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Jasper was currently sitting in his study, reading a new Psychology book he had gotten yesterday. He and Alice were the only ones home as everyone else was out hunting. He could feel Alice's excitement upstairs and assumed she was shopping online. Jasper continued reading his book and after several minutes he could hear Alice come down the stairs. The door to the study opened, but Jasper did not look up from his book, as he knew it was Alice.

He could hear her stop in front of him and was hit with a wave of lust and excitement. Jasper glanced up from his book and his eyebrows rose at what he saw. Alice was standing in front of him wearing only a confederate soldier jacket that was several sizes to big for her. Jasper slowly closed the book and set it on the end table next to his chair, never taking his eyes off her. "What, are you wearing?" He asked slowly, a small-excited smile forming on his face.

"I just saw it and thought I had to have it." Alice said with a smile of her own.

Jasper got out of his chair and walked towards her, his eyes darkening with desire. "Looks a little big on you."

"That's because it's for you," she glanced up at him through her lashes. "I kind of always wanted to see you in a uniform."

"Then why are you wearing it?" Jasper grinned down at her.

"I figured you would have more fun taking it off me than the hanger." Alice said suggestively before turning around and heading for the door. She had not made it two steps before Jasper scooped her up in his arms and ran upstairs.

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