Corny Iggy lines to/from/about Nudge…because it's just too easy.

Iggy: "If I had the chance to see you, just once, I'd never wish to trade my eyes for another's again. I'd keep my blindness forever, and be grateful, because these eyes would have been the ones through which I first saw you. That would be worth an eternity of sight, just seeing you that one time."

Iggy: Sometimes I think that the School had nothing to do with me going blind. Sometimes I think that her beauty must have done it. Because no one deserves to have the most perfect woman in the world, and be able to behold her beauty too.

Nudge: It's weird that after everything we've been through, the blind guy would be the one that saw me the clearest.

Iggy: "You are the only thing that I wish I could see."

Nudge: "You see better than anyone I've ever met."

Iggy: "I don't have to be blind to see you."

Iggy: "Seeing isn't everything. I always know where you are. I'll always be right there beside you."

Hope you enjoyed. I might add more later.