Chapter 13


(A/N: Some of you may have been having trouble with the name of Kakuzu's mate, as I've messed it up a few times. Her name is 'Zelynda'. Pronounced 'Z-ah-Lin-dah'.


Sasori (Red Scorpion of the Black Sands): Mated with Sakura, Sasori declined the position of Overlord, and is now envoy of Kagetora. Despite his rough exterior, Sasori's a pretty good guy and cares for his mate.

Sakura Haruno: Mate of Sasori, she tried anything she can to help out. A sweet girl until she's pissed off.

Hinata Hyuuga: Mate of Itachi Uchiha, Hinata is a sweet and pure-hearted girl who loves her mate as much as he loves her.

Konan: Mate of Pein. A Vahallian with blue hair, a kind heart, and a lip piercing.

Pein: Mated to Konan. A Vahallian with black piercing alone the bones of his wings, limbs, and face.

Itachi Uchiha (Weasel Demon): Mated to Hinata Hyuuga. Was one of the most violent Demon Lords, before meeting his mate after being wounded. He loves Hinata dearly and even gave up hunting for himself to watch her village to keep other demons out. He often gets sick from malnutrition.

Madara: A demon that was the product of a vampire raping a crow demon, Madara is gifted with the ability to have two sets of wings at two different times- Crow wings during the day, and Vampire wings at night. He was Overlord before Kagetora, and after being forced into a fight with his mother, became mentally unstable, even killing female escorts and maids alike to eat their hearts. In his weak mental state, he was tricked into kidnapping all of the demon lords' mates, including Katalia, Kagetora's mother, and holding them in a harem until he was forced to resign by Sasori. His face was gashed and he was exiled.

Kakuzu (Demon of the Dream Threads): Mated to Zelynda. How he came across his mate is a mystery, but it's rumored that he even changed his den to please her. It's also said that, if she's gone too long, he goes into prolonged periods of depression.

Hidan (Hyena Demon of the Savanna): Mated to Kihari. He, apparently, came across his mate while she was on a trip to the Savanna and happened to get lost from her tour group and wound up in a lion's den. Hidan fought off the lions after seeing her while hunting with his followers. Little other than that is known, but Hidan seems to love her dominant nature.

Kisame (Shark Demon of the Seven Seas): Mated to Kira. Kisame had gotten himself accidentally beached, and his mate helped him back into the ocean. He stalked her for a few weeks before summoning up the courage to take his humanoid form to propose to her.

Katalia (Lady Autumn): Mother of Kagetora, Katalia was the only wife of her son's father, and once human, which stirred a controversy in the Demon Community as it was unheard of a human mate during the time. She married her husband and acquired Gokai soon after, and became a demon. Doesn't like fighting and is a very affectionate, caring, mother-like figure to many demons. Respected by the Demon Community for being a wise leader in the few months, standing-in her husbands' place, before his death.

Kagetora (Current Overlord): A Hybrid demon between a Snake Demon and a Bone Demon, Kagetora has never shown his real form. He's more of a momma's boy than anything and believes that he is his mother's only line of defense as she's too nice to fight. Not much of a leader, but he tried his best with his mother as an advisor.

Deidara of the White-Gold Sand: (Demon Race unknown) Seems to have some reason to the kidnapping of three mates and Katalia.

Gokai: (God of the Bone Demons) Unwaveringly loyal to Katalia, with the line between 'obsession' and 'love' blurred, Gokai is stubborn and refuses to go out of his own personal rules of 'only care for Katalia'. He is drawn to Katalia because of her 'bold and fiery' spirit, and accepted her offer when she called for him to help. He shadows Katalia's every move, looks out for anything in her best interest, and talks in riddles. He doesn't show any interest in another person aside Katalia. To anyone else, he's a total unhelpful asshole.

Sasori and Sakura had been charged with escorting Zelynda, Kakuzu's mate, back to her Demon Lord. They stood by, watching as she wobbled from lack of strength closer to her mate's throne, eyes to the ground. Kakuzu lifted his head up, "This smell…My maiden fair? Art thou my maiden fair?" He asked, standing up as she looked up.

"Kakuzu." She said softly, stopping as she panted lightly before running over to him, and he moved forward. The stony grip of the walls shattering as he moved from his throne, catching her before she fell, holding her.

"Zelynda." He responded, hugging her tighter as tears ran down her face. The ash that slowly drifted down, began to slowly change from charcoal to a faded pink. The bits of ash had turned to cherry petals. The trees that reached for the darkened sky with gnarled hands, untwisted and turned to lively red cherry oak trees with cherry blossoms. The dark sky slowly grew lighter as the spell of darkness lifted from his den. Even from Kakuzu himself.

He stood up, holding his mate in his arms, the rubble lifting up and rebuilding as he smiled, "Thank you- Oh, you're not Lady Autumn." He realized and Sakura smiled apologetically,

"No, I'm sorry for lying to you." Sakura said and he waved it off, the rubble piecing together into a beautiful marble arches and a dome top as he sat back in his throne, a smaller throne for his mate next to him.

"It's alright. I apologize for attacking you." He said, Zelynda hugging him lovingly, "You brought my Zelynda back, though she's sick, she's alive. Thank you." As they left, Kakuzu kissed his mate lovingly, smiling as she rested against him.

~O~ The Storming Valley ~O~

Deidara stared down at Katalia as she slept in his bed, not too far away from the area he had his throne and the other girls in. Another concentrated dose to get her to sleep, taking up a vast amount of his strength. "He didn't deserve you, but I do." Deidara said, "I deserve you."

"Your constant prattle of your one-sided and unrequited love is beginning to wear down on both my patience and my ear drums." Gokai said, laying on his side behind her, bored, and Deidara glared at him. "Your persistence is aggravating and annoying. I don't believe even my vessel will forgive you for the trouble you've caused for those around you. Her own forgiveness only goes so far. It looks like she's become immune to your toxin." Gokai finished as she slowly woke up.

"Mm." She murmured as her eyelashes flickered open and she stirred on the bed. Deidara brashly shoved Gokai off the bed and gently run his hand along her arm, down to her hand. He sat on the edge of the bed, her hand in his, kissing her palm deeply and repeatedly. "Ahh." She cooed before sleepily lying back down on the bed. Deidara panted, exhausted himself.

"Putting you to sleep is becoming more exhausting." Deidara muttered,

"Putting you to sleep won't be!" Deidara whipped around attentively, Kagetora, Sasori, and Sakura not too far from where his throne was. He stepped in front of them, "Deidara of the White-Gold Sand, you are to be detained and arrested for the treachery of betraying your kind and your King!" Gokai vanished and appeared next to Sakura, who jumped,

You have brought it. Quickly, child, run to the side of my Vassal. I will ensure your safe passage. Gokai promised her, and Sakura ran towards the bed, Deidara moving to stop her before Sasori and Kagetora blocked his path.

"No, stay away from Katalia!" Deidara yelled, flinching when they got in front of him, "You assholes should know better than to fuck with me!" Deidara growled angrily, before diving into a pit of sand. The ground shook and Deidara rose up as a huge sand worm, roaring, before Sasori erected a sand wall around the three of the fighting men, to keep Sakura out. As the three fought, Deidara paused, seeing Sakura getting closer to the bed, making him roar and move to stop her only to be stopped by Gokai who had grabbed his teeth to keep him back. Sakura stopped to watch and Gokai shouted, "There is no time…to dawdle!" He growled, slowly sliding backwards.

She ran over to Katalia and threw the cloak on her before tripping and falling, hitting her head on the way down. Gokai pushed Deidara back in his demon form and covered Sakura with his body and his cloak as she looked up through the blood coming from the cut on her head, "Shield your eyes." Gokai muttered quickly before covering her eyes and cloaking her in darkness and away from the flash of bright light that erupted from Sakura's valiant action. Gokai got up and Sakura blinked, Katalia standing tall and proud between Deidara and Sasori.

"Ka-Katalia." Deidara said as Gokai vanished, changing into a pair of decaying wings upon her back. 8 wings that had putrid, rancid flesh on them and bleached white bones, shook the very atmosphere with their dominating and looming prescience.

"Deidara of the White-Gold Sand, your crimes by the Book of Lazarus, are worthy of the death sentence and I shall deliver the swiftest of judgment." She said, the skies in the axis darkening as thunder rolled and lightening flashed. Sasori grabbed Sakura and covered her up, "You have committed treason and broken the Demon Commandments set to ensure that we stay civil with one another." Black lightening slammed down around and near Deidara as he writhed to avoid it. "You have ruined everything we stood for yet you think you have done nothing wrong. The worst type of man can only be described as 'Deidara'." Deidara's bestial form slowly shrunk and he had been turned into his humanoid one and stood in front of her, "You are to be stripped of your Demonic form and will suffer your death in your human-like one." Sasori held Sakura's hand tightly as Kagetora uneasily stepped back.

Sasori pushed Sakura's head into his chest and Sakura blushed but hid her eyes. "Say your last words now." "It was all for you!" Deidara yelled, making Katalia pause and Sakura looked over, seeing him on his knees, bowing to her. "Clarify." She ordered and Deidara nodded,

"I…I wanted to get your attention. Just asking you didn't seem to do any good and talking to you was pointless because you were always too busy with your husband and I was a low-class demon. So I worked hard to go through the ranks and get a name for myself but you still only had eyes for your late husband." Katalia lowered her weapon as Deidara jabbered on, "Once he died I tried so hard to find you but you just vanished. I used Madara's position and mental instability to collect all the mates of the demons and he stumbled upon collecting you as well. Once I knew you were involved, I know that if I possessed a problem that would hinder the Demon Lords, you would arise and end me. I just wanted your attention, your Highness." Katalia stood there, looking at him, as the others did too. "Why…did you wish this?" Deidara swallowed down his fear.

"So that for once you'd look at me instead of your husband and your son." Deidara said, looking at her, "I-I love you, Katalia. I always though that he didn't deserve you…your late husband. Kill me now. I have no regrets anymore." Katalia released her scythe which turned back into Gokai who looked at her for guidance as she crossed her arms. "I'm sorry."

"Your confession does not change your crimes." She said icily and Deidara nodded, "You will be given over to the Vahallians since…I can not carry out the sentence." He looked at her in surprise as she looked away,. "Because my judgment is clouded. Stand." Deidara stood up and she looked at him, Deidara blushing, "I hear that Vahallians are more…understanding." Kagetora chuckled and stood next to his mother as Konan and Pein appeared next to Deidara, each looping one of their arms with one of his, "You've given us a lot of trouble so put a lot of effort into redemption rather than scheming."

"Yes, Your highness." Deidara said, Konan smiling, "We'll re-judge him for you." Pein said sternly, "We'll take it from here." Konan said before the three vanished.

"I think I've grown weak." Katalia sighed, Sasori high-fives Kagetora, Gokai looks at Katalia. "There is also strength in weakness as there is weakness in strength." Gokai voiced and she laughed.

"Gokai's right, Mom." Kagetora said and she looked at him, "I think what we need is a more feminine view over the throne. Such as a female Overlord." Katalia blinked in surprise at her son's proposal.

"I think Sakura needs more-" Katalia said nervously before Gokai spoke up, "He speaks of you." "But the bloodline…" Katalia stammered and Kagetora smiled,

"I think as Overlord, I can change up a few of the rules, Mama." Kagetora said and Katalia laughed as another shadow appeared,

"Hm, hey guys, what's going on?" A familiar voice said, Nagato the Vahallian King appearing with his gate guardians, Haku and Zabuza. "Mm, Katalia, I hear you're going to be the new Overlord, huh?" He gave Kat a half hug before withdrawing, grinning, "Go on, go on, accept it already." "But-" she started and he shook his head, "No 'buts'. Your Son did a good job but Orochimaru was even better. I think you should take more credit than what you give yourself, you're a great person. Great Person, great leader."

"Nagato and quite a few of the other Demon Lords have been coming to me about this matter, Mother." Kagetora said, "They even made a petition." Kat sighed,

"I guess it can't be helped…" She said and Nagato smirked,

"Great, great. Hey, Sasori, let's get you and your cute mate in a ceremony already. Oh, that book-" Nagato said, the white book about how to get along with humans lifted from Sasori's robes and into the air before floating over to Nagato's hands, "You want me to sign it for you?" Sasori blinked.

"You made that book?" Sasori asked and Nagato laughed weakly, nodding.

"Yep. I spent my humanoid days as a scholar in temples." Nagato said, "I made it for Orochimaru but he said he didn't need it. Not too long after, he and Katalia got together." Nagato said, signing the inside cover, "It was going to help him but he didn't seem all too interested." "I'm not too interested in being Overlord- make me a book too." Nagato laughed and Sasori released Sakura, holding her hand, his red tail swishing.