Shudders & Shakes

Chapter One

There are moments in life when you just know that you've lost all control. Right now I was having one of those moments. Jasper Fulkins stood 6'3'' and weighed 241 pounds, not your average size FTA. He was also strong and to prove it, he had picked me up by my arms and was shaking the living shit out of me at this very moment. I felt as disjointed as a rag doll. I couldn't even match up my lips to scream at Lula to stun the son of a bitch. She just stood there, watching me flop around in the air.

Just when I thought my brain was going to leak out of my nose, I fell to the ground, my body landing on top of Jasper, my head bouncing solidly on the ground and I knew immediately that was going to leave a nice bump. Lula had finally remembered why I had brought her along.

"Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, it sure as hell took you long enough!"

"Hey, it's not my fault you didn't run fast enough."

I flopped onto my back, watching the sky spin overtop. "At least cuff him while he's out, okay?" I wasn't sure I could manage such a simple task. I blew out a sigh of relief when I heard the snap of the handcuffs.

"Get up off the ground, woman, I've got lunch plans with Tank and if you expect help getting this fat carcass into the car, we need to be doing it now," Lula shoved her stun gun back down in her purse before picking up Jasper's feet.

All I wanted to do was lie there and stare upwards at the beautiful bright blue sky. It was one of those extremely rare autumn days in Trenton; clear skies, cool, the leaves in their full brilliant colors of orange, gold and red, the kind of day you usually only see on a calendar. And with the spinning effect of my head, it looked like I was gazing into a kaleidoscope. I felt a light vibration on my right hip; I figured it was my mom calling me to remind me what time dinner was to be served. As if I needed a reminder!

"Yeah," I answered, realizing the advantage of a cryptic one-word greeting.

"Babe, you okay?"

"Yeah." There was a pause; I was definitely seeing the advantage of this.

"Babe?" Ranger obviously was not.

"I'm okay, just enjoying the beautiful day."

"Pick you up tonight about 8."


"You sure you're alright?"

"Yeah." I heard Ranger disconnect. Nope, he didn't seem to like verbal shorthand when it was directed his way.

I rolled over on all fours and crawled over to Jasper. "Let's drag him in and call it a day."

"Works for me. Damn, his feet stink," Lula crinkled her nose and turned her head.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, this end isn't exactly blowing out a breath of fresh air either."

We crammed Jasper into my small backseat and then I stopped to take a quick look at my right front tire. Jasper had come out swinging when we'd first arrived; he'd done his imitation of those crazy Scottish guys in their kilts, whirling around in a circle with a sledge hammer and then letting go to see who could throw it the farthest. Luckily, Jasper's throw had sailed right by me, only to hit the front right tire of my car before it bounced off to dent the front fender. With the competitive skills of hammer throwing Jasper had displayed, I was surprised I didn't have a flat.

Lula and I managed to drop Jasper off before he recovered and with some assistance from Carl, we got him inside. Overall, it was a very peaceful transfer.

Jasper's little hammer throwing stunt had knocked my car so far out of alignment that my carprobably looked like a crab going down the road. The drive to the police station was unnerving to say the least. For the second time today, my body was suffering a case of the severe shakes.

"Do you mind driving through McDonald's?" Lula asked. "I need some fortification before I meet up with my Tankie Wankie."

I shuddered at her love talkie-walkie. "Lunch sounds good," I said as I hung a left.

I whipped the car around the Mickie D's grease palace and pulled up to the drive through voice distortion machine and gave them our usual. "Four Big Macs, two large fries, one chocolate milkshake and one vanilla milkshake…. no wait, make that a medium coke." Between Jasper and my car I'd had enough shakes for the day.

The scrambled voice repeated gibberish back to me and I said, "That's all." Good thing about eating with Lula, no matter what the second window gave us, right or wrong, we ate it.

My stomach fully fortified with empty calories, I pulled up in front of the bond office and managed to park just inches away from a fire hydrant. Maybe my luck was changing. Now if only my head would stop whirling.

Lula headed off towards her car and I headed inside. Connie held the chitchat to a minimum as she wrote out my check. Soon I was back in my crab… umh… car, heading to the bank to deposit my hard-earned bucks. I knew I should drop by Al's to have my car realigned, but I just didn't feel like it. My mind was already focused on the idea of a long, blissful nap. Since it was only 2 p.m., I figured I could manage three or four hours of uninterrupted sleep before I had to get ready for the distraction job Ranger had lined up for tonight. That should just be enough time for my body to stop trembling from my encounter with Jasper.

As soon as I entered my apartment, I began shedding my clothes, dropping a piece with each step I took. By the time I reached my bedroom, I was down to my panties. I grabbed one of Ranger's black t-shirts and pulled it over my head. I barely managed to set the alarm for 6 before I fell face-first onto the mattress. The faint lingering scent of Bvlgari still clung to the soft cotton fibers of the stolen shirt and quickly drew me into a sleep guaranteed to be filled with sweet dreams.

I was having the most decadent dream of my life. Ranger was about to enter me after he'd driven me out of my mind with his nimble fingers and tongue. I wasn't sure if I was responsible for the loud screaming sound or not but I desperately tried to hang on to the edges of my dream instead of waking up. The loud screaming sound became a screeching ring. Damn. My hand located the obnoxious black box and silenced its ear-splitting rudeness.

I stretched my body out under the warm covers; the dim smell of Bvlgari radiating from them tantalizing my nostrils. My eyes had stopped whirling around in their sockets, but the quivering seemed to have moved lower down my body. My legs felt like jelly, the kind of relaxed feeling you get below the waist after you've had really, really good sex. Shit. I sooo did not need a reminder of my sorry sex-starved state!

I groggily stood next to the bed before I trudged unsteadily toward the bathroom, intent on dismissing the dream from my mind. Standing outside the shower curtain, waiting for the water to heat up it hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh my god! I'd had a full Ranger induced orgasm just from dreaming about him! I reached down between my legs and I felt my cheeks turn red. Yep, I was swollen, sticky and a little sore. My mother's worst dreams had now gone way past anything she could have ever imagined… I was a nymph dreamer.

I quickly jumped under the pounding water, laving my body with scented suds, trying to erase all evidence of my seemingly self-manipulated pleasure. How could I possible have reached a climax in my sleep? Could three months of sex deprivation really do that to a girl? I shuddered despite the warmth of the steam-filled room. Where was Lula when I needed her? Pounding her Tankie-Wankie, most likely. Double shit, I sooo did not need to go there, especially now!

My hand was shaking as I turned the water off and I almost screamed when I realized I had showered, shaved and washed my hair without remembering it! Maybe Jasper's shaking really had jarred my brain loose.

With just a towel wrapped around my head I headed across my bedroom, sidestepping the evil black t-shirt I'd dropped on the floor. My head was still throbbing; I so did not have time for this. I shoved all remnants of the worrisome dream aside. I'd deal with that problem later. Right now I had to select the proper slutty outfit for tonight. I glanced at the clock, shit; I was going to be late!

I dove into my closet, knowing the selection of the proper outfit would take time I didn't really have. A jeans skirt fell into my hands, one I hadn't worn for ages because at that time it seemed highly indecent, and I still wasn't sure why I had bought it at all. Now, it would be perfect for the look I had in mind. I held the skirt up next to me, gauging if the extra couple of years on my hips would require me to look for something else. Nope, I didn't think so. I pulled on the skirt and with only one little bouncing jump it slid snuggly over my hips. I grabbed the open edges of the waistband and tried to close them. Crap, maybe the extra years hadn't been a problem in the hip area but it was a problem in the waist area. I inhaled deeply and pulled, still not able to close the damn button. I sighed and laid down on the floor assuming the my jeans must have shrunk in the dryer position and pulled my stomach in and held my breath. Just when I thought I would pass out from lack of air, the damn button came together. All I wanted to do was stay where I was, but time was not on my side.

I stood in front of the mirror to see how it looked. Oh, this was so perfect for tonight. The skirt molded my butt perfectly. My legs looked a mile long beneath the fringed hem that stopped just short of revealing my butt cheeks. Now for the top part of the outfit, a red shirred halter-top with a V so deep in front I could see my belly button! I'd purchased it at Victoria's Secret some time ago but hadn't worn it yet. The straps tied at the neck and left a large part of my back exposed, but the soft drape of the fabric enhanced my small cleavage just fine.

Time for the shoes, one item of this outfit I knew I'd have no problem with. I quickly dug through several pairs scattered on the floor of the closet until I found the black five-inch heeled strappy sandals I'd had in mind. Another perfect selection that fit the slut bill!

I could already feel my hair starting to frizz under the towel as it dried so I headed back to the bathroom to take care of that and the heavy make-up necessary for tonight.

Half an hour later I'd tamed my hair, leaving the riotous curls freely tumbling down my shoulders. Make-up was done, too; I'd applied dark blue eye shadow heavily around a thick black coat of eyeliner and several coats of mascara. The glaring red of the lipstick balanced out my face.

Dancing back in the bedroom, I swirled twice in front of the mirror and gave myself a mental pat on the shoulder for a job accomplished well. I selected large gold hoops for my ears and viola! Slut Stephanie was ready to go. My outfit practically screamed fuck me… now!

I unearthed a red clutch that matched the red of the top to a T and considered myself done. Amazingly, I was right on time.