Memories Chapter 12: Promise

By Hibiki

Naruto isn't mine, if it was I wouldn't be doing DBZ styled fight scenes in the Manga right now.

This chapter contained violent fighting, blood and a bit of gore (I think) Memories is now rated M for that reason. For now.

The crackling of chakra fire had enveloped her, her movements felt so clear and distinct as if she had been running though her entire life before now with nothing but lead weights for arms and legs. Tsunade and Naruto both had mentioned something like this was possible, but now she understood why it was so difficult for Naruto to use so much of it. This chakra, while demonic and highly toxic to use (as it felt like she had stuck her body in acid and the pain hadn't hit yet.), felt familiar on a level just above unconscious thought. The Chakra was virtually pure Yin.

All chakra had both a yin and yang. A male and female side, while both parts of it were usually balanced based on the person, it was always thought that one was more potent than the other depending on the sex of the individual in question. Yin Chakra was considered like a slow moving river, more malleable and diminutive. A woman had better control, often were more calmer shinobi but their reserves were small to their male counterparts. Yang Chakra was often described as blue fire, hot and aggressive. Men would be hot tempered, hardier, but with little to no natural control. For instance Ino would have more Yin than Naruto's Yang.

The fact that the Kyuubi's chakra had a feminine feel to it apparently allowed her a tad more instinctive use than Naruto. It felt right to her in a way that made her confused at the time why Naruto mentioned it felt wrong. It also perhaps explained perhaps why a certain imaginary sister was so real. If Naruto had been exposed to this all his life then naturally he may have a higher Yang, as to counter act the Yin, than most men. It could explain some of his more bizarre ideals and thought patterns. It could certainly be a reason for his blockheaded chauvinistic sides at times.

A humorous thought popped in her head. Did that mean the fox in her man's belly was a girl, given that it's more potent male chakra had been sealed away in the belly of the death god? Ino repressed a snort at the thought of the great Kyuubi being neutered and locked away before she came to her senses and back into the battle. Geez, here she was, in the middle of a fight and here she was off in deep thought. It was okay however because even in automatic her body had been to hard to close with the Kyuubi chakra reflexive defense. Her twin tails had been reflexively keeping the two at bay. Her opponents had caught a bad break. The girl was a chakra sensor first, then a medic after that, her combat training was no better than Ino's back when the blonde was a wet behind the ears genin. The male was obsessive about the sword and it was only when she knocked the broken blade away that he resorted to using ninjutsu. The burning chakra made them sweep wide and unable to touch her as it would cause a nasty poisoned looking patch of dying tissue upon the contact point. The male even steamed like he was made of water when her tails hit. With a splash the man lost his arm leaving a watery stump. Hmm, apparently he WAS made of water.

The girl was weaker, and even through the bloodlust, demanding she attack everything in sight was overflowing from her, Ino's ordered thoughts made the red head her target. Slowly, she toyed with Karin, forcing her you use her medical skills on the run, unable to heal the blue haired monster that her other tail was playing with so easily. Ino smirked viciously for a moment as she stood like Gaara letting her monster do all the work. She understood why he enjoyed himself, seeing their blood run and the fear in there eyes made the chakra around her feel oh so much better. Why had Naruto ignored this power?

Finally the slip came, and Karin tripped over the near shattered remains of Zabuza's kubikiri houcho. A red tail pierced the shoulder of the surprised Taka female, her eyes wide with pain and fear, just as Ino wanted it. Speared as she was with such vile chakra coursing through her the Medic nin could do nothing but watch as her death pulled her near, the claws of the Yamanaka ready to tear into her. A hand still coated in the horrible red chakra replaced the tail and Karin screamed anew as her shoulder was torn asunder.

"KARI-URK!" The water man choked on his own vomit as a oversized red hand grabbed him distracted and pulled him towards Ino. Just so he could watch close up, as she wrapped her claws around Karin's spine, through the poor woman's throat and almost erotically shivered as blood splattered across her torso. The horrendous haunting scream poured from the ruined throat of the dying red head as violet flames erupted from her mouth and eyes. With a sickening crunch Ino ripped her hand free of the half smoldering corpse and turned towards the man whose pain filled grunts only awarded him his one remaining arm free of the girl's chakra before the 'hand' tightened. Suigetsu grimaced, there was no way he could turn into liquid. The heat and power of the chakra would boil him before her escaped her grasp. He cried out as his legs boiled away anyway from the heat. He was not going to make it, he realized, but it was almost preferable to this torture. You could almost say sadly, he was mistaken.

For it was then a pain filled scream so loud broke over the remains of the battlefield and brought Ino out of her bloodlust. Naruto's scream. THAT was why he refrained from using it, Naruto WARNED her she would loose track of everything until she killed all before her! Oh GOD! The fact she slaughtered the nin before her was far from her mind. With a careless toss of the water nin in her tail's grasp Ino launched with great haste to make it to her mate… She cursed forcing the bestial thoughts aside. Her Naruto-baka needed her.

Just as she arrived, Ino's stomach let loose a sudden and unbearably painful cramp that spurred outward enveloping her in a horrible state, her use of the Kyuubi chakra at it's limit. At once the pendant around her neck and the seal began to glow as one, pulling the Chakra back into the seal with obscene force, and with a yelp her suddenly weakened body plummeted to the ground in a boneless heap. Gasping in as much air as the blonde could, while removing a few liters of blood that had poured into her charred lungs she pulled up to watch what she could only describe as the most horrifying thing in the world.

A dying Naruto fighting a pristine Sasuke as blood poured from a hole in his chest like a river.

Suigetsu shuddered with a diseased rasp as he used his remaining chakra to absorb what moisture he could from the air and earth around him as he pulled his nearly limbless body forward with his one remaining arm. The still smoking redhead's body poured blood from her open chest wound. Pooling into the red liquid around her still twitching body the water nin dipped and fed upon her dying life blood. Even in death the redheaded bitch had saved his life, Suigetsu mused. Strength filled him, and limbs began to form more quickly but the pain remained inside him, as it would for quite some time. Juugo dead, Karin dead, and if the chakra output his hazed senses were telling him, his master would soon be dead as well.

"I'll…. N-never forgive you… Yama-gurk..aka." He surged forward, away from the battle, with only one thought. 'That blonde bitch has part of the Kyuubi, I gotta -fuck this hurts- gotta tell Madara-sama!' The hobbled blue haired shinobi faded slowly into the night.

Naruto's virtually shattered body landed in a bloodied heap just scant meters from her Kyuubi burned figure, ten minutes had done nothing but allow her to realize how far she had pushed her body. Like an addiction the Kyuubi chakra fed her all she ever wanted. Power. But now faced with the man she was in love with fighting an ever hopeless battle she found herself nothing more than a bystander, unable to even move to heal him. A horrible feeling.

"With your death Dobe, I will rebuild my Mangekyou Sharingan, and Konoha will grovel at my feet before I kill them all." Sasuke remarked, pulling the infamous 5 shaku long sword from it's sheath with a harsh murmur of steel against steel. "You and that Yamanaka will be the final step to the revenge of the Uchiha Clan!"

She pulled herself to the boy, ignoring the fire that filled every muscle twinge. Just as she reached him from the opposite side of the clearing a thousand birds began to sing. Blue static roared from Sasuke's left hand jumping with a dramatic arc onto the Kusanagi blade. Gasping, Ino pulled with futile strength to pull Naruto out of the path of the Chidori covered sword. 'Cha~! The Kyuubi chakra has left me too weak!' "N-Naruto! No~!" She didn't even have the strength to cover his body with hers, to die with him if unable to save him. Her eyes closed as she waited for her turn with death. "Naruto I love you."


Thunk? She looked up to see Naruto now laying on his back, stunned, and his arm outstretched. She followed his arm's pointing to find Sasuke, the light of his Chidori shooting across his shuddering body. It was then she found a unique looking Kunai. While no where vital the metal knife had pierced dead center of his body. For anyone who knows nature, and in particular lightning, knows that it follows the path of least resistance. The man made lightning had arced from Sasuke's hand to the blade, maintained in form by chakra looking for the next closest object to send the electrons on their merry way. In desperation, Naruto had unwittingly flung one of his father's hiraishin kunai (A gift from Tsunade, useless for the most part, as he didn't have the same chakra type of his old man, he would never be able to use them). Like said before lightning follows the path of least resistance, and with the hiraishin being a lightning based jutsu itself, had attracted the jutsu as the sword and kunai clipped one another and then jumped the Chidori into stasis much like it had the body of one Minato Namikaze, to be released upon the stopping of the weapon that transported the Kuchiyose scroll.

So when the Kunai hit the Chidori appeared in all it's malevolent power, and Sasuke had packed almost all of his said power into the jutsu as a Coup de grâce. Without the guidance of the blade or knife hand, the Chidori went everywhere inside of Sasuke's body. While Naruto had thrown the kunai, it was physics did the rest and Sasuke's heart, filled with only revenge, burst with the power of his own attack. Without the maker of the chakra supplying it the electrical attack failed leaving a electrocuted and steaming husk of the avenger, blood streaming from his nose from the pressure of the attack that had killed him. Even though his body destroyed and virtually no chance the teme was alive still, Naruto insisted, even in the years later, he saw the surprised eyes of his best friend turn to him before his corpse crumpled to the ground. All was silent but the sound of steam rising from charred flesh. Then a choked gasp as Naruto realized what had happened.

"No…. SASUKE!"

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