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Chapter 2: Decision


Legolas dismounted from his horse, while his guards followed him in the rear.

The prince gazed at the beauty of Imladris, smelling the sweet scents, enjoying it all as the leaves drifted towards him as they fell. It was as though nature was welcoming him back home for the first time since he left his homeland.

Though now, he was meeting the human, the teenager named 'Estel' who had been sent to hunt for the creature known as Gollum. That had been the first time he had embarked on a venture with the human; it had also been the first time he had trusted someone other than his father and his loyal guards.

"Prince Legolas, how nice of you to come and grace us with your presence. But, where is your crown?" Aragorn teased him with a huge grin on his face.

"Aragorn, son of Arathorn, do not challenge me! You know better than taunt me thus, Estel." Legolas grinned at the man.

"Legolas, son of Thranduil, how does your adar fare?" Elrond came by and stood next to his foster son.

"He is doing better, I hope," Legolas replied and both Elrond and Estel could hear the tinge of sadness in the elf's voice.

"What do you mean by that, mellon-nin?" Estel asked, noticing that Legolas had lowered his head and was staring at the blooming grass.

"Nothing… just a thought that passed my mind… I am not used to leaving my homeland, but I would suppose this is entirely my fault, and I will take full responsibility for it," Legolas replied.

"What did you do?" Aragorn asked, trying to sound cheerful to encourage his friend.

"The creature you brought…" Legolas started to answer, and looking at his friend, he sighed heavily before he turned away from the man's gray eyes. "I was in charge of him and in the blink of the eye, I, kind of… I…"

"Lost him? How could you have lost him, Legolas? He is not a mere dwarf or hobbit, he is Gollum, and now he will be watching the Ring," Aragorn burst out.

"Now, Estel, wait a moment," Elrond stopped his son with a motion of his hand and noticing how the prince frowned, he continued, "This is the elf who is willing to take responsibility for the action he has made, and I am certain that King Thranduil holds him dear – am I right, Legolas?"

"You are right, Lord Elrond. He had wished to send others on this errand, but I promised to return as soon as I have given you this news," Legolas replied as he watched the reaction of the elven-lord.

"I am afraid I cannot let you go back to your homeland now, Prince Legolas," Elrond told him and he could see the frown deepening and mingling with sadness on the prince's face. "You are needed in the council, as the fate of the One Ring is a shared responsibility and you are a part of us."

"My ada is going to kill me for that; I promised to go back as soon as possible," Legolas mumbled, his blue eyes shimmering with sadness, "Could you not ask this of one of your elves? Why am I needed?"

"I cannot, even if your adar chooses to hide you, for it is your skills I am asking for," Elrond replied.

"My skills?" Legolas asked, frowning at him.

"Aye," Elrond confirmed and added quickly as he saw the doubt in the elf's blue eyes, "Your skill, Prince Legolas, are unique and you have a strong personality."

Legolas stared at the lord in incomprehension and asked the question on his mind, "How my personality does have anything to do with my skills?"

"I have heard much about you, Prince Legolas," Elrond told him, and noticing the raised eyebrow from his foster son, he continued, "Now Prince Legolas, you should know that rumors fly quickly to all elven-lords who wish to know who the quickest warrior for a contest is. I have also heard that you are a good hand with your sword; you can wield it quickly and expertly to kill, as any fight with swords should be."

"How did you hear of it?" Legolas asked him.

"Here and there…" Elrond replied to him smiling cryptically.

Aragorn looked between his foster father and his friend and when no one seemed to be speaking nay more, he asked, "Why have I never heard of any of this?"

Elrond grinned, and then he replied, "All you have to do, Estel, is to ask."



Elrond came into the room where Prince Legolas and his guards were resting, but before Elrond could knock, Legolas had opened the door.

"Is there something I could assist you with, Lord Elrond?" Legolas asked.

"Aye, there is," Elrond replied and then he continued, "Your presence is needed at the council right now."

"Right now?" Legolas confirmed, having thought that the council was still a few days away.

"Aye," Elrond replied and watched the prince very carefully.

Legolas turned around and spoke with his guards about the decision he should ought to make. As he stepped away unexpectedly from them, Elrond thought to ask if all would be well but Legolas spoke first.

"May I ask who will attend the council beside me? I wish to attend without my guards."

"You mean, beside Estel and you?" Elrond asked him with a certain grin.

"Will Estel be there too? Why?" Legolas asked.

"He should be, as the heir of Gondor. He ought to have a role in saving his people from certain death," Elrond explained.

Legolas nodded, then asked, "Who else would be attending it?"

"The Steward of Gondor, and some dwarves." Elrond replied.

"Dwarves? Why should dwarves be present?"

"If the One Ring falls into Sauron's hands, our certain fate is death. All of us, whatever race we are, should unite to destroy Sauron and the Ring," Elrond answered.

Legolas nodded again, and then he turned to his guards, nodding for them to leave to return to his father and keep him safe while Legolas embraced his destiny to fight against the forces of evil.

End of Chapter 2.