen. Sasori watched her, taken in, as the heat from the human meal, lightly heated her own cheeks, as she ate. He sighed, making her stop eating to glance at him. "Oh- you're probably hungry too. Want to try some?" Sasori withdrew.

"I've never been in need of human food-"

"Well, you should try some of this pork ramen." She said handing him the chop sticks she had just been eating with. He was hesitant, but ate a bite of ramen. He chewed and swallowed. It tasted- like normal human noddles- but with the flavoring of pork. He was amazed by humans, but, he only wished to keep Sakura around.

"Thank you." He said, passing the meal back to her. "But I got this for you, Sakura-" He noticed some thing on the corner of her mouth- a small smudge of pork noodle-goodness. He licked the corner of his mouth, grabbing her face in his hands, pullign her towards him, leaning in and giving her the courtesy, of removing the particle from the corner of her mouth. He withdrew when he was done- that one smudge having dampened her prettiness. But now, she shone as if she was a well-polished trophy in a trophy case. He smiled. "All better-"

"Get away from me!" She screamed, shoving him away from her, confusing him. "What was that for?"

"There was a smudge of your meal on the corner of your mouth- I just had to get rid of it. If I didn't, you wouldn't be as pretty." He said, making her blush slightly, before he went over ot the other end of the table. "Look, look! I got everything on your list, and some extra things to keep you entertained until I return tomorrow. I got you body wash and matching shampoo and conditioner- you like strawberries, right? I got you some towels too- and clothes! I'll get you more tomorrow, ok?"

"Why are you doing all these things?" Sakura asked, making Sasori grin.

"Humans like to run away. So, if you like it here, you won't run away- right? If I treat you nice, you will stay." He explained, standing up. "I went to the human store and told them I was shaping for you- they think you're my 'girlfriend' (whatever the hell THAT is) and so, I say I don't know what she likes- so they give me these strange little dresses-" he said, pulling up and holding a satin, lingrie night gown in the air. Sakura blushed. "What is this? Do you wear it out in public?"

"No- it's a - um- type of night gown. Youi don't wear night gowns outside in the public." He nodded, understanding what she said- but not what she was getting at. "Its sexy lingrie. Lingrie is a type of skimpy little dress like that, a boy who likes a girl, gives to the girl. A girlfriend is the status of a boy's dating partner. Dating is when you ask someone out."

"I get it." Sasori smiled. "So- I give this to you later?"

"Much, much later." He nodded, putting it down, picking up a pair of underware. "Do I give these to you now?" She nodded and he put then down in front of him, moving the skimpy night gown to the left. He held up a lavander night gown that would go to her knees. "Will you wear this tonight? I like this color- its pretty. Will you wear this, Sakura?"

"Sure- But- you'll have to turn around when I change." Sasori nodded, turning his back to her, to let her change. "Alright- you can turn around. What do you think?" He did and gasped lightly.

"Beautiful!" He commented, walking over to her, scooping her up, making her squeak, carrying her to bed. "Bed time, Sakura, bed time!"

"Put me down!" She yelled, punching him in the face, but he just continued grinning, pulling back the covers of the canopy bed, setting her on her own two feet. Sakura got in bed and laid down, and he tucked her in, turning his back to her to turn to his Book for guidance.

~ Chapter 2- Sleeping

Humans sleep differently than we do, but, they still like being lulled to sleep.

If you don't wish to sing a lullaby, then don't, unless the Human requests one. But ask first. If they refuse, revert to a human story book. They have a tendency to fall asleep as you read to them.

They have strange sleeping patterns, and may turn into different positions at night. Some humans require another person in the bed, to sleep well.

Some seems to awake friom nightmares. If this happens, you are to erase their memory of the night mare, and repeat whatever tactics you used, to put them to sleep. After doing so, they will go back to sleep. But it is suggested that you provide your presence to reassure and calm your Human. If scared, you are to reassure them to get them back to sleep.

Humans somtimes require extra things to sleep- but try to avoid using any powers such as a sleeping cloud spell, on your human. Natural sleeping means that when they wake up, they will smile at you and be in a content mood. Unnatural sleeping means they will wake up and wonder where and who you are, before trying to run away.~

"Would you like me to sing to you?" Sasori asked.

"Uh, NO." Sakura grumbled, and he nodded, looking around.

"There's a story book I got because it had a shiny cover- where did I put it?" Sasori said a loud, before vanishing behind the curtains, which all fell back, having been untied. He returned with a thick book. "Want me to read you a story?"

"No thanks (freak)." Sakura said, , turning onto her side, her back to him, closing her eyes. Sasori put the book down, and watched her fall asleep. He got on the bed and laid down next to her, closing his eyes, and falling asleep as well.