by Hibiki

Naruto and character owned not by me.

Chapter 1: Learning

A simple probe, Sakura had asked, just to find out why Naruto could pull off such a different and powerful jutsu that he could momentarily change sex. Ino had been curious herself and agreed with little bribing. Finding Naruto was easy enough, the man-child had stupidly trained to the point of exhaustion in Team sevens old grounds. With a mental tap he was asleep, and with her subject down she brought her hands up in the Yamanaka handsign. It was easy to find

It started when Mizuki-sensei had taken over for a sick Iruka that day, and had decided that since the class was doing so well, Ino remembered the sadistic grin as he looked towards Naruto well but seeing it pointed at you makes it all the more cold, the ninja-to-be could finally learn a ninjutsu. Ino could feel Naruto's overwhelming joy pulling away from the unease the smirk gave at hearing that, and like herself had at the time, he imagined a super powerful ultimate jutsu. A jutsu allowing him to become Hokage instantly. Ino shook herself trying to remove the feelings, but it was difficult. When one is so deep in a person's psyche, the emotions of any event it very strong. She felt his smile fade a little when he heard the technique.

Henge, or the Transformation jutsu. A rank E ninjutsu, allowing an illusion to cover oneself or with enough training an object to mask it's true identity.

Naruto's head fell into his orange sleeved jumpsuit, hiding the frown before Mizuki would see it. Ino felt a sharp twinge of phantom pain while her and Naruto's mind clouded with a view of a night near Naruto's apartment. Sandamine Hokage held a bloody kunai before them, a blood covered hand reaching out, begging "Why…" Ino felt betrayal, "…Grandpa?" With a evil grin Sandaime Hokage's form was replaced with an unknown person, Naruto's memory was suddenly filled with understanding.

Suddenly, Ino found herself in the classroom again as Naruto began to push the memory away, and his smile, the one the girl knew now as the 'hiding smile' appeared on his face. He lifted his head, squinting his eyes and opened his ears as Mizuki described how to do the Henge. Naruto copied the move a little sloppy, to make Mizuki think he was stupid. While Iruka and Mizuki had been nice, Naruto didn't trust them. A lifetime of hatred would do that.. If he did too well they could stop teaching him things again, like the others. Ino controlled her surprise and anger at the thought and forced herself to watch the memory continue.

One by one the students got up and tried out the technique, Naruto watching each one carefully taking every detail and style as any true ninja should. Mizuki helped everyone fix their problems till they all got it and returned with a look of triumph on their faces. Naruto's face flushed when Sakura finally got it on her third try and returned to Ino's younger self with happiness. Ino watched herself walk up and become the Hokage. Mizuki smiled and gave praise she was only one of two so far who had gotten it right away. She watched herself bounce a little then smile brightly as she skipped back up to her seat. 'Ino can be really cute when she smiles.' The thought filled her with a flush of embarrassment at hearing such a private thought about herself, but she pushed it aside as Naruto's name was called. She could recall vaguely what had happened and readied herself. Naruto did as he was told but kept his hands at the slightly curved ram.

She could feel the Chakra, such a surprising amount she felt envious that he had as a child, coursing through every nook and cranny of his pathways and a large cloud of smoke enveloped them. When it was done a 4 foot tall spiky blonde Sandaime with buck teeth and a lower lip that looked like had wasp stung stood before the class and Mizuki. Laughter and cat calls came forth and Naruto stood there trying to ignore the pain such things as he always had, but knowing he had done it on purpose filled his small form with such hopelessness and worthlessness she felt like she was drowning in revulsion. Soon Mizuki's not so kind words filled his ears about his horrible performance, but never telling how to fix she vehemently notices, and to return to his seat. Naruto's slow steps felt like a death march up to his seat, laughter still flowing from the others. Ino's guilt grew as Naruto's eyes glanced towards her younger self and Sakura, feeling more pain stemming from that, seeing Sakura laughing at him, her own laughter also affected him, more than she thought it would.

When the boy finally sat down Mizuki called the class to order, and gave them homework. Using Henge to impersonate a family member and trick others. A C rank mission could possibly be called to impersonate someone for a moment or two to complete it, it was a sound and good practice, in theory. Ino felt her stomach plummet even further as she felt Naruto's drop as well. Helplessness, pain, and Bitter anger, the last one so familiar and retched filled him and thusly herself to overflowing. What could a orphan do? How could a boy who had no one copy someone they never knew?! Everyone else had long since left by the time the boy stopped smiling. A small plip echoed the now empty room, a ragged breath filled the silence and then sobbing followed. Not the first time that day, Naruto cried alone.