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Fly Me to the Moon

"Fly me to the moon, let me sing among the stars," Jack crooned, coming out of his office. "Let me see what spring is like up on Jupiter and Mars."

Tosh smiled at him, but gave a squeak of surprise when he swept her off of her chair and into his arms.

"In other words," he continued.

"Hold my hand,' Tosh stepped in.

Jack laughed before joining her on the next line.

"In other words, baby kiss me."

As they whirled around the Hub, Tosh was reminded of a time, not too long ago, when he spun around a different dance floor. But this time she took note of just how good a dance partner he was, how at home he seemed with these moves, and how his blue eyes twinkled down at her even more than usual.

"Fill my heart with song," Tosh sang, her own heart full of joy. "Let me sing forever more."

Jack twirled her around twice, the Hub becoming one big blur.

"You are all I long for, all I worship and adore."

All the pressures of the day disappeared. An argument with Gwen over division of research, a small spat with Ianto over how they were categorizing their alien technology, Owen being…well, Owen. Everything melted away and all that was left were Jack's arms, his smile, and his silky tenor.

"In other words, please be true." Jack dipped her deep, then lifted her back into his arms with a flourish.

She closed her eyes as he danced her around in quick circles. "In other words…"

Owen walked up from the cells at that point, heard them singing, saw them dancing, shook his head and turned back around to go back where he came from. If they were making it a musical day, he'd rather just spend his time with Janet.

"In other words…"

Jack stopped suddenly and smiled down at Tosh. "I…" He kissed her forehead.

"Love…" He pecked each cheek and the tip of her nose in time with the music in both of their heads.