A/N: So a plot bunny ran me over the other day so I'm finally starting to write again. This is another KibaNaru but this time around it's set on an Alternate Universe. The start is sorta cliché (Something I hate) but it had to be done! After all, my goal is to make KibaNaru plot lines that differ from the rest.

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Chapter 1: A Change of Direction

Naruto Uzumaki was a nineteen year old up and coming adventurer in training "college level" and one of his requirements involved an expedition into the inhabitable Forest of Death. There was already a marked path for travelers to go through but after days of the same old thing Naruto felt a little more adventurous and went off route to do a little exploring of his own.

His lack of sense for conformity was rewarded when he found a snake that was supposed to be extinct and managed to trap it. 'A chance to appear on the news!' he thought. But unfortunately his decision came with a cost. You see Naruto never had the best sense of direction so he got disoriented as he tried to get back on route and got inevitably lost.

'Crap' he inwardly cursed half an hour later as he kept mindlessly walking around. 'Feels like I've been walking in circles. At least send some excitement my way'

Luckily or in this case unluckily for Naruto, he got to find out the hard way why the proverb of be careful what you wish for was invented as he suddenly found himself being chased around by a pack of overgrown wolves.

"What the heck?" he shouted to himself. "This place has every dangerous animal known to man living in one place!"

In his rush to get away Naruto tripped but managed to stay on his feet. Unfortunately in that momentary lost of balance he dropped the cage and the snake he caught got away. 'Shit, there goes my discovery.'

Yet it didn't take much longer for one of the wolves to launch itself at the blonde's back and cause him to tumble down. Fortunately for our hero the unexpected happened when a brown haired male wearing nothing but some short knee-high pants jumped into the fray and wrestled the wolf off of him.

Naruto watched in amazement as his savior fiercely took on the other wolves until they retreated with some even limping.

"Wow that was amazing!" exclaimed Naruto as he got up and dusted himself. He approached the brunet wanting to thank him but got frighten when the stranger turned and growled at him as he gave Naruto an intimidating glare with his uncommonly slit eyes. The blond also couldn't help but noticed the red fangs tattooed to the other male's face.

Just as the brunet looked like he was ready to pounce he suddenly let out a pained whimper when the snake from before bit him on his right leg. The tattooed guy grabbed a rock and smashed it on the snake's head effectively killing it. 'Oh well, there goes my ticket to fame' thought the blond.

Naruto seeing that the other man was wounded with a big gash of blood staining his leg took his first-aid-kit out of his backpack. Completely overlooking the fact that the brunet was ready to jump him a minute ago, the blond tried to help the other male who was sitting with his back against a tree trying to steady his breathing pattern.

Yet the boy with red fangs tattoos on his face kept stubbornly refusing to let the blond get close to him and kept swiping Naruto's hand away with his clawed hands. No kidding, the guy needed a nail-clipper.

The blue-eyed blond quickly lost his temper as the other kept refusing his help so he smacked him in the head making the brunet whimper and rub his head.

"Will you sit still already? I'm trying to help you damn it!" yelled Naruto. The brunet kept making whining noises but otherwise kept himself perfectly still.

Naruto, now able to help, grabbed the brunet's leg and started to clean it up. Although the tattooed male didn't move a muscle he kept growling in his throat at the blond. Naruto knew that the snake wasn't poisonous but he still had to keep the wound from getting infected.

"Okay" he said as he reached for a small bottle in his aid-kit. "I don't know if you can understand me or not but this is going to sting a little. Believe it."

The brunet yelped and pulled his leg away when Naruto applied the medicine on his wound and then growled loudly as he made an attempt to slash blonde's face. On reflex Naruto slapped the hand away and pulled the brunets leg back to him again.

"I said heel! Now stop being such a big baby and let me finish." commanded Naruto. Noticing the glare he was receiving from the brunet he added. "Sorry but I already had someone scar my face and I'm not particularly fond of letting it happen again." He explained referring to the three symmetrical scars on each side of his face. But that was a story for another day.

Naruto let a satisfied grin adorn his features as he wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand after patching the brunet up. Said other looked questioningly at his bandaged leg while the blond busied himself by putting everything back in his bag.

"So, do you have a name?" asked the blue-eyed male but got no answer. "No? Then I'll just call you Fang then. Live around here?" still no answer. "Can you at least tell me how to get out of here?"

Fang, as the blond dubbed him since he didn't know the brunet's name, just tilted his head in confusion and kept examining his leg. "Ugh, guess I'll get going then."

When Naruto turned his back on Fang he was immediately pounced on by the brunet. Naruto turned around to yell at him but Fang bit his sleeve and began pulling. When the blond swatted his arm away Fang scurried a few feet away from Naruto before turning around to watch the whiskered male intently.

The blond stood up while muttering a few choice curses under his breath. He spared a glare at Fang's direction and was about to turn away again but stopped as the brunet started growling at him.

"What's your problem now?" questioned Naruto getting agitated with the situation. Fang proceeded to move another few steps away before turning to look at the blond again.

"Heh?" he said while scratching the back of his head. "Oh, do you want me to follow you?" he asked. When the brunet just kept staring at him Naruto realized. "Right, I forgot that you can't understand a word I say."

Naruto shrugged because he had nothing to lose and moved toward Fang. The brunet seemingly satisfied with the turn of events began walking ahead on all fours like a dog but turned his head ever so often to make sure that Naruto was still following.

The blond on the other hand couldn't stop chuckling at the sight before him. Here he was trailing to the middle of nowhere after a fully grown man that acted like an animal. He brunet had the ability to stand on his legs yet not at full height since he always kept his legs bended but he still chose to run around on all fours.

'He looks just a little older than me actually. I wonder what happened to him.'

They arrived at a very rundown looking old wooden shack and Naruto asked Fang if he lived there. Unsurprisingly by now the brunet didn't answer and just led the way inside.

The placed was small; in fact it was even smaller than Naruto's bedroom. Part of the roof was missing and replaced with a lot of leaves and old… clothes? The walls were full with moss, the bark didn't looked steady and there were vines coming out from everywhere. 'This looks unsanitary'

The only thing inside were a bed made of even more leaves and three empty suitcases. Two of them being adult sizes and one being small enough for a child. Of the two bigger ones, one was obviously of a female. But all three of them seemed like they'd seen better days.

Turning to face Fang the blond questioned "How long have you been living here? No better yet, what happened to you?"

The brunet, not being able of answering, crawled to the smallest suitcase and hugged it to his chest.

"That's yours isn't it? Then that means the other ones are from your parents. Where are they?" Naruto asked again facing the brunet but Fang just kept his gaze down while hugging his case. It was then that the blond realized he asked a stupid question. "Sorry"

'Obviously they're dead or else you wouldn't be here. And by the looks of it you've been here for a long time. How did you survive?'

Naruto wanted to ask more but became aware that Fang had already fallen asleep. He wondered what he was supposed to do now. The blond knew he couldn't leave the brunet here. That much was evident. The place looked like it could come down on him any minute now for God's sake! He also had to work fast since the plane that comes to take him back to Konoha was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

He figured he'll just have to tell the local authorities about Fang and let them handle it. With that in mind he left to find his way back to the hotel but not before draping his orange jacket around Fang's sleeping form to keep him warm.

It took the blond more time than he expected to find the path out of the forest. It was already dark and mostly everyone closed their businesses. Feeling understandably tired, Naruto decided to call it a night and went back to his hotel room. He would deal with the authorities tomorrow morning.

After taking a much needed bath and eating a bowl of instant ramen he turned off the lights, closed his blue eyes and went to sleep without much effort. Unfortunately just because he was able to fall to sleep without much trouble didn't mean that his dreams weren't indeed troubled.

Two 6 year old kids were playing together in a sandbox while other little kids were running around laughing and playing a game of tag. One of the kids in the sandbox was a blond boy with naturedly tan skin. The other boy in the box had raven black hair and onyx eyes to match it.

Then all of the sudden the sound stopped. The blond one looked around in alarm and saw that everyone had disappeared and the park was desolated. A little scared by the situation he turned to his friend to ask him if he knew what was going on but his voice died in his throat at the sight.

All he could do was watch how his friend started changing into a monster with wings on its back, longer hair and red eyes. The blond couldn't even scream as the creature launched itself at him.

Naruto abruptly sat up on his bed with one hand on his heart and the other subconsciously tracing the whiskered scars on his cheek. 'Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. I need to calm down. It was all a dream, nothing more.'

He yelped when he heard the sound of roaring thunder. 'Is it raining?' Another lightning bolt came down as to answer his unspoken question. 'Guess that's a yes. Sounds like a thunderstorm. I sure wouldn't want to be caught out there in this bad weather.'

The blond picked up his wristwatch from the nightstand and sighed when he saw it was only 2 o'clock in the morning. 'It's still too early to wake up but I doubt I'll be able to go back to sleep with this storm raging on.'

"Hmm, I wonder if Fang is having the same trouble sleeping as I am." He pondered aloud. He stared lazily at the ceiling for some time until something clicked in his mind. "Shit, Fang! He's still out there!"

With renewed energy because of his sudden adrenaline rush, Naruto jumped out of bed and didn't think twice about getting dressed, putting on a raincoat, grabbing a flashlight and a machete for protection before running out to find the brunet with the red tattoos.

Luckily he marked the trees on his way out of Fang's place so finding his way back to it would be easier. When the blond eventually got there exhausted because he ran all the way he saw that the shack had indeed collapsed to the ground like he knew it would under the pressure of the rain.

He began to look around anxiously for signs of the brunet hoping against all odds that the roof hadn't fallen on him while he was still inside.

Naruto thanked the Lord when he spotted Fang shivering under a tree clutching tight to Naruto's coat as his only form of defense against the cold.

Slightly relieved to see that the brunet was unharmed Naruto made his way to Fang and tried to get him to stand up and follow him back. Yet the male with slit eyes adamantly refused to move from his spot and began growling when the blond became more forceful.

Dropping his shoulders in defeat Naruto decided to sit down next to the uncooperative brunet. He opened his umbrella and placed it above their heads to cover them from the cold rain. He also placed an arm over Fang's trembling shoulders and pulled the brunet to him.

Fang, who was reluctant to have Naruto close to him, wanted to pull away from the embrace but didn't when he felt the blonde's body heat. Instincts told him to stay close to that warmth if he wanted to survived so he circled his arms around Naruto's torso and hugged the blonde's body closer to him as he laid his head on Naruto's chest.

The whiskered male felt a little awkward with Fang's sudden action but he remained perfectly still. As he continued to hold the brunet close to him he started to reminisce on his own life.

Just like Fang, Naruto was also an orphan that was left to fend for himself so he could relate to the brunet in a certain way. He knew how it felt like to grow up without parents and how unforgiving the real world could really be.

The blond knew he wouldn't have been able to survive those hardships without the help of his friends and couldn't keep himself from sympathizing with Fang's predicament because he knew that the brunet probably had no one that cared for him.

With that in mind the blonde's conviction was fueled. "Screw the local authorities; you're going home with me. I'll look after you. That's a promise."

Yep, Naruto was determined to be Fang's friend. It was time for the blond to give back to the world and he always kept his promises. Believe it!

A/N: So that's the first chapter! Before you ask, yes, Fang is Kiba. Naruto just doesn't know his name yet but it will be revealed in the near future. But for now it's Fang. I want to bring new KibaNaru ideas to the table so I hope this plot haven't been used before for this fandom. If so please let me know ^_^