Hey everyone! Okay, I also wrote this as a project for school but once again I thought it belonged on here.

Once there was a beautiful girl named Belle. Okay she was alright looking but not beautiful. In her village she was the most beautiful girl

though, because everyone else was so ugly. She lived with her ugly widowed father, in their ugly little house. Her father was an ugly little

inventor, so one day he went to town to sell some ugly stuff. That night her father did not return. So she thought, Yes! No more ugly old man to

tell me what to do!

Then her ugly boyfriend came to the door and asked, "Where's your ugly father?"

She replied, "I don't know, but I really don't care!"

Her ugly boyfriend, Johnny, looked at her like she was the sickest person ever, either that or he had gas.

"Belle, you have to look for him, even if he is ugly." Johnny said, as if he wasn't ugly too.

Belle thought about this.

"Well, okay fine." She sighed.

So she left the ugly village to see if she could find her ugly father. As she walked through the ugly woods she tripped over something and fell

flat on her face.

"What the heck?!" She shouted.

She looked and saw a beautiful girl sleeping on the path. Belle kicked the pretty girl and yelled, "Wake up! You're blocking the road!"

The girl started to snore but did not wake up. Belle shrugged and kept on walking. She then found an ugly old castle covered in vines.

"Hey Belle! Come help me!" A voice yelled.

Belle looked up and saw her ugly father shouting at her through an ugly window.

"Papa! I'm here to help!" Belle called.

Her father started to yell something but she didn't listen and pushed open the ugly castle door. Whatever stupid weirdo lived there, it didn't

lock it's doors. Belle entered a ugly little room. She heard a piano playing and saw something hunched over the ugly piano.

"Hello!" Belle called.

It turned and Belle saw it was a beast! He looked at her and thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She looked at him

and thought he was the ugliest thing she had ever seen, and she'd seen some ugly things.

"Wow, you're ugly!" She exclaimed.

"Well, you are beautiful." The Beast said.

He started to walk near her.

"Don't come near me! I'll get animal cooties or rabies or something!" Belle shrieked.

He just kept on walking near her.

"Wow, you don't give up do you?" Belle stated. The Beast backed her up into a wall. She smelled something really bad and started to cough.

"What is that horrible, ugly smell?" Belle asked.

"That's just my new cologne I got. You like it?" The Beast asked.

Belle started gagging and passed out in The Beast's arms.

"Guess not." The Beast said with a shrug.

So the ugly beast kept Belle and her ugly father as prisoners in his ugly castle for the rest of their ugly lives.

The Ugly End.

There, didn't that have a nice ending? Haha, well I hope you didn't hate it too much! Oh and I'm hoping to write a Twilight story for tomorrow!